Several weird, sudden problems in Multisim, Ultiboard interface

I have several sudden problems that arose when trying to review a design that changed, I worked on a couple of months ago.

Multisim 10.0.343 strangeness:

1. by clicking on a Multisim, Multisim project file opening, but the project file does not open. By clicking on 'Open' Multisim has the same effect. If I manually open the circuit, the entire project opens as well.

2. I can no longer double click on a component and change the footprint; the button "Replace" is also disabled. I can always change the footpring of spreadsheet view.

3. the icons for the placement of the pieces have changed to blue squares with black patterns (from grey buttons with color schemes).

4. multiple drop-down menus in the top bar disappeared ('reports' is the only one that comes to mind, but the list is significantly smaller).

5 ' transfer' menu has only one option - transfer to Ultiboard 10. There is no rear annotation or annotation.

6. Select 'Transfer to Ultiboard 10' open the splash screen for Ultiboard and gives me the option to choose a file name, but nothing opens after that. There is no blocking or error - just nothing opens.

On a separate note: the last time I did a major revision of this circuit, I changed a lot of net names. NET names, however, has not changed; for example, I renamed a node 'Gsyn' to 'Gs '. The 'Gs' appears in the worksheet view and the properties of the net, but 'Gsyn' always appears on the diagram and is not suppressible.

Ultiboard 10.0.1 strangeness:

1. the renumbering of the components in the design menu translates into a sort of re-assignment pad, causing many connection errors.

2. same mistake earlier in the forums without response: after before annotate Multisim earlier, the list of included changes 'edit the existing component XX' for each component in the design, regardless of whether the component has been modified or not.

3 when you place a trace which is too close to other tracks by my rules of design, I sometimes get advice 'cannot create (1) drop of water ". The program is then suspended until I click on something other than Ultiboard (show Desktop, switch to another program, etc.) When I go back to Ultiboard, the program of the United-grip Nations - but then it works super slowly, no display of updates for a few seconds and zoom in and out in pieces. I have to close and reopen the file to continue working.

Any help would be appreciated - I'm on a deadline, and both programs are more or less completely unusable now.


Please take a look at the following knowledge base to resolve the issue of Multisim:

Making gray out

Reset the User Interface

It is difficult to tell what is the problem with the annotation to the front without looking at the Multisim and Ultiboard files. If you can, please create a service request to and send us the files.

1. When you annotate forward, the PIN does not change is the imprint that has changed.  If the footprint currently on the design before annotate before is different from the PIN that is in your library, when you transfer annotate, Ultiboard will update the fingerprint with that of your database, this may explain what you see.

2. you need to compare the fingerprint in your schema with what is on the printed circuit, if the fingerprint matches, Ultiboard will get what is on the circuit board to the wide and place a new there.  Take a look at the knowledge base of Unplaced Pieces after annotate with impatience , he can explain what you see.

3 turn off the tear drop feature (Options > preferences > PCB design) and carry your board without this feature, once you completed the Board of Directors of routing, add the tear drops (design > add teardrops).

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    This is the response I got from the technical support of OR

    "Although it is technically possible to use Multisim and LabVIEW with real data, we do not recommend it."  Multisim is not a simulator in real time and even for a small circuit, it would take the Simulator several minutes to produce a second, a data value. Since then, Multisim is simply too slow when compare the time in the real world, your application will be not very reliable. »

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    Clearly, I hear a noise coming from the base.

    It has not happened before and I don't know what could be, because the strangest thing is that, according to Toshiba Health Monitor, fan is 0% (because I'm on mode eco and do nothing to do) and the CPU is at 48th. As you can imagine, my laptop is far from heating.

    Then, where this noise could come from?
    Now, I know that this isn't the ventilation openings, but something inside the laptop (maybe HARD drive?)

    And I'm confident in the vents because the vents start to operate when I load a movie or game, and when start knocking noise that I do not speak of persists.

