Show only cases selected on the front panel

I write a biomedical code to a pulse duplicator. At present, there are three methods of acquisition of temperature, user input, powered by a signal from the probe to the acquisition of data and as an image. I gave users the possibility to choose the method they want however, on my front, I can see selectors of temperature for all three methods. Is there a way to only display a control to the method chosen by the user? Thank you


There are several ways to address the issue.  The way I'd do it is the crux of property 'Visible '.

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  • Only the front panel cursor hand

    On the front panel, I see only the hand cursor.  I can place objects but not change or move.  On the block diagram, I can place objects, but not wire or move objects.  The VI is not running.  I'm using LabView 6.1.

    You realize, not you, that you have to manually select the tool with 6.1? Can you show the tool palette to select from? You can click on the tab key to cycle through tools?

  • HP EliteDesk 800 G2 Small Form: The front panel audio connector - this only made type to use for headphones and microphone


    I am trying to determine what type of audio 3.5 mm plug to put into the connector on the front panel for the use of a headset to make video communications.

    could be - sleeve, ring and end cap (mono audio and microphone)


    could be - sleeve, ring, ring and tip (stereo sound and microphone)

    Having read through the manuals and nothing is said on the type to use.

    Hello world

    Just plugged the connector 4 poles on my headset combination for my mobile phone (cellular) and the box of pop - up asked me to select headset or microphone - no selection for both.

    Looks like the right sleeve is for headphones only, and the left one is for headphones or micro - selectable by the user and not the two on a single sheet.

    Everything explained by the practice - but not the paperwork in the manuals.

    #5 for microphone or headset - menu popup is displayed after you insert a 3.5 mm plug to select that one but not both at the same time.  (So I can't use my headset to phone)

    Thank you


  • Connection monitor extra/DVI-I connection EVS-1464 (showing the front panel)


    Developing a Vision System using the following:

    • LabVIEW 2010 SP1
    • LabVIEW 2010 SP1 real-time
    • Vision development 2010 SP1
    • EVS-1464

    My question is:

    How can I view my front panel, running on the Exchange virtual server on a monitor connected to the DVI - I output of the EVS-1464?

    Thanks in advance!


    Hi Roy, I'm not sure if actually read Hossein that KB or not, but she deals with the display on the front panel on the network on a Windows computer, not on via the connection of the monitor on the Exchange virtual server running LabVIEW RT.

    To answer your original question, no, it is not possible to look at the façade of standard LabVIEW on the RT system today. All the code used to display all the buttons on the Panel before the user interface, controls, and indicators are simply not present in LabVIEW Real-time and is only visible on a separate computer that is running the development environment or by using a web browser that has the plugin installed LabVIEW.

    Have a display of the UI on RT is certainly a requested feature and it would be available someday. You can see this request: . He has some good ideas for what other alternatives exist today also.

    However, it is a way to use the monitor on the Exchange virtual server and other LabVIEW RT systems output. Module Vision Development includes video RT on the screw that can display any image on the connected monitor. You can either display images captured from cameras or images custom overlay text and simple graphics objects (lines, circles, rectangles, etc.). It is certainly more effort than normal front panel editor in LabVIEW but it could be adapted to your needs if you want some things to be displayed. You will of course have no mouse/keyboard so that you cannot interact with any display of the elements directly.


  • Is there a way to put a button on the front panel only when clicked gives a pop-up dialog box with more information on it?

    Hello world

    The simulations that I create are very simple themselves but are intended to use in the classroom to help students learn more about the proven theory.  I hope to be able to place a 'help' or 'other info' button on the front panel that rises wants more info on theory, they can click on it and a pop up appears with background information on it.  It should also have a second button to close it and return to the main façade.  Can anyone lead me in the right direction?

    Thank you!

    Use a structure of the event on the main vi when the button is clicked, launches a "help" void / vi. On the inside of the Sub vi (with the set properties to load the front when it is called, of course), use another structure of the event to wait until then click on the button of the Subvi, you can return to the main VI. Do you need assistance on using the structures of the event?


  • The front panel ThinkCentre M81 connector pinout

    I have a ThinkCentre M81. I am currently trying to put the guts of it in another case, so that I can add some more to it. I checked all the guides I can find on Lenovo's Support site and they show only the location of the connector and how repalce the façade.

    I try to connect the connections for the front panel ATX standard for my motherboard M81, which I'm having trouble with, reason for the connector of the Panel before Lenovo comes to be a big connector.

