"Show my windows and tabs from last time ' has stopped working after software updated to the end of January or early February. Now on 12.0a2. Change options "Auora to start: ' no longer works.

I use this feature for years and update Firefox/Aurora in the next few days, maybe a week, an update becomes available and everything suddenly ' show my windows and tabs from last time ' has stopped working. I can go to the Tools-Option-general tab and change "at Aurora startup:" to this option, or 'Show my home page (s)' and now the opening in a new tab single even though I have URLs there. This may mean that this bit is not read correctly. I'm not playing: config, but I watch a few spoken options in the Web and everything looked OK.

I would uninstall and reinstall it if you think it will solve the problem. I updated Aurora again because this problem started and it remains broken. It is a system of XP with SP3

PS: I have two other windows with a XP and the other Windows 7. When I had the problem on my primary XP System I stopped to make updates to other systems. Today I updated the two other systems with the latest Auora (skip one or two updates) and both work very well.

The best way for me to trouble?

Hey punchcard4rjw,

Have you tried to start Firefox in Mode safe? Key 'shift' startup of Firefox. If it doesn't happen in Mode without failure, you should read the extensions, themes and problems of hardware acceleration to resolve common troubleshooting Firefox problems.

If this does not work, you should look the article How to fix preferences that will not save.

Hope this helps!

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  • "Show my windows and tabs from last time ' does not work in version 3.6.8

    I select "show my windows and tabs from last time ' on the Options window - Panel general"when firefox starts", but it opens as my home page every time I start firefox.

    I tried this on two different computers. Both of them have the same problem.

    It worked fine in previous versions, but it does not work in version 3.6.8.

    If you use delete, search and download Firefox browsing history in Firefox 3.5 and later versions to clear the 'browsing history' the closing of Firefox then in restaurant tabs in the last session ("Save and exit" or "show my windows and tabs from last time ') does not work.

  • "show my windows and tabs from last time ' does not work after upgrade to 8.01

    After I've upgraded to the latest v8.01 I lost all my tabs sites and even trying to add them and save them with the tools > Options > general > start > when Firefox starts selected have to "show my windows and tabs from last time" she does not hold registered sites and browser restarts it always loses all tabs and shows only a tab with Firefox home Web page. I need to open several sites to work and the only way to do it now is to make sure, I click on the current use in "pages" under General Option of the tools. It's getting very boring because I keep changing my tabs to different sites in a meeting and I am used to simply close the browser, based on making them all back in when you restart Firefox.

    Have you tried to delete the file or move it to another location?

    There should also be a file sessionstore.bak that contains the previous session, i.e. the sessionstore.js file found at the beginning of the current session and is used to restore the previous session via ' history > restore previous Session '.

    Also, make sure that Firefox is closed correctly and that there is not any suspended the process Firefox

  • The "Show my windows and tabs from last time' did not work

    I had just updated my KMPlayer and the new drive installed an add-on to find key that ruined my whole internet browsers...
    affecting Firefox, IE key home page - find the page, I tried to change the homepage on a show, my last session one and it always return to the home page, which is the key - find page:

    and after I uninstalled it, it is always to have the effect it
    so I thought to change the regedit, but I can only change which opened in my home page, the home page is more key-find page, I changed it to www.google.com
    But the problem persists again, tried to change the home page to "show my windows and tabs from last time" he'll always recover option from the home page...

    anyway to help me clean this mess up? It's bad because I can't use my last session tabs because it is faster than clicking on bookmarks...

    changed my mind, after a reboot of the PC is fixed, the add-on find key required a reboot

  • Firefox 10.0.2: Show my windows and tabs from last time no longer works

    After reclassification of the 10.0.1 to 10.0.2, the feature to display the windows and tabs from the previous session has stopped working and it just opens the home page.

    10.0.1, closing of Firefox with several tabs open is enough to close it. On the restart, all the front legs are shown.

    In 10.0.2, closing of Firefox with several tabs open the message that I am about to close several tabs appears. He launched on the restart, only the home page.