    It's not embarrassing, because I have to be in complete silence to hear it. As I said, I don't notice the noise when it is diurnal, and I could live with it, but not knowing this noise source makes me a bit paranoid. I bought a month ago, so I don't think that I have to clean.

    Thank you.

    On this virtual path, it is not easy to tell where the noise is coming so if you want to solve this problem I think you should bring to the nearest post of Toshiba and the guy there it should check. Guarantee is valid if repairs must be free.

    Can you tell us what part of your laptop is this noise?

  • Problems with arduino labview Interface

    I have the labview-arduino interface, but the problems came when I run the program, sometimes it work perfectly, but sometimes (almost all the time), I can not connect this time, the series of programs and do not show any kind of problems, I can see that in the resourse computers two visa, I don't know if it's because she I soppose comunication , but my arduino do not work, and I can use perfectly with the arduino IDE, but not with VISA, I used the Arduino IDE to be shure that works my Arduino board

    so if you know how to solve this problem, please help me!

    Thank you!

    There is no need to host files somewhere else.  Feel free to download on the forums and attach them to your message.

    Minor first comments.  Why are you re-reading your every 2 seconds config file?  Expect you to change?  If it is then played once and not proofread.

    I think it would be better if you stopped when an error occurred, you can do this by wiring to the RO error enter the stop condition, or use the arithmatic composed with gold.

    But I think the main question you have, it's that your Arduino reference may be whipped out if you do the wrong things.  If your equal comparison is false, you go to the wrong case, where you are not passing the arduino reference.  So when you go to close you don't close your reference and your equipment will always be open, and you try to run again will result in an error.  For even if your loop runs for 0 iterations your reference is lost.  An updated version, which has some of these changes is attached.

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    Screenshot attached.

    Oficmajster wrote:

    Yep, I added new cases of events previously: cursor type? It was empty, until he did change and why?

    If you don't the wiring of the table in the new case, the table in the shift register will be transformed into a table empty if running new cases. Once the array is empty, replacement of certain elements will not increase the size of the array, it will remain empty.

    Solution: wire the table across all new cases (if you create tunnels of entry-related, it will be automatically )

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    Yes, I saw your picture posted.
    Are you sure that you can not use that existing Memphis-S back as installed metal plate?
    Have you looked AT the photo of the motherboard (Memphis-S) in the HP link provided?
    IF NOT, let me clearly from the comparison and review of the photo.

    The back plate is held on the motherboard by the 3 screws of the machine
    (and the nuts on the side of the metal plate) the decision-making LGA1150.

    IF you remove the back plate, the 3 nuts must be put back to their machine screws, without damaging the multilayer motherboard.
    See the SCYTHE Mugen 4, the manufacturer of this thermal CPU / heatsink, for additional advice/recommendations.

    Done SCYTHIAN State (their Support for Mugen 4 page), as for AMD motherboards,
    the metal back plate of origin is required for the installation of the appropriate heat sink.

  • Problem with Multisim: Async signal not support on 74ALS74AN?

    A simple scheme to test 74ALS74AN.

    Q PIN is connected to the pin D and pine CLR is control by a switch.

    But the logic of 7474 is false:

    When J1 is enabled, CLR # is Lo, 7474 must be output Q = 0, but why Multisim report it as a divider?

    Similarly, when J1 is disabled, CLR, 7474 must be output Q = D #(comme un diviseur), why the report of exit Multisim D = 1.

    Is this a bug with Mutlisim?


    The asynchronous Reset (clear) and the preset PIN is active BASS in this component. Your Preset is left floating and is, in fact, be interpreted as a WEAKNESS. So when J1 is closed, Reset and Preset are active, a dangerous condition you want to avoid in the circuits of lock and Flip-Flip. It turns out that this element does not take into account these asynchronous pins under this condition. So, you see the output of normal clock divider.

    To solve the problem, just attach the Preset PIN to a SUMMIT.

    Kind regards

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    I have the weirdest problem ever. I have a computer that does not see my USB, other computers but do not see my USB.
    Now, we tried another usb key (with usbstick I mean a ^_^ usb flash drive) and he DOES not see that stick! My own stick is a SANDISK Cruzer without U3, just ordinary storage 8gigs. None of the firmware see-as-CD. And the other was a different brand, but I don't remember.

