Set up the time capsule airport as a media server

I would like to know the procedure step by step to set up my Airport time capsule as my media server to watch movies, listen to music. No help here please? Thanks in advance.


Step by step is simple, because they do not exist. This is because you cannot use Time Capsule as a media server because it does not provide this type of service. At best, you can use your TC for storage media. Then you still have a media server to access these files for distribution. This media server could be iTunes, Plex, or in infusion for example.

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  • Can I used the time Capsule airport in a car?

    I intend to buy the airport Time Capsule to use my car for road trips that we often take. I was wondering if the Capsule can be used as a wifi hotspot while I'm in the car, so I can play games and go on social media with my iPad and my Macbook.

    It will not work in a car.

    You need an internet modem > Configure Time Capsule for the first time - Apple Support

  • Restart the time capsule airport

    MY ATC is continually reset.

    Completing a gentle and hardmreset and also factory reset without success.

    What exact model is your Time Capsule?

  • How to share a Time Capsule airport directory (/ Data / media /) with an OPPO BDP - 103 Blu - Ray player with Ethernet (no Wi - Fi) connections?

    I have an OPPO BDP - 103 Blu - Ray player connected to my LAN via ethernet cable.  I also have an airport Time Capsule (APTC) connected by ethernet to my local network cable.

    In addition to the use of PACT as a backup Time Machine for my MacBook, I have a few movies and photos in the directory/data/media /.  What should I do so that the law of the APTC as a media server to serve/data/Media/and the files in the hierarchy of files in this directory to the BDP-103?  I don't have a wireless adapter for the BDP-103.

    Note that I use OS X El Capitan on my MacBook Pro, but I don't want to get involved them in this.  I want to just serve you directly the files on CLTS CLTS.

    You can't do it unless the Blu - Ray player is a complete multimedia player.

    Apple have no extension of media in a TC... No... nothing... zero... Nothingness... elodie... not a thing.

    BTW, Apple do not support DLNA who need of most TV/media players... so they never get to add it in the future either.

    To play media files on a TC you can use a WD TV live... because it's a media player... and he can read raw files... not only DLNA used media.

    What Apple is nothing without iTunes.

  • How to restore all the data stored on my Time Capsule airport to my new iPAD Pro

    I have a Macbook air with a backup at a time Capsule from the airport.  The MacBook Air is dead (blue screen).  Now, I have a new iPad Pro and want to restore all the photos that have been saved on the Time Capsule airport to my iPad.  How can I do this?

    Connect the iPad Pro to your computer and sync photos to the iPad Pro.

  • Time capsule airport unplug my Airport Express and internet


    I just brought my Airport Time Capsule of the work. I have the joint via an Ethernet cable to my extreme, both are in my basement. Upstairs, I have a set Express in place to expand the wireless. The extreme and Express worked for many years now.

    Once the time Capsule has been recognized in the public services of the airport, he made an update of the firmware.

    After that, I edited the settings for the time Capsule to my home network and set it to "develop wireless."

    Extreme, Express and Time Capsule all had them green to light up in public services - so I tried to run a Time Machine backup, and things went sour.

    The cable modem the extreme is connected to started to abandon the connection every 30-45 seconds and the Express light went red and there is no longer recognized, so I clicked "forget" to remove it. Time Machine could not locate the time Capsule.

    So I unplugged the Time Capsule, all rebooted and now my extreme and Express up and running again.

    What waste?

    Thank you


    After that, I edited the settings for the time Capsule to my home network and set it to "develop wireless."

    I think you probably mean "extend a wireless network".

    This is the bad setting... because it would be used only if the time Capsule connected to your network using Wireless.  You specify the Time Capsule connects using Ethernet.

    Here is what is happening now... the time Capsule waiting for a wireless connection, but he gets an Ethernet connection.  This translates into a huge feedback loop that effectively blocks your network.

    The correct setting for the time Capsule would be "create a wireless network"using the same exact wireless network name, security and password as other Apple routers. " Finally, make sure that the time Capsule is set to run in Bridge Mode before you click Update to save the new settings.

  • How can I enable port forwarding in the router of the time capsule

    Does anyone know how to enable port forwarding in router Time Capsule Airport please?

    Port Mapping on the time Capsule airport cannot be enabled unless you have the right type of modem on your network.

    Thus, we need the number of brand and model of the device you're calling your "modem" before we can move forward. Please post back this information.  We do not need a series number... only the name of the manufacturer and model number of the modem.

  • How does the Time Capsule?

    I'm looking into buying time Capsule Airpot but I have a few questions and hoping someone can help! I'm basically looking for a way to back up my MacBook Pro and replace my crappy router in the thought process was a good deal... However what I was asking, that's exactly how the backup works? It's like an external hard drive where my information will sit until the end of time? Or will they finally deleted? Like say I backup all my pictures and then remove them from my MacBook... They are never saved on the time Capsule airport or eventually be deleted?

