Setting the properties of elements of façade in XControl to a VI that uses the XControl

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I'm new to XControls and I try to use them to make a generic digital indicator that fit into a matrix of waveforms of a similar measure and allow the user to display the first value of a waveform, it chooses by selecting the name of the desired channel in the waveform table. I have the XControl work, with a ring filled automatically with the NI_ChannelName of the input waveform array fields and the value of the ring being used to index the waveform table to select the appropriate data.

What I want to do next is automatically set the value of control of ring in the XControl to the value that the user has selected the last time he ran the VI that uses the indicator. However, the properties of the control ring do not seem to be accessible from the VI that uses the XControl, and none of the XControl General properties seem to be accessible from the front VI in the XControl. The value of the ring is not part of the entrance of DataIn cable waveform table, so I don't have a good method to pass data to the control of the ring outside of what is in this table of waveform. I might add the value in the waveform table, if this helps, but indicators XControl do not transmit their return DataOut appellant VI to allow me to record the user selected value.

Is there a good way to read and write the properties of façade elements in an XControl of VI that uses the XControl?

I apologize for not posting my code; the computer with LabVIEW license is having network problems at the present time. I'll post the code when I can.

Thank you!


In your State cluster typedef container, include a reference to a control of the ring.

In your vi of façade, in the case of change of Direction, create a reference to your ring and connect to a plan by which he sends out the view state.  Also be sure to write true to the status changed in the result of the Action.

In your xctl, select New-> property.  Name it after the property in the ring that you want to access.  Use the view clustered State (in your new property VI) to access the reference to the ring; son of a property node.  Change the control value in the appropriate type & connect to the property you want.

Be sure to connect the path error through everything that might cause an error.

When you drop an instance of the xctl and create a property from this node, your new property will be available.

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    If you need support orientation, you may need to check this

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    Thank you!


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    Thank you


    sumanbangladesh wrote:

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    Thanks and greetings


    You should be able to put this on the data source that is defined in your WebLogic integrated - call the Weblogic http://localhost:7101 console / console and locate the data source you created.

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