Setup cannot BBM blackBerry smartphones

I have check the diagnostic Test

BlackBerry Registratration: Yes

Connected to Blackberry: No.

PIN - PIN of Blackberry: give up.

I use BIS, but my phone require the Activation of the company

Please help me

Unless you are on a company account, you can not and will not need to use it, you need personal or internet e-mail configuration.

If this option is not for you, you must call your operator and ask to be added to your account BlackBerry data Plan.

Good luck.

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  • Problem in BBM blackBerry Smartphones - I do not have a display picture bbm Board and the State. I cannot access it and cannot access my photo or status of the contacts Panel

    I don't have a display picture bbm Board and the State. I cannot access it and cannot access my photo or status of the contacts Panel. Help, please!

    Thank you!

    Then you can try upgrading the BBM to the latest version available for your device?

    Make that first make a local backup of your BBM contacts, after backup, delete or uninstall any existing version of your BlackBerry. On your home screen, go to Options > Advance Options > application > BlackBerry Messenger > delete BlackBerry Messenger of this list (highlight BBM press on the menu key and select delete)

    KB10040 : How to view or delete the application installed on a blackberry smartphone 

    Once it is perform a battery pull reboot by removing the battery while your unit is powered, wait a min, then reinsert back.

    Finally, after the reboot, use your BlackBerry browser and go to and download the latest available for your device.


    Please note :

    If you encounter BBM7 or higher then your BBM Contacts are integrated into your BlackBerry ID after installation when you log in with your BlackBerry ID Contacts is restored back, but if you experience any previous Kathy then first make a backup local, you can save on your press card, see this KB for additional assistance

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  • Issues with BBM blackBerry Smartphones

    Whenever I charge my phone or restart I notice my bbm dates back to ancient times, I get previous pings and current pings will no longer appear, also dp displays more peoples. I decided to back up my contacts, delete and re install the app but realized after the reboot, I can download is no longer bbm as he shows me app World, bbm is already installed, but can't find anywhere in my phone. Please help I need my bbm back

    Hello presh007

    Welcome to the Forums of the BlackBerry Support

    If you already verified and that you are unable to locate your BBM icon, then you should try reinstalling the BlackBerry Messenger application, it may be useful.

    To do it from your home screen to go to Options > device > Application Management > locate and delete BlackBerry Messenger from this list.

    KB10040 : How to view or delete the application installed on a blackberry smartphone 


    Deleted once perform a battery pull reboot by removing the battery while your device is turned on, wait a min. and then reinsert this return.

    Finally, after the reboot, use your BlackBerry browser and go to and download the most recent version available. After installation, restart your device once more, connecting with your BlackBerry ID and check if you are able to send BBM to one of these devices.

    Please try it and let us know of your progress.

  • Interference from another device in bbm blackBerry Smartphones

    Hi, a while back, my blackberry curve 9300 was stolen. I then had the phone blacklisten via my ISP, and my camera erased using blackberry Protect? I also bought a new blackberry curve 9300 and restored all my data from my old blackberry id. Everything worked fine until about a month after my old phone was stolen. Everything was fine except I now im my bbm interference. My profile picture is often changed and I get contacts without confirming them. After a few days to deal with the technical support told me that the phone must be put to the index with blackberry as well as my ISP. I was also told that this process had never been done before, and the chance to get with my phone was not very high. The reason was that the technical support should send a request to blackberry on the blacklist of the bb id, an e-mail.

    I don't know if the person using my old stolen phone can read my messages or see my contacts, but either way I feel as if my private life has been violated and liked to feel safe using bbm surveys.

    What can I do? Maybe remove the code from my blackberry and register in the register using the same email?

    Thank you very much



    You change the username - BBID

    • KB28060 How to change or update a BlackBerry ID user name on the site Web de BlackBerry ID
    • KB32514 How to change or update a BlackBerry ID user name on a BlackBerry smartphone
  • Bbm blackBerry Smartphones transfer contacts

    My blackberry storm fell and the screen no longer works so I bought a new. Can I transfer contacts from the old to the new bbm although I don't see anything on the screen?

    Hi and welcome to the Forums!

