Several Chrome process uses different memory usage

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I often tabs up to 50 or more open in a browser, Chrome usually. When it's too performance slows down. Check in the process of task Mgr tab shows some of the Chrome.exe processes use only bit of RAM, less than 10 MB. A few show more than 100 MB and a 660MB.

When clicking to end a process, he asks that you want to end Chrome.exe? Does this mean that it will close all tabs?

Is there a way to know which particular tab uses a lot of RAM and end only dealing without closing others?


It is a matter of Google rather than Microsoft, but as I understand it, a closing process stop not the whole browser because "Google Chrome creates three types of processes: browser, converters and plug-ins."



I don't use Chrome so I can't experiment to you, but the second section says:

Google Chrome can have its own manager of tasks (see below), you can join by right-clicking on the title bar of the browser.  This Task Manager allows you to monitor the use of resources for each plugin, and web application rather than the whole browser.  It also allows you to kill the web applications or plug-ins that have stopped responding, without restarting the whole browser.

It's a little complex, but you may be able to use this Google Task Manager to get the information you're looking for.

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    I'm working on a linux server:

    Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server version 5.7 (Tikanga) Beta.

    This server contains multiple instances use the same Oracle home all:

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    A few days ago, I have add 15 GB of memory for a total of 70 GB of memory and 40 GB of swap.

    But the use of memory still and always 99% when I use the command "top":

    CPU: 0.3%us, 0.3%sy, 0.0%ni, 99.3%id, 0.2%wa, 0.0%hi, 0.0%si, 0.0%st

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    Oracle 21948 8.9 0.0 9710892 6336604?     SS 2015 0:52 ora_mman_ORACLE_SID

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    BTW: I'm sorry for my bad English.


    CPU: 0.3%us, 0.3%sy, 0.0%ni, 99.3%id, 0.2%wa, 0.0%hi, 0.0%si, 0.0%st

    MEM: 70947372 k total, 70599172 k used, 348200 k free, 559640 k buffers

    Swap: 41945704 k total, 191308 k used, 41054396 k free, 62598884 k set caching

    From above, you can see only ~ 62 GB on your 70 GB is cached in the OS. You can get the best idea using the free command.

    also your server isn't swapping and it seems almost inactive.

    It is normal that the OS to cache the free memory space and report as used (70599172 used, k ), but it may affect the oracle db performance as well (

  • Exe Explorer file process uses all the computers memory RAM

    I googled this question in many different ways and read the post until my eyes crossed. Tried several different

    ideas, checks, analyses, etc.

    This is on a Dell inspirion 3847 running Windows 7 Pro Service pack 1

    a Intel pentium CPU [email protected] Ghz, 4 GB RAM, 1 TB HD (no graphics card or any other card in pci slot)

    a brother MFC7360 n printer connected to the USB port.

    and the HD: (drive C O/S: 855 GB free of GB 909), (recovery E Drive: 17.5 GB free of 47 gb)

    The extent of the installed software is minimal, (only notable is Office 10, digital meal)

    (Digital software dining room is for the POS system), this computer is not the main computer that is running the POS system

    This computer is just linked to the actual POS in bar. (I stop this program and does not affect the)

    problem or situation that we were conducting.)

    (I can give list if necessary other software that is installed).

    And the essentially the only files on the computer (in addition to operating systems, programs, etc.) are Office, "Word files,

    Excel files.

    And a few txt, rtf, pdf, files (very small amount).

    first just noticed recently what happens, but I'm not the primary user on the computer. I checked

    and it seems that no new software or program have been recently installed or changed.  I have a little

    understanding of what the process Explorer exe is and it functions. (NOT a PRO, not a total newbie,)

    If all goes well enough to find help, and not enough to totally screw up.)

    I'll be watching this thread several times per day until solved if need more information, I'll give you...

    Here are the details of the problem:

    random computer freezes, or runs very slowly or get "out of memory" message (during the attempt

    to open any random program) and when...

    I opened the the Task Manager and in "processes" tab, it shows that there is:

    2 examples of "Explorer"exe "running... it uses a small amount of RAM (approx. 10-15 mb)(with nothing)

    Open, other than the Task Manager). Another example of "Explorer"exe "uses (starts on the same amount of)

    RAM use, without having to open anything else) it will start using more and more RAM up to uses almost all

    the available 4 gigabytes of RAM. Also during this process it uses randomly between 0 and 99% of the CPU.

