Sierra Mac OS and Time Machine?


Since the update for Sierra, time machine takes really long in the "preparation of backup." I was not able to save my mac since. Can someone tell me why this is happening and if I'll ever back on my mac?

The first backup after that an upgrade of the OS can take a long time, leading people to think something is wrong. Sometimes, something is wrong - maybe it's a coincidence, but I think it's during these periods of preparation time that a TM backup is more likely to stall. So the first thing to try is defined the computer don't not sleep and manually start a backup of the day after. If this good return. If this is not the case, the second thing (if you can't wait go to this step) is to open the TimeMachine backup and open the backup.backup folder and the folder of the computer to find the actual backups. You should see a file called 'ongoing' remove it. (I open open TM preferences and turn off TM before doing this.)

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  • I just restored my HD Mac from a time machine backup and PS 4 will not open. I get an error code 150:30. No idea what I need to do?

    I just restored my HD Mac from a time machine backup and PS 4 will not open. I get an error code 150:30. No idea what I need to do?

    Most likely your Photoshop installation was damaged by the restoration. Re-installing Photoshop CS4. You can find the latest version that has been published here: products CS4 download


  • My macpro is backup in the capsule of time even when I was at work, which means that the time capsule is consumed my data plan. Can anyone suggest a way I can have it the backup only when my mac pro and time capsule is in the same local wifi

    my mac pro is backup in the capsule of time even when I was at work, which means that the time capsule is consumed my data plan. Can anyone suggest a way I can have it the backup only when my mac pro and time capsule is in the same local wifi

    If the Time Capsule and MacBook Pros are not on the same network, the MacBook is not backup in the time Capsule. You probably see what snapshots leaving MacBook on the local disk, until the two are reconnected. If you don't want that to happen, disable Time Machine on a different network.

    Good day.

  • External hard drive to format HFS + (not OS x) and Time Machine boot

    Hello, I have a MBP of 2014 (10.11.2).  Have a 2 TB external drive SG was NTFS but reformatted using THE HFS + and created two partitions of 1 TB (Yes, for my intended purpose in hindsight should have apparently formatted to a ready drive "Time Machine").  But just went with HFS + and Time Machine is ready to use one of the partitions to backup nonethelss.

    Hmm... but 1) TM do not encrypt, and more important again, I wonder if TM 2) can perform full restore from a drive WITHOUT the OS X on the ext drive (no matter the format HFS + appropriate)?

    (FYI, I received a warning when you use CCC related attempt to clone the drive to this disc hard ext, but received a warning "not re-bootable from any OS X").  Thank you!

    HFS + Mac OS Extended is what should be the disk.

  • Difference between Seagate Plus backup and Time Machine?

    Can anyone tell me what the diff between backup and Time machine?

    I started and this next screen (see below).  This means that the Seagate Plus backup will replace Time Machine?  Or he supplement TM?

    I'm afraid that if I select "Use as backup drive", I might regret it... then I would understand.


    If you use Time Machine with your Seagate hard drive, say Yes.

  • How to restore my Mac from a Time Machine archived backup

    I've tried Sierra for a few days, but since I discovered that some of my software work well with it but I restored my system to El Capitan via wipe HD. I want to restore my old data now, but I recently had to archive my TimeCapsule and all remaining backups come from the Sierra. I therefore need to restore my system completely from an archived backup TM. How can I do this?

    Use Time Machine to back up or restore your Mac - Apple Support

  • macOS Sierra stuck on the Time Machine backup

    Its been 2 weeks now since I updated to macOS Sierra and my Time Machine backup is always stuck on "preparing backup" and I tried different disc backup on another partition but still no luck.

