Setup e-mail blackBerry Smartphones version 6.11.0324.1701 application error

I've recently updated my BB 9700 software later and then I noticed I couldn't add/edit the e-mail addresses of the function 'Set up', here is what happens:

I click on Setup E-mail > 'Check updates', says > says "updates are ready for your device, choose Yes or no."

If I select No, I can not all go further, if I select Yes I wonder to download the 6.11.0324.1701 version, I leave the box "Set application permissions" disabled and click 'Download '.

The following error message > "com.rim.bis.client" contains a different version of the "net_rim_bis_client" module, which is also used by ' Email Application Setup. If you continue, "Email Setup Application" may stop working correctly.

At this point, I stop. Can someone please help me solve this problem. I use a Mac is said by the way. Cheers.

It worked! Thank you.

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  • Setup blackBerry Smartphones version 6.11.0324.1701 ERROR messaging application


    I need urgent help. I've recently updated to OS6. Since the update, I tried to add an email account to my BB, but whenever I try to open the configuration application, he advises to update the configuration of Messaging Application 6.11.0324.1701. There is a major bug in this update.

    When I click on cancel, I can't access the configuration. When I click ok, the error 'com.rim.bis.client' contains a different version of the "net_rim_bis_client" module, which is also used by "Email Setup Application". If you continue, "Email Setup Application" may stop working correctly. Move forward? When I click on no, the entire download is canceled and I can't access the configuration. When I click on Yes, the device will not start and I have to reload the operating system.

    The update, I want to talk can be found at

    I tried all sorts of workarounds to extinguish my connections to update via the web; all with the same frustrating result. FOR ALL USERS, DO NOT UPDATE TO OS6 UNTIL THE PROBLEM IS RESOLVED.

    Anyone has a solution for this problem or does anyone have a contact in the RIM that can sort this question about ASAP?

    Hey Bimal77
    Have the same problem with you until I have try to check the box to enable permissions, scroll to the end of the list with custom parameters and click ok. It worked for me.

  • E-mail blackBerry Smartphones Syncronize folders

    The research I've done, it seems that I can add, move, delete or rename folders of e-mail on my BlackBerry smartphone only if I have the business version of the operating system. Is it possible to be able to organize my messages on my device other than a huge Inbox as a personal user (not business)?

    If possible I want to synchronize my files, but I'd settle for just being able to create my own files on my blackberry for organization purposes.

    It's maybe just me, but this seems to be a huge weakness when compared to other types of mobile devices.

    Assuming you are using outlook to synchronize

    How to synchronize a subfolder using BlackBerry Desktop Manager

  • E-mail blackBerry Smartphones Outlook and BB not wireless sync. The BES.


    I recently changed from seven years of Windows Mobile to BB. I am on a BES and the changes I make on the prospects to your desktop or Blackberry (Bold) are not synchronization in both directions. It's frustrating. My COMPUTER helpdesk advised me to "clean up" the BB a couple of times and we did it. Also my manager office of BB is not configured for synchronization as by their advisor who they explain everything is wireless.

    It of frustrating and makes me think how it was easy with Windows mobile. Help, please.

    Thank you.

    Your BES admins should work on the issue of synchronization.

    For the issue of the separate boxes of Messages, see this...

    By default, BES email is made only in posts emails BIS icon/App are placed in their own icons, but they are still contained in the main Messages application. This is how it works by default. It is not redundant - rather, think that Messages like the Tote place, with the BIS independent icons being a filter, traction (from message) to them only messages that relate to them... but if you act on an e-mail (read, delete, etc.) in one, the change will be reflected in the other.

    Your BES Admin can push an E-mail BES icon only to your device. This solution is free, but must be conducted at the level of the BES server and will affect all users on the BES server.

    • KB15003 How to create an icon on the BlackBerry smartphone to BlackBerry Enterprise Server messages

    Or you can get the application to empower BES Inbox. This solution costs (per user), but does not require a change at the server level and affects only a single user.

