show the hide the folders & files

I want to the hide the folders & files of shoe but in folder options I click on the "show hide folder & son" does not display the folder hide & files.


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Forgive me if this is what you've already tried, but I want to just make sure that all these measures have been taken:


Click Start and then click my computer .


On the Tools menu, click Folder Options .


On the view tab, find Advanced settings , and then follow these steps:


Click Show hidden folders and files .


Clear the Hide protected operating system files check box.


Clear the Hide extensions for known file types check box.


Click OK , and then close the window.

If the method above doesn't work for you, you can run your virus scan.

Finally, some people have found a solution in this article:

Show hidden files and folders not working not

Change the settings of the REGISTRY can cause serious problems that may prevent your computer from starting properly. Microsoft cannot guarantee that problems resulting from the REGISTRY settings configuration can be solved. Changes to these settings are at your own risk.

I hope this helps!

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    Thank you!


    ColdFusion is behaving as expected. By specifying 'dir' as type, tell you it to display only files. If you want to view the files, and then specify the type as "file".

  • Windows Homer Server Media Center not showing the new files I downloaded

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    It is a basic installation, the only change I made is to move the directory to a new hard drive and update the WHS settings to point to the serverfolder updated on the new hard drive.

    I checked the settings on the media section of sharing control panel and it's on, I also checked on the dashboard and the media of Stentor is enabled.

    Why are my new files not updated in the index?

    Why two media servers on my other devices?


    Your question would be better suited for the TechNet forums.

    I suggest you to ask your question to the forum Server TechNet for better assistance.

    Thank you.

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    Can I use desktop shortcuts & open Office files, but I can't see the contents of the C drive, etc. Looks like it is filling when I click on "Computer", which will display all of the subfolders... a green bar moved from left to right at the top for more than an hour, but still no folders/files are displayed.

    It is now after midnight. I'll leave it as; non-stop. If all goes well, he rebuilds "pointers" or other & will be done by morning.

    Your computer is clean.

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    Thanks for the info.  I was think there later that day and I was wondering why when I play all the VOB's to he it's all the same hour on video.  So I opened the first with Movie Maker and added then the following for her, there were five in total.  After you have added all the he composed the entire hour long video.  All I had to do is then save it and now it is in WMV format so now I can modify it.  Thanks for your good help.


    I have a presentation in two days in Tokyo. And I'm panicking.

    I'm on am Intel Mac OS X 10.4.11.

    I have the latest version of Flash Player 10 installed. (Not the new beta version).

    A few years ago, I created a great site in Dreamweaver MX.

    I never had PROBLEMS with the .swf files display until using Dreamweaver CS4.

    I updated my photography portfolios in Adobe Bridge and used Dreamweaver CS4 for link updates.


    Then, show NONE of the .swf files which were still visible.

    There is absolutely NO of Flash content now showing on any page of the site.

    Not even in view in Safari or Firefox browser.

    I downloaded the files with the SCRIPTS folder newly created on my server, and still no .swf file is visible.

    These aren't the FLV files that they are .swf files which were anchored properly and were still visible. So far.

    I have to go to Tokyo in two days and give a presentation of this site.

    What is the problem?

    Attached files view in Dreamweaver CS4. The view in Safari and view in Firefox.

    I'm screwed for a job badly in Tokyo, if I can't get this fixed as soon as POSSIBLE.

    Help, please.

    You download the Scripts?

  • When you try to install Internet Explorer 9 in Vista, got code 80070017 error, SFC/Scannow shows the corrupted files that are not resolved

    I had a lot of trouble with my vista system (the most recent is an error code 80070017 when you try to install the update IE-9).  I ran sfc.exe/scannow and have a CBS file with several currupt files that are not fixed.  I'm over my head from the experience now.  Can someone help me?  Thank you!

    Original title: Vista files corrupt

    Try to run in safe mode.

    If there are files corrupted again after that, you can mount the image file .iso for the same version of Windows, you probably Vista SP2 - OR - put the disc in the drive.

    (Make sure same version x 86 or x 64 also!)

    Then use 7zip to look in the file \Sources\install.wim for files without a problem. Copy and paste from here directly on those on your HARD drive.

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    I am therefore able to get the BLOB when link clicks on command.

    Please help me on this aspect, how can I show this BLOB in pdf or image format in the pop-up window

    Thank you very much



    Have you seen this?


