Setting baud rate to the Max with OpenComConfig.

I want to connect to a motor controller (Newport Conex CC) using the serial port, but it takes baudrate 921600, however, the maximum value allowed baudrate in OpenComConfig() is only 256 000. Is there a way around it.

Also, I tried HyperTerminal and everything works fine with the baudrate 921600

I can say that the viSetAttribute depending on the VISA library works up to 921600 transfer speeds, I have not tried with OpenComConfig.

But others have, as you can see here: you can use higher rates as long the driver itself (provided by the manufacturer of your hardware to port) support non-standard transfer speeds; the limit referred by you is only a limited selection of presets of the Service Commission.

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  • Question setting baud rate to IMAQ using Camera Link

    I have a card PCIe-1433 to link camera, with a camera of Basler. I found that I can put the gain and exposure both directly in the camera with the help of the link series and order series. It works very well. I do this programmatically by using the CLAllSerial.DLL.

    Series orders take too long to send in my application because of the default 9600 baud rate, so I was able to send a command to the Basler camera up to its transmission speed, then changing the baud rate of the port com series camera link for the match. The result is that I can quickly talk to the camera. Sweet so far.

    However, with the Basler camera and camera link com serial port to the higher transmission speed, I can no longer acquire images using imgXXX IMAQ commands. I get a time-out of orders series IMAQ must use to control the camera for Imaging. Essentially the IMAQ driver does not know the baud rate change. I don't see how I can tell the IMAQ driver what output baud rate to use. Also, NEITHER MAX becomes unusable in this situation.

    How can I, via the IMAQ driver, increase the speed of transmission of orders series to the camera via the connection of the camera?

    See you soon,.


    So, I thought this close and post the solution. To increase the speed of transmission of communications series through camera link, you must:

    -Use the NI Camera File Generator to change the file of the camera (or simply edit it directly, since it is the text file).

    -Run NI MAX and connect to the camera using the new camera file. MAX will not be able to talk to the camera at the moment, because the speed of camera has not yet been changed.

    -In your application, first set the link rate 9600 series, so you can talk to the camera. Now change the baud rate in the camera itself, using all save changes, etc., are necessary for the camera, you are connected to. Finally, change the speed of link series to baud rate selected in the file of the camera. (It goes without saying that the serial link baud rate and baud rate camera must match).

    Now, both the driver AND AND the camera are according to the new baud rate. You can exit the application and allows to access your camera... until you turn off the camera... how he NI MAX (at least the Basler I use) restores baud rate 9600. Works great!

    See you soon,.


  • Unable to get the max with Intel pro 3945ABG card Wlan download speed

    Grettings all,.

    I have, as the shows theme, a model of router Philips SNB650 and Intel pro 3945ABG wireless card.
    The card supports up to 54Mbps while the router can handel upp to 108mbps. The router is in the same room as my laptop and I recive full force and 45mbps connection. I also have an internet connection of 100/10 Mbps (100 downwards, up to 10). The problem is that I can never reach maxlimit when I download files.

    One I download since has the same connection as me, and through him, I get 1.45mbps, which is normal with our two connections. However, when I download it and other sources, I never reach more than 1.45mbps a total, counting all together downloads. So when I download 1.45 my brother and someone else, something with connection equalent, the download speed of my brother will decrease, as well as the other connection.

    I contacted Philips suport and asked if he could be a setting in the router which does the job in this way, but the answer I got was that I should turn on max-double-sided. I know where to find it, even if they described in their message. Network connections-> network-> properties-> advanced card and it make the change with the duplex mode. But the only option for windows, built in firewall.

    I searched on the net for possible solutions, but found nothing. However, I found a few tips about the wireless network card. And that's to go to the device run-> ECS-> NIC in question and make a few changes, such as: Power management (max game, have you tried other variants), roaming Aggressivness (set to max, have you tried other variants) and transmitting power (max by default, tried other variations).

    None of the above configurations makes no difference to my network speed. So, now I turn to you, to see if anyone has a solution. Is there a way to change the duplex mode for all wireless network cards?

    Perhaps I should mention that I have the latest drivers for my network card, but he had the same problem with the 'old'.

    Thanks in advance,
    / Martin


    I would try to explain what I understand what you're saying.

    Even with a 100/10 connection does not mean what download you to. There are a few Web sites on the internet that test true download you have. You might want to try one, because I never downloaded to my max download rate.