    Neither solution would do anything on Messages - will continue to contain what it contains today. All they will do is activate an additional icon on your home screen that is a filter for your BES emails only. You can hide or move the Messages icon/app out of the way, but beware - there are more that just the emails that arrive in Messages... it will come a day when you have a new message indicator and only by digging through Messages that you will be able to find this message.

    Or, if you have the correct device OS version (I know for sure it works on 8 of the storm), the device gives you options for what to display in Messages and you can remove BIS email accounts.

    I hope this helps explain how it all works!

    Good luck!

  • Reset e-mail blackBerry Smartphones Passworkd

    After trying to reset my password of the curve, im having issues with e-mail as previously registerd on the phone.  It shows a typing error and the confirmation emails to send to a non-existent address zero feature release.  IM at the tent of 8/10.  Any suggestions?  What happens when I reach 10 out of 10?  the phone lock?

    Help please.  Mike


    Please see this:

    • KB16307 Actions performed by the BlackBerry smartphone during the removal of the user stored and application data

    In essence, the BB returns to a State as if it were brand new. No data, no service, nothing. You start with everything.

    Good luck!

  • E-mail blackBerry Smartphone Accessing account telephone e-mail settings and BBerry

    My problem is with my Blackberry Torch 9810 e-mail accounts. I have two accounts and it doesn't seem to work. I tried to access my accounts but now get a login to the screen of Bberry with [Personal Information deleted] ID and ask for password. I never have that in place. When I use the 'forgotten password' button, I get a message that reset instructions were sent to [Personal Information deleted] I have no idea how to do to access this account. Can you help me?

    If BB ID is, as you say, new for you, then someone has configured this device with a BBID, and you can or don't want that. BBID is used to help to be sort of a "single sign on" to many things... BIS configuration, BBM, BB Protect email, etc. If you have not created this ID from BB, while you should really do is delete and create a new brand for yourself, that you store the credentials for, as you will need it from time to time (as you do now).

    To remove the unit BBID and then create one for you, you must WIPE totally clean unit... This will make the device as it was brand new, so all the data and the applications that you have installed will be gone.

    • KB26694 How to change the BlackBerry ID on a BlackBerry smartphone or BlackBerry PlayBook Tablet

    Make sure that you have good backup of everything, as you need it - you can find the backup instructions in the auto-sig on this post.

    But, if there is a chance that this BB ID is indeed something you created, but simply forgot, then you can try to get back into it. To do this, start first with them please:

    • KB28685 How to reset the BlackBerry ID password by using the password recovery question
    • KB32111 "The link is no longer valid." occurs when you attempt to reset a BlackBerry ID password
    • KB26361 How to change or reset the BlackBerry ID password
    • KB28111 Impossible to reset the BlackBerry ID password when using a hosted BlackBerry email address
    • KB28232 Reset blackBerry ID e-mail are not delivered to the mailbox associated with

    If you have forgotten your ID BB credentials AND access non - BB (for example, Outlook, webmail, etc.) for the e-mail account which is currently configured on your account ID from BB, then these instructions should help you regain access to your account ID from BB, even without the issue of recovery or password (Please read them all carefully to find the section you depend on).

    However, if you do not have access to this e-mail account, or if you have never successfully validated your BBID account, then your challenge is much larger, and you have a choice to make depending on your situation:

    1. If you have no AppWorld records you need to keep (for example, buy folders for the applications), then simply drop the BB ID and create a new. To do so, however, requires a device WIPE:

      • KB26694 How to change the BlackBerry ID on a BlackBerry smartphone or BlackBerry PlayBook Tablet
    2. But, if you do not have AppWorld documents that you need to keep, then you need human intervention. To receive, you must ring to the top of your mobile service provider and convince them to escalate your case up to BlackBerry. In addition, you must convince BlackBerry you with a solution - which probably will be reset your current BB ID so that you can access it again or you will need to create a new BBID and they will manually move your purchase to the wire records. Note that I don't know if they will be willing to do, but there is no other way I know of to keep your prior AppWorld purchase records.

