Should what duckhead I order for a wall adapter for Macbook?

I'm in Europe and broke the duckhead on my Macbook adapter (2008). I want to order one of Apple or Amazon to be ready when I come back to the United States next week, but I'm not sure if all the Mac adapter duckheads alike.  For example, I found several duckheads Apple-put online, but for the Macbook Air, and I don't know if they will work with my adapter.  Is there a reference number of Apple or another way to identify the right product?  Any help will be appreciated!

There are several power adapters, cords, etc. for Mac laptops here:

• Find the right adapter cord for your laptop Mac - Apple Support and sector

Some locations may have the duckhead material master record of the power adapter. different

for different places and regions exist. The United States and the Canada use the same.

All an Apple authorized reseller or service provider may have or could get these.

I thought has a link in the EU for associated OWC products, but I had one is not

It seems to sell the MagSafe cable replacement or duckhead adapter. THE OWC United States has some. You can eventually find a second adapter

However, the best price may involve to check if a local company has or may

get the same item you need, about the price of the internet (given that duty, shipping, etc.)

An example of a reputable mac-centric vendor:

Sorry, I was unable to give a direct answer.

Good luck & happy computing!

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    Is this possible or am I pasted with limiting the size? If so should what format I use on my external hard drive? and it has all the other notes aside I should know?

    Thank you!

    Hi Filabaca:

    If you want to use a hard drive external Mac and PC options are:

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    Best regards


    • client Windows (for example, 7, 8, 8.1, 10) Limited has somewhere around 5 concurrent connections. and costs up to $300.
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    I find that the batteries that claim is for c660 but they reffer to as (PA3634U-1BAS), some reffer to as c660d and some reffer to as c660 (PA3634U-1BRS). I am comfused, a bit is not compatible?

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    When you remove the original battery, you can see which part number there. In my opinion the best thing is to order the same model of battery. By using this part number, you can try to find an online store where you can order.

    On the market, you can find several batteries offered by some manufacturers of third party (without the Toshiba label thereon). These batteries are cheaper than original batteries by Toshiba. They might be good, but usually, they died very quickly.
    Last year, I ordered this battery for my old A300. The battery was OK, but I couldn't get it up properly. Battery was in place, but at the back, there was a sort of pressure and plastic was out of shape. In any case, it's your decision what to do.

    Compatible batteries for your portable Satellite have following reference numbers:

    Good luck

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    I'm trying to decide who gets stuck between the two

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    Any suggestions?

    The Radio Shack will certainly work.

    It is difficult to say the photo of Best Buy. If it is a wall charger with cord separated the iPod, then you could probably plug your Sansa into the wall charger USB plug.  But if the charger is wired to an iPod connector, so no, NO and no.

    You cannot use iPod with the "rocket" accessories. Power goes through different pins of the connector iPod and an iPod connector can fry the "rocket".

    What you need is something that plugs into the wall and has a standard USB plug - I think it is 5V.  Then you plug the power cord supplied with the Sansa in decision-making and use the Sansa, the "rocket" connector. There are many of them - Kodak, for example.

    You can also check for the Chargers for the Sansa - the same charger will work with Fuze and E200, so search for one or the other. But NO iPOD CHARGERS.

  • Should what version I go for, 4 Esx or Esxi 4?

    Hi I am new to VmSphere and I want to start as soon as possible.

    What is the difference between Esx and Esxi?

    And that one should I go for?

    There is an installable option and a built-in option.

    That we on these I should go with?

    Thank you

    Hello and welcome to the forums.

    Since you are new to vSphere, I'd say go with ESXi.  ESXi is the future of the product, and you can also get it free!  Take the installable option and see if you have a piece of hardware on the HCL install it on.  Also be sure to check out the excellent product documentation.

    Good luck!

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    Can someone tell me what type of card goes hand in hand with this slot machine?  What is the maximum capacity?

    Thank you!


    Yes, it will work.


  • Satellite L300: Should what Service I go for the Vbios update


    I have a Toshiba L300 with GM965 and the Vbios is very old: version 1436.

    As we knew that Intel has committed that this version and the other older versions of v1668 can cause the computer crashed with BSOD Vista.

    However, I waited for a long period of Toshiba for an update of the Vbios, but it seems too hard (8 months). I asked the local service for help, but they can't do something. I wonder where can I ask for help on this problem.

    There is already good evidence on this issue from a different manufacture.

    Looking forward to a great response.

    Best wishes to all.

    Kind regards.

    I'm not sure if something like this is possible.
    You can try to update the graphic driver Intel using the driver directly from the page of Intel but VBios update is not known to me.

    However, if it is possible then an ASP in your country should be able to provide more details!

    Bye & welcome

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    I was wondering what would be the best for the security of the system. When certain programs are installed/uninstalled, they leave some files behind them in the registry. Please, tell me what would be the best for computer to run smoothly and fix it?

    Thank you

    You are welcome. Surf safely and have a day free of malware.

  • Should what JDK I download for R12.1.3, 64-bit Linux?

    Hi, experts:

    I was downloading JDK needs JDK 1.5 or higher for v5.8 Oracle Linux 64-bit database and applications 12.1.3. I found patch #18143596. Is this correct?
    Now I don't know which one I should choose depending on the platform.
    If I choose the = Linux x 86 platform, in the readme, there platform: Linux-i586
    If I choose the = Linux x 86-64 platform, in the readme, there platform: platform: Linux amd64

    That one has reason to choose?

    Thank you for your help.

    JDK, you will need to follow the steps (using the JDK 7.0 updated with Oracle E-Business Suite version 12.0 and 12.1 (Doc ID 1467892.1)) and download the 32 bit version.

    For JRE, you will need to follow (deployment of JRE (Native plug-ins) for Windows customers in Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12 (Doc ID 393931.1)) - download the Windows version (Windows 64-bit) x 64 or x 86 (32 bit) Offline as required

    Thank you


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    I have been using Photoshop CS6 on my old MacBook Pro laptop and files pefs from my IIs Pentac K - 5 has worked very well. I bought a new laptop Macintosh and after CS6 installed on it, I noticed that it cannot open my pef files. Can you tell what update Camera Raw I have to download and install to get it working again. I am aware that the dng files works fine but I use files pef for two years now, so I want to be able to open them again. I use the latest version of Camera Raw 7.1 for the moment. Thanks for your replies!

    What version of mac os x is your new Macintosh laptop have?

    Have you tried help > updates in photoshop cs6 to get the plugin camera raw 9 update?

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    For your convenience, this seems to be a link to the full version of the article on YouTube video download which has been

    extract in your thread.

    The full version has some interesting additional information with graphics provided by YouTube.

    See what works for you. My comments are already given in the 4 position.

    Thank you.


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