    The CPU usage seems to vary (couldn't see any stable model).  the amount of RAM used begins bass

    then goes very high and the rest standing for this purpose during a random time. (then sometimes descends

    on its own within 1-5 min.). (sometimes does not lower for awhile). More details needed let me

    know, I'll check all speeds or time it takes for the situation to occur, (if necessary)


    I opened the location of two Explorer exe files (both take me C/Windows"... ». (same for both

    not a system 32 file, or any other subfolder, just to 'Windows '.

    The two exe process explore "Descriptions" are listed as Windows Explorer.

    I have "Complete the process" towards the 2nd exe explore (one with high memory usage), just that process and she stops to

    a short period of time (and all works well for the time), but even once, it reappears (no exact time frame on how long until)

    Returns), (can check again and again, if necessary), to see if time is right each time to restart the process.

    If I "End process" to the 1st exe explorer (one with normal memory usage), I lose my office. (which from what

    I understand what needs to happen).

    Also get the same results if the process of "End process Tree" for the 1st and 2nd explore exe.

    Checking "properties" of two everything seems the same info. On the 'details' tab shows all of Microsoft, not

    of course, what happens if an info is important. (any info where necessary, I get and publish as needed).

    I know more and different information is no "resource monitor". but was not sure what would happen if, any info of

    It has been necessary.  If necessary you will get what that is. (let me know this as necessary).

    I've scanned any computer with 3 different anti virus (found nothing) programs

    I ran spybot search & destroy found nothing that had to do with this issue and fix some other issues that we found.

    A little info in 'Folder Options' (the 'windows folders in a separate process to launch' is NOT checked.

    and all the options are defined for the default settings (I think) (not sure if this is important)

    like I said read several messages in various forums (on similar sounding problem)... Some say spoke with

    Microsoft technical support who say 'must be the virus', others say started after the recent "windows update" and others

    say the problem of virtual memory and others say he's changed banks 'office' or the 'thumbnails previews.

    These files, and the other says "shell extensions" are the problem. (many recommended (ShellEXView), to)

    Disable all non-microsoft extensions). I was not looking for it.  My problem does not appear to be any good

    program, type file running that is causing this. It seems to happen when the computer is idle (I realize there are always some)

    process background or system running) but it doesn't have to be all open programs.

    At this point, I am open to almost any idea or suggestion.  I will continue to monitor the post until resolved and will get a

    In addition to the information required (less the credit card or account info bosses banking info HA!) (HA!)

    But seriously some help, thoughts, ideas or directions to another post with response, would be greatly appreciated.



    Please provide detailed information about your question. I appreciate the step by step troubleshooting, and pain that you have taken to resolve your problem. However, there are a few steps more that we can try to diagnose the root cause of your problem.

    If it helps, try the methods and check them off below.

    Method 1

    As you mentioned in your message that your PC is slowing down or freezing then you can automatically diagnose and repair problems that slow down your computer by running the fixit provided in the link below.

    Additional information:

    For more information you can check the link below:

    8.1 Windows, Windows 8 or Windows 7 hangs or freezes

    Method 2

    If the problem persists I suggest you to try the different steps in the following Microsoft article and check if this may help. You can skip the steps that you have already tried.

    Optimize Windows performance

    Important: Running chkdsk on the drive if bad sectors are found on the disk hard when chkdsk attempts to repair this area if all available on which data can be lost.

    Running Microsoft Safety Scanner: The data files that are infected must be cleaned only by removing the file completely, which means that there is a risk of data loss.

    Hope this information is useful. If the problem still persists, please post back for further assistance, we will be happy to help you.

    Kind regards.

  • Optimize the creation of table 2D for the use of memory and parallel processing

    I have, and application of data processing that requires generating a large matrix 2D with sin and cos values that must be updated constantly. It's my program in terms of speed and memory use and I want to optimize to the maximum the neck of the bottle. This is my current code:

    I tried to paralellisme iteration in the loop for to take advantage of the multi-core processor, but with shift registers I can't do. Also, I read that with in place element, structures I can reduce the memory usage, but don't know how to do this with a 2D array. This code can be optimized to improve the use of memory and speed?

  • I see several duplicate processes appear in my task manager, both for the programs I use for my system.