    Good luck!

  • E-mail blackBerry Smartphones BlackBerry Curve 8520


    I can receive emails on my BlackBerry Curve 8520.

    However, I can't reply to emails.

    Please notify.

    Thank you.

    Hello Lyner47

    Please try in the same sequence:

    1 - Save your pocket computer.

    • KB00510 : How to register a BlackBerry smartphone with wireless network
    • You expect a registration messages in your Inbox messages.

    2 remove and return your Service book

    • KB05000 : Remove the service book for the BlackBerry Internet Service email account in the BlackBerry smartphone
    • KB02830 : Send service for the BlackBerry Internet Service directories
    • (Wait an Enrollment Message arrives in your Inbox for each email that you have configured on your device)

    3. and then do a restart of battery like that pull while the device is powered on remove your battery wait for a min. then reinsert back

    After restarting, please check if you are able to send or reply to emails, if the problem persists then refer to this Knowledge Base and try these solutions:

    KB02567 :   Send option is not available when shipping or you respond to an e-mail from a BlackBerry smartphone

  • E-mail blackBerry Smartphones aol do not reach my "BOLD" blackberry 9900. has worked well before.

    For some reason some of my aol email is not pushed to my blackberry bold 9900.  Some are, and they take quite a long time.  any ideas?

    Hello Frank

    If you encounter a problem with the reception of e-mail, then try these steps in order:

    1 - Save your pocket computer.

    • KB00510 : How to register a BlackBerry smartphone with wireless network
    • You expect a registration messages in your Inbox messages.

    2 send your Service book

    • KB02830 : Send service for the BlackBerry Internet Service directories
    • (Wait an Enrollment Message arrives in your Inbox for each email that you have configured on your device)

    3. and then do a restart of battery like that pull while the device is powered on remove your battery wait for a min. then reinsert back

    After restarting, please check if it works.

  • Signature of e-mail blackBerry Smartphones

    well, I tried this and it didn't work. I don't have this option on my phone. what I do now.

    If your BlackBerry smartphone is associated with a BlackBerry® Enterprise Server, you can add or change your signature using the following steps:

    1. On the start screen on the BlackBerry smartphone, click Messages.
    2. Display the menu, then select Options.
    3. Click e-mail settings.
    4. Set the field of Signature auto use Yesand then type your signature information in the field provided.
    5. Display the menu and select Save.

    your Web of BIS carrier site.  BlackBerry internet service.  Sign in and you can change anything

  • Questions on e-mail blackBerry Smartphones

    I have some basic questions, but I am new to this so need help!

    1. I have my personal e-mail address, my school e-mail and e-mail Blackberry any installation to be sent to the same email in the folder, including at - it a way to designate each account, maybe the color coding?

    2. when I receive messages on both my BB and Hotmail, I delete them on my computer but they always stay on my Blackberry, is there a way to synchronize the accounts so that the Inbox Hotmail and Blackberry inbox are identical?

    Any help would be great, thanks!


    Sorry I forgot the differences

  • BlackBerry smartphones without download button on the application of the bible by

    I deleted my favorite app bible by lifechurch and when I tried to re install it doesn't have the [deleted] download please help button

    MOD EDIT: Deleted personal information to comply with the Community guidelines and the terms and Conditions of use.

    Hello and welcome to the community!

    I suggest that you clear the cache of the AppWorld application.

    • KB24714 How to clear the cache for BlackBerry World on BlackBerry smartphones and the BlackBerry PlayBook Tablet

    I hope it'll work for you! Good luck and let us know!

  • BlackBerry smartphones can not open the downloaded applications

    I have a blackberry 9360 and it's great, the only problem is that some applications don't download, same if I'll buy them and others will download but does not open "Phone Warrior will not work without the requested permissions" I accept all requested permissions, but it still does not... Can anyone help?


