Shock wave crashes while playing some games Facebook on Google Chrome.

original title: Shockwave Crash

Any time I play games on facebook, my Shockwave crashes or I get the message that the plug is not responding I want to close. I use Google Chrome.


1 does this problem occur when you play games in Internet Explorer as well?

2. What is the exact error message that you receive when you play games online?

I suggest that you uninstall and reinstall Shockwave Player and Adobe flashplayer and check if that helps. See the following link for uninstall and reinstall Shockwave Player and Adobe flash player.

If the problem persists then contact Google Chrome support on the issue.

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    While some games I get different blue screens and I can not understand what causes them, this only happens when I play a bit of some games. Include messages: WHEA ERROR INCORRIGIBLE and a common one is CLOCK WATCHDOG TIMEOUT. I tried a new install of Windows 8 and this problem still occurs these games has worked on the same computer with Windows 7.

    Original title: Windows 8 BSOD


    They have been linked to the material (since obviously you re-installed), two of them were corrupted because of the speed of the accident.

    If you're a clocking over please return to default (overclocking pushes the material beyond the design of the ists)

    Please run a malwarebytes scan before starting on the underside

    Please download the free version of Malwarebytes.
    Update immediately.
    Do a full scan of the system
    Let us know the results at the end.

    Stop 0 x 124 is a hardware error
    If you are overclocking try to reset your settings to standard processor and see if that helps.
    If you keep getting the BSOD here are things more than you may want.

    This is usually hardware related, defective heat, memory or processor even if it is "possible" he is associated (rare) driver.

    Stop 0 x 124 - what it means and what to try

    A "stop 0 x 124" is fundamentally different from many other types of bluescreens because it arises from a complaint of material.
    Stop 0 x 124 minidumps contain very little concrete information, and it is therefore necessary to address the problem as a case of material in an unknown state of distress.

    Generic troubleshooting ' Stop 0 x 124 ":

    1) to ensure that none of the hardware components are overclocked. Material which is pushed beyond its design specifications - by overclocking - may malfunction in unpredictable ways.
    (2) ensure that the machine is sufficiently cooled.
    If there is doubt, open the side of the case (be aware of all the relevant conditions guaranteed!) PC and direct an electric fan squarely to the motherboard. Who will rule on most cooling problems (lack of).
    3) update all drivers related to materials: video, sound, RAID (if applicable), NIC... anything that interacts with a piece of hardware.
    It is best to run the latest drivers anyway.
    (4) update the BIOS of your motherboard according to the manufacturer's instructions.
    Their website should provide detailed instructions on the brand and model-specific procedure.
    (5) rarely, bugs in the operating system may cause "false positives" 0 x 124 events where the hardware wasn't complaining, but Windows thought otherwise (because of the bug).
    At the time of writing, Windows 7 does not have to suffer from a defect, but it is nevertheless important to keep Windows up-to-date.
    6) trying (stress) test these hardware components that can be put to the test artificially.
    The most obvious examples are the RAM and HDD (s).
    For the RAM, use the 3 rd-party memtest86 utility to run several hours a test value. (6-8 passes to stress the ram)
    For hard drives, verify if CHKDSK /R finds any problems on (s), including "bad sectors".
    Unreliable RAM, in particular, is mortal, as well as software, and anything other than a 100% clear memory test result is cause for concern. Unfortunately, even a 100% clear result the diagnostic utilities does not guarantee that the RAM is free of any defect - only that none have been encountered during the test passes.

    7) as the last of the non-invasive troubleshooting steps, perform a "Vanilla" Windows reinstallation: just the OS itself without additional applications, games, utilities, updates, new drivers - or ANYTHING that does not come from the Windows 7 disc.
    Who stops working mitigate the problem of the 0 x 124, jump to the next step.
    If you run the "Vanilla" installation long enough to convince yourself that not a single 0 x 124 accident occurred, start installing applications and updates slowly, always stopping between successive additions long enough to get an idea of the question if the machine is still free of 0 x 124 breaks down.
    Smash back, obviously the latest addition of software may be somehow connected to the root cause.
    If the stop error 0 x 124 persist despite the above steps, and the equipment is under warranty, consider to go back and ask for a replacement that does not suffer periodic MCE events.
    Be aware that want to perform the subsequent hardware troubleshooting steps can, in some cases, void your warranty:
    (8) clean and carefully remove the dust inside the machine.
    Reinstall all memory modules and connectors.
    Use a can of compressed air to clean the RAM DIMM supports as much as possible.
    (9) If all else fails, start removing items of hardware one by one in the hope that the culprit is something non-essential that can be eliminated.
    Obviously, this type of testing is much easier if you have access to equivalent components in order to perform swaps.

