Should I replace my battery?

my battery is more recharching and stay 0% percentage while the laptop is connected and if I remove the charger my laptop turned off, it means that my battery is no longer effective and that it cannot be reloaded does? Should I replace my battery?


Yes, you should get a new battery.

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  • "Consider replacing your battery" notification

    I had my computer for about 2.5 years.  It started with Vista and I have upgraded to Windows 7.  The battery never had problems; Indeed, this weekend, I watched a movie that has more than 2 hours on a single charge.  When I turned on my computer today, the battery icon was an X through it and said I should consider replacing my battery.

    I know that the battery is fine; I want to know why it says its wrong and how to fix it.  I should point out that I let my battery down to 3%, after which it has hibernated for the first time yesterday.  It seems odd that this would lead to the question, but it was the only thing out of the ordinary.

    And are the best people to ask for... Entry door. There is no official support for Windows 7 running on your laptop.

    Mike Hall MVP - Windows Desktop Experience

  • battery problem: message "consider replacing the battery.

    original title: battery problem


    I think I have a problem with my battery today. I bought my laptop on October 2010 and everything was OK until today: the indicator of battery on the computer screen with a blinking red and it says that I should "consider replacing the battery.
    Then, when I plug the battery on the computer, there is one other Red Cross on the battery indicator, and also said I should 'consider replacing the battery. In addition, it is written "a battery problem has been detected. Your computer may suddenly stop. However, I see that the battery is charging (the battery indicator increases).
    Finally, when I unplug the battery from the computer, after 5 minutes on all messages have gone, and everything seems completely normal.
    So, I wonder if there is a real problem, and you think that I should really change the battery soon (I would find it strange that my cell phone is almost brand new)?

    Thank you.


    I suggest you o article below to see and check if it helps.

    What should I do if I get a notification "consider replacing your battery"?

    Also check out the article below:

    Hope this helps

  • I replace my battery but I can't seem to get it slowed down what should I do to solve this problem

    I have replace the battery of mt on the laptop, but it does not load when I checked the battery put in said that the battery is slowed down what should I do to solve this problem


    -What is the number of brand and model of the computer?

    It is sometimes difficult to determine whether a problem is caused by the equipment do not operate according to the manufacturer's specifications. But in the case of power - and more specifically a battery - it works or not.  If a battery is not that it is either a defective battery or a faulty charger.

    I suggest to check the connections, connect it properly.  If you have a spare power adapter only to login and check. Contact the manufacturer of the computer for better assistance.

    For your reference:

    ·         When you turn on your laptop, if your battery is more than 95%, you will get the message "connected but no charging current.

    ·         When you turn on your laptop, if your battery is less than 95%, you will see the message "plugged and charge" until the battery reaches 100% (not 95%).

    It will be useful.

  • If my Macbook Pro is under Applecare extended it reduces the cost of replacing the battery?

    If my Macbook Pro is under Applecare extended it reduces the cost of replacing the battery?

    How much is usually charged for the replacement of the battery?   (in the United Kingdom)

    Thank you

    If it's a warranty or Apple Care + the covered replacement instance, it should be free.


    Mac Service Pricing - Support Apple laptops

    13/15 inch MacBook Pro £99 INCLUDING VAT.
  • I need to replace the battery and AC adapter of the Satellite Pro U400-160

    I have a Satellite Pro U400-160.

    I need to replace the battery and the charger of my Toshiba, but I am wary about compatibility issues.

    Any battery for Satellite Pro U400 is suitable for mine?
    As I can't find which batteries are specifically suitable for my computer.

    (For example: is this a:

    Is there a quick way to check if a battery / charger are compatible?

    Each battery and adapter you get from Toshiba has specific part number. All you have to do is use this same part number and order. You should be able to find on the internet.
    You can also get compatible parts you are ordering by the Toshiba authorized service provider in your country.

    By the way: all U400 models have the same construction and the similar specifications then all the batteries specified for U400 can be used on your U400-160.

  • Consider replacing your battery on Tecra M11 message

    Windows 7 pro 64-bit.

    All of a sudden I turn on my laptop (TECRA M11-103) 2 years old or so, after hibernation, and I get an X on the battery icon, even when the load and a warning saying I should replace my best.

    Ideas or comments?