    It entirely depends on many variables. The Web site you download from (they could cap their downloads to customers at 1 Mb if they chose) etc. Could be your ISP that has the problem etc.

    I doubt the computer or settings are the problem. Call your service provider and ask them what the problem is.

  • Definition of FD CAN baud rate gives the error (using samples of C)

    I use C for XNET "FD CAN Frame Input Stream" samples where I put the valid values of "nxPropSession_IntfCanFdBaudRate" between 1000000-8000000. (according to

    I am getting following error

    NOR-XNET status: NOR-XNET: baud rate (Hex 0x3FF63040) The FD CAN you provided is beyond the capability of the manufacturer of the specified transmitter/receiver. In our internal testing, we found this baud rate to run, but bus errors may be detected or generated during communication. See the Presentation of the material NOR-XNET CAN section in the software and manual equipment OR XNET for more information.

    I have a loop back configuration with a PCI card with 2 ports.

    It is a warning and not an error to inform you that you may be exceeding the capacity of the physical hardware. While the FD CAN protocol supports very fast transfer speeds, none of the manufacturers transcevier still created talkies that they ensure that all transfer speeds. Talk to them, the number one problem was do an EMC low enough to run in the vehicles. They tend to be actually able to follow the signaling rate.

    Therefore, we allow you to use NOR-XNET to communicate to a wide range of transmission speeds, but sound you the alarm if you are exceeding the rates allowed by the manufacturer. For most use cases, this can be ignored safetly.

    FYI, what baud rate you try to run to?

  • It is not recognized to the max with Windows7 USB 6009 x 64

    Hi all the comunity and I apologize for some possible errors with my English.

    I have a problem in installing a USB-6009 device in Windows7 x 64.

    I already downloaded and installed the latest NOR-DAQmx 9.0.2 and the device display correctly installed on the operating system in the Device Manager.

    The problem is in the MAX which is not able to detect the device.

    I try to change the USB port and reinstall all the NOR-DAQmx package, but the device is still not detected in the MAX.

    Any other suggestions are much appreciated for this problem

    Thank you all

    Hi Maverjk,

    I have a couple a question for you to try to solve your problem.

    * You have download the base package or full DAQmx?

    * Can you try to install your USB-6009 on another PC and tell me if it works?

    Otherwise, you can try to repair your database to the MAX: presents the documents.


  • Error 0xBFFF800B to the MAX with firewire cameras


    MAX lists all cameras connected by FireWire. But when I click on one to show configuration, MAX is held for several seconds, and then it brings a dialog:

    Error 0xBFFF800B
    The session for your device could not be configured

    The camera will now appear with a red x. Sometimes, the camera disappears from MAX and the Windows Device Manager a few seconds after this failure. It reappears after reconnection, but it againt fails to display the properties. Reboot is also not helped.

    There are seven identical cameras connected, two of them work, others react as described. It does not matter on which FireWire port or what FireWire controller, the cameras are connected. It does not help when only one of the defective devices is connected.

    I followed the advice of the first response in this thread:

    I deleted the xml, the iid and the CIM located in "Documents and Users.Windows users/Shared Documents / National Instruments/NOR-IMAQdx/Data", but the behavior remains the same. Both cameras work

    The compatibility test with CameraValidator.exe (see this KB) print "the Exception". For the cameras work, she passes and generates the report file.

    Where else could be the problem?



    Finally, the problem is found. The wires were the problem. 5 of 7 identical cables seem to not work at 400 Mbps. I tried different combinations of connections, but until today, I've changed mainly controllers and no cameras. If each device has always been connected to the same cable as long.

    (Cables reached only at some devices photo at the end of the camera, at the end of the controller I could try all the combinations.)

    Non-traditional pilots seem to have detected the defect at 400 Mbps, and limit the rate to 200 Mbps so (or 100 sometimes). But I thought it was a false reading of the capabilities of the camera. The former pilot did not switch to a lower rate, so communication failure.

    For me, some puzzles remain. Why some cables work and others not? And why did downgrade the driver NOR-temporary IMAQdx?


    ... is the source of the problem. That's the key.

    A big thank you to all who responded and gave some thoughts on the problem. (Above all thanks goes to Imaging because they always responded very quickly and Sources responsible.)

    Final greetings,


    who can finally return to programming

  • Baud rate for the connection of the Console on ASA 8.6 (1)

    Hi all

    I need to use very long console connection it more than 56 feet (17 m) (I used the cable Cat6 with connection on oth ends as console 12345678 87654321)

    According to the table below

    Speed (bps) Distance (m)













    My son goes to manage the serial connection.

