shared folder problem


We havewindows server 2008 r2 enterprice.i create a shared folder on that.when I check that the folder shared on the other pc its showing.but his watch is not on the server now.its hide on to fix?


Server issues are better managed on the TechNet Forums, I suggest you according to the query:

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  • Problem connecting to a shared folder on the Mac of Windows VMFusion 4.1.3

    Hi - I use VMWare 4 and improved 4.1.2 to 4.1.3 last night, under Lion 10.7.4. Everything was fine last night, connected via VPN from home. Venus work this am, stopped, then restarted on the corporate network and I get and error message in Windows saying that I don't have permission to access the folders that are on the side of my Mac OSX, appearing as a shared folder on my Windows System. I get error message saying:

    \\vmware-host\Shared files is not accessible. You might not have permission to use this network resource. Contact the administrator of this server to find out if him have access permissions. MNo network provider has accepted the provided network path.

    I do not understand that as in sharing > shared folders I on the Mac with my files of reported data and also below that I mirror folders "Selected Documents".

    I'm running out of ideas - I thought that's all I needed. Have you tried closing down and rebooting, but still do not see my side Mac and my data.

    Any help much appreciated!


    It seems that the vmtools is not updated aftr you updated the merger.

    Try to re-install vmtools.

  • Mail app: can't see the IMAP shared folder in iOS10

    Since I updated my iPhone to iOS10 I see the shared folder of the IMAP in the Mail application. IOS9 until the Mail app displays all folders shared IMAP that you were able to subscribe. It was dependent on the setting of the IMAP path prefix. Even I have try different settings I don't recognize any different behavior.

    I have found no comment from Apple for this.

    Someone at - he noticed the same problem? Is there an attempt to solution?

    Same question, very exasperating.  I noticed one thing was that if you delete the account and start over, shared folders are there, at least initially.  If you leave the app and come back later, they are gone.  I suspect that a prefix is stored in the application state that prevents later shared folders to be seen.  I noticed that other applications also have problems, see the shared folders, including by aircraft and shipping, though.  I really liked having access to those from before this update - difficulty please!

  • Database MS Access Access on the remote computer (shared folder)


    I need help.

    I did a program and it works fine on my computer, but several users will use program simultaneously, each on its own computer connected via a local area network to the computer of mine (data is on my computer in the shared folder).

    When I try to access the data on the database (path is the path of the shared folder) I get error 5013 (no database). The problem only occurs when I'm reading something MS access database, but not if I try to read data from the .txt file, then it works fine...

    I use ADO tools

    Can someone help me, I would be very grateful?

    Your code will be a connection string that specifies the odbc driver or your code has a dsn that specifies the odbc driver, or your code will point to a udl file that specifies the odbc driver. You don't need to worry about the details of the driver itself.

    I would also echo what mike said about the jet database. It's the wrong choice for many customers. You can use a jet database to debug sql queries and the design of the table if you wish, but you need to move to a more robust db such as SQL Server or MySQL.

  • Can access the shared folder by using the name of the server, but is unable to use the intellectual property

    Hi, I need help with a very strange problem.

    I have a Server 2003 domain controller to PC and all the domain user can access any shared folder of the server using IP address or FULL domain name.

    So I joined a R2 of 2012 new server to the domain as a workstation normal and not as a new domain on the network controller, and the problem is that one cannot access a shared folder on the new server by using the IP, but can be accessed using the name of the computer.

    My Admin user can access the folder using the IP address or the name comp. on any work, but the user of my AD position may not use intellectual property.

    I can using Ping IP or name of the computer for every user of AD.

    Please check the attached images.

    When I try to access it using IP, it gives me the following error:

    \\ is not accessible. You might not have permission to use this network resourse. Contact the administrator of this server to fing out if you have access permissions.

    Currently, there are no available connection server to process the logon request.


    You may need to ask the question on the TechNet Forums:

    Kind regards

  • Shared folder of the server become unreachable. Event logs is not useful. No relevant newspaper found.

    Hello world

    Here's the scenario:

    Shared folder of the server became unreachable. Try to access via UNC (name or IP), but failed. Server is pings and accessible via RDP. Server service is started. I can telnet port 445. The Windows Firewall is disabled.