    If you are in the situation to have completed all the steps above without a resolution of the symptom, unfortunately the most likely reason is that the error message is literally correct - something is fundamentally wrong with the hardware of the machine.

  • Qosmio F50 - 10K - problem graphics card while playing some games

    Hello ppl

    1. I have a problem with the video card: 9600 M GT.
    I play Word of Warcraft or the need for speed carbon, from time to time and after 1 h - 0, 30 h (even 10 minutes) of game - the system hangs.
    Black screen and I need to restart the system. I have the latest drivers installed, the newer bios, nvidia latest.

    2. when I play music with winamp or media player or another player at any time the system crashes during 2-3 seconds.

    3. the laptop came with a preinstalled OS Vista Ultimate x 86. Can I migrate to Vista Ultimate x 64 OS without any other charges? If a person of Toshiba reads my thread: I already talked with Microsoft and they told me that I have the cd - key should work on x 64, but I need the OS from Toshiba.

    Please tell me if there is a way to solve these problems

    Thank you!

    I have same problem, used to play nba08 and after half a hour system breaks down, also tried with the toshiba display driver, with the nvidia display driver. seems to me that it is a serious mistake of toshiba to let that happen. so expensive laptop and a such rap c.

  • How can I change my HTTPS thing, so it isn't always pop up and ask questions about the sites Web secure when I play some games?

    Feel free to change the title

    How can I change my HTTPS thing, so it isn't always pop up and ask questions about the sites Web secure when I play some games?

    You're talking about Facebook?

    Try the gyration of the Secure Browsing

  • Having problem while playing a game of Wow

    Original title: other for microsoft to scan my computer and find an im problems?

    started to have problems while playing a game of wow. starts fine then cant get in my articles, press Esc. but do not go to the minamizes inter face just, if I got to the laptop will not let me type anything

    Hi James,


    1. have you done any recent hardware or software changes to the computer before the show?

    2. What is the number of brand and model of the computer?

    Please follow the link and check with the question:

    Game hangs or quits unexpectedly:

    Note: Also applies to non-Microsoft games.

    Important note: You must follow step 7 of the article mentioned above to recover the computer to Normal startup after you complete all the steps.

    The data files that are infected must be cleaned only by removing the file completely, which means that there is a risk of data loss.

    I hope this helps.

  • While playing online games, I get this message. McAfee service as host encountered a problem and must close.

    Error messages

    I have Windows XP Home Edition. While playing online games, I get this message. McAfee service as host encountered a problem and must close. McAfee, as tried to help him stop for a day, then did it again. As MS sent me on this forum as everyone has an answer to this problem.

    Microsoft Security Essentials is an antivirus which is free.  You can also get for malware.


  • I use Google chrome and shock wave crashes all the time

    I use Google chrome and shock wave crashes all the time

    Google Chrome and Adobe Shockwave aren't Microsoft products.

    Without a message from the error 'event', he probably does not have an answer that remove and re-install the latest versions of each.

  • How can I control the media player while playing a game?