    I suggest a visit to Time Machine FAQ of Pondini for more information about Time Machine. Time Machine performs a type of backup archives where the old files can be deleted and replaced by new ones. Time Machine backup on a disk in the time Capsule.

    TM only deletes older files if they have been removed from the source and when TM needs space on the backup to a new incremental backup drive. Time Machine "Jules Destrooper" its backups. over 24 hours, old backups, except the first of the day; These "dailies", old more 30-day backups, except the first day of the week. The weeklies are kept as long as there is room.

    So, how long a backup rest file depends on how long it was on your Mac before being deleted, assuming that you do at least one backup per day. If she was there for less than 24 hours, it will be maintained for at least a month. If she was there at least a week, it will be maintained as long as there is room.

    Note that, on a Time Capsule, the sparsebundle grows in size as needed, but not descended. View of the user of the TC so it seems that no space was released, although there may be space in the sparsebundle.

    Once TM has found that it cannot free enough space for new backup it reports the disk is full. You can erase the backup disk and start your backup or replace the disc with a larger drive.

  • Time Capsule airport 10057 error: computer recognizes airport exists but cannot connect

    Hello everyone. I am currently unable to access the NAC on my Time Capsule Airport (not HQ one), as my password seems incorrect. However, this issue of mix, I am unable to connect using AirPort Utility at the Time Capsule airport in order to use a "soft reset". I can't push the button, but after that, it is impossible to actually access the settings from the airport using the utility.

    I'm on Windows 8, using the AirPort Utility for Windows 8.

    I tried the following:

    • every possible permutation of IPv4/6
    • a_l'_aide_de CTRL + SHIFT + O, and then perform one) I don't have the password and b) if I type in gibberish it gives me another error (-6753)
    • disconnect, reconnect, reboot, etc, etc.

    Just to be clear:

    • I know that the WIFI password
    • I know the old password to the NAC
    • I do not know how to change the password of the NAC
    • My shift caps lock is not on

    After a soft reset of the password is public... What have you tried?

    There is no password on the wireless for 5 minutes during the soft reset.

    In any case to fix... doing a factory reset full. No files are lost in the process.

    Start from a factory reset. No files are lost on the drive hard in doing so.

    Universal factory reset

    Turning off the TC... That is, remove the power supply cord or the power at the wall outlet, wait 10 seconds... Hold the reset button... be nice... Turn on always even now in reset... and keep holding in for another 10 seconds. You may need assistance because it is difficult to hold in reset and power on. It will show the success quickly flashing led front. Release reset... and wait a few minutes for the TC to reset and return with the factory settings. If the front LED flashes quickly you missed and simply try again. The reset is quite fragile in these... Press the key while it is just click away and not more... I've seen people bend lever or even break. I use a toothpick as a tool.

    NB. None of your files on the hard drive of the TC are removed... This simply clears the settings of the router of the TC.

    Make sure you use ethernet to connect to the TC, not wireless. It tends to work better that windows wireless Gets a bit NARKY...

    If you don't know what that means NARKY... and I don't know what means NAC.

  • Airport the Time Capsule Configuration for desktop?

    I have an airport Time Capsule that I use for support and wireless connectivity to the top of my MacBook Pro.  I have a PC connected to the time Capsule of internet access to the desktop PC.  Is it possible to set up backups from the PC to the time Capsule?

    Usually the time Capsule storage drive is formatted for use with OS X.

    As the old time Capsule (Time Machine backups) are crushed

    by the software as they go obsolete or when runs out of storage space, a

    Backup of Windows files on the same unit would not be a good idea.

    If the 'PC' indicates that your desktop under OS X, then it would

    be able to make backups of the other Mac software Time Machine

    and the total capacity of the unit of the time Capsule may be mitigated by

    the addition of claims on this other machine for the ability of autonomy.

    What is the storage of Time Capsule? I'd look for a separate device

    backup of a Windows system; However if a Mac running Windows, it

    may be possible to set something up for its operating system, other backup players.

    Here is an old source, but good for some information on OS X

    and Time Machine (and time capsule)

    • Apple OS X and Time Machine tips:

    Maybe someone who has set up a workaround for Windows backup solution

    (separate drive, perhaps connected to Time Capsule/AirPort extreme)?

    can answer; that there is an extremely useful contributors in this area.

    Good luck & happy computing!

  • How to see files saved on my Time Capsule airport? All I see is the name of my hardrive.

    I have recently started using Apple's Time Capsule airport and use it for my Time Machine backups. When I used Time machine in the post with an external hard drive, I can go and see all the backups and individual files, if I needed to. However, with my new Time Capsule airport, I don't see the name of my hard drive. Is there a setting someone to reveal all the files and individual backups?