    I am a user of Windows Vista Premium Home Edition (64-bit) and I recently met a strange and frustrating problem:

    Process/images in my task manager appear as duplicates, native processes on Windows for the process for other programs such as my web browser or the video card drivers.
    Treatments that are be duplicated are as follows:
    Chrome.exe * 32 - 2-3 process at the same time, currently a browser open with 3 tabs (Google Chrome)
    Csrss.exe - 2 process, the values of different memory of 1820 and 2500 (Client Server Runtime Process)
    nvvsvc.exe - 2 process, different values of 1556 and 2988 (Nvidia driver helper service, worm 191.07) memory
    Pen_tablet.exe - 2 process, the values of different memory of 10112 and 1788 (service) Tablet for driver of consumer
    Svchost.exe - This is listed in 12 different processes under different user names - 3 for the system, local 5 and 4 for network - all with the memory values (Windows Service host process)
    taskeng.exe - 3 process, listed under different usernames of the system, premises and owner (Task Scheduler Engine)
    I'm worried about this because I have recently updated my anti-virus and malware, however this problem is still present. I have no idea what that means or how to fix this and would appreciate any assistance that could be given.

    Hi Mohiten,

    It is normal that you currently live. As the scan came clean, you should be good.

    If you wish, you can try to run a scan online and check.

    Check out the link:

  • Access to the use of memory and processing power charge connect 6224 via SNMP.

    Hi support them

    Is it possible to access the use of memory and processing power charge connect 6224 via SNMP? If possible, should the mib I use?

    Thanks in advance


    When looking through the available MIB found in the zip file for download of the latest firmware.  I see that the MIB fastpathswitching mentions 'agentSwitchCpuProcessGroup '.

    MIB fastpathlogging has 'agentLogInMemoryConfigGroup '.

    There is no reference document material about what offer different MIB.

    I hope this helps.

  • How to extract the same song, several times using different bit rates or formats and store all the digital music files in WMP 12 default on the same HDD music library

    Using Windows Media Player 12 (w/under Windows 7), "can I ripping the same song, several times, using different bitrates & and/or formats and store all the digital music files in the music library by default WMP - 12, on the same hard drive?

    1.) #1 goal: tear up the same song repeatedly, w / "different rates" as a WMA file.

    2.) #2 goal: tear up the same song repeatedly, w / "different rates" as an mp3 file.

    3.) #3 objective: NOT to each subsequent copy (version) of the song, deleted & and/or replaced by the previous version of the song [even].

    4.) question Bottom Line Up Front--> is Windows Media Player 12 (included with the Windows 7 operating system) are able to achieve '#1 objectives; #2; & #3 above?

    5.) details/example: I want to tear the piece "Maria Maria by Carlos Santana" to my laptop as a Windows Media Audio [WMA] file.  In addition, I would like to rip the song 'Maria Maria' three several times with 3 different bitrates in format WMA; and, as an MP3 file.  Therefore, my final result wished (after the extraction process), will take place the four 4 audio files split up as follows: (a) 'Maria Maria by Carlos Santana'--> Format: file WMA; Ripped @128 Kbps bitrate.  (b) ' Maria Maria by Carlos Santana'--> Format: file WMA; Ripped to the "Variable bit rate; (c) ' Maria Maria by Carlos Santana'--> Format: file WMA; Ripped commissioning "Lossless." and (d). 'Maria Maria by Carlos Santana'--> Format: MP3 file. Ripped @256 Kbps bitrate.

    6.) my preference: I do NOT want to rename the file (s). {for example, 'Maria Maria by Carlos Santana' renamed/changed for--> "Maria_Maria_by_Carlos_Santana_128kbps.wma",...} 'Maria_Maria_by_Carlos_Santana_256kbps.mp3 '; etc.}.  In addition, I am not concerned about the additional disk space that will be consumed after multiple copies of the same song with different speeds of transmission and different formats.

    7.) my experience w / Windows Media Player 10 (w / the operating system of Windows XP): using WMP - 10, my goal (s) described above is not a problem at all.  Simply insert the CD purchased by Carlos Santana, containing the song "Maria Maria"... Select the desired Format (WMA; WMA VBR; WMA Lossless; or mp3)... Select the desired flow rate (WMA... 128/160/192kbps_mp3: 128/192/256/320 kbit / s; etc.) ; and click on the "RIP" button to start the copy process on the hard disk of of Carlos Santana's "Maria Maria".  This process (w / WMP-10) would result in having the same song, copied on the hard disk, with levels of quality different "audio" (via the different bit rate settings); regardless of the format (MP3/WMA) which was chosen.

