Show/hide bahavior does not not in firefox or safari

Here's my problem. The behavior to hide to see the embedded in DW CS3 is works well in IE6 and 7 but does not at all in firefox and safari (latest versions). I tried it on different events, but nothing.

My web site is configured that if someone clicks on details, a layer will become visible and the details will be displayed. I know there is a work around and the easiest would be to open a new window, but it is not the style I want.

Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you


Page<br />
onclick = "MM_goToURL ('parent ',' service.cfm?)" language =#langue #')
; return document. MM_returnValue.
onmouseover = "MM_swapImage ('Image9 '", '... /images/#rsPicture.MenuServic) "
(eOver #
', 1)' MM_swapImgRestore "/ >

on this subject.

onclick = "MM_goToURL ('parent ',' service.cfm?)" language =#langue #'); return
false ".
onmouseover = "MM_swapImage ('Image9 '", '... /images/#rsPicture.MenuServic) "
(eOver #
', 1)' MM_swapImgRestore "><>
SRC ="... /images/#rsPicture.menuService #"alt ="Page
Service"width ="233"height ="145"id ="Image9"/ >

and see what happens.

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"poirot" wrote in message
News:[email protected]
> Sorry for the delay in responding. I was out of town.
> You're right, that's exactly what I did, using the hide- and
> swap
> image included in dreamweaver in the behavior Panel
> Other then the mouse does not display all the rest works fine.
> Thank you very much for your time
> ASP.
> alt = 'Page '.
"> Service" width = "233" height = "145" id = "Image9.
> onclick = "MM_goToURL ('parent ',' service.cfm?)" language =#langue #')
> ; return document. MM_returnValue.
> onmouseover = "MM_swapImage ('Image9 '", '... /images/#rsPicture.MenuServic) "
(> eOver #
', 1)' MM_swapImgRestore "/ >

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