Sierra of MacOS - Siri cannot make voice calls.

Hi guys,.

Siri is supposed to be able to make phone calls via the iPhone, the Mac, in the Sierra de MacOS?

Cause I can make phone calls (not the Facetime calls) fine if I use the Facetime on Mac app and click on the phone number, I want to call, or if I take a certain number of Contacts. But if I try to open Siri and make a voice command to "call X", he always tries to do through Facetime. Which means he's trying to make a Facetime call instead of a voice call normal.

Is this a bug or missing feature? Is there a fix or a workaround for it? I wish I could use Siri on my Mac, just as I do on the iPhone.


I observed the same behavior, so I think it's a missing feature.

And page (below) which deals with Siri on Mac shows a command "FaceTime", but not a "Call" command  (As I say, I used the "Call" command and observed the same behavior you did.)

Use Siri on your Mac - Apple Support

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    Hi Tojidin,

    I see that you have a question about the use of Siri in your country. Take a look at the following article to see if your country is listed as available for the use of Siri:

    9 availability of features - Apple iOS

    Thank you for using communities Support from Apple!

  • IOS 10 Siri cannot complete your call

    I now have a nice iPhone 7 and iOS 10, but trying to siri to make a call and get sorry I can't make your phone call! never had any problems before the update and new iPhone! For me its a problem when it is associated with my crash helmet I can not make calls on the road now! Any ideas one?

    Same here, to have the iPhone 7 upwards and being run but siri could not complete the call. She can look up the number and give you it, but can not dial. ????

  • Hello. Dear Apple, I just want to know y iPad 2 Air cannot make phone call or what app or SIM card text have number can you improved

    Hello. Dear Apple, I just want to know y iPad 2 Air cannot make phone call or what app or SIM card text have number can you improved

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    There is nobody here from Apple, just we users.

    WhatsApp has not been developed for the iPad. Ask the developers.

    The iPad can't make a phone call because it is not a phone.  But there is a choice of applications such as Skype to make calls over the internet.  The SIM card in an iPad has data only.

  • Sierra of MacOS: Siri has fake name

    I just upgraded to Sierra and tried Siri.  Unfortunately, she thinks my name is my wife.  No, we do not share the iCloud or iTunes accounts, and she has never used this machine.  On my iPhone, Siri correctly recognize me in my name and I am connected to these two machines under these same iCloud and iTunes accounts.  I've already put the option "This is me" for my own Contact card.  Curiously however it shows the little icon of the person in the Contacts for my wife and myself.  There seems to be no way to disable the option "this is me" on his behalf.  How can I convince Siri I am me.  Thank you.

    I saw Contacts pick up information from sources sometimes, without explanation. I suggest that you remove the card from your wife in your Contacts and create a new card for her. That should remove the icon "this is me" its data. Given that you and your wife do not share data iCloud, she would not be affected by this change.

  • FaceTime on MacBook: cannot make cellular calls but can receive

    Hi all

    I'm unable to make cell calls with my iPhone via the app FaceTime on my MacBook Pro.  However, I receive and answer calls on my MacBook Pro that are initially routed to my iPhone number.  I have confirmed I am on the same wifi network, I also tried on different wifi networks.  I also have the checkbox checked "Calls from the iPhone" on my MacBook Pro.  I logged in and out of my account of FaceTime on all my devices and reset the settings of my network on my iPhone and MacBook Pro.  A 'genius' has also tried to help me without success.

    Any suggestions?

    If the built-in firewall application is enabled, please disable it. In case you are worried about the implications of this step, the firewall generally useless when you're on a private behind a router network.

    If you have installed any third-party 'firewall', 'security', or 'anti-virus' software, remove it according to the instructions of the developer. All these software are worse than useless.

  • SOLVED blackBerry smartphones - cannot make outgoing calls. Get two beeps like busy tone with the Koodo Mobile in Thunder Bay, Ontario North

    This has caused me a lot of frustration.