    On my Satellite A300 battery is depicted with red X all the time and I know for sure that the battery is defective. Maybe you should replace the battery.
    > When the dough reaches about 90% of power or a little below, X brand again apears.
    I'm afraid this is the beginning of the end of m.

  • "Consider replacing your battery" - Satellite Pro C650


    I recently sent an email to [email protected] for trying to sort out a possible battery / battery reading problem on my Toshiba Satellite C650 I've owned for less than a year (is therefore covered by the guarantee).

    Yesterday, I received a computer technical support number Toshiba follow-up call and asked to perform some tests to see if they would solve the problem:

    (1) check if the version of the BIOS was updated, which was (_BIOS version 2.00_) as confirmed by clicking F2 at startup upward.

    (2) uninstall the old version of the program "Toshiba Value added Package" and then go to the site, enter the laptop model/part number and _download the last value added paquet_, followed by a reboot.

    I was provided with a number to call back with, where these tests does not solve the problem, however, I don't have a landline phone where I am and rely on call with a phone laptop (which is very expensive, especially when put on hold). I was expecting to receive some kind of help on these forums.

    As the tests has not fixed the problem I meet, where should I go from here? *
    Any help is appreciated, thanks.

    Here are some of the finer details about the problem: {pasted from an email I sent to customer relationship}

    "From what I can tell, the power adapter (charger) (works very well since it is able to charge the battery to the laptop comes with lithium-ion and the light on the front of the laptop orange indicates that the adapter is plugged and that he is in charge)." However, recently, whenever I unplugged the AC adapter, I got a notice when I clicked on the battery meter on the desktop icon. It is said: "consider replacing your battery. There is a problem with your battery, so your computer might turns off suddenly. "There is also a red x appears over the battery icon. Despite what the notification says, it seems that the problem can be more complex than that.

    Today, I noticed that, despite the adapter sector not be plugged and gauge battery reading '0% ', the laptop has not stopped or put into hibernation - it remains functional. Other times, the battery meter will be warn me that there are few charges left and stops (sometimes only after 15 minutes). Before I received the notification 'Consider replacing your battery', the laptop battery would last at least 1½ hours without going through the AC is plugged. I also had this laptop for less than a year and took good care of the battery, allowing it to perform from time to time and then reload after. It makes little sense that the battery now 15 minutes or less.

    As the battery meter was apparently to 0% and not stopped this evening, I think that the problem may have something to do with the method of control compatible ACPI Microsoft stack or at least the device that indicates the battery charge. According to my observations, it seems to be underestimating the percent of charge and so sometimes will stop prematurely, even if there is more charge remaining than expected.

    I followed the Toshiba support (online) forums and other computer help forums and this problem of "battery reading" seems to be something of a number other users of portable computers have / is experience, especially when a user installs an operating system of Windows 7 on a laptop that was purchased with a preinstalled Windows XP operating system. I would like to point out that this laptop came with a preinstalled Windows 7 OS and I have not changed operating systems at any time.

    I also read that with this problem, in some cases, users attempted to correct the notification "Consider replacing your battery" following the advice of notifications and buy a new battery mounted on their model mobile exact but apparently it has not resolved. »

    > I've also read that with this problem, in some cases, users have attempted to set the notification "Consider replacing your battery" following the advice of notifications and buy a new battery mounted on their model mobile exact but apparently it has not resolved. »

    Well, in my opinion you should definitely try a new battery.
    If all updates (BIOS, PPV, etc.) no did not help, then a new battery should be tested. Of course, it would be better to try it before you buy a new battery then maybe you need to get in touch with ASP in your country and have this clear in direct contact with the agent.

    You said that the guarantee is valid, that's why it should be to fix the laptop for free. But you should consider that battery is covered by warranty one year long.

  • Satellite A - consider replacing your battery

    Hello world

    I changed my OS from vista to windows 7 after a few months it shows "consider replacing your battery", I could not understand the problem.

    Any oone can tell me the reason, more autonomy is almost 1: 00 now.

    Hi nkbolla,

    You should check this article:

    As you can see the error message is OK and the battery is near end of life if you need to replace the battery the next time.

    You can get a new battery to an authorized service provider for example. They sell original Toshiba pare parts:

  • NB520 - Warning to replace my battery


    I want to ask about my battery.
    I replaced my battery (guaranteed) after that 1 week I bought my netbook because it warns replace me my battery.

