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When I restart my PC the hidden file & folders are show then I tools click folder options on the order & check "do not show hidden file & folder" click ok, and then the shadow folder does not show. I want to display the files when I don't need every time.

Using Explorer (my computer for example), put in place the window exactly as you wish. that is, with the files/folders hidden. Click Tools > Folder Options > view tab check the box to not display these files/folders. Click on the button that says "Apply to all folders" before you apply/OK outside. You will get a prompt indicating that the settings apply to all the files that open in the future. MS - MVP - Elephant Boy computers - don't panic!

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    How can I force the Finder to show all files in a folder of Capitan 10.11?-instead of always having to click on "Show all" to see the full selection of files.

    It is not often that I said ' what are you talking about"but" what are you talking about? "

    I do not know of all "show all" in the Finder. Can you provide a screenshot?

  • The temporary internet files folder does not show all the files in this folder property while is more than 1 GB. How to delete temporary internet files. ?

    The temporary internet files folder does not show all the files in this folder property while is more than 1 GB. How to delete temporary internet files. ?  Disk space is very low around 1 & half GB. Please someone help resolve this issue. I am looking for the solution, but it did not have a specific.

    Thank you best regards &.

    Atul Zade.

    CCleaner is very useful to get rid of temporary files, you can get it here: you can use it to clean your temporary files, but DO NOT use registry cleaning works, registry cleaning is mainly a useless effort that can cause more harm than good.


  • Is it possible to create a folder that can hide files automatically, when they are copied in it?


    Is it possible to create a folder that can hide files automatically, when they are copied in it? I mean how to program a folder so that everything that he would automatically become hidden? I would be very grateful...

    Is it possible to create a folder that can hide files automatically, when they are copied in it?

    Yes. A sort of roundabout.

    For this example, create a folder on your C drive named HideTest.

    Download Choice.Exe (click on the link to download the utility program near the bottom of the page. "And save it in the C:\HideTest folder).

    Open Notepad and then copy and paste the following text in it:

    Off @Echo

    : All
    Set FilesToHide = No.

    : GoToDir

    : Top
    IF FilesToHide %! Is Yes! Attrib *. * + H

    : Choice
    Choice.Exe /c:YN t:Y, 30 are looking for files to hide
    If ErrorLevel 2 Goto: exit

    : MakeList
    Dir > TempList.Txt

    : CheckFiles
    Set FilesToHide = No.
    Find.Exe "0 file (s)' TempList.Txt
    If ErrorLevel 1 Set FilesToHide = Yes
    If exist TempList.Txt Del TempList.Txt

    : Loop
    Goto: Top

    : Output
    Set FilesToHide =
    If exist TempList.Txt Del TempList.Txt

    Click on file, then save under...

    Go to C:\HideTest

    Name the file Hide.Bat

    Click Save

    Close Notepad

    Open Windows Explorer

    Go to C:\Documents and Settings\UserName\Start where user_name is your own username.

    In the right pane, right click, select New, and then click shortcut.

    Click Browse, and then navigate to C:\HideTest and click on Hide.Bat, click Next.

    Type a new name or accept the default name and click Finish.

    Right-click on the newly created shortcut, and click Properties.

    Change the race: from the normal window to reduced.

    Click on apply, and then click Ok.

    Restart your computer.

    Note: In the line above Choice.Exe c:YN t:Y, 30 are looking for files to hide, 30 is the number of seconds it will wait before checking the new files. This can be from 1 to 99.

    Edit: Just to satisfy my curiosity, why do you do this?

  • deleted files & folder still show when sharing media with XBOX

    I use my XBOX to connect to my windows7 system which is part of the homegroup with multimedia file sharing.  I can access the files and play the video very well.   My problem is when I remove a video folder shared on the computer of Windows7, it always appears in the show still files XBOX as a shared file, or even deleted as existing, but they really aren't there.  How can I force the system to update the list to see what is really in the files?

    I saw that as well, but I think it's the xbox caching (storage) the list and not in fact that Windows 7 is offering an old list.  Re-establishment of the connection to the computer settings of the Xbox seems to refresh, or you can just wait and it will eventually regenerate (for me, a few hours).  Turn on/off the Xbox could even help him out.

