set up a second screen with dvi with a hpp7 port 1054

I have a hp pavllion p7-1054 and I am trying to hang a second monitor to the dvi computer port does not recognize the monitor


Here are the specifications of your LCD WLED of AOC e2343Fk monitor. Based on the specifications, this monitor has both VGA and DVI - D inputs. If please buy a DVI - D cable from a local retailer or online. After you have the DVI - D cable, connect the monitor to the computer as follows:

Technology > cable DVI - D > AOC e2343Fk monitor

Computer > VGA cable > monitor Sony SDM-HS73

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  • How to set up a second monitor with a different view than the one on my laptop? [was: ron]

    I'm trying to set up a second monitor with a different view than the one on my laptop.  I have a HP Pavilion dv5 laptop and a secondary monitor View Sonic UP2365-LED.  They are connected with a cable 15 pin... my only choice on the laptop.  When I select the second monitor, it displays a box of a second on my laptop and the secondary monitor.  My pointer moves on both screens at the same time, no matter what display, I select the monitor 2.

    It depends on the whther the laptop can support both points of view.

    Somewhere with the right button on the desktop, choose "screen resolution" and that there should be only a drop down menu entitled "multiple displays".  Looks like you have "displays a duplicate" choose (if it will leave you) "to extend these screens.

  • Second screen with HDMI audio source after connection or wake

    It is a very minor issue, but one I still dealing with.

    I have a BenQ RL2455M monitor connected to my MacBook Pro w / retina with HDMI. I plug headphones to listen to music and talk on Skype on the plug headphones of the MBP. It all works perfectly.

    The question arises when first connecting my laptop to the monitor (plugged the HDMI cable) or when waking up the laptop from sleep. If my helmet was left plugged in the headphone during this process, so I have no sound. Sound is sent through the HDMI. I have to unplug and plug in the headset to steal her back.

    Of course, El Capitan is the choice the newest device to use for output. It makes sense, when you first connect the HDMI, but less after sleep.

    In addition, this occurs when only my screen is in sleep mode and not my "computer". I changed this setting to 3 hours, because I had some programs that are not keep the laptop awake.

    Hi, kaliblack.

    Please visit Apple support communities.

    I understand that you have an audio problem with your MacBook Pro.  Let's start with a memory NVRAM reset and then do a test to see if the behavior persists.

    How to reset the NVRAM on your Mac.

    See you soon

  • How to push the second screen?


    I am writing an application in which I'm trying to push a second display to a custom in the first menu item. The first screen is pushed successfully and the custom menu items are filled with a bluetoothserialportlistener. Once I click on a special menu item, I want to launch the second screen. I used a dialog.alert to verify that the the menuitem run() method works, but the second screen is not displayed.

    Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!

    The first screen is created by hand (String [] args)

    MatMain app = new MatMain();

    app.enterEventDispatcher ();

    private MatMain() {}

    pushScreen (new WelcomeScreen());


    I tried to call the second screen as follows:

    synchronized (UiApplication.getEventLock ()) {

    getUiEngine () .pushScreen (new MatOnline (_info));


    I also tried:

    UiApplication.getUiApplication () .pushScreen (new MatOnline (_info));

    Thanks again!


    I think you're trying in a very complex way.

    Your architecture using complex and ignoring the bluetooth codes related, I can see your second screen with a minor modification.

    In your DeviceMenuItem class.


    MatMain.getUiApplication () .pushScreen (new MatOnline (_info));


    UiApplication.getUiApplication () .pushScreen (new MatOnline (_info));

    And in your class MatOnline:


    HorizontalFieldManager _fieldManagerOnline;

    HorizontalFieldManager _fieldManagerOnline = new HorizontalFieldManager();



  • HP 15-r011dx noteboo9: no audio when with the second monitor attached and Extend mode, duplicate or second screen only

    When I attached a second monitor via a HDMI cable and try to use the duplicate, extend or second screen display modes only, I can get the video to view and run but I get no audio unless I put the laptop display settings to p / only mode.  I really want to use the second screen for PowerPoint/Presenter and play a video (with sound).  Even if I try to play a video on YouTube, I can't get audio only mode p / screen.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you.


