Several weeks ago, my e-mail has been hacked int.o since then, the 'reply-to' has a wrong address and I do not receive these messages. What should I do?

Several weeks ago, my e-mail has been hacked and since then the 'reply-to' has a wrong address, i.e. e. * address email is removed from the privacy * instead of ejrenner  I don't get these messages back.  What should I do?



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Which is called Spoofing and its pretty easy for a spammer to make. Of course, it does
it look like you or the other person has sent the e-mail. Someone intercepted an email and
It may not be you who caused him. Account of a friend could have been consulted
or even someone could have sent an email on your behalf to someone else who has been
compromise. Your friend can access headers and block the real senders of
those who will change often.

How to read the message headers

E-mail spoofing

E-mail spoofing and Phishing

Understanding E-mail Spoofing

Fraudulent emails (false)

Google search - email Spoofing


Answers is a peer group supported and unfortunately has no real influence on Hotmail.

HotMail has its own Forums, so you can ask your questions there.

Windows Live Solution Center - HotMail - HotMail Forums Solutions

Hotmail - Forums

Hotmail - Solutions

How to contact Windows Live Hotmail Support

Windows Live Hotmail Top issues and Support information

Compromised account - access unauthorized account - how to recover your account

Hotmail hacked? Take these steps

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