    Make sure that:

    o drive the TM is excluded from Spotlight indexing non-mandatory;

    o that all software anti-virus is disabled (especially Sophos);

    o journal of iCloud and other cloud services.

    o check this article: macOS Sierra: If Time Machine still at the stage of "preparation"

  • Problem restoring stuck MacBook Pro system and time machine

    This morning my retina MBP (El Cap 10.11.4, updated about a week ago) has frozen. It was working fine yesterday, but wake from sleep this morning nothing would go, apps wouldn't start, nothing, so I rebooted. He got about a third of the way between the progress bar white on black screen and hung with a spinning wheel.

    Then I tried to secure boot and made me to the login screen, but it still turns after that I entered the password. (The guest account and the other I put in place but rarely use seem to work well, it's just me hanging). Reset NVRAM made no difference.

    Then I went to recovery mode and has conducted an audit of disk first aid, who reported no problems. So, I used the disk utility to make a disk image to backup to an external drive and then to the Time Machine system restore. However, it asks for the password for 'System administrator' and rejects everything I try. The TC is configured as "Discs safe with accounts" (not ' device password') and there are two custom accounts and the wifi password. I can't check my backup settings now, but I think that it is only for my account, so I wonder if even is a system restore file. I would try to change the airport disk access settings but I'm afraid it will just trash my backups.

    Suggestions for free my Mac or enter the system restore (or restore just my account) until I try a reinstall?

    Resolve startup problems-

    Resolve startup problems - (2)

    Resolve startup problems - (3)

  • Airport Extreme and Time Machine

    Two questions:

    I have a 2nd generation (I think) Time machine. Network performance is slow throughout the House. MacBook Air, iPad, iPhone, etc. In addition, we have internet high speed ugly (country life). The new Airport Extreme upgrade will speed up my network? Also if I buy AE without Time Machine can I use always current Time Machine for backups and not as a router? Running Mac Mini end of 2014.

    If the seed is limited by your internet provider then a new router will not help.

    Try to connect to a Mac via a cable (Ethernet). That will help determine if update will help your wifi router with internet high speed.

    An Airport Extreme includes NO storage. Apple's time Capsule incorporates an Airport Extreme and a hard drive for storage in a single package/case.

    Even if you bought a time Capsule you sill use your existing storage unit for your Time Machine backup

  • External hard drives G and Time Machine

    The issue of the 'readers G' does not complete the back-ups to Time Machine has been resolved?

    You will need to contact G-Technology in this regard. It is not a known problem of Time Machine. Do you repartition the drive using the GUID and the reformat Mac OS Extended journaled? You will need to do if you want to use with Time Machine, otherwise it will try to use the backup software pre-installed.

  • Spotlight and Time Machine


    Recently I re-indexed my hard drive using Spotlight, after that it went all blue for a TM back upward. The result wasn't perfect, but it was close.

    The Mac went to Apple yesterday for diagnosis and spent all the things. Hard disk, file system, etc. I went home after that and a few updates for iTunes, Pages, Safari.

    As TM had new things to watch over it, each drive took about 20 minutes.

    Then, about this Mac then showed 20 GB of apps after a report of 10 GB (I have less than 9 GB system apps). I went home at lunch to work, ran a TM until I stop, as always, now, Apps 24GO shows about this Mac. It seems to move the 'other' "apps".

    I know that the GUI is often false. But, as before, it seems to change after I run Time Machine.

    Any wisdom out there? The last re - index held well for a few months until all updates and diagnostics yesterday at Apple.

    Thank you


    See Spotlight does not message by Linc Davis

  • El Capitan and Time Machine

    First my setup. I am El Capitan running on my Mac Mini. My House is hard wired Cat 6 for a central switch. I have a 1st gen Time Capsule to the location of the switch to connect the Ethernet switch and he also manages the wi - fi for my wireless devices.

    With the previous operating system, I was always able to perform a backup Time Machine to my Time Capsule via Ethernet. I've always had the WiFi on my Mac Mini turned off.

    Given that the upgrade to El Capitan, the only way for me to make a Machine time back to the time Capsule is to have the Mac Mini wi - fi and the Time Capsule wi - fi enabled.