    Please disable the HDMI to force audio to the laptop or use different such as VGA or DVI conection. To hell with its HDMI, please click right "speaker" icon > playback devices > right click and disable the HDMI sound.

    Kind regards.

  • Why is my second screen does not work - it starts with my main screen, but then turns off.

    My HP Pavilion P7-1120 Desktop PC does not work with two screens - there 8gig of ram...  1.5 terabyt hard drive, Windows 7 64-bit primary system works via the VGA port, but the second screen does not rest via the DVI port.  The two normal startup with the start-up of information on both screens, then the secondary display stops and I get a message "no signal".  Both monitors worked with my laptop PC and older myDell...

    When I go into the control panel and the view tab - the PC does not recognize the second monitor.


    It's not a problem with my PC or whatever it is in the box.  Cables work on other screens of the RGA and DVI.  There is a problem with my screen - the works of port RGA, is not the DVI port.  Another monitor works properly by the DVI.

    Now fixed.

    TKS for the entry.


  • Use the iMac 5 k with Macbook air as a second screen


    I just bought an iMac 27 "5 k new and I want to know if I can use my Macbook Air as a second screen and if so what cable do I need? Ive read some stuff claiming the 5 k unusable with a second monitor, but this looks like it could mean that the iMac can serve as a second monitor?

    Thank you

    You're right that a k 5 iMac can be used as a display of the target, but cannot a MacBook Air to use your iMac as a display with the target - Apple Support Display Mode

    Nor has any video in ability.

  • Use the iPad pro as a second screen on a Macbook Pro 2009 with OSX running on it.

    I am to buy an iPad Pro and I would like to know if there is a chance that it might be connected as a second monitor on a Macbook Pro 2009 running Mac OS x Snow Leopard 10.6.8.
    Thanks in advance for your help.



    You cannot connect them with wires. You can, however, all these 2 combinations of applications, use using your wifi home network:

    However, they all need two OS 10.9 (Mavericks) or later, which means that the configuration is not possible under Snow leopard.

    Your Macbook Pro supports the latest OS X (El capitan), you can update, although it will significantly slow down your computer as well unless you add an SSD.

    See you soon,.


  • a replacement lcd will set a screen with a gray screen or a screen that has lines

    a replacement lcd will set a screen with a gray screen or a screen that has lines

    To make sure that it is not software related, set it back to factory settings using iTunes on your computer.

    If the screen still has problems after that, have it repaired by Apple or an Apple authorized service provider.

    Use iTunes to restore your device to factory settings - Support Apple iOS

    Apple iPhone - contact Support - support

  • This second screen HDMI will be compatible with HP Envy 23 now that he upgraded to 8.1

    I have a HP Envy 23 and use a second monitor (Asus) that worked with Windows 8.0. Now that he upgraded to 8.1 he does not recognize the device and says that the drivers are up to date. Do I need to get a new screen? If so, what second screen would work?

    murraynurse wrote:

    This one will work? Diagonal of 23-inch HP W2371d backlit LED display

    Yes, according to the Microsoft Compatibility Center , it is compatible with Win 8.1.  Look at the link I have provided.

    Here is the monitor HP Store.  HP offers a great price and FREE shipping and FREE return if necessary.  I used HP Store several times in the past.  They have very good service.

    Please click on the Thumbs up button '+' if I helped you and click on "Accept as Solution" If your problem is resolved.

  • I have a aspire 5253, power watch normal bright screen with the logo Acer and F2 set up

    I have a aspire 5253, power watch normal bright screen with the logo Acer and F2 put in place down, but only for a few seconds, then it goes very dark, almost impossible to see what is on the screen, but there is something.

    I connect a monitor to the VGA connector and th PC works fine.

    I've updated the drivers, but it shows always available, as the main screen attached to the was'nt PC he all of a single screen

    to detect not to bring, and isentified on ly show 1 on both screens, PC built in display still very dark, like the backlight is not on

    reboot always perfect watch on the screen for a few seconds then dark

    Thanks for help

    by chance, I moved the cable button / stop for the Office and the screen turned on

    I checked the cable, it was slightly broken by the brokrn hinge

    I just had to cable and now it works fine

  • Why Windows 7 setting would deliver a black screen with the cursor visible before you load the Office?