    If you use the device switch Wizard, it will do even more than that. I hope that you will not have to do anything on the screen of the old BB...

    • KB16291 How to use the switch device Wizard to switch to a new BlackBerry smartphone

    Good luck!

  • Cannot connect blackberry Smartphones from blackBerry 8310

    Hello. My black berry 8310 does not connect to my laptop / desktop usb ports on the computer. Don't think they are grateful black berries. I tried another cable, and it's the same question. How this can be solved? Thank you.

    Hello. The first option worked, I now get my port of PC USB connection to my bb. In addition, I used a different cable, I think that the cable, with the bb came was defective. Thanks for solving this issue. Can you help me with another question? How to transfer MP3s from my PC to my bb? Is there a configuration I need to do? At the present time, the phone is charging it is plugged into my computer laptop USB port. I used this cable to transfer files / music to another gadget, so I guess that this cable can transfer files. I tried bb desktop software > application > import files, but I continue we get an error saying there was an error importing files. No additional applications can be found. Your file may contain applications that already exist in the list of applications, are not compatible for your device or errors. In the media under the music sync section, there is another error saying: "a problem occurred while trying to connect to your BlackBerry smartphone. Help please, thank you.

  • BBM blackBerry Smartphones cannot download because of BBID contacts

    Hi all

    I don't know why I can't get my BBM contacts. I have a new 9900. I tried to use the same back file as always, but it won't work.

    He says "you can't use this backup file because BBM is already associated with your blackberry ID $% #% $^ #@ $$ #$"

    Then I'm invited to the pursuit and my BBM contacts list is nothing. I have 180 contacts. But none can be put. I created new BB ID had no chance. The contacts are on my mac just sitting there.

    I need contacts, and if I can't get him, I don't see the usefulness of the blackberry, even though I have about 8 years. Over the years, my contacts came from all over the world. To lose everything and start again makes no sense. And I guess I won't continue using BBM surveys and the rest can follow.

    Really disappointed

    Any help would be appreciated!

    downgrade to BBM6) )
    then log in BlackBerry ID in the options of the terminal, and then open the BBm.

    Is directed at you, BBM6, find a way your contacts stored inside your BBID.

    Then when it is done, after the upgrade to BBM7 BBM will restore your contacts through BBID.

  • How to install the new BBM blackBerry smartphones

    I tried to find a way to install the new BBM 5.0, but can't seem to understand. I am new to the blackberry world (3 days) and I got an old 8703e that is now configured on my line of personal relationships.

    So I've updated the software (desktop and blackberry), but it said that my BBM is updated to 4.2.1

    I'm on the outskirts of Bell to the Canada and can't do no matter how hard I try. If I go on blackberry Appworld, it cannot be downloaded any other way except by browser, which I don't have, I have only the email and BBM on my Blackberry. Am I stuck without internet for browse and locate this program?

    To use install and use BlackBerry Messenger v.5:

    • A data plan from your wireless service provider
    • A smart phone BlackBerry with 64 MB of memory
    • 2.4 MB of memory available smartphone
    • BlackBerry® Device Software v4.5 or later version
  • Question deleted BBM blackBerry Smartphones


    I have looked on the internet and was unable to find an answer to my question and the RIM returned to my e-mail and directed me to this forum.

    My question is whether delete BBM messages can be retrieved from the backend to the police if they have a warrant or other order of the Court (for example, a production order).  I know that once the user can not recovered their the BBM messages are deleted, I wonder whether or not law enforcement can recover for a file, they are working on that.

    If anyone knows the answer I'll be very grateful.

    Thank you!

    BlackBerry Messenger messages are stored locally on the device that received the message. These messages are not stored on a remote server any.

    Once the message is removed from the device, it is gone and cannot be reterived.

    See you soon,.

  • 9360 BBM blackBerry smartphones does not open

    I have a new Curve 9360 and since I updated my software, the BBM icon on the desktop will not open the BBM menu with contacts etc. on. I can receive and send messages. When they appear, but cannot get my contacts and add new etc.

    Hey chippydog,

    Welcome to the community of BlackBerry Support Forums.