    I would go back to just having the wi - fi Time Capsule as the single active wireless. I don't know what the settings changed with the new OS install or if Apple changed something. I'm not so sure that the Mac Mini is using Ethernet or wi - fi to access the internet. I can unplug/turn off either and access still works, but on the Time Capsule backup only works if the WiFi is enabled to the Mac Mini.

    Hope someone can solve this problem for me.

    Thank you


    Is the time Capsule also your router home, or just a Wi - Fi access point?

    If only an access point Wi - Fi, it is configured in Bridge mode?

    If you have another home router, and the time Capsule is not in addition to the bridges, it also acts as a router with its own subnet.  This can interfere with the ability of the Mac mini to connect to the time Capsule.

    Just a thought.

  • Formatting the HD and Time Machine backups

    My drive external hard Time Machine seems to be failing am so anxious to save my TM backups. I've already lost a few videos which was on a 40 GB partition, but backups on the 'main' score seem ok. In another thread, I discovered that the problem I have copy backups TM externally to another drive on an iMac is a problem because my MBP is formatted Mac OS X extended suburbs and the iMac is formatted Mac OS X extended (journaled).

    So, if I have reformatted the HD (journaled) MBP could reinstall Mt? or TM comes with original formatting?

    I think I have my answer. Looking through the guide of TM of Pondini I see that there is NO possibility of progress as I'd hoped.

    Since it is my laptop computer (MBPro) and information/data cannot be compromised, then it's time for a backup to disk somewhere image. It's just about 200GBs, then I'll have more information TM and hopefully again in the disk image.

    Once I have done disk image I'll reformat the hard disk, reinstall El Capitan and drag/levitate things of the image and/or the TM to backup and I hope have my machine back as is (but with good formatting).

    It is difficult for me to believe that 5TBs of storage here and there and it is not enough.

  • Upgrade to Snow Leopard and Time Machine

    Hello. I found this topic in an old topic, but it has been blocked so I couldn't answer. Here is a new.

    I have a fairly old MacBook Pro... mid-2007. Provided with Tiger. Upgrade to Leopard in 2010 or more. I want to now upgrade to Snow Leopard and make a complete installation where I have completely clean the existing hard drive.

    I did the Time Machine backups for about four years on my external hard drive. When I install Snow Leopard on my MBP, I can just do simple drag and drop the kind of things from my external hard drive on the hard drive of the MBP?

    For example, once I've erased the hard disk of the MBP and do a new installation of Snow Leopard, can I then connect my external hard drive, open a certain folder and something like Pages slide window of the HD to the window of the Applications on my MBP?

    Thank you!

    Drag and Drop could be a problem, because these applications and files will not be usable unless they are properly updated. It would be better to have a clean install of Snow Leopard and then use the Migration Assistant to transfer files from your Time Machine backup. Note that Snow Leopard will ship with the Apple apps so they do not need to be transferred. You can check with 3rd party developers to ensure the compatibility of their software and upgrade options.

    It is with the Migration Wizard:

    Move your content to a new Mac - Apple Support

    This article is useful, but a lot of your time, because he doesn't use Migration Wizard:

    OS X: manually the Data Migration from another Mac - Apple Support

  • I had to restore my mac from my time machine backup. Now don't launch Captivate (, it is not yet bounce in the dock.

    Captivate Mac was working fine a few days ago, then after my restore from backup it will not start. It is not I need QUICKLY! I'm on deadline! One of my other Adobe products also has trouble. Since the restoration, Dreamweaver bounces in the dock and but does not entirely. What should I do?

    It turns out that it was a simple problem that I feared. My Mac not TOTALLY restore backup. The tech on the Apple store had recommended to re - install the operating system to a new version and then all my software and files from my time machine. If that's what I did. I don't remember that Mavericks does not include Java runtime, and I never realized that some of my Adobe products require it. I downloaded and installed Java, and now my Adobe products work as expected.

Maybe you are looking for

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