    8.) my experience w / Windows Media Player 11 (w / the operating system of Windows XP): using WMP 11, to described above of my objective (s) could not be reached e-a-s-i-l-y.  The problem with WMP - 11 - in short - which was after the desired selection "Rip settings" tab 'Options' of WMP - 11 (i.e., Format & Bit Rate) and heart-wrenching piece wanted to {'Maria Maria by Carlos Santana'} a moment later/second, WMP11 remove / would crush the previous version of the song [even].  Therefore, the program would NOT allow the user to have multiple copies of the same song on the hard drive of the PC; which obviously restricts a user to have the freedom to choose what level of quality digital audio, they prefer to listen to.

    9.) the ability to have multiple copies [at my descretion] of the same song (on my hard drive) with different bitrates and formats in my music library, is important for me because it has a direct impact on "how I enjoy MY music ', and in what form (audio quality), I choose to listen to my music.  {For example, when I exercise and listening to my camera, digital audio player (Zune), a song ('Maria Maria by Carlos Santana'), will usually be torn off at a lower rate due to the unit of capacity reduction of storage - compared to the storage capacity of notebook PCs/desktop/external hard drives PC.}  However, when I listen to my music through my home cinema or entertainment system (which contains a hard disk dedicated with a large storage capacity), I prefer to load the entertainment system with digital music files that have been ripped to WMA... with the bit being rate-setting is for the: settings "WMA Variable Bit Rate" or "WMA Lossless.

    10.) there you have it.  This is my first post in this forum.  I hope that [detailed] explanations, will be sufficient to encourage these "with knowledge & the hands on experience" using Windows Media Player 12 (as well as with WMP-10/WMP-11 respectively), by providing a [step] "How-to"... "solution to my situation.  It would be highly appreciated.  I'm looking forward-'the solution' - and relevant suggestions & and/or community feedback regarding my request for assistance.

    * Thank 'All' (that would) in advance... For your time & Assistance *.

    Certainly, you can, but I would say that they be in different folders, for your convenience as well as Windows.  You can create one for each debit/format, then you will know who is who.

    In Windows Media Player, on the toolbar, select Tools, Options, Rip, and then select the flow you want first, rip music, then change the folder (higher on the same tab) and rip again... and so on and so forth.

    When you are at home on your home theater, you can use the 320 bitrate folder, when you transfer to the Zune, you can use one of the lower bitrate files (although I personally tear it up to 320 and let the Zune reduce as he wants, even with the iPhone via iTunes, hard drive space is not really a problem here) my server has several hard drives, and I can always add more if and when space is low!

  • Too much process and use of memory Windows 8.1


    I am currently using Windows Enterprise 8.1.

    I'm not running the applications, games or software but I notice about 2.3 GB of RAM memory usage and 88 of running processes.

    Someone told me it is too and its Windows 8.1 it is only 40 of the running processes and about 1.5 GB of RAM.

    Now can you please check which runs under the process?





    When Windows is installed but nothing added is around 40 process but once you start adding things the number goes up.  ~ 80 process is not uncommon.

    Tell your friend that there is nothing wrong.  You use about 25% of ram so much you and it is simply not a problem.

    I have seen systems with 150 used process and 3 GB of ram and it is bad because it could cause a delay.

    In short if you do not have a problem, you like it, tell us your firend to explain here and I bet that he cannot or will not.

  • How to determine which process is using high memory

    Dear team,

    on the single ESXi host we have 192 GB of RAM and on this 5 VMs esxi host who r under tension and a machine virtual is turned off, IF I check ESXi summary and performance tab it show ESXi host uses close to 140 GB of RAM on 192 GB, on the performance tab it show current total current memory usage is 73% and troubleshooting further if I check each VM memory usage then use VM's total memory is not over 50GB then there is show 73% i.e. use of 140 GB, needs your help to check which process is high memory, please find the file attached lot ESXTOP output.



    Mr. VMware

    The memory consumed, it's affecting the VM (memory affected by the VM, more general memory pages), i.e. "the memory usage. Active memory is usually much lower and calculated by the hypervisor using a mathematical formula.