    If you've got reliable sources (e.g., BBWorld) apps and they are therefore particularly compatible with your device and the OS level, then it is possible that you have a policy COMPUTER on Board that is blocking them. Reference:

    • Article ID: KB30076 How to check for an it on a BlackBerry smartphone policy

    If you indeed have a political TECHNOLOGY and are part of a BES and environment, then stop now and contact your BES admins for help... only they can tell you if what you're trying is against them.

    If you have a COMPUTER policy and are not part of BES, then the question arises why the it policy exists on your device. In general, it's because you got 2nd hand device and the seller does not correctly clean it... refer:

    • Article ID: KB05099 Steps to take before selling or after the purchase of a used BlackBerry smartphone

    But even without the seller, as long as they did everything in their section of the KB, you can always clean the device of the it policy. The process is to destroy everything, please first review the link in my sig auto on this post for a full and proper backup procedure to follow.

    Once you have this full backup, to proceed with this:

    • Article ID: KB31291 How to reset a BlackBerry smartphone to factory using BlackBerry Desktop Software Settings

    Thereafter, proceed to restore your applications and data, but DO NOT make a full restore... instead, only a selective restore of the databases you really need (e.g., contacts, calendar, etc.) and specifically avoid restore databases that have nothing to do with politics, COMPUTING, business , or anything similar - if restore you those, he will dutifully restore it on your device policy, and you will be right back where you started.

    Good luck and let us know!

  • E-mail blackBerry Smartphones Enterprise server problems: "Sent" but not "received".

    Until last Monday (3/16) my email worked fine.  I downloaded and installed version je n'avais pas encore utilisée-n'importe quelle version) Office Manager at my work computer.  I went through the Setup process and thought that I had done everything right.  The first sign something was wrong was that I had duplicate appointments and items to my calendar, two of everything!  I soon discovered that e-mails sent to my email to work (I have the connection with an Enterprise Server) are not transferred to my Blackberry.  The strange thing is, every email that I send TO my work email is displayed on my Blackberry.  I'm not having problems with SMS or e-mail that is transferred from my home email so I suspect I missed inadvertently to the top of my business account settings.  I checked to make sure there is no rules or filters put in place and nothing found.  I searched each of the help pages, configuration and I could find the settings. Twice! And still not found what I recognize as a solution.  I'm not really interested in the Desktop Manager, but they suspect that if I delete it out of my work computer it won't change things.  I am almost certain that my problem is related to the Desktop Manager settings, emails literally ceased to be passed right after that (checked by comparing my BB with my business account).  Thanks for the help.

    OK, time to sit down and scoot up a big portion of Corneille.  Despite my first two efforts to find filters or transfer rules I found them on my third.  I don't know how I missed it, but I have an option on Fund Manager that has affected my email.  Now, I need to look like see why do I get duplicate calendar events...

  • Configuration of e-mail blackBerry Smartphones my Blackberry Bold 9900 works not

    Hi all

    If you would be grateful if someone could give a suggestion according to above topic. When I enter Setup Wizard and I try to open the configuration of e-mail, but the e-mail Setup cannot open. Other applications are functioning normally.
    Any suggestion is really appreciated, I'm going crazy how to solve this problem. Because I can not connect my email on my Blackberry.

    Thank you and best regards,

  • CONFIGURATION of E-MAIL blackBerry Smartphones unable to put in place the mail on my blackberry bold 9700


    Cannot set up email (NOT BUSINESS)

    Main menu > Configuration > "e-mail account".<-- when="" i="" click="" email="" account="" nothing="" happens,="" will="" not="" open="" up,="" in="" the="" off="" chance="" it="" does="" open="" up,="" it="" allows="" me="" to="" select="" either="" "internet="" mail="" account"="" or="" "enterprise="">

    If I select the Internet e-mail account I will need to return to the Setup page, if I select company it will allow me to go to the next page. But I'm not trying to set up a corporate email account.

    Support: Bell

    Phone: BlackBerry Bold 9700

    Troubleshooting efforts tried:

    -Battery pull & learn from Sim Card


    I called technical support and it is indeed a problem with the update of the OS 6.

    They sent me a link to update and now it works.

Maybe you are looking for