    With my curve when I try to make an outgoing call and I get a busy signal as two beeps repeating themselves.

    I tried everything and the only thing that worked was a security wipe, so losing all my data.

    If I made a backup and restore, the problem comes back. If I restored it selectively through desktop BLackberry, database of the database, the problem returns. Koodo Mobile and Blackberry escalated support was not able to understand this.

    However, through much trial and error, I found that if I limit my identity or turn off the option to show my number in the phone settings, for some reason any he caused this problem.

    So I can't block my identity by using the settings on the phone.

    This can be the result of my location service and the carrier, which is Koodo mobile, in Thunder Bay in Northwestern Ontario that used the TBAYTEL towers for the service, the type of signals technology service. I don't know, and no one was able to tell me why this is happening. I went to 6 months not being able to make outgoing calls without losing ALL my sms, contacts, BBM, TXTs, bookmarks and other personal data. Only a security wipe would allow me to make a call - until I have activate the restrict my identity and activated the show my number option.

    SO - I hope this helps other users. I've been through three phones, thinking that it was the material problems.

    It's a kind of crappeh because I would not block my identity with a few calls. So with the curve BB on Koodo to Thunder Bay, I can't do that. I have not tried outside the Northwestern ONtario, but it will probably be the same, unless I am out of service TBAYTEL area.

    Such is life. Live with it.

    Difficulty easy but unsatisfactory.

    I ' lll this post in the Forum of Koodo so when one exists.

    See you soon!

    I did these steps including restore each database one at a time with the same results. I can do a full restore and the remains of the issue until I set restrict my identity forever AND Show My Number Yes. I also did all of these steps with the any other BB Curve 8530 and it seems to happen every ih in this area.

    I found the work around but it would be good to know why and if this happens outside the TBAYTEL towers that Koodo Mobile uses throughout Northern Ontario to the Ontario-Manitoba border in the West, to the North of Hearst and East of Sault Ste. Marie.

    If there are a Koodo Mobile, users who have a BlackBerry Curve 8530, I'd like to hear you just what I see if it is unique to the service provider, hardware, software and network type, geographical location, etc.

    Any comment is appreciated, as support Koodo and BlackBerry have been baffled and couldn't solve this problem and I hope that others find it so that they can save months of time and frustration, I have lived.

    See you soon...

  • Cannot make video calls

    Original copy; Title: Vedio call


    Am facing a problem with MSN for the first time, I can send invitations for a vedio call to all my contacts but one of them I can not even find the tab call vedio on my screen, and even he can't invite me! ?????


    The question you have posted is related to Messenger and would be better suited to the Windows Live community. Please visit the link below to find a community that will provide the support ask you:

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    EY everyone! I encounter this problem when I do / receives a call, the phone shows signs of helmet which appears quickly in the phone raised on the icon is not until I mast cancel the call, please help tired of wearing headphones all the time

    cud u Plug n unplug headphones da a bunch uf times n see if it unjams everything that could be blocking up. or u cud use some shot of air compressed canned 2 da output jack. It might b fixable using 1 uf da methods above, or it might b broken inside and not repairable.

  • Voice call of slate 7 HD

    Hello guys,.

    Do you know if slate 7 HD makes voice calls or not? I just bought a 3 g but found a card saying that the voice is not available...

    I have this real? Please notify

    Thank you!


    Hello and welcome to the HP support community!

    The 3G connection is only data.  The Tablet is not designed to be a mobile phone.

    You can try the various applications of voip such as Skype or Hangouts to make calls, but be aware - if you use the data plan of ' Free for Life ' that comes with a lot of HP tablets streaming data as it will burn through your tiny assignment of 200 MB, very quickly, and you can undergo a large beak of the carrier!


  • Voice call no. BBM on BBM

    A friend of mine to buy Z30. And voice calls on BBM do not work. Video calls work perfectly. OS and BBM are up-to-date. After reading a few threads on CrackBerry I discovered that it is not only him, few more people have the same problem.