    I suggest that you re-install BBM by going to and then restart the BlackBerry, and then try to open the application.

  • Issue of calendar entries sharing with groups of BBM blackBerry Smartphones BB Curve 8520-


    I am currently using a BB Curve 8520. I have a problem with the birthday entries sharing with my BBM groups.

    When I add a birthday entry to my contacts from the phonebook, the phone will ask whether or not you will share this date with the BBM groups calendar.

    If I select No., birthday entry will continue to BE SHARED to your BBM groups.

    So I have to go to the calendar of the BBM groups to delete manually created entry.

    Can you help me to solve this problem with my phone?

    Thanks in advance!

    Hi, Ahmed.

    Follow the steps; below

    1. take a full backup of your device.

    2 reset the device (Do a security wipe)

    3 register your device with Netowrk.

    4. return the maintenance book.

    5. If more than one e-mail account then delete pulled CICAL service book of reset. (but keep a default for CICAL service)

    6. now, do a restore advance except BBM GROUP and data.

    7. now, create a new entry in the calendar.

    Please read the following threads for more info:

    Courtesy: Santosh-Boiro

  • BBM blackBerry Smartphones deleted by accident and can't get it back

    I deleted the bbm by accident and now I can't reinstall it as its marked as being installed again on the world of blackberry,
    Ive or off voltage of my phone, I tried to send me the download links and ive tried to find how to uninstall it on bb world but I cant find it?

    When you're App World go to My World and press the menu button and select refresh - this will refresh your list of installed applications and in theory it then you can reinstall BBM.

    If you find that it is always installed, you sure you deleted? Would you rather hid the icon?  You can check this is go to your panel of all items, then press the menu key and select 'show all '.

    If your BBM icon reappears, highlight the icon, press the menu key and be sure to 'Hide' is unchecked.

  • Acceptance surveys BBM blackBerry smartphones please - problem

    While my son waited the better part of a week to get his old phone no.. moved to a new BB... We scanned each other PINS.  They've been sitting 'pending' because he was unable to accept an invitation before phone service from on his new phone.

    Now that his service has started we are both having the same problem.  (Mine is BB Bold 9900.  It's a curve).

    BBM applications are still sitting on hold.  How do we accept?  At this point, there is no option to accept.


    EACH of remove you the other invites

    and then both restart you... (With the BlackBerry powereddevice, remove the battery for a minute and then reinsert the battery to restart).

    Now, ANY of you add or invite the other back to BBM using the real AXIS to the other device, not the email invitation.

  • How to delete BBM BlackBerry Smartphones?

    How can I get rid of this annoying BBM? I'm never going to use it, it's just sitting there and I can't get rid of it.

    Any suggestions?

    Hello whether or not you can remove depends on the software, not you also allow older software while the newer software. Here's how do it if you can, there are 2 ways, even once, S/W version.

    1) go to the Menu > Options > Applications > change "Third party" to "Addon" > Search for Blackberry Messenger - if it's there, then you can delete it. If this isn't the case, it means that BBM is a 'Hard core' application on your device and can not be deleted.

    2) go to the Menu > Options > advanced options > Applications > search for Blackberry Messenger. Try to remove it from there, again, if it does not, it is an application of "hard core". I have

    f you are not able to remove it you can highlight on your main menu, press your Blackberry menu key and press "hide". This at least will hide in your menu is not the way.

    Hope this helps

  • Recovery of BBM blackBerry Smartphones by e-mail does not

    Hi all

    I've updated my 9790 about 13 hours from OS to OS 7.0. Everything works well, although all my BBM contacts are lost (to hundreds of them). I tried to recover them with Remote Contact list recovery with zero result (it was 11 hours or more). The screen shows just what follows:

    "The verification email was sent successfully to . Once your device receives an e-mail, it will be automatically processed and recovery will continue. Si ce...».

    I really appreciate if there is someone who can help me with this. Thank you.

    No, you must REQUIRE that Telkomsel - technical support Indonesia REASSIGN or TRANSFER your call to the BlackBerry technical support. They won't do it, but they can.

    Here, we, is only a user to user support forum. We are not technical support BlackBerry.

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