    OT: help!
    Is there a a way to control the media player while playing a game? e.g. change of songs

    Hi Serrieslack,
    If you talk to a Windows game, the only thing you can do is use your "windows key" or the alt + tab to switch between games. If you are talking about during the Xbox game, you can press the 'x' button and go in the settings of your Media Player and do what ever you need to do.
    Hope this helps,
    B Eddie

  • PC, vista... Adobe shock wave crashing, any other available?

    for several months the entire system has been crashing, wedging on and freeze completely. Micrsoft then found missing driver (what he knows) they have re-installed and things seemed fine for mth then really, things started to repeat itself. know while using Fb game with friends of the shock wave adobe (?) crashed has stopped working all together. deleted and reinstalled 3 times and there is 6 hours and know its slowdown and start stop again... follwed all the suggestions to allow but can't seem to make it work. IIS it appearance DEP kill or...   Rolanda

    1 is it a problem when you play games on facebook?
    2. What is the exact error message?
    3. where have you installed shockwave?
    4 are you using Internet Explorer. If Yes, what version of IE are you using?
    Find out what version of Internet Explorer you are using

    Follow the suggestions and see that I won't help.
    You can install shockwave and flash player in a clean boot state.

    Step 1: Clean boot
    How to troubleshoot a problem by performing a clean boot in Windows Vista or in Windows 7
    Note: After a troubleshooting follow step 7: reset the computer to start as usual

    Step 2: Download link for Shockwave.
    Adobe Shockwave Player
    Adobe Flash Player

    See also:
    Solve game problems
    Optimize Windows Vista for better performance

  • BSOD while playing Shockwave games installed on my pc

    I get Blue Screen of Death, whenever I play everything related to Flash Player... sometimes get BSOD while trying to watch videos on Yahoo.

    I went to the Adobe website and do a right-click while the video test showed... and disabled hardware acceleration. I did it for IE and Firefox browsers.  (and had to try several times! cause test is too fast.) So far this has prevented the crash, although some games only freeze.  Have not checked to see if now can watch NBC videos yet.

    But still make games installed BSOD.

    I have the latest drivers for my graphics card... I need to stop hardware acceleration while playing games Shockwave on my PC - it has no settings option in the control panel of Flash Player PC to turn off hardware acceleration.

    I use Window 07 and NVIDIA Geforce 340.52 / AMD Phenom II x 4 955

    Seems to me that the control of the local computer center flash drive would be greatly benefited by having tab option (in point) to stop hardware acceleration when installed running games.

    Also, I had to hunt for the center of control of PC in the first place.  So easy to find in XP, but it makes sense in the system and security of 07.

    I searched for a way to adjust the hardware acceleration from the NVIDIA Control Panel. The only thing I found connected remotely to hardware acceleration is the PhysX configuration

    I put the PhysX to automatic selection to the use of the graphics vs. the CPU.  Will see if it makes a difference.

    Otherwise how would disable hardware acceleration by program? anyone?

    So far, no more blue screen during execution of Flash Player based videos or game in Internet Explorer.

    Yet the BSOD using Pale Moon, although that Pat Willener wrote in another thread.

    Problems of hardware acceleration with Pale Moon

    "Firefox doesn't offer is more a 64-bit version.  However, 64-bit Firefox as Waterfox or Pale Moon browsers perform perfectly well with the 64-bit plugin. »

    After entering my NVIDIA Control Panel and setting automatic selection using the graphics card PhysX vs the CPU, using Flash Player games that are installed on my PC almost seems to work fine.  NO PC crashes, but the ongoing games to run Flash Player will stop responding and crash.

    BTW, the BSOD has begun to affect every single game after the last update of Flash Player. Now that I changed the PhysX settings to use the video card only, the problem seems to be fixed for now.

    Any advice more, especially from Pat would be appreciated.

  • Equium A60 crashing while playing Evolution Soccer 5


    I just bought Pro Evolution Soccer 5 on playstation 2 and I've been playing online. However, when you do this my laptop broke down several times and it obviously loses the connection. It only happens with pro evo 5, it works very well with Tony Hawk underground. any ideas what the cause of the crash?

    laptop: Equium A60
    OS: Windows XP
    Proccesor: Pentium 4
    Internet: Blueyonder broadband (connected to the desktop computer, then my laptop with belkin wireless router).

    Any help much appreciated.


    Can you tell me how you can play the games designed for a Playstation 2?
    I'm sure that it s is not a unity problem, because other games work well. I think you should check on the web for some patches for this game.
    I m that you can find an information about this.