    Use ' Firefox/file > output "(Mac: ' Firefox > quit smoking";) Linux: "file > exit ') to close Firefox if you're doing that by clicking on the X close in the title bar.

    Using the "Show my windows and tabs from last time" is a more reliable way to restore the session data.

    • Tools > Options > general > startup: "When Firefox starts": "show my windows and tabs from last time '.

    Make sure that you do not use 'Clear history of Firefox closing' to clear the browsing history.

    • Tools > Options > Privacy: history: [X] clear history of Firefox closing > settings
  • In "Général" it allows me to select ' show my windows and tabs from last time '.

    In "General", "Startup", "when Firefox starts:" it does not select ' show my windows and tabs from last time. " It allows you to 'Show my home page' and 'white page '. If it is not resolved, I'm going to change browsers.

    Hello Mozilla12,

    It's sad to hear that you are facing this problem. We would love to hear form you that how long you are facing this problem and what time you have updated your browser.
    Please reply so that we can help you in the best possible way.

    Kind regards
    Gerard sharma.

  • Show my windows and tabs from last time does not not in 14.0.1

    Last week, the functionality of Firefox to display the tabs from last time has stopped working. He can't have worked earlier.
    I can't find any reference to what is a matter of news, but according to the existing guidelines and what I tried, it should work.
    Any ideas?

    It is possible that there is a problem with the sessionstore.js and sessionstore.bak files in the Firefox profile folder.

    Delete the sessionstore.js file possible sessionstore-# .js files with a number and sessionstore.bak in the Firefox profile folder.

    Delete sessionstore.js will cause App Tabs and tab groups and opened and closed the tabs (back) to get lost, so you will need to create them again (take note or bookmarks).

  • In version 13.0 is selected the option "when Firefox starts to show my windows and tabs from last time", but I always get default page of Firefox.

    Even thought is selected the option ' when Firefox starts to show my windows and tabs from last time "I always have the default page of Firefox.

    Hi Goldie_,

    I guess you don't watch this page when you closed Firefox last time. Also that you are not in private, correct navigation mode? Looks like it is maybe a problem with Firefox being able to save your file pref.js. You should try the steps listed in the preferences section that won't save trouble. Try and let me know how it goes.

    Hope this helps!

  • Despite instructions from the help to get Firefox to show my windows and tabs from last time, when I close Firefox and reopen it, my windows and tabs are not there. What can I do?

    Whenever I close Firefox (when I'm leaving for a few days, or when the office closes from one day to the next day for some reason toher) and reopen it, the tabs that I got at the last session (usually calendar Google and Facebook) not open automatically. Google gmail tab is there - and I am sure that I always have to login.
    The indications 'Aid' Firefox says (1) close by clicking the Firefox button at the top of the window, then clicking on "exit". To open, click Firefox at the top, click on 'Options', select 'Général' and select ' show my windows and tabs from last time. " The option 'Show my windows etc.' was already there, but I clicked OK, then closed according to the instructions and open - Firefox to not see any tabs and windows but Google gmail.

    Previous Session Restore appears only on the homepage by default - Subject: House - not on the old Firefox Google start page - http://www.google.com/firefox or any other user defined homepage.

    There is also a menu item in the history of previous Session Restore, which does the same thing as on the subject: homepage.

  • I am trying to activate the option ' show my windows and tabs from last time "and on my computer, this option is grayed out it is to say I can't select it. Any suggestions? TX

    Under Options in the "Orange" Firefox I'm trying to select the "show my windows and tabs from last time ' (under the general tab) and mine is grey on IE I can't select it. Any help would be appreciated.


    In Tools (Alt + T) > Options > Privacy , you may need to enable (check) forget not my browsing history when disabling of browsing history in settings... on the same tab.

    This can also happen in private browsing mode.

    Options > privacy.

  • I want to set so that I get the system restore, but when I go to tools, general, during startup of Firefox, show my windows and tabs from last time is gray and cannot be chosen - how to select, please?