    On the router, I can use

    Router> terminal speed 4800 

    I could not find similar command on ASA IOS - id a whole?

    If I'm going in the wrong direction extending series thread made me know.

    Thank you

    I'm sure that you can change the speed of console ASA to the default of 9600 bps. 15 m is not much less than 17 m - have you tried your connection without success?

    If this does not work you will probably have to a. use a server console ports or (b) rely on Ethernet management intertface.

  • set up forms for the execution with pure java

    I know that the file formsweb.cgf is where I can fix this, but that someone has
    with java WORKNG pure (without jinitiator) and has any problem to navigate between fields?

    EMH is my java section in formsweb.cfg

    pageTitle = Java Forms Version 10.1.2
    Form = init.fmx
    envFile = javaenv.env
    baseHTML = webutilbase.htm
    baseHTMLjinitiator = webutiljpi.htm
    baseHTMLjpi = webutiljpi.htm
    baseHTMLie = webutiljpi.htm
    webUtilArchive = webutil.jar, jacob.jar
    Archive = gif.jar, frmall.jar, laf_1012.jar
    lookAndFeel = oracle
    imageBase codeBase =
    separateFrame = true
    networkRetries = 30

    and the file javaenv.env (without the commented lines)
    ORACLE_HOME = / opt/oracle/ias
    FORMS_PATH = / opt/legadmi/formas: / opt/legadmi/pll: / opt/oracle/ias/forms: / opt/legadmi/webutil/forms
    PATH = / opt/oracle/ias/bin
    LD_LIBRARY_PATH = / opt/oracle/ias/lib: / opt/oracle/ias/jdk/jre/lib/i386: / opt/oracle / / jdk/jre/lib/i386/ias Server

    He begins to java, but I can't navigate between fields, in some forms,
    any help?
    Thank you!

    Solution: migrated to 11g

  • How to set LR to highlight the folder with bright color choices

    In the free tutorial of Laura Shoe "Reorganize your files and Photos The Easy Way" Laura shows us how to move folders in the folder images go here (for the first 3 minutes). When she does the destination folder will turn BLUE. My LR doesn't do this thing of blue, and I wish that he, because gray "highlight" is very dim (barely perceptible). I think it take a bright color would prevent mistakes when drag & drop, or travel in other files. How can I fix my LR do this blue highlight on my PC? Laura thought it was only an option under Mac. I hope this isn't the case.

    [personal information deleted by mod]







    Laura's right.  The blue light is a feature provided by Mac OS X using the LR; There is no equivalent in Windows feature (although LR could implement itself quite easily).   See this topic for more details: Re: change the color of the toolbars and panels

  • Windows 7 computer to dial the connection problem with baud rate setting do not stay together

    I've set the com port [converter usb to serial com cable 5] setting baud rate to 115200

    I set up the adjustment [communication between 2 computers cable] modem baud to 115200

    In the center of network share, I create a new network connection [set up a dial-up connection]

    When I check the properties of the dial-up Modem connection set to 19200

    I can't change to 115200 - but the connection is attempted to 19200, so it fails

    All solutions?

    Hello Stephen,

    Thank you for visiting the Microsoft Community Forum.

    According to the description, I understand you are trying to reset the baud rate for your dial-up connection. You tried to change the BAUD rate in your login from 19200 to 115200, but the connection attempt is made at 19200 and if it fails every time.

    I suggest you to check with your ISP (Internet Service Provider), if they have their own custom settings saved using an application that controls the baud rate.

    You can also view the following Microsoft help articles.

    SerialPort.baudrate, property

    SerialPort.BaudRate enumeration.

    Hope this information is useful. Please write us back for any further assistance.

  • sbRIO-9651: FPGA RS-485 baud rate 230400 beyond? Error-1073807330

    I use a sbRIO-9651 and drop the CLIP of FPGA in "Other devices" it shows six Serial1 serial ports... Serial6. The first four are described as "RS-232 serial Port" and the two last "RS-485 Serial Port".  On Serial6 (RS-485), I have configured the TX, RX and TX pins activate.

    In my .vi on real time, I put my "VISA set up a Serial Port (Instr) .vi" with a baud rate. A works 115200 or 230400 baud rate, but the pace I want to use (256000) generates a run-time error.  "Error-1073807330 VISA: (Hex 0xBFFF001E) the State specified, the attribute is not valid or is not supported as defined by the resource."