    If you want to see the files Time Machine has saved on your Mac...

    Click the 'clock' Time machine at the top of the screen of the Mac

    Click on enter Time Machine

    For more information about Time Machine, see this Apple support document: use Time Machine to back up or restore your Mac - Apple supported

    However, if you are asking how to see the files that Time Machine has saved time using the Finder Capsule...

    Click on the Time Capsule icon under the heading Shared in a Finder window

    A disc hard... named 'Data' unless you have changed the name... is displayed on the right

    Double click 'Data' (may asked you the peripheral Time Capsule password when you do this)

    Double-click the sparsebundle bearing the name of your Mac

    A reader named Time Machine backups will appear on the desktop

    Open the drive and go through the levels to find the files you want

  • How can I get my xp computer that relates to the time capsule hard airport to connect to the internet

    My time capsule airport works to my iMac and my Sony laptop win7.

    I also have a windows xp computer that needs to connect to the internet while the airport time capsule hard cable . However, that xp computer seems not to recognize that the capsule exists and cannot connect to the internet. Can someone help me do this work? I'm not fluent in technical aspects of networks and connections. On the Sony, I just had to select the wireless network and put the password and everything was good. With the XP, nothing but problems.


    Can your computer XP connect to Internet from other networks or simply not yours? From the description of your problem, looks like a configuration issue with your Windows XP computer and NOT the airport Time Capsule.

    Note: You do now that Microsoft does support Windows XP and that she would run as a potential security risk, especially when accessing Internet with it?

    However, if you still wish to pursue this, you can try the following to help you get started. You can post to a forum of Microsoft support for troubleshooting of networking with Windows XP problems.

    Step 1. Check your network configuration.

    To check the settings of network configuration for the correct IP address information, you can do the following:

    • In the command prompt window, type ipconfig/alland then press ENTER.
    • The results of this command will display a list of IPv4 default gateway addresses (this should be your Time Capsule) and DNS settings for all of your network interfaces (Ethernet, wireless, etc.) By default, your IPv4 address should be something like: 10.0.1.n.; the default gateway address should be: The DNS addresses must match what your ISP provides you.
    • If you get an IPv4 address that begins with 169.n.n.n, then go to step 2 below.

    Step 2. Try to repair the connection.
    Network connection repair feature to renew the IPv4 network connection setting to try to correct the configuration on your Windows XP device issues. To access repair network connection, follow these steps:

    • Click Start, click Control Panel, and then double-click network connections.
    • Right click on the connection that you want to repair and then click Repair. Repair function will perform a number of steps automatically to try to fix the poorly configured settings for your network connection.
  • I have a new time capsule airport. How to limit the search for who can use the time capsule backup process?

    I have a new time capsule airport. How to limit the search for who can use the time capsule backup process?

    Set a password to disk... disk tab in the utility... and just give to those you want to use the TC...

  • Impossible to extend the existing wi - fi with time capsule airport


    I have one Capsule of airport TB 2 hung on an Ethernet in my study (lower level).

    I already have an existing wi - fi network to ISP modem/router to my media box provided at the top level.

    In addition, I have an Extender provided by the ISP of lower level.

    I would try to expand the scope of the wi - fi with my time capsule without creating an additional network.

    I tried several times to do so, but either it freezes up or creates its own network despite the

    mode bridge as stated in Airport utility.

    Guide gently with the method or Protocol correct to put that in place.

    Thank you


    I would try to expand the scope of the wi - fi with my time capsule without creating an additional network.

    It sounds like you may try to extend the network of your "main" router wireless

    The time Capsule will not be able to extend wireless network if your 'main' router is also an Apple AirPort base station.  Or... in other words if your 'main' router is not an Apple product, then the time Capsule will not be able to extend wireless network.

    So, the first question to ask here would be... What is the number of brand and model of your router "main"?

    If you intend to leave the time Capsule connected to your main router with an Ethernet connection, the Capsule must have the maximum value of "create a wireless network.  If you use the same wireless network name and password using your 'main' router, Time Capsule will provide additional wireless coverage in the area where it is located.

  • time capsule airport cannot be opened because the original item cannot be found

    I just purchased a Time capsule airport and can't install. It flashes orange, and although that Time Machine backs up on it, and I can access the internet, I don't remember upward the back-up because I got the following error message:

    "'Airport Time Capsule' could not open the original item cannot be found".

    The printer is connected to the Capsule by USB works.

    I'm installing via an iMac.

    Help, please!

    Thank you

    You first need to determine what is at stake that indicates the LED "blinking orange.

    To make your iMac:

    • Run the AirPort Utility.
    • Select the Time Capsule
    • In the pop-up window, all questions will appear in the status section.

    Please post back your findings.

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