    I also tried to plug a very specific device (A P2000 keystrokes recorder, it is a device that recorded incidents, I work for the firedepartment/police/ambulance and it records events), but he doesn't know that aswell of device, as if it has never been plugged in (we have installed the correct drivers for it).

    Now, I did some standard troubleshooting (check drivers, drivers of reupdating) and I removed all the usb drivers, restarted, drivers were back as usual, is not yet connect mine but it connects the other stick. My usb key works perfectly well with all computers but this one (same for the recorder to P2000), reupdated and installed, checked and stuff. Ports SHOULD work.

    I would appreciate help! Thank you!

    P. S.
    More info; It does not take into account the USB and connects anything, even the little blue light inside the usb key does not illuminate. Its as if she was never plugged on. The other has worked flawlessly on the same port, however. And my USB works on other computers. (Ditto for the P2000, but is not on the P2000.)

    I guess my computer-type is too relevant?

    Its a HP Compaq dc7100 Small Form Factor.
    All the statistics are there.


    We concluded that the PC was actually broken. (He suddenly begins to restart and stuff randomly gave away.)

    .. Third PC in a line that falls down and breaks down...

  • weird Internet problems

    Recently, my internet has been acting weird. He has never acted like this before, until 2 people moved my basement and began to share Internet (maybe a coincidence, but not sure). Sometimes when I leave my computer on and stay away from the keyboard and go back some time after and open my internet browser, only my home page would be in charge. Whenever I try to open other pages, they will simply be "loading" for 30 seconds then says that the page cannot load (as if my internet is disconnected). But the problem is, when I click on network and sharing Center, there is nothing wrong with that.

    Access - LAN and the Internet
    Connection - connection to the Local network
    It's the same when my Internet works fine, but I can't just browse other Web pages EXCEPT the home page that appears when I first open my browser. When this happens, I usually unplug my modem then reconnect OR just keep trying to load a page when after like 5 minutes or more, everything works normally.
    How can I solve this problem? It is annoying and happens almost everytime I go back to use my computer after staying idle for some time.
    By the way, I noticed that I have 4 'networks '. I'm not sure what they are, but I could merge or delete them. It would help my situation?
    Control Panel-> network and interest-> network and sharing Center Center-> customize-> Merge or Delete network locations.
    I am very annoyed by the present and I would be grateful any entry in this case.
    Thank you in advance.

    It is always sensible in this situation to achieve a malware check

    Start the computer in safe mode with network and download and install Malwarebytes (free version for individuals only), updated definitions and run in safe mode. Disable other security software while you do the analyses.

    Download and run SuperAntiSpyware (Free Edition)

    The Internet is yours, or provided by someone else for all to share?

  • SEVERE intermittent connection problems

    My family had our router wireless WRT54GX2 for a little more than three years now without any problems. However, last June (between 13 June and 20 June) my family went on vacation for a week to return to an intermittent connection of our router. I'VE isolated the problem to the router and not the Modem, our ISP or cords. Practically from the start, our connection went out for about 10 seconds usually every 40 seconds to 2 minutes (with varying degrees of severity). However, as time has passed, the problem got MUCH worse, to the point where (for about the last six days) at the time where our computer restores a connection the connection would have gone again (the router by totally unnecessary). This problem has been going on with the two wired our (modem router to the computer) and wireless devices. I looked at the "answer" to this problem on the support site, but I can't at the entrance of my value such MTU recommended in this response because the connection turns off so many times, I am unable still load page maintenance based on a browser to the router. Help would be appreciated, I have an annoying, nagging suspicion that the problem is with the hardware itself.

    Thanks for the suggestion. However, before I read that, I contacted a Customer Service representative using the Live Chat option and two of them concluded that my router was defective and qualifies for replacement. Thanks to all who tried to help!

Maybe you are looking for