    I had a very unusual event this morning.  I am running Windows 7 on a desktop computer.  On startup, I reached the login screen and proceeded to connect to my name.  Prior to loading the desktop computer, however, I was in a black screen with the cursor visible.

    1. I am able to load successfully under another user ID.
    2. I am able to boot in safe mode (with networking) using my own code.
    3. I did a system restore with no luck.  The problem persists.
    4. I don't think it's a driver issue because it would affect the two IDS and who does not.
    5. I have a touch screen and the white slider moves even in the place where I touch.  (what works)

    Issues related to the:

    1. what "custom" setting would result in a shift of the display of this type?

    2. If I go to Windows 8, will I have the opportunity to 'reset' my display options?  Or it will automatically upgrade to the wrong setting?

    Thank you.  Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you for your solution.

    The problem turned out to be the result of a combination of events.

    1. I did a change of media display a week ago but never restarted.
    2 MS did the periodic security update that rebooted the machine overnight.
    3. the update may have actually been in the middle of the installation when I got to my machine in the morning.
    4. when the screen has not responded, I restarted manually by pressing the power button.

    Ultimately, I was able to access Task Manager and found several instances of several components running.  When I "force stop" several of them, the office completed and I was in business.

    I still have the wide black border around my 'Live TV' screen in Windows Media Center, but that's another question for another time.

    Once again, thank you for the time spent to help me.

    Best regards


  • 2.4 ambient light: images on the screen with LR has more warm than the setting of the others...


    In fact, it is a well known problem with Lightroom. It emerges from all the

    time on this forum for windows systems (others can testify of this fact and)

    must be the reason why John suggested recalibrate above). Some monitor

    profiles of this vessel from manufacturers (or that some packets of calibration

    generate) have intentions of corrupt perceptual rendering. If it is present,

    Lightroom uses the perceptual intent. Photoshop always uses the parent

    one. This can lead to differences between Lightroom and Photoshop. Sometimes

    These differences may be really obvious (as they are here) and sometimes it

    is just visible as a permanent slight Posterization or coloring in the shadow areas. The

    solution is to calibrate and profile using equipment, or if you care

    on the color and contrast of your images (hard to call you a photographer to)

    However pointing) your windows installation is simply to guess than sRGB

    for the monitor.

    Bottomline: When you see a difference between Lightroom and Photoshop for

    files with the same settings in LR and ACR, the cause is in 90% of cases

    a "bad" or inappropriate for

    Monitor profile in Lightroom and in 10% of the incorrect settings in the color

    tab management in Photoshop.

    Someone on this forum once noticed that if I had

    received a dime for all the moments that I suggested that the monitor profile

    has been bad and the poster came up saying "but that may not be true."

    to discover after much insistence to calibrate / profile in fact the

    show that he has the profile, I'd be rich. Of course, I can't count

    the number of times that this has proved to be the case. In the end, I could be

    able to buy a beer for the income, but to become rich?

  • Second screen display with zoom back

    Can someone explain how I can change the ratio of the screen of my second return to normal? The second screen seems to be zoomed out and everything is smaller, including the background image, it is not yet hit the corners more. Regardless of the solution of the same problem. I have to be in the max even get there

    You'll want to set the resolution to one that is listed as "recommended" that the screen uses all the pixels.  It is usually the highest listed option, but check the manual of the monitor to find the true native resolution.  Then, use the controls DPI ("change the size of text and other elements') to set it to the percentage at the correct level.

    Or if it is a problem suddenly, you can try the #1 on this page option to repair the damage.

  • How can I make my second screen a monitor? New versions wiped my preferences and do help with no help.

    I am trying to use my second screen as a monitor size for editing. All my old layouts have been lost in systems and subsequent updates. It was a simple task made now lost in the options. How to do this task once simple?


    Edit/Preferences... this tab:


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