    But I still have the same problem.
    My just battery can be used for 10-15 minutes even if the indicator shows 100% full.
    The warning to replace my battery is always there that even I, I replaced the battery.

    Really, I have pointed out in this regard that I bought this netbook as it is easy to to anywhere, but if the battery life is so short, it make my life difficult. What should I do?

    Thank you


    New battery needs to be calibrated in a first time of use

    This means that you charge and discharge the battery several times in line.

    You can also try update BIOS as described above might help if you are using an older version of BIOS.

  • Is it possible to replace the battery on Satellite L300 - 12K?


    Is it possible to replace the battery?
    That are available?
    Where can I buy it?

    Thank you


    Of course, the battery can be exchanged and you can buy it from a local computer retailer or authorized service provider.

    On the Toshiba site, you can search for compatible batteries and part numbers. You should check this: Services devices & -online PC Options & accessories

    Welcome them

  • Re: Satellite A300-1EI: Windows 7 "consider replacing your battery".

    I have my Toshiba two years.

    I bought Vista witch, but I install Windows XP.
    Laptop worked fine. In December 2009, I decided to install Windows 7.
    All the drivers were available so I did. Windows 7 worked fine yesterday.

    I have a Windows 7 release "consider replacing your battery" and laptop running on battery too short.
    Before this problem I could work 1 hour and 45 minutes. He is now 15 to 30 min.

    I read in some forums on the Internet that Windows 7 battery damage. Is this true?
    Y at - it an idea to fix it?

    I'm afraid to buy new battery if windows 7 damaging too. Thanks for your help.

    P. S.
    Sorry for my weak English.


    Windows 7 has recognized as the performance of your battery too low and the battery should be replaced.

    Please take a look here:
    + Notfication in Windows 7 battery meter "consider replacing your battery". +

    As mentioned in this document of Toshiba, Microsoft this message is OK and the battery is really end of life)<>

    It seems time for a new battery

  • Satellite A200: Should I remove the battery when working on the power supply


    I've been running an A200 machine for the last 2 months, bought as a desktop replacement in order to fit in my small apartment. I realize now that I never ued work on battery - it is always powered on sector. Since this is unlikely to change, should I remove the battery? Deing battery degrades remaining in the machine while it is continusouly by the industry feeding, or does it not matter?

    Thank you very much in advance for your reviews.


    You can remove it, but it should not be done. For me, it's stupid to remove the battery and let the dust make the battery place dirty. The batteries we use today are very good and Scott wrote the electronic power supply just to check if the battery is full and care the battery and the battery capacity.

  • Satellite A300: Win7 watch battery message - consider replacing the battery

    I need help with a problem to do with the driver or the BIOS of a Toshiba A300.
    I am running Windows 7 and recently I got a message saying "consider replacing the battery. I know that it is a well known problem.

    There should be a work around otherwise, Windows 7 had drained my battery.

    Hi mate

    Please check this Toshiba document:
    + Notfication in Windows 7 battery meter "consider replacing your battery". +

    According to Microsoft, this message is OK and the battery is really the end of life)<40%).>
    There is no need update the BIOS as shown on several Web sites in the Internet.

    For more information, please see:

  • Satellite P100 PSPA3A: Replacement of battery for the RTC

    I got an old P100 Satellite System for 3 years. Model # PSPA3A-01R00P.
    There is a problem with the clock that he fails to keep time / the correct date.

    I contacted my local Toshiba Service Agent inquiring on a replacement RTC battery and was advised that the cost would be $460.00 as it is necessary to replace a complete circuit where the battery is soldered in place.

    I guess it's the fault, even if the laptop does not indicate that the battery is defective.
    I can't simply afford to spend that kind of money to try to solve the problem.

    Any suggestions to remedy the situation.

    Hi Tim

    The replacement of the motherboard is always a costly affair, and in my opinion, you should consider various possibilities.
    In my view, that a mobo of second hand could be an option for you.
    I mean you could google or look on eBay for some laptops second hand P100 with a motherboard works.
    I think it would be much cheaper than new.

    But listen buddy maybe a RTC battery replacement is not necessary. Maybe the CMOS battery is empty and can be recharged.

    AFAIK, you can reload the RTC battery runs the laptop for about 18-20 hours.
    Connect the laptops battery and adapter to the machine leave it connected for a longer period.

    I wonder if it will help regards

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