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  • Windows 7 shows more files in the properties that are in the folder!

    I just got a machine with Windows 7 64-bit.  Previously, I was using Vista.   After moving the files from my external backup drive, I found a little annoyance.  When, I copied a folder from outside with 8 files it contains, show up on the windows machine 7 with 8 records.  BUT when goods have been selected on the copy of windows 7 for this folder 9 files.  There is no hidden files in these folders and 'show hidden files' has been selected.

    It does this for about half of the copied files.  This is a disadvantage because when I copy several files of images, I check the properties of the source file and the windows 7 machine to ensure that they match.  They do not match even if the photos are the same on the outside and the machine windows 7!

    Silly little problem, but it makes my head spin!


    What is the additional file that is copied and what is the format of this file?

    Try to remove unnecessary files on your computer by using the disk cleanup and check if it makes a difference. It removes temporary files, empty the Recycle Bin, and removes a variety
    the file system and other items that you no longer need.

    Refer to this link for help:

    Also check out this link:

    Kind regards
    Afzal Taher - Microsoft technical support.
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  • Change the folder options to show hidden files, but they do not display, and the option will not save

    I have a problem in my computer, its not display hidden files and folders. In folder options, I tried to check SHOW the FILES AND FOLDER CACHE and click on APPLY and OK but it does not work. Still hidden files are not displayed. but when I opened again Folder Options the one that is chosen is DO NOT DISPLAY the FILES AND FOLDERS HIDDEN. Several times I did but the same stills. I am logged in as administrator. How can I fix? Please tell me the solution and tell me is it caused by virus or not?

    Hi ZohaibJamil,

    If you have one machine to another,
    Then, click Run, type Regedit, go to the next topic & select export.


    Copy the file on the problematic machine, double click on it & select Yes.

    If you do not have another machine,

    Navigate to the registry entry above & change the values as below:


    NOHIDDEN - Checkedvalue (2)

    DefaultValue (2)

    SHOWALL - Checkedvalue (1)

    DefaultValue (2)

    That's all!

  • I used "Show Hidden Files" in a folder and all my files disspeared

    I used "Show Hidden Files" in a folder on an external hard drive and all my files disappeared after I changed the settings and press ENTER.

    I also made the change not in a folder, but the subfolders. I have many files duplicate on my external hard drive and I noticed that each file said that she had more files that were contained in each file, so I wanted to see what were these hidden files. After you have clicked on enter, each music file and folder just disappeared.

    I searched my pc but can't find these files. I got more than $ 100 of music who has simply disappeared.

    What can I do b/call, the music were in a separate folder, and there were more than 50 files with hundreds of songs. I mean how to do a cover for it?

    Return to the folder options and use the "Restore default settings" button to change all the options back how they were, and see if it helps.

    You can also try to use the drive in another computer, if you think that the configuration of your computer could be the problem.

  • The files show in the folder AND subfolder in Windows Explorer library

    QUESTION: How can I configure this library so that are not files in subfolders in the folder next-level-up?

    I created a library to a folder in one of our (security) Server readers.  There are several levels of subfolders in the folder 'security '.  It looks like this:

    In any case, I store older versions of ESP in folder under the 'history of ESP.  The problem is that they also show in the folder next-level-up ("ESP").  I thought they were duplicate files, and when I removed them from the folder of the "ESP", they have been removed from the folder under the 'history of ESP.  To make things worse, they don't go in the trash, but it disappeared completely.

    Libraries are the aggregation of search systems - it is intended to launch a search and returns the results of what it finds from this location and all the children locations.

    What you want to do, you probably don't want to use a library.

  • Cannot find folder options to show hidden files.

    I can't show hidden files because the link "folder and search options" is disabled.  I tried to go to control panel, go to all items in the Control Panel, then clicking on "folder options", but he was not there.  Why has this dissappeared?  Is this the reason why I can't view my hidden files?  How can I fix?

