Share the "results" of a form on the website of Muse?

I was curious to know if there was a way to provide an option to pass your "results" or responses to a form Adobe Muse is over. I am creating a website for a client who provides questionnaires to their viewers. I created questionnaires using the general Adobe Muse form widget. I want to give the shape fill option to view their answers and share them after that that they submit them. All advice is appreciated. Thank you!


I don't think that this function still exists. It might be useful to have your client before the email they receive from the form to them? in this way, they would have their results. Now, if your client receives a ton of people daily so it is probably not effective but if responses are low, it would be a work around.

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    Someone knows how to do this?

    Thank you!


    You can extend the CRM in catalyst for business and create custom fields, CRM > CRM database extends

    Then you need to create the web form in Business catalyst and use these custom fields in the form BC web, screenshot generator:-

    Once you have created the form in British Colombia, you can then use this form on the website of Muse. You can either use the form in the module, or you can get the HTML code of the form and use in muse.

    I hope this helps!

    Kind regards


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    It doesn´t works because the to-be-set record´s to update primary key cannot be determined by using a static value:

    $upd_capital-> setPrimaryKey ("cap_id", "NUMERIC_TYPE", "VALUE", "new_id"); current code in page 2

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    See you soon,.


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    The code above worked fine for me at  Can you confirm the version of the OS you are using?

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    public String AnyResult() {}

    BindingContext bindingContext = BindingContext.getCurrent ();

    DCBindingContainer dcb = bindingContext.findBindingContainer("view_page1PageDef");

    DC DCDataControl = dcb.findDataControl("AppModuleDataControl1");

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    Kind regards.

    Something in your architecture is not supposed.

    Usually, Web Services are part of your model layer - and if they want to access a Module of application they need not go through the viewController layer.

    If you want to transfer data to your Web Service - pass it as parameters to the function - in this way your service is not dependent on a user interface layer.

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    February 2016 - "whether or not you can use your old iMac as secondary screen for your new iMac (known as the target Display Mode) will depend on the model."

    Use your iMac as a display with the target - Apple-Support - Display Mode

    I'm guessing that you are going to reach the point where you click on a button and the keyboard and display switch between a computer and the other simply.

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    This happens usually when the import process was not completed. If you have the original camera card - or a copy of the computer of the map - you can probably use the re-import command (on the file menu) to fix things. In addition, it is possible that the original media is imported, but this transcoding was not. If you have chosen to optimise upon import, try to select clips in the browser and transcoding to optimized.


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    So far, the only way to achieve this is by issuing the command described here (, "Adding access usb to SD card" > step 5. I do whenever I plug in the phone, of course.

    Additional information:
    -The sd card works fine. I can use it on the computer with a microsd card.
    -The sd card works fine on the phone too.
    -J' have enabled usb drive and shared the sd card in the phone.
    -The page I linked indicates the partition should appear when I unlock the home screen, I have tried that but it still does not work.

    This has been resolved for me in rev version 01020.

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    I should add that if you operate the account using Pop then messages can be left on the server without any indication that they have been read. You define each customer to leave them on the server.

    However if you don't know what messages have been read, I know not how will you know which ones to delete and when to do it. Without active maintenance your server could quickly become full.

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    I have 2 iphones that share the same appleid. One is essentially one clone of the other. It worked successfully for some time, but on a reset caused by one of the phones stop, 2 phones have been connected together somehow. Both sound when someone calls one of the numbers (but not vice versa) and both get the same texts sent to one or the other

    Reading some of these blogs, it seems that the only way to 'decouple' them is to create an id for each phone and let them live their own lives; but we only have one e-mail address and don't really want to set up another


    You can stop the calls in

    Settings - Phone - calls on other devices - OFF toggle

    Also IF the phones have different numbers

    Settings - Messages - Send and Receive - disable and remove the Apple ID from there, leaving only the verified number

    This should stop the cross-over if all goes well

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    See this KB article -

    Experiment with these toolbars and see what is possible with these specific toolbars. Firefox has this capability, most of the time, but each developer toolbar must provide the coding of their add-on to enjoy what Mozilla has integrated into Firefox.

    My guess is that a well made toolbar add-on has three times the code that has a toolbar add-on minimum effort. Too many developers toolbar these days take the easy way and do not have their add-on to be "flexible".

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