Several new icons on lock screen wallpaper

My Mini2 iPad with iOS 9.2 shows three icons not identified on the bottom of the lock screen, as shown below. They are in the lower left corner, Center, above the drag bar, & bottom right behind the camera corner. I disabled the Apps suggested, but this has no effect.  These icons are not sensitive to the touch or make slide and disappear once the screen is unlocked. See all these?

So how are they here, and what applications of functions do belong to?  How are they useful for me?

Bill S.


Looks like they have been added to the screen used for the lock screen background image. Try to change your lock screen background and see if the icons disappear.

Settings > wallpaper > choose a new wallpaper

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  • BlackBerry Q5 display on lock screen wallpaper will not change (with aprental controls off-road and without)

    The following took place in my quest to solve the meanless screen too high.  That's why I serched for several Blackberry World and internet screen savers.

    At some point, I downloaded a wallpaper of the internet where I have the image itself has been doenloaded in images and from there I clicked it and got options to use as paper screen wallpaper and wall of a lock.

    Later, I found the other wallpaers and succeeded him.  However, it has not changed the lock screen wallpaper.

    I did it with the parental control is turned off.  Later, when I changed the wallpaper that's not going away from the lock screen, the icons were changed and new wallpaper was left out leaving a black background.

    But this process has not changed the lock screen.

    I deleted the uploaded image independent of photos and the lock screen still shows the wallpaper I'm changing.

    Any suggestions?

    Thanks, I've thought about it.  It's the fact that the original file was set as wallpaper screen and lock of bot.  I changed just walpapers thanks walpaper software added to the Q5.

  • When I try to change my lock screen wallpaper I get error saying "setting of the lock screen has failed. Please try again ".

    Original title: locking error screen

    Hello. I use Win 8 Pro x 64 and I'm having a problem affecting the lock screen wallpaper. I am the admin of the machine and Windows is activated.

    After a few days ago, Windows stopped to change my lock screen background. When I try to change it, the error is displayed on the screen:


    Setting the lock screen has failed. Please try again.
    However, I can still change my profile picture and the bottom of the start menu.
    Other users of the computer can change the lock screen normally. My user account is linked to my account as well as others.
    I already tried the other 'solutions' out there: in doing a selective startup with msconfig, disable services applications at startup and also manually delete the folder "C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\SystemData". Needless.
    I also have the feeling of other users on the web: it's somehow connected to some Windows updated published these days.
    I would appreciate any help on this matter.
    E-mail address is removed from the privacy *.

    Hi, Tadasha. Thanks for the reply.

    In regards to KB 2770917 updates, I already installed it on my Win 8 as well as others (I keep the OS always up to date). So it has not really helped but thanks.
    On the tip of the gob0nkers is not really the case here, because I don't want to set a wallpaper of single lock for each user (in fact I had already read his answer to the question of ch). So far I have found no article on the web by offering an effective way to work around the problem.
    What I've done: created another user profile and abandoned the old (who introduced the problem). I think that it is related to the file the user AppData or something.
    So far things are working well with the new profile of the user.
    Thanks for the help!
  • BlackBerry Z10 display on lock screen wallpaper

    A week ago, I noticed that my Z10 display the BB_Blue.jpgp wallpaper on the lock screen. I saw him a few days and then he stopped.

    I thought it was odd because I had not chosen a background of screen on the device at this point, so I thought it could be related to the OS update to (although this has happened a few weeks after the update).

    But I liked the look!  He relieved the monotony of the dark background.

    Then I put the wallpaper at BB_Blue.jpgp and it works on all screens except when the device is locked.

    Anyone know how to set the background image to display on the lock screen?

    The solution came to me after I realized what was different about my setup.

    I had activated the Parental control as a means of screening telemarketer calls. With only active PC calls from numbers in my contacts would cause the phone to ring, all other calls would go directly to the answer.

    What I realized, is that certain settings applied while Parental control is activated, applies only to this mode. My idea was the fact that I had arranged my icons go, and when I disabled it briefly Parental control they were back to the standard display.

    I tested this by assigning the wallpaper for the purple standard view, then activated Parental control set the wallpaper in blue. When you navigate in Parental control mode, the wallpaper is blue, but when the screen freezes the purple wallpaper is displayed.

    If the bug (or feature not documented), it's that the wallpaper you choose with active Parental control is not used for the lock screen. The locked screen uses the wallpaper to the standard display. In my original problem, because I didn't put a wallpaper for the standard display, the locked screen showed that the dark background.

  • BlackBerry 10 new event on lock screen

    someone knows how to fix this? his Facebook, but in editing parameters he says same 'birthday reminder' and 'none', but even when his game against zero recall still exists, so what I did I turned off sync and it went away, but now another new event appeared and the funny part at this time is its someone I don't even know , I have no friends under the name of lincoln and his telling me its his birthday in 2 days... need help please this is not a big problem but the fact is, it's his doesn't work how I want it to be.

    Thank you

    Kevinc88 wrote:

    someone knows how to fix this? his Facebook, but in editing parameters he says same 'birthday reminder' and 'none', but even when his game against zero recall still exists, so what I did I turned off sync and it went away, but now another new event appeared and the funny part at this time is its someone I don't even know , I have no friends under the name of lincoln and his telling me its his birthday in 2 days... need help please this is not a big problem but the fact is, it's his doesn't work how I want it to be.

    Thank you

    I actually just talking about that the other day. Unfortunately, the timing is all or nothing. I have connected, but more deleted contacts from Facebook. I still get alerts on their birthdays. I don't want notifications for each group, only some of them. I decided that I should just disable all this, which has resolved for now. If all goes well at some point in the future, we can select which show people, or at least have more control over the notifications on the lock screen.