    I suspect the FPGA hardware is capable of 256 Kbps, but I know that if it is a fundamental limitation of the NI UART IP block, or some places I have to change to allow a wide range of transmission speeds (?)


    The maximum rate for these serial ports is 230 400 bps, so there is a limitation on the connection of the UART.  In the manual, you will find more specific information if you need it!

  • OpenComConfig sets the bad baud rate


    -CVI 9.0.1 VERSION

    -7904 compact PCI sea level

    -COM1 on motherboard

    When I open a port at 115200 baud, it opens in reality at 9600 baud.

    My software uses OpenComConfig (115200) but the serial port will eventually be open to all that

    "setting of the operating system" is for the port in the control panel.

    This does not occur when you use HyperTerminal

    As soon as the INVALID PARAMETER (line 10 below) is detected, the port is REOPENED to the configuration of the system instead of my bad = OpenComConfig (port, ' ", 115200, 2, 8, 1, 50000, - 1);
    No error is returned by this function.

    Activity captured for the serial port for OpenComConfig() port monitor is:

    0.00021036 0 84615u.exe IRP_MJ_CREATE Seacom2k10 SUCCESS Options: open
    1 0.00000391 84615u.exe IOCTL_SERIAL_GET_BAUD_RATE Seacom2k10 SUCCESS
    2 0.00000279 84615u.exe IOCTL_SERIAL_GET_LINE_CONTROL Seacom2k10 SUCCESS
    3 0.00000279 84615u.exe IOCTL_SERIAL_GET_CHARS Seacom2k10 SUCCESS
    4 0.00000251 84615u.exe IOCTL_SERIAL_GET_HANDFLOW Seacom2k10 SUCCESS
    5 0.00001117 84615u.exe IOCTL_SERIAL_SET_BAUD_RATE Seacom2k10 SUCCESS rate: 115200
    6 0.00000670 84615u.exe IOCTL_SERIAL_SET_RTS Seacom2k10 SUCCESS
    7 0.00000643 84615u.exe IOCTL_SERIAL_SET_DTR Seacom2k10 SUCCESS
    8 0.00000475 84615u.exe IOCTL_SERIAL_SET_LINE_CONTROL Seacom2k10 SUCCESS StopBits: 1 parity: EVEN WordLength: 8
    9 0.00000307 84615u.exe IOCTL_SERIAL_SET_CHAR Seacom2k10 EOF:0 SUCCESS ERR: ff BRK: ff EVT:0 XON:11 XOFF:13
    INVALID PARAMETER to 10 0.00000251 84615u.exe IOCTL_SERIAL_SET_HANDFLOW Seacom2k10 XoffLimit:5000 of XonLimit:5000 to replace: 40 Shake: 1
    11 0.00000251 84615u.exe IOCTL_SERIAL_GET_BAUD_RATE Seacom2k10 SUCCESS
    12 0.00000223 84615u.exe IOCTL_SERIAL_GET_LINE_CONTROL Seacom2k10 SUCCESS
    13 0.00000251 84615u.exe IOCTL_SERIAL_GET_CHARS Seacom2k10 SUCCESS
    14 0.00000251 84615u.exe IOCTL_SERIAL_GET_HANDFLOW Seacom2k10 SUCCESS
    15 0.00001062 84615u.exe IOCTL_SERIAL_SET_BAUD_RATE Seacom2k10 SUCCESS rate: 115200
    16 0.00000670 84615u.exe IOCTL_SERIAL_CLR_RTS Seacom2k10 SUCCESS
    17 0.00000643 84615u.exe IOCTL_SERIAL_SET_DTR Seacom2k10 SUCCESS
    18 0.00000419 84615u.exe IOCTL_SERIAL_SET_LINE_CONTROL Seacom2k10 SUCCESS StopBits: 1 parity: ODD WordLength: 8
    19 0.00000307 84615u.exe IOCTL_SERIAL_SET_CHAR Seacom2k10 EOF:0 SUCCESS ERR: 0 BRK:0 EVT:0 XON:11 XOFF:13
    20 0.00000475 84615u.exe IOCTL_SERIAL_SET_HANDFLOW Seacom2k10 Shake SUCCESS: 1. replace: 0 XonLimit:2048 XoffLimit:512
    21 0.00000251 84615u.exe IOCTL_SERIAL_GET_BAUD_RATE Seacom2k10 SUCCESS
    22 0.00000223 84615u.exe IOCTL_SERIAL_GET_LINE_CONTROL Seacom2k10 SUCCESS
    23 0.00000223 84615u.exe IOCTL_SERIAL_GET_CHARS Seacom2k10 SUCCESS
    24 0.00000251 84615u.exe IOCTL_SERIAL_GET_HANDFLOW Seacom2k10 SUCCESS
    25 0.00001006 84615u.exe IOCTL_SERIAL_SET_QUEUE_SIZE Seacom2k10 SUCCESS Insizing: 50000 out: 0
    26 0.00000279 84615u.exe IOCTL_SERIAL_SET_TIMEOUTS Seacom2k10 RI SUCCESS: RM:0 - 1 RC:0 WM:0 WC:0