    OS: Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1 Standard

    Restarting the server problem.

    Need your help on this issue. The question met twice last August 08 and 28. Event logs is not useful. No relevant newspaper found.

    Thanks in advance.

    Ask in the forum Windows Server:

  • I can see the shared folder on the #2 computer but cannot connect.

    I can see the shared folder on computer 2 but unable to connect. It is said "see... administrator permissions. When I go to the computer and creat a hand 1, I can see on the 2nd computer but cannot connect. I can connect to the shared printer on one 1 computer file.

    When # 1 I can connect to #2 and open shared files (just like its supposed to!)

    I have checked the basics, (I can connect to the Printers folder) file sharing.

    Help, please. Both computers have a freash install WIN XP and have been updated to SP3 current peer-to-peer network, firewall is down, Microsoft Security on both


    Run on the supercomputer network configuration wizard.  If this doesn't fix the problem:

    1. download and install the Tools of the Windows 2003 Server Resource Kit .

    2. click on Start > all programs > Windows Resource Kit Tools > Shell .

    3. type these lines at the command prompt, exactly as shown:

    NET user guest/active: Yes
    NTRights + r SeNetworkLogonRight u comments
    NTRights - r SeDenyNetworkLogonRight u comments

    Kind regards
    Chauvet J.
  • CANNOT write to files in the shared folder of XP on a PC running windows 7 - but good vice versa

    I have a laptop under Windows 7 (SP1) and a desktop running XP (SP3).  I have connected both via a wireless network. While I can see and access shared files/folders from one computer to the other computer, I can only read/write files in the shared folder on the portable computer that is running Windows 7.

    If I try and change a file in the shared folder from the PC under XP on my laptop, I get the message "this file is set to read-only. Try again with a different name "."  I know that the file is NOT checked for read-only. When I change the name of the file I get the error message "\\Desktop\SharedDocs\filename.doc you are not allowed to save in this location. Contact the administrator for approval.  You want to save in the folder my documents instead? "If I save the file to another location on the laptop under Win7 it save then OK.  I can not just save a modified version of the file in the same shared folder from desktop running XP.
    It seems that it must be something to do with permissions and access to the parameters of the desktop running XP but I can not find these. Fairly easy to find in Windows 7.
    Finally, I don't have a login/password set for the connection to the computer to Office XP.  I don't have a user name and password for the laptop Win7 but you have turned off password protected sharing.
    Anyone have a solution to this?
    Thank you

    OK - the problem is now resolved.

    I noticed that the read-only for the shared folder has been checked. When I unchecked it and also checked the box "allow network users to change my files" in the shared folder properties/sharing, I was able to modify and save files in the shared folder on my laptop.
    It's a little weird because I thought I had done this the other day where the results have been less successful.  Strange.
    Thanks for your help.

  • Shared folder now asking password?

    I have three computers networked over the network to the Microsoft home page. All computers are under XP SP3 and I updated each computer.

    One of the computers is my work laptop. I usually "backup" my work files on my main computer on the network, using the "shared folder" of the main computer. For some reason, whenever I try to access the main computers 'shared folder', I now get a request a password. This seems to happen spontaneously that I've never had this problem before.  Everything was worked very well so far.

    I don't have the accounts password protected. I tried every password I've ever used, does not. This is * NOT * a problem of 'forgotten' but password Windows XP suddenly asking for a password when I have never posted before.

    I can access my "shared folder" computer laptop on the network with other computers without problem. The only problem is trying to access the shared folder on my main computer, which translates the request for a password. The user name is gray, with the name of the main computer in the username followed by a slash "/ guest" and then a password box to enter.

    I checked simple file sharing and have never changed this setting. I have run and rerun the wizard network on all computers without success. I tried assigning passwords and use them, without success.

    An index is on the computer I am currently viewing, I used to have two accounts of users (in addition to the hidden Admin account). One of these accounts has BEEN password protected, but NOT all files were used in this account. Recently, I deleted this account that I no longer use it. In other words, the deleted account was in any way related with the "shared folder" that I use with the other account, the only one on the computer now.

    The account that I use for the "shared folder" does not have a password, but even if I assign one, it won't let me access the shared folder on any other computer. This user account has administrator privileges.