    Re: your 'friend' Lincoln... do you by chance a calendar with the parties on this subject? Tuesday's (president Abraham) Lincoln's birthday.

  • BlackBerry Smartphones new icon on the screen

    Hi all

    recently, I noticed a new icon/symbol on my screen when I have a call in progress. I have never seen this.  He appears in the upper right of the current call screen and looks like a rectangle with 5 points of diagnal inside the rectangle.  any ideas?  I tried to understand.  I'm stuck. Help!

    Looks like you have the opportunity to improve call lit. Check that, by going to your phone icon, click the menu button and go in the Options. From there, go to the General Options. See if you have the choice, called "enhance call Audio ' or ' enhance headset call Audio. If so, change the settings to normal.

  • HP window 8 - after entering the password he will bring back to the new blue ask lock screen password.


    Everything worked well. Today, I tried to open up the laptop and after entering the password it brings back to the blue lock screen. My photo account is not visible as well as the shutdown option does not. I don't have a single account.

    F8 key does not have to open it in safe mode.
    F11 key does not work for the recovery of the system.

    That's happened? Can it be fixed? And if so what can I do?

    HP Compaq laptop

    Please help ASAP!

    Hello Ganesh

    1. I use local windows account.

    2. all the icons on the login page is disable. So I can't use power option in the lower right of the login screen.

    3. when I contact the manufacturer of the computer, they said to the only option is "OS to load again" and then I lose all data.

    But, my problem is now solved with another technique.  I want to share. Then someone else get help.

    1 shut down your system.

    2. remove the battery.

    3. Insert the power plug.

    4. turn on your system.

    5 disable the button of your electricity, where the socket is connected.

    6. your system will stop instantly.

    7. yet once turn on the button of your electricity, where the power plug is connected.8. Start with the system.

    9. you will get the option to set the advance.

    10. choose the option system restore point and follow the instructions.

    11. it will show what was guilty.

    -In my case, I installed a jdk latest software last weekend while I had the old version of the jdk (I was not aware of his presence) and that caused the problem in the end of this week.

    - So, if you install software that is already present in your system. (be it in the previous version)
    You might face this problem.

    -I would suggest Microsoft; In window 8 it must be provided some warning if someone tries to install software that is already present in the system. So this problem cannot arise.

  • New icon on the screen of the rocket

    This weekend, I downloaded a Rhapsody playlist and now just left of the battery indicator, there is a new icon. It looks a bit like a record any. Anyone know what this could be?

    Thanks for the help!

  • BlackBerry Smartphones new icon on the screen circle - yellow with white lines with a 1 next to it - what is it please?


    News to hear so please bear with me...

    I had my blackberry for about a month and a new icon has appeared (alongside the message icon where normally). It shows a '1' next to a yellow circle with white lines through it... I have the feeling that it's to do with e-mail, but don't know what it is or how to get rid of it... I have no new messages to read...

    your help would be much appreicated.


    Check your browser or WAP push messages.

    Messages folder > Options > folders, and then search for in your WAP push and push browser files.

    Read and erase the message.

  • new xperia sola lock screen for xperia ray

    After the updated recent xperia sola... He got the notification option by scanning the screen lock as the iPhone.can I have it on my xperia ray? Why SONY didn't is put in the user interface for phones family 2011. ??

    You can have it on your ray bya any official method

    But those informal requiring root access

  • Is it possible to change the lock screen wallpaper?

    Have tried to find an API to handle this, but have not found.  Someone knows how to do this?

    There is no official API at the moment, so I'm curious as well about how they do it.

  • How can I disable the music app on the iphone lock screen

    The music app appears as an icon on the screen lock on iphone AND occasionally rather than the lock screen wallpaper, a music & the album cover controls appear on it.

    If I wanted the album cover on my lock screen, I would choose it as wallpaper.

    Please can someone help me stop the music app that appear on my lock screen.

    Thank you very much.

    Have you tried to stop the music app by clicking the Home button and drag the application to the top?

  • How to put icons on the screen clickable muliple


    I need to put several clickable icons on the screen and at the bottom of the icons I have to put the text

    describe the function of the icon...

    for this I think field Bitmap, but I can't seem to understand how to display text (describe the function of the icon) at the bottom of the icon...


    You can try that too

    Kind regards

  • I want to uninstall this new screen wallpaper changer "Smile" of Webshot to my hard drive.

    Original title: uninstaller

    Hello community,

    I want to uninstall this new screen wallpaper changer "Smile" of Webshot to my hard drive. I tried to do this several times, but each time that the system tells me that the program is running and, therefore, cannot honor my request. The old screen Webshot wallpaper changer has worked well, but something wrong with this new program of replacement, because it seems it is controlling my computer. So, how can I get this piece of my computer without having to wipe the hard drive and reload Windows 7? Any suggestion is appreciated.

    Thank you in advance.

    Hula Baloo,

    Thanks for the suggestion. However, I found an answer to the same exact question in the forum, April 2011.  As explained, the procedure to stop a running program is very simple (if you know what to do). This forum MS questions / answers is a wonderful virtual community.

  • A new icon has appeared on the screen of my laptop.

    A new icon has appeared on the screen of my laptop.  It is a form of small black box.  Within this form is the white outline of what looks like the WIFI symbol... a little White House.  There is a white line through it.  Also in the middle of the small outline White House is also the number 1.  What does that mean?  Can you help me please?

    To allow someone to maybe help you, you can take a screenshot of the icon and post it here?

    When you create / reply to a post, it is the small icon that looks like a as:

    You can capture the image with a screenshot or of the cutting tool. We just need to see the icon itself.

Maybe you are looking for

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    Inadvertently, I downloaded and installed something while trying to update Shockwave Flash. My security program managed the threat to my computer, but now, everytime I open Firefox, it opens a tab called "research rocket". Please, I beg you - you can

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