    Sorry, I think that the limit error XON/XOFF wrong main to assume that you were actually using handshaking, but never, you indicated that you were. This problem that you mention actually open any port, regardless of whether you use XON/XOFF handshaking. The limit of 4096 seems to be imposed by the driver, so it is not something that can be changed in the CVI code layer. However, we can impose a maximum of 4096 for XON/XOFF limits, that we spend in the Windows SDK, so that the error can be avoided when you are booking a superior to 40960 input buffer.

    We will do both the fixes mentioned in this thread in the next version.

    A. Mert

    National Instruments

  • Setting of baud rate with CVI runtime for Linux

    Hello people,

    I have a problem regarding the setting of baud rate with the CVI for Linux runtime.

    I want to communicate with a device that has a USB-to-serial of FTDI chip. The driver for this device is already included in the kernel (openSUSE 11.1, - 0.1 - default i686 kernel).

    I can use a terminal program (HTerm 0.8.1beta) to open the serial port at/dev/ttyUSB0 and can set all baudrates, the unit supports (38400, 115200, 921600) and communication works perfectly.

    Now I take the example of series of NEITHER and go under Windows. I developed to support 921600 baud, and it works very well. So I try to run this example on Linux (I've expanded in order to open/dev/ttyUSB0), but it only works for 38400 baud. If I try to put 115200 or 921600 baud, then I get error RS232-14 (invalid baud rate).

    It would be nice if there is someone who can give me a suggestion what I need to do to get the job to 921600 baud.

    Best regards


    Hi NickB,

    the patch done!

    Thank you very much.

    Best regards


  • the value node id and baud rate by lss (CANOpen)


    for a research project, we try to use 2 volume CAN flow sensors ( . For use in our network CAN I first set up the node id and the baudrate of each of them. The manufacturer told me to do it via the put layer Service (LSS). (How) I can do using Labview?

    I can use one of the following cards, NEITHER CAN: NI PCI-CAN/2 and NOR-PCI-8512.

    Thanks for the tips.



    Unfortunately, none of your interfaces are compatible with CANopen. You will need a PCI-8531.

    The flow rate in baud rate and node id can be configured easily with the library OR industrial for CANopen communication .

  • Refresh rate of the monitor 2310 m HP and how to set?

    This may seem a stupid question, but I agree with the idea that there was no matter what stupid questions, people simply stupid.

    What is the refresh rate of the 2310 m, and how can I make sure that my PC card and/or graphic is set to the appropriate refresh rate?

    Just got my new 2310 m today, and boy is snazzy. He hung with its cable DVI - D ma/DVI - I took on my PC and it looks great right out of the box. Haven't heard too much audio yet, but it sounds good so far and the volume level is higher than expected, which is nice. (You can always do evolve that you want only it softer sound.) Overall, I am very pleased with the purchase. I just need to know this small a detail so that I don't accidentally FRY this 'thing'.

    Notice to lovers?

    Assuming that you have installed the monitoring software.  Win7.  Right-click on the desktop.  Choose "screen resolution." "" Advanced settings '.  'Monitor' tab  Refresh rate possible are only to see the.  Probably the optimum is already in place.  My new HP monitor has only three choices and fastest has been already chosen.

    Is not having a wonderful new monitor?

Maybe you are looking for

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    Hello IM from Germany for the Apple Watch series 1 + 2 and iphone 7 are sold to September 16. I want to buy the Apple Watch series 2, but it is said that it can only be delivered between 12 and 25 October. so I really want to wait that much and I wan

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    I can't connect my laptop for the 1st time I get an e-mail from the user profile failed to connect User profile cannot be loaded Ideas please

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