    I have also enabled and disabled the "guest" account, without any help.

    I am at a loss to understand why Windows asking you now this password. I saw one couple of other similar questions raised but not solutions.

    Any ideas?

    .......... Bob

    PS: If I access the computers 'discovers the Working Group"I have no problem accessing the"printers and faxes"on the main computer of the notebook. However, I cannot access the file 'sharedocs '? Something specific happened to the file "sharedDocs" on the main computer.


    Link above is to the XP newsgroups.

    There is a list of groups of discussion XP to the bottom of the left column.

    You get the help you need there.

    Here is the Vista Forums.

    See you soon

    Mick Murphy - Microsoft partner

  • Shared folder of Windows XP Media Center number...

    I recently installed a new router on my small network.  I have a main desktop pc that I use as a 'server '.  But just by regard saving the files shared on this topic.  The PC is running XP Media Center.  Well since I installed the new modem/router I can not access the actions of another pc on the network.

    When I installed the new router I have not any changes on the pc.  I rechecked the records to make sure they were always shared and they were.

    I also checked to make sure they were on the same workgroup.  I can ping each computer on the other, so I know that they can communicate over the network.  Don't know what to do next.  IM at a loss.  Any help would be appreciated.


    It has all the symptoms of a problem of firewall on the server computer.  If you only use Windows Firewall, make sure you that there is an exception "file sharing and printer". Instead of the ping command, try the following command from a window (start-> Run-> "cmd") of each machine control to another:


    Where '' is replaced with the IP address of another machine.

    From the same command prompt window, try to connect manually using the command:

    NET use * \\computer\share

    Where 'computer' is replaced by a computer name or IP address, and "Share" is a shared folder on this computer. Error messages from the command prompt are sometimes more revealing.


  • Sync Center gets stuck saying "pending sync", never synchronizes the files on the shared folder offline


    I have a laptop (Compaq 8440) running Windows Vista Enterprise (not yet upgraded to SP1).  I have a shared folder mapped to the N: drive on my laptop.  This shared folder is located on a computer on my home network.  Every day, I move my laptop between my home network (wireless) and my work network (cable intranet).

    I scored a subfolder in the shared folder available offline.  It worked for about two weeks, but now when I try to synchronize with the shared folder offline files, Sync Center has constantly "waiting for synchronization" status  He never goes out with synchronization, regardless how long wait.

    I tried clicking "stop"button in Sync Center, but this does not prevent the synchronization.  I do not see error messages or the situation in Sync Center.

    I tried to restart the laptop, but nothing helped.  I tried to disable/reactivate the wireless connection, but nothing helped.  I can connect to the shared folder and discovers the other directories that are not 'available offline", is not a connectivity problem.

    Thank you
    Jason Fritz

    Hi Jason,

    You can try to remove the sync partnership and add it back.  Who can get things working again.  See the following link on how to put an end to partnerships, then in the section above, how to create them.

    Introduction to offline files.  Contains links to the different problems of synchronization.

    Troubleshoot synchronization issues.

    Please let us know if that helps the issue.
    Microsoft Answers Support Engineer
    Visit our Microsoft answers feedback Forum and let us know what you think.

  • Cannot access the network drive after trying to change the shared folder.

    I had a 80 GB drive connected to my E3000 for a few years and it worked without problem. I recently turned to a 250 GB Maxtor One Touch drive. When I plugged it, the router automatically creates a shared folder. I was able to connect to this folder without problem, but I wanted to share the whole score. When I made this adjustment and tried to save the settings, I temporarily lost access to the router. He gave me the standard page cannot be error message appears. When I got access changes seem to be made. When I try to access the drive of my laptop I get this error message, "the mapped network drive could be created", "the name specified network is no longer available". I rebooted and power rolled my router as well reconnected the drive.

    I think that since you have replaced your hard drive, old settings are configured may still on the hard drive of old. You can change the users and group so that it syncs with the new hard drive or start from scratch (reformat the hard drive).

  • Configure the SMB shared folder on iMac

    You just bought the officejet pro 8600. I am trying to create a shared folder on the SMB to my iMac running OS X 10.9

    The HP app utility is prompting me to enter my shared folder, but I'm going to an unsecure site and is asking questions, I don't know, as my network path and the user name and the password. Where can I find these things? What is this thing legitimate?