    Good bye

  • C670-105 satellite unwanted reboot while playing a game


    I had the same problem in the previous months, when I'm playing Football Manager 2011 on my Toshiba laptop.

    The game requires a lot of CPU at some point (when I move forward step, CPU and game create other teams results and create new next and so on) and it breaks after 1-2 hours of play.

    It gets stronger and stronger and that's it!
    PC automathically restart and I lost my time!

    It could be overheating CPU, but I get this problems only by playing this game.
    I can't forget to play while listening to the music from Youtube or any other source or Skype chat in the background, it remains only for a few minutes then it will restart the PC again and again.

    Who is wrong? Overheating or something else?
    Maybe I just need to reinstall any Windows or game (FM 2011)?

    I use: Toshiba C670-105 / Cor Intel i3 2.53 GHz, 4 GB RAM, Win 7 Home Premium 64-bit SP1, 300 GB drive HARD, DirectX10, NVIDIA GeForce 315 M

    My backup is currently approximately 180 MB. And of course, my laptop is above the minimum requirements to play this game.

    Any tips?

    > Whats wrong? Overheating or something else?
    Well, I think that nobody would be able to say exactly why the device stops without any further investigation.
    Usually the laptop could power OFF due to high temperature and high temperature is mainly the reason of downs stop unwanted automatic.

    Never clean the laptop s cooling fans in the past?
    No.? Probably dust and debris inside the cooling modules prevent the fans to run with the best performance and cause high temperatures, leading to the closing down.

    I recommend you to use a jet of compressed air to get rid of the dust. But sometimes these cooling modules should be cleaned professionally.
    But try first of the jet of compressed air.

  • Satellite L750 - while playing a game or watching that a card his film turns off

    I have a problem with my sound card. while I play a game or watch a movie, it stops. to reactivate the sound, the only way is to enable and disable the speakers. my laptop model is L750-1LC and I downloaded the driver FOM audio conexant the Toshiba site.

    can someone help me with the please my problem.

    Thank you


    Are you using the original OS that you got with your laptop or another version preinstalled on your own?
    > the only way to reactivate the sound is to enable and disable the speakers
    How do you do that? In the sound options > reading?

  • Satellite C660-184 freezes at random times while playing a game.

    Laptop freezes at random times while playing Football Manager 2011. The game is not graphics intensive and worked for about a month with no problems, just recently it started to freeze, and the only thing I can do is to turn off my laptop by the power button.

    I have a

    Satellite C660-184
    Windows® 7 Home Premium 64-bit authentic (pre-installed, Toshiba-HDD recovery)
    -Intel® Core i3 - 380 M processor
    SuperMulti DVD + r (Double Layer)
    -RAM (1066 MHZ) DDR3 4096 MB (2048 + 2048)
    -39.6 cm (15.6 ") TruBrite® HD (1366 x 768) high brightness display with LED back light with aspect ratio 16:9
    -Intel HD Graphics, display memory: 1 696 MB

    My graphics driver is up to date, said my last is 28/07/2010.

    I am at a loss to explain what is happening.

    Help and advice would be greatly appreciated.

    Hey Buddy,

    > The game is not graphics intensive and worked for about a month without any problems, has recently started to freeze
    This could mean that the laptop is overheating
    The reason for overheating is the dust that blocks the fan for laptop gets hotter

    I recommend to clean using a jet of compressed air to blow the dust from the cooling fans. You can do it without disassembling the computer so it is very easy and takes only 5 minutes.
    Just remove the battery and unplug the AC adapter before doing this.

    For example I clean my laptop every 4 months because a lot of dust is coming so it s worth it.

  • How can I disable security while playing my games

    Hello!  Why did all my games starts saying cannot start.  Al so why they say an Access Violation.  How can I stop this?  Other people have said I should turn off my secuity settings while playing games.   Please helpl I have McAfee and they have a list to add my games but I can't find how to do this.  Thank you!  Lana

    Hi Lana Burroughs,

    Your McAfee Firewall seems to be the problem, you will need to enter through the present and allow access to the game and internet, games that are trying to access is blocked. see if this link helps you.



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