  • How to see memory/process use?

    Hi all!

    I use FB 4.5 develop my AIR Application. and at the end of my application, I'm in trouble because of process / memory usage. I want to know how much process/memory used / occupied by my application but I m fail to get the way to know. so if you know then please help me!

    You can use the task under Windows or ActivityMonitor on Mac Manager.  You need premium FB to use the Profiler.

  • memory usage by a process of oracle on sun Solaris

    Hello forum,.

    I want to track the memory usage by a process of oracle on sun solaris 64-bit SPARC system.

    I tried to do it by the command of the PMAC, but I found that the output for each pid (process oracle) is even around 8GB. Please note that the 8 GB is the size of our LMS.

    Please let me know the command by which I can check that "how much memory that uses an oracle on Sun Solaris Sparc 64-bit server process.

    Thank you


    Hemant K Collette

  • Firefox uses a huge amount of memory on my computer. I continue to receive alerts from high memory usage. Can I do to solve this problem?

    Firefox uses a huge amount of memory on my computer. I continue to receive alerts from high memory usage. Can I do to solve this problem?

    300-400 MB is not huge.

    How much RAM do you have?

    How AVG reports that Firefox uses?

  • creeping memory usage when you use NEITHER-9477

    Hi, I write output digital (4 outputs line, on request, 10 updates per second) in a loop using the DAQ assistant. When I use a NOR-9477 as the device output application use memory increases about 10 MB for 15 minutes and will eventually run out of memory.

    If I use a USB6009 as the output device, the memory usage is stable. Same code is used, the only difference is the physical channel.

    Any suggestions as to what might cause this behavior?

    Thanks for the tip Ravensfan.

    To distill the code down for the most part, one of the two VI is leaks memory - the NOR-9477 one. The other not...

    In any case, the solution to my problem is to convert the express VI DAQmx code.

  • Svchost.exe several process taking high CPU usage

    * Original title: svchost.exe bleeding memory of multiple processes

    I am running Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit Service Pack 1 on decent office equipment.  Intel i7 - 2600 k, 16 GB of memory Corsair, 2 TB HD.  Recently, I noticed that sometimes the Web pages would much to slow while my 5.0 GHz network turned to 15.0 Mbs.  Also online MechWarrior gave me games much more than before lag to the point where I wouldn't be able to play.  This began about five to seven days from 29/09/14 and was regularly do worse.

    So I took a look at my resource monitor and the Task Manager and discovered fifteen process svchost.exe running and a svchost.exe * 32 running.  They were dispersed users (System, Local Service, Network Service), and we were shooting at 150 000 + K.  Sometimes there would be two consuming the same amount of memory, but I have yet to see more on the list do so.

    I'm certainly not an expert, but I take care of my computer.  My network is password protected, I ran a complete virus scan of the system that was detected (and if it is dangerous, I'm not at all more risky than Facebook sites on my PC.  I am saying that it is highly unlikely that I have no virus.)  I also checked the forums for others who have had the same problem and there were few.

    The only change I made is my network hardware, upgrade my modem and router/switch.  My router is a dual band and my computer is the only one on the frequency 5.0 but check on my computers to families that run on the 2.4, they have what seems like unusually high memory usage svchost.exe as well.  I went back two restore points, but that made no difference.

    Syschk control function run as administrator has not resolved the issue as well.  So what else am I missing?

    In order to diagnose your problem, we need run Windows performance toolkit, the instructions that are in this wiki

    If you have any questions do not hesitate to ask
  • Chrome crashing, plugin (json) using high memory, recently updated Chrome

    Google has recently updated Chrome. I have only a small notebook from Samsung.  Recent issues, excessive memory and CPU of the levels of treatment, plugin (.json) crash causing Norton to crash. Can I uninstall version of Chrome if it is the problem? In addition, the cursor jumps around.

    Hi Dale,

    ·         Fact jumping cursor only happens when you use Google Chrome?

    ·         No Norton crashes when you use Google Chrome?

    ·         Are you facing any problem with Internet explore?

    You can uninstall Google Chrome and use default Internet Explore instead. However, given that the question is mainly about Google Chrome, I suggest you to contact Google Chrome support for assistance.

    Please get back to us if you have any questions about the Windows operating system. We are here to help you.

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