Shared folder error "you do not have permission to access the file or folder you are trying to access to.

Original title: shared folder

try to share files and folders between my laptop and my pc... When I try to access partitions shared between them = I got this msg: "you don't have permission to access the file or folder you are trying to access. Contact your network administrator to request access"can u help?


Follow these steps:

Step 1: Make this file and printer sharing is enabled, computers.

Follow the steps listed in the link below to check the parameters and the essential elements to share files over the network:

Also check if network discovery is enabled, the computer. Steps to follow:

i. click on Start, click on Control Panel.

II. Select network and sharing Center

III. Select change advanced sharing settings

(IV) in respect of network discovery, select Enable network discovery

Step 2: check the sharing permission on the shared folder.

Step 3: you can also try to disable your firewall program and security and then try to access to the shared folder. Make sure that you activate it if this step does not help.

Antivirus/Firewall software can help protect your computer against viruses and other security threats. In most cases, you should not disable your antivirus software. If you need to disable temporarily to install other software, you must reactivate as soon as you are finished. If you are connected to the Internet or a network, while your antivirus software is disabled, your computer is vulnerable to attacks.

In addition, see these articles:

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    Right-click on the configuration, the exe file and select "run as Administrator".

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    Frustrated in minutes

    Install the fixit from article KB2258121 (fixit #50461).

    Although this problem is not mentioned in the KB problem, the fixit indeed solves this problem.

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    another user account works fine.

    Then, your profile is corrupt.  Create a new user, copy documents and other profile corrupted on the new profile.

    Do not copy * all *-only things you have created.  (Except the shortcuts).

    Is the user profile damaged an administrator or standard user?

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    (2) sign up for a full license of DPS. You can request information on prices using Adobe | Request for consultation.


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    So, here's the problem.  I can connect to any other user accounts on his laptop without a hitch.  His user name can be used to connect to other computers, even if the connection to a computer produces a logon error server is not available.

    I tried flushing dns, remove the laptop network and reconnect... but I am at a loss.

    Any suggestions?

    Hello JayGab,

    Microsoft Communities is for consumer issues on Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP. Since your problems involves domain authentication, it would be better to post in TechNet for ITPros.
    Click the link here to transfer your question in the category Windows 7 ITPro on TechNet.

    They will be able to the best contribution to your number.



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    I'm the administrator of this system of pc.

    It gives you the opportunity to select a desired directory? Have you tried clearing your temporary files directory? Click Start, type % temp % remove the contents of this directory and try to save again.

    In addition, you can try setting correct permissions on the default directory where files are saved. Right click on the downloads for example folder and click Properties > sharing > make sure that everyone is checked

    The following article refers to Adobe Creative Suite 4, but also applies to Adobe Acrobat:

    Andre Da Costa

  • "You don't have permission to mount the file." But it is still rising.


    When I mount an ISO from MSDN site file (tried several) Windows 8 goes up the ISO, but it also displays the error:
    Could not get file
    You do not have the permission to mount the file.
    I am connected using a domain account and the domain account is in the administrator group on the machine.

    Found this elsewhere. Solves the problem.

    Microsoft utility integrated ISO mount readers to use the next available drive letter. If this drive letter is already taken until it displays the error "you have not permission to mount the file.
    External changed discs of S & T and is more then got the error message for the cut file.
  • Error message "Could not complete your request because the file is not found" using Photoshop Cs6 (latest)

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    After I have try another file type (png, psd design image), is work.

    also I try to uninstall photoshop and install again.

    There always (.. .the file was not found.) problem.

    No one knows what happens to my photoshop?

    Thank you!!!

    Hi all


    Can you please check if Camera Raw is updated, if not! try to run an update to Camera Raw 9.4 from here: Camera Raw 9.4 now available


    Camera Raw installation of Adobe Photoshop CC and CS6 program


    In addition, this could help:

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    Thank you

  • External Hard Drive - you do not have permission to access this folder.

    I have a question to do this and it is for the most part been answered on another topic, but the mine goes further; I have made a homegroup in Win 7 and added my third computer Vista, and shared my external hard drive to it.  Only problem is, I want both computers to write and be able to connect the player to the vista computer for faster transfers.  I wonder if she shares made it difficult for the computer to vista to read, and you wonder how all the access permissions, it seems that whenever I do a folder on the Win 7 computer, I have to re - authorize the permissions.  Seizing property in 7 will continue this problem if I want to use the hard drive under vista?  In addition, I get not him "you do not have authorization error", and I also get a "access denied." In a first time what was going on only the vista, but now its started happening on the 7.  (I tried sharing and security for everyone).