  • After update my WebRoot showed the infected files.

    Installed the update KB2883201 and KB2885699 today and after I restarted my Webroot protective hemen advised me of 2 infected files.  I removed and then them reread - all of a sudden there were 18 more infected files.  My antivirus has removed all threats, but if anyone has had this problem?  How updates of Windows can have virus inside if they come from Microsoft?

    Hi Suzanne,.

    Outside these Windows updates, there are any changes (hardware or software) on the computer before the show?

    You will find the Description of these KB articles:

    Updates of Windows will never contain any viruses. These Windows updates are necessary for the computer to work properly because they improve the performance of the computer.

    Answer please if you have any questions.

  • Lightroom cc import Canon 5DMKII camera does not show the RAW files

    I use LR CC on my desktop and just try to import files directly from the camera (Canon 5DMKII)

    However the import only shows JPG files and not the RAW format

    :-) may not :-) I am not naïve.

    I use the latest version.

    What I found in fact is it might be something related to the way the camera is accessible by the operating system.

    I opened the camera of the Explorer and saw that the raw is not displayed correctly, using the card directly, I can see them without any problem

  • Error when changing the name of the folders-"file or folder does not exist.

    Original title: I can't rename my files
    I can't rename my folder in windows vista. "It gives me this error" the file or folder does not exist "and I can't cut/past this files.

    I do not use any unillgel characters such as. and / and...


    Run the diagnostic tool for the article mentioned below to resolve this issue:

    "The file or folder does not exist" error in Windows Vista:

    Kind regards
    Afzal Taher - Microsoft technical support.
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  • Unable to show the RAW files

    I recently bought a Nikon D750 and now I am unable to view my RAW files. I've used a Nikon D5100, who had no problem, but now all of a sudden with the change of camera images cannot be considered. Is there something that needs to be downloaded in order to view and work with them?

    Hi gordon_c,

    What version of Lightroom you have?
    You need at least version 5.7.1 Lightroom for Nikon D750 raw files access: supported by Adobe Camera Raw devices

    Kind regards


  • Windows Explorer does not show deleted files in the Recycle Bin, but under the console or to TotalCmd I can show the deleted files in C:\$RECYCLE. BIN (fixed!, see Edit 3)

    I think the bug has something to do with the partitions created with TrueCrypt.

    Hi, I have the same problem and never tried TrueCrypt. I suspect that the problem is elsewhere.

    I also tried the command "rd" and ccleaner. no luck... I'm always, too, waiting for a solution

    I think the bug has something to do with the partitions created with TrueCrypt.

    Indeed. Make the truecrypt as removable disk volume in options of fixed the problem :)

  • Hi windows mail will open only 1 email from each file, i.e. Inbox, junk e-mail, sent, all folders, emails are always in the folders when I check properties I checked Show all messages

    Hi windows mail open only 1 email from each file, i.e. Inbox, junk, sent mail, all of these files. summer's fine for 3 years. Show msgs is checked.i can see in the properties of the Inbox I have 70 messages they are there but only 1 will open I see msgs in orange webmail, they say no problem for this purpose. I can also see them in users email location.worried man help

    Assuming that it is an email account POP3, go to the message store and see if the messages are really there.  They must be located under the directories for the folder names under the main directory of local folders in the message store.  The store is located under the Users\ [username] \AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows Mail\ directory and is hidden, so first go to control panel | Folder options | View and uncheck Hide extensions of known file types (so you can distinguish the eml files which are messages) and check the option to show the hidden files and folders.  Then you can see if the messages are in fact always there or missing.  See here for background: and also here for what may have caused it: as Bruce stated, if the messages are still on the server, you can set up your account again and then download them again.


  • Contents of the folders in OE 6 deleted

    My folders in OE 6 have been removed from A to H.  The rest are intact, ideas about what happened or how to recover?  Thanks in advance

    See see if real dbx files have been removed and also check the bak files in the message store and the garbage.  DBX files (who hold messages - see are hidden, so go in Control Panel | Folder options | View and uncheck Hide extensions of known file types and check the option to show the hidden files and folders.  Then you can see the files.

    If the files are there, then in OE go to file | Identities and establish a new identity.  Then you can manually import the dbx files in the new identity (see and use the file | Import | Messages to bring them from the old identity.


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