    In addition, above and below the central main screen shows the desktop in the bottom of the tool or menu and the address bar and one downstairs that displays the current pages of use, clock, etc. This should be now or can we change it?

    Make sure that you do not run Firefox in private - browsing using Firefox without saving the story mode (permanent).

    • In private browsing mode some menu items and features are disabled and show as gray choice.
    • You're in private browsing mode, if you see "tools > stop private browsing", possibly gray.
    • You enter private browsing mode, if you select: Tools > Options > privacy > History: Firefox will be: "don't forget the story ever.
    • To view the history settings and cookies, choose: Tools > Options > privacy, choose the Firefox will setting: use the custom settings for history
    • Uncheck: [] "Permanent private browsing Mode.

    Another possibility is to use:

  • I installed Identity Finder, and I have to enter a password to enter in Firefox, what pleases me. However, even if my settings are set on "show my windows and tabs from last time ', I have to manually click on each one to add in a new tab of each hour.

    I installed a security program called Identity Finder whick requires a master password in Firefox on my laptop, I love. However, even if my settings are "show my windows and tabs from last time ', I have to manually add each link in a new tab each time. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.

    Pure speculation, but maybe the program Identity Finder is delete your browsing history which is the way Firefox restores the tabs, windows, and the previous session. Check with the technical support for this program or look at the manual.

  • Why my "display windows and tabs from last time ' does not work?

    Hi all

    I used to have my settings set to "display windows and tabs from last time." For some reason, it does not. Whenever I close my tabs, Firefox warns you me I close many tabs, and when I reopen it Firefox, I only get my home page.

    In the menu options, I put 'windows and tabs from last time' options, and in private life, I have "Firefox will remember history", so I do not think it is related to my settings.

    I saw a thread on 'browser.sessionstore.enabled' must be true about: config, but I don't have even a name preference that says "browser.sessionstore.enabled. Maybe that's the problem? If so, I have NO IDEA how to fix this. I only am not at all computer savvy.

    If someone could find a solution to this very annoying problem, I would be very grateful. If it takes a lot of work of programming/techno, please be VERY descriptive (pretend I'm a 5 year old child in giving directions).

    Thank you!

    Browser.sessionstore.Enabled is no longer used, worry not if you can't find it.

    In case you use "clear history of Firefox closing:

    • do not erase browsing history – which will prevent the restoration of the work session.

    Note that compensation "Preferences of Site" clears all exceptions for cookies, images, pop-up windows, installation of software, passwords, and other specific data from Web site.

    Deletion of cookies will delete all specified (selected) cookies, including cookies with an exception allowing you want to keep.

    You can check the prefs of . browser.sessionstore * including browser.sessionstore.resume_from_crash on the topic: config page and reset the browser.sessionstore prefs that are correct (in bold) user via the context menu in the default value to make sure that the Session Restore is enabled and functional.

  • Y at - it a command line option that overrides to the "show my windows and tabs from last time"?

    One of my friends sometimes runs into a web page which causes him problems. To be sure, it must note the URL and submit a bug report, if a page causes a browser crash, but in any case, although by default, he likes the browser to restore windows and tabs from the previous session, in the case of a heinous webpage, you * don't * want that to happen. I hope that I can set up an icon so he can click on that starts the browser on its homepage instead of restore the tabs and windows when it gets into trouble.

    The value of the integer pref browser.sessionstore.max_resumed_crashes to 0 on the subject: config page in order to get the about: sessionrestore page immediately with the first reboot after a failure has occurred or the Task Manager was used for the closing of Firefox.

    Which allows to deselect the tabs that you do not want to reopen, but will reopen the other tabs.


  • the "show my windows and tabs from last time" brings to the top of my home page

    Configuration option 'show my windows... '. "no matter how does not work, I leave Firefox. I always get my home page when I reopen it Firefox. The history menu item ' restore previous session "does not work.

    Windows 7, svc. PK. 1

    See the article How to fix preferences that will not save , if you have not already.

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