    In addition, in my viewfinder, I the visible shared printer but I can't connect because I don't know my user and password name, that I don't remember setting up and can not find. Help!

    Hi mimifan,

    Welcome to the HP Forums, I hope you enjoy your experience!

    I understand you are trying to set up the network on the Mac folder.

    I'll be happy to help you.

    You will need to contact Apple to get user and password name.

    I would ask them to help the network also folder setup.

    Here are the steps below to configure the network folder if you want to try.

    1. create a new folder on your computer.

    2. right-click (CTRL left click if you use the keyboard of the Mac) and select read.

    3. unlock the screen, set the expression to everyone read/write &, located under the share permissions &...

    4. enter in System Preferences > sharing and select file sharing in the left bar.

    5. click on the Options button, mark the share files and folders using SMB (Windows) and click done

    6. under shared folders, click the sign more and select the configured folder.

    7. ensure that "everyone" permissions are set to read & write under the list of users as well.

    8. you will see the IP at the top of this screen, make a note to configure the EWS page.

    You must use the following path:


    Be sure to include your user name and password when defining the analysis of the network folder.

    I have provided a document to configure the network folder go measures to see if this will solve the problem.

    How to perform a scan: from the control panel (including the Scan to Email, in PDF format, and to a network folder).

    Go to how scan directly into a network (only for network connections) folder.

    I hope this helps.

    Thanks for posting on the HP Forums.
    Good day!

  • Cannot access any shared folder on the network of windows 7 Professional


    I have a very strange problem.

    I have a home network with 4 computers.
    I can share files from any computer to the other.

    Recently, I bought a new laptop Lenovo E530 in with Windows 7 Professional installed on it.
    The problem is that I can't access any shared folder on my home network by '\\com-name '.
    I cannot yet access the folders on the computer that is shared from the inside, by specifying there name with the prefix "\".
    However, I can ping or even make remote desktop on other computers on my network.
    I can also access shared folders on my Windows 7 Professional from other computers.
    Looks like there is something wrong with the configuration of my OS from Windows 7 Professional blocking access to any shared folder on my network.
    I get the following error message:
    Windows cannot access \\comp-name
    Check the spelling of the name. Otherwise, it could...
    Error code: 0 x 80070035
    The network path was not found.
    I tried to use the button to diagnose, but without success.
    Help, please


    I suggest you try all the steps from the following link:

    Sharing of files and printers

    See also: File and printer sharing: frequently asked questions

    Hope this information is helpful and let us know if you need more assistance. We will be happy to help.

  • Cannot access a shared folder so that it can be mapped

    Hi and Merry Christmas,

    When I try to share with its UNC address \\server\sharefolder a folder, I get a sayinng error message "\\server\sharefolder is not accessible. You might not have permission to use this network resource. Contact the administrator of this server to find out if you have access permissions.  A device attached to the system is not functional. "When I try to access the folder shared by its IP address, I get the same error. But if I have mapped to the shared folder as a network drive, there will be no problem even though I have another question that I describe in my previous post. If I try to browse the shared folder of a XP machine I'm not one of the mentioned problems. The workstation and server that I'm talking about are all members of an Active Directory domain. Anyboy can help me solve the problem?

    Hello Mary,.

    The question you posted would be better suited in the TechNet Forums. I would recommend posting your query in the TechNet Forums.

    Hope this information helps.

Maybe you are looking for

  • s5713w: restore of the backup

    I just reset my HP desktop computer, but I can't use my recovery disc to get all my data back. Can someone help me?

  • Access to a shortcut file

    I have an external hard drive, that all my files have been copied. On the computer of the Moose, there is a shortcut on the desktop that is connected to the computer that crashed. How can I access my external hard drive folder which is always looking

  • Is it possible to uninstall the updates in groups

    original title: uninstall updates I have more than 140 security updates.  Is it possible to uninstall several at once?

  • WRT54G2 - wrongly identifies PC as intruder

    Hello My WRT54G2 identifies my PC of office as an intruder, although it is configured with the MAC address, Internet works ok, etc. It does not show the MAC address of the network cards you LELA. PC is running XP, SP3, firewall Zone Alarm. Any ideas?

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