    I thought about it, I had to create another group by taking the reader to computer vista and adding a group to the location of the vista computer, then in the description of name I had to put the name of the vista user account and allow full control in the same workgroup name settings

  • You do not have permission to view the security properties of this object, even as an administrator


    I'm trying to recreate the user profile on my wife, as it is indicated by the Microsoft Support, but have a security problem.  When I try to access a folder I'm denied permission, even as an administrator.
    I tried the folder properties-> Security-> advanced and tried to change their owner, who is giving me the error message in the title of the topic.  I also tried the folder-> sharing-> advanced sharing properties and select "Share this folder", but get an access is denied error.
    Can someone help me?
    Kind regards
    Matthew Riley


    I had already tried your suggestion without success, I saw in another forum somewhere.
    However, I managed to solve the problem of windows in SafeMode via msconfig startup.  This gave me access to the file, and security settings showed that it was owned by the deleted user's profile.  I deleted this user of all files and restarted in normal mode and the problem was solved.
    Kind regards
  • Download "Do not have permission to access the item" when you use software.

    Original title: authorization

    I use a software to capture analog video tapes from my VCR... It works fine on my PC (Windows 7), but there is a problem with my laptop (Windows 7).  When I click the icon of the software on the desktop, I agree "' > you may not have appropriate permission to access the item '." I've uninstalled and reinstalled the software 4 times. I went into properties and different answers enter the security forms (they are very confused by the way), nothing works. It's very frustrating. I'll be grateful for any help I can get. I have


    What happens if you right click on the Desktop icon > then select run as administrator?

    See you soon.

  • Windows XP do not haver permission to access Windows 7

    I have three computers on the network with a wireless router.

    Computer 1: Windows 7 - Wired
    Computer 2: Windows 7 - wireless
    Computer 3: Windows XP - wireless
    Virtual computer: Windows XP running on computer 1

    Everything worked perfectly well until recently. Now 3 computer cannot access computer 1 and the following error message
    "1 \\Computer is not accessible. You are not allowed to access the network resource. "Contact the administrator... etc.

    No network changes have been made on all computers. All the computers are on the same workgroup and 3 computer can access the Working Group and display all computers, it can access 2 the computer and the virtual machine, it can also ping Computer1.

    Computer 2, 1 of the computer and the virtual machine have no network problem, everyone can ping and access other computers on the network.

    I checked the network and sharing settings on computer 1 and it took for granted the FULL CONTROL for EVERYONE. I tried the race using the home network again on 3 computers as well as Assistant to try an electrician. Nothing seems to work, please help.

    Thank you for taking the time to answer.

    I have not changed any user name and there is no set of passwords.

    The strangest thing is the actions have suddenly started working again so I could not test your suggestion. I did not bring any changes so I have yet to find the root cause of the problem, and I get the sinking feeling that it used perhaps the last time this happens. I'll be sure to try your suggestion if it arise again

  • When you try to run an .exe file, windows will appear with a warning saying I don't have permission to use the file... and yet I used it earlier that day and no changes have been made on the computer

    I'm a gamer, I play world of Warcraft. A week ago, the shortcut of this game that was created through disk began to have a popup alert indicating * Windows cannot access the specified device, path or file. You can not have the appropriate permissions to access the item.* thing is, it was working fine a few weeks ago and no changes to the computer or the security settings. So I created a shortcut using the .exe directly instead of that the game gives us. Now yesterday I've played, got off, went to practice, returned, and it was blocked. There are no other files (that I know) have this problem, it's the unique. I am running vista Home Premium service pack 2 of the of the window on a relatively new dell 32-bit processor. I have absolutely no idea as to what caused this... anyone have an idea? Thank you.

    If you uninstall Norton, you can reinstall and your subscription will remain current.  Just make sure that you are using the Norton removal tool to uninstall.  You can find on their Web site.  You also mentioned McAfee on your system.  If you have not used the removal tool they provide that I suggest to go to get it and run it before removing Norton.  I heard about problems caused by one of these programs being not entirely removed by using only the normal uninstall option.

    Also if you have not already done, right click on the file that you run and choose "Run as Administrator" and see if that makes a difference. Mike - Engineer Support Microsoft Answers
    Visit our Microsoft answers feedback Forum and let us know what you think.

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