should I change my title to waypoints in flight simulator 2004?

Airbus A380 flight procedure

using flight sim 2004, using an Airbus A380 flight. My Question is when I create a flight plan and begins to fly, what I have to change position every time I go a new waypoint or there is a way that all waypoints will be detected automatically to Destination. If there is on please can you me the sequence.

Thank you


You will need to contact Flight Simulator for better assistance.

Hope this information helps.

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    You get no matter what error code or error message?

    There seems to be a problem with the file missing in the rear disc system. I suggest you to refer to the following Microsoft article and check if it helps.

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    Hope the information is useful.

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    Flight Simulator 2004 is compatible with Windows 7.

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    Thank you.


    Run the Fixit and see if it helps.

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    Hope this information helps.

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    Notice that I use the UI platforms instead of operators TestStand interfaces because I want are tiled windows execution displayed for each test sockets, and the OIs TestStand don't do that.

    Hi George Mah.

    To change the operator interface, you will need to modify the source code, which is written in c#. To change it, open the solution in Visual Studio and open the MainForm and follow the instructions on the image below:

    When you double-click on the "UIMessageEvent" you will have the code for it. In the code, you will need to add a new case to handle the changes you want to make. Here's the code you can use:

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    This should take care of it. I hope this helps.

    Kind regards

    Perry S.

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    Thanks in advance,


    Yes, it's probably the ID3 tags (data embedded in the file with information such as title, artist, album, etc.). SANSAS do not pay attention to the names of files, only the tags. There are several ways to edit the ID3 tags, one of the easiest is a program like MP3Tag.

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    The second file is not cooperating and was not deleted.

    "Not cooperating" can mean many different things. A real verbatim error message would be more useful. In the case of locked files, it is often possible to remove safe mode.

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    It should not be a problem with the addition of WMA lossless data... If your rip settings and parameters of the library are correct, any information you enter must apply in all (although you may need to change the name of file separately - always do to the location of the file and not in the library 'explorer').

    I would like to know if the problem persists and we will check things through. -Cheers - Ric

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    Thank you

    According to the title, simply specify [email protected] That should do it. Another way would be to add the text [email protected] (add a space between the @1 and report if you wish) in the view of the narration and move it to the top. @1 means Column1.

    Thank you!

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    Tell apple that you disagree with their policies here

  • How can I change the title of the folder?

    Im trying to organize my notes and consolidate a bit, but I need different titles. I can't change the title even with edit. Also, is it possible to pass information from one folder to another?

    To change the title of the file, switch to the folder view (who has the list of places, your notes are kept: all iCloud, Notes, file, folder, deleted recently) and press the button change. While in editing, tap the folder you want to change the name to once and it will display a window where you can change it.

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    See you soon,.


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