    I wonder if this information is a resource that I missed somewhere, or if I have to trace the wires.

    It is not your model, but maybe they are similar:

  • Error when changing the language of the front panel in Japanese

    Hello world...

    I'm changing the front panel of the English language to Japanese. To do this, first I exported the strings through the Tools->Advanced-> export channels.  After that I changed one of the label in Japanese and saved with Unicode encoding (as with normal ASCII coding Japanese texts will not be read). I imported the same file I recorded in a Unicode encoding format. But it shows that the error given below

    "Error analysis during the import of channels
    to test
    of D:\Riyas\Work\X 520\28-11-15\X520 RT-Host 20151127\Strings\Test Main_Import 1. txt
    "Saturday, November 28, 2015 11:09:14.

    (See the attached screenshot of error)

    So I tried to import the same file ASCII coding mmee, then it is successful. But the problem is that the modified label is not in Japanese that it shows a few points mark. I'm able to import the channel file saved in ASCII format code but the channel with coding ASCII file will not read Japanese texts. So please help me to solve this problem.

    I need to import a channel file saved with a Unicode encoding or in any case format to enable Japanese texts as ASCII coded format.

    I modified the configuration settings to activate the Unicode format as follows "UseUnicode = TRUE'." I'm using Labview 2014.

    Thank you...

    racahmd wrote:

    My requirement is to change the language of the labels on the front. Is it possible to export the settings of the legend and label parameters separately? Currently, I am only able to export the two together. Also when I import the unicode file that does not contain unicode characters, it shows the same error.

    Perhaps the requirement is statesd as such because the people who wrote the requirement had no idea, you can keep the labels even but change the subtitles only.  Changing labels is a massive effort that could have profound ramifications to the code itself.  Not the same with a legend.

  • Is it possible to use a box Structure to hide digital indicators on the front panel, when they are not in use?

    I'm rather new to LabVIEW, only used for about 1.5 weeks from this post, it means that I may be missing something pretty obvious due to ignorance, but is it possible to make my front to change as my changes of breakage due to the selection of the user to a certain case via the front panel?

    The goal of the program is to make a simple layout for a user who uses the digital multimeter that the proposed code is designed for and I don't want tons of digital controllers and such clutter the screen that do not work with the function of the user uses to measure with.

    Thanks in advance.


    Two ways: 1. use a tab control.

    2. use of property nodes (Visible property).

    The tab control is a bit easier on the block diagram, but if some controls should appear in many cases it is difficult to do.  Property nodes take more space on the diagram but allows you the versatility to do almost everything you want.

    Read the help files and look at a few examples.


  • WANT 411c: MFP ENVY 411c lights on the front panel

    I find anywhere a note detailing the two LEDs on the front panel of the printer.  Of course, the left is the power light and the Start button / stop.  The other, 1/2 "to the right, has an icon as the icon of WiFi or wireless, or whatever it may be as an antenna with a radiating signal left and right of it.  What is this for?  It seems that there is a hole below and to the right of the symbol, but nothing ever shows up.  I turned off the wireless and turn it back on and or State shows a light here.  I reinstalled the software checks to see if that mattered and it made no difference.  I also unplugged the router and the printer, and that has not changed anything. It is connected to my wireless network and works very well.  What this has to do with some additional services such as ePrint?  I just lost some of them September 1, 2016.  Perhaps the only light when something just one of them?


    That your work as expected wireless connection, there no problem with the wireless printer, just with his lamp wireless card.

    The lamp to indicate the wireless connection is turned on and must turn on once connected wireless.

    They have nothing to do with ePrint or any Web service, it must turn on once connected to a local wireless network.

    As you mentioned that you are connected and the printer maintain a wireless connection, it's probably just a blown bulb.

  • Presentation of connector to the front panel DC7700


    Cannot find the necessary schema in the database to support HP I hope someone on the forum can direct me to the table of connector on the front panel of the system (format minitour Convertible) DC7700 Board; It is available to the pins that tells me where to connect the various switches, LEDs etc on a new case.

    Any advice welcome.


    FOUND IT!... in a previous post of the forum [see '' info DC 7700 Convertible Minitowers (CMT) motherboard?']  Among other things - who - shows that I had not scanned the tech Ref guide closley enough!  ;~[

    And thank you "mdscole" to highlight the trail.

    ;~) !!