    Then type this in the box Search , exactly as shown:

    %SystemRoot%\system32\Control.exe/name Microsoft.FolderOptions

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  • Can anyone help? My catalogue LR4 suddenly started showing pictures to folder and subfolder level 0, only shows that good number of images to the file level. Help would be most welcome. Thank you.

    Please can someone help?

    My catalogue LR4 suddenly started showing pictures to folder and subfolder level 0 and only shows the correct number of images at the file level.

    Your help would BE welcome.

    Thank you.

    Click on the sign in Control Panel folder + and check "display the Photos in subfolders.

  • How to hide files in the Local C drive?

    I opened the local C drive and clicked on the file of Windows. I then clicked to view the files and now do not know how to hide them again!
    Stupid probably and perhaps siple to sort - but I don't know how and I don't want to delete anything in the folder by mistake.

    Open Windows Explorer. Click Tools > folder options > view > hidden files and folders.
    It use option Show hidden files and folders.

    That s it!

  • Cannot show the files hidden in Windows XP

    I have Windows XP Professional. I followed the general process to view the hidden files and folders. But still, it does not show hidden folders. Even if it shows that there are hidden folders.
    Can you please guide me through this because some important data are present in these files.

    In Folder Options: view > select Show hidden files and folders and uncheck "Hide protected operating system files" Microsoft Security MVP, 2004-2010

  • Show hidden files and folders option does not

    I'm trying to access a hidden folder, C:\programdata\... I can't see it in Explorer. When I go into control panel > folder options > discovers... the option box to display hidden files and folders is already selected.

    I tried to change this option to not display hidden files and folders by selecting the radio button, and then clicking on apply. Then I exit the menu display. However, when I return to the menu display the radio button beside display hidden files. That is to say it is not "saved" change.

    I changed other elements in the advanced example view menu Hide extensions of known file types, and it works very well.

    I was not able to find this problem in the forum. Of course, I have restarted my pc. I don't know when this problem was that I don't often get this hidden folder.

    I am running vista home premium 32 bit

    Thank you



    Read and follow:

    1. follow all the instructions in this thread: How to get rid of malware

    2. If still no joy you can find Microsoft MVPs and other trained analysts on the following support sites:

    3. If you need help with virus-related issues, contact the Support Services Microsoft product.

    To support the Canada and the United States, call toll-free (866) PCSAFETY (727-2338).

    For support outside the United States and the Canada, visit the page Web of Product Support Services.

    4. If you need more assistance for the position of the newsgroup Microsoft - security - virusvirus/worm.
    Through your News Reader:
    Via the Web:

    Hope this helps,

    Vincenzo Di Russo - Microsoft MVP Windows Internet Explorer, Windows Desktop Experience & security - since 2003. ~ ~ ~ My MVP profile:

  • Find a temporary Internet files folder

    How can I access a file I've seen very briefly and can not recover now - read title.
    "C:\Users\Jack\AppData\Microsoft\Windows\TemporaryInternetFiles\Low\Content.IE5\XLQJM79" the last digit is not correct or may refer to a single element - I want to set up the entire file


    Because this file is temporary it is also temporary so the file can be is no longer there
    to access.

    Use start - computer or Windows Explorer to navigate to it. To see the Temp files will be
    need to do this - in the Menu bar - TOOLS - Folder Options - VIEW tab - tick show hidden files
    and file - and uncheck Hide operating system files protected - APPLY / OK

    They are located in:

    Your username\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Temporary Internet Files C:\Users\

    Since these are system files to folders you use Start - computer OR Windows Explorer
    -Tools - Folder Options - VIEW - uncheck that Hide protected operating system files - APPLY / OK

    IE - Options - general tab - browsing history Internet - settings - also tells you the current location
    and you can display objects, display the files or even change the location (NOT recommended).

    How to find and view the temporary Internet files in Internet Explorer - see this and related articles

    Location of the Temporary Internet Files folder?

    Temporary Internet files

    View temporary Internet files

    I hope this helps.

    Rob Brown - MS MVP - Windows Desktop Experience: Bike - Mark Twain said it right.

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