  • e9180f: removal of the front panel? e9180f

    Hello, I need to clean my power swith (on the upper edge of the front panel) due to a spill of food products.  I have a side removed by removing a screw in the back and then dragging to the rear of the side panel. I don't remember if I already had the cabinet apart one more than this. The front panel can break, but I fear I will "break the BAD thing. I'm sure that WD - 40 or other cleaner used by switch electronic only should be OK. Thank you all for help.

    Please see HP document "remove the front cover HP Pavilion elite e9000, HPE-100 series desktop computers" for instructions on removal and replacement of the cover.

    If you have any other questions, feel free to ask.

    Please click the 'Thumbs Up' white LAURELS to show your appreciation

  • How to make non-visible control on the Front Panel appear at Design time?

    I have a few controls on the front whose visibility is changed (on or off) at run time. The problem is that if I stop the Run time, the visibility of the control remains in the running in design mode state. So I am not able to see or find the control to make changes in design mode.

    How can I make all the visible front-panel controls, or find and make it visible to a control on the front whose visibility has False?

    Thank you.

    It is documented in the help of LabVIEW.

    Hidden front panel display

    Perform the following steps to display a hidden front control or indicator. You can also hide the indicators and controls on the front panel.

    1. Find the terminal block schema for the object. "If you have multiple devices with the same type of data, right click on the terminals and select visible elements" Label in the context menu. Find the object with the label that corresponds to the object hidden façade.

    2. Right-click in the Terminal, and then select Show Control context menu if the object is a control or indicator to show if the object is an indicator.

    You can also use the Visible property to display the controls and indicators by program.

    You can also view all hidden front panel controls and indicators.

    Path: Fundamentals-> build the façade-> how-to--> configure the objects-> display on front panel of the façade hidden object.

  • Security on the front panel does not work


    I have a problem and a question:

    Problem: I created some controls on the front panel and some groups which they are responsible. Administrators can see and do everything, the operator cannot see some of them. If I build exe it works on development PC but if I copy them to another PC, it does not. It does not show these elements of façade. Areas are the same, SCADA, only the names of PC are different. The two computers are not in the same network. I create local domains and users on two computers through domain account manager. What could be the problem?

    Question: How can I create an access control list (ACL) and assign them to the elements of façade programmaticaly? What is the syntax? I have found no examples of code.

    Thank you.

    I found the solution. Maybe someone also needs:

    You must copy the folder C:\Program Files (x 86) \National Instruments\Shared\Domain development pc to other PC, in which you want to have the same field and same users. It does not have to generate the new domain with exactly the same name on another pc and generate new users. You must copy the whole directory of your pc to the other pc. It works now.

  • pause button on the front panel


    I try to run synchronous, continuous analog conversion of 2 cards of PXI-6259, and capture the State of the several digital at the same time.  I managed to get everything is configured and working properly, however I have a problem if the user presses the button "pause" on the front panel.

    From what I can tell, acquisitions of data will continue to run in the background (I'm using a task DAQmx and stop was never called).  For my analog inputs, this is not a problem.  However, the digital inputs always generate a ' 200010 - on-board memory overflow error. Due to the limitations of system and/or the bandwidth of the bus, the driver could not read data the device enough fast to follow the flow of the unit. »

    Is it possible to register for an event of user interface that is generated when the user presses the button "pause", so that I can stop the acquisitoin of data before the error occurs?

    Thanks in advance,


    NormPgh wrote:

    I thought to add my own button "pause" / control, but my users have become accustomed to hitting the pause on the front panel button, and it will be difficult to get them to change.  I guess that the error would remind them :-)

    Well, that's easy to fix - change the appearance of window properties if the toolbar is not visible, while the code runs, and there will be a pause button for your users to click.

    Many of our applications have a function somewhat like this.  My colleague implementation in a very simple way: he put the graphical indicator within a box structure.  Connect a Boolean control "pause" to the structure of the case, and that's it.  Data acquisition runs constantly but will only update the chart when the pause button is false.  This approach might work for you?

  • How to disable together them on the front panel lights

    I have a VI that the front panel is shown below where an indicator of the chain is having a problem. The witness here shows the value "Please save the value of Temp Air [C]".


    When the indicator is clicked on in the front panel the text box becomes 'editable' in appearance (only) and I did not want this


    How to eliminate the behavior stated below in the second picture, when the indicator also displays editable? How can I simply leave the system in a State of photography ?

    -Normal front photo

    Photo of Two - front with click on channel indicator


    Try to turn off the indicator. Node property or right click Advanced-> checked-> disabled state.


Maybe you are looking for