    He tried to remove the SIM card and call hollow Wi - Fi, it does not work. For some people installing BBM voice seems to fix the problem, but for him there. It seems that this problem is somehow related to some companies, as most people with this problem are of T-Mobile Germany.

    On the same carrier as my friend (Telekom Montenegro) people with the old Blackberry (os 7) phones can make voice calls.

    It seems that it takes time to unlock the voice calls BBM after I installed the BBM voice application.  Don't worry if you don't see it just after installing this application, but it should appear shortly after.

  • Problem blackBerry Smartphones BBM 8 voice call


    Voice calls with BB7 worked very well.

    I've updated to BBM 8 a few days back. And since I am not able to make voice calls.

    Once I am connected to WiFi, I am able to browse and run other applications via WiFi smoothly. But BBM says: ' "could not establish the connection of voice chat.".

    After update on BBM, I ran a few other updates device which includes BB ID and updated device library.

    Now, I browsed the article and checked everything. I have no firewall and other settings that must be here.

    I would like to know if someone has seen and solved the problem.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    My Bold 9780 appliance is running with the S/W version: 6.0 Bundle 3049.

    BBM 8

    Thank you.

    I could not voice calls to get 8 BBM. Finally, I downgraded to BBM 7.

    Here is the link:

    Thank you.

  • Impossible to make FaceTime calls on iPhone 7 using Siri

    I tried to use Siri to do a FaceTime call tonight and gave an unusual error: "I wish I could, but FaceTime is configured with me yet."

    I'm able to get Siri to open the FaceTime app, simply cannot access directly from my contacts and apart from this Siri works fine on the iPhone 7, including SMS and regular audio calls.

    I tried a FaceTime using Siri call on 3 old iPhone models (5s, 6 + and 6s), all running iOS 10, and it worked properly on each of them, she was with both iOS 9 and 10 on the same model of 6s for the past year, so this leads me to believe it's a problem iPhone 7 (or an individual defective unit) rather than a problem of iOS 10.

    I checked a number of settings on the iPhone 7 before coming here:

    • Siri is enabled.
    • FaceTime is activated.
    • Restrictions (general-> Restrictions) are completely shut down.
    • iCloud-> contact is activated.

    Hi there jsf23!

    Welcome to Apple Support communities, it's my pleasure to help you with your iPhone 7 issue of Siri is not able to make FaceTime calls.  I use Siri all the time and have his power making FaceTime calls is another great feature.  Looks like you have checked a lot of things I want to check too, if I fell on the same subject.

    At any time, that there is a problem with Siri or FaceTime, the first thing I recommend is to restart the iPhone and retest Siri and FaceTime.

    Restart your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch

    If Siri is still underway on issues from a FaceTime call, try to perform a reboot of the force.  Remember, this will be a little different on an iPhone 7.

    • On an iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 more: press and hold the sleep/wake and Volume buttons down for at least ten seconds, until you see the Apple logo.

    Test again and then try to check for updates.

    Update the software on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch iOS

    Have a great day!

  • SIP phones to register but cannot make calls to another

    Did I miss something in the following configs? The phones are able to register, but cannot make calls to another? Should I add to the config to be able to make calls?

    Current configuration: 8173 bytes
    ! Last configuration change at 20:35:57 UTC Tuesday, February 2, 2016 of wachter
    version 15.4
    horodateurs service debug datetime msec
    Log service timestamps datetime msec
    no password encryption service
    hostname KCC-CUCME-2921
    ! type map necessary for vwic/slot-slot 0/0 control
    logging buffered 51200 warnings
    enable secret 5 $1$ fner$ un2VRxsPt6gy418Fm/tHz.
    No aaa new-model
    IP VOICE dhcp pool
    network DNS Server
    default router
    option 150 ip
    Infinite rental
    IP domain name kccoring.local
    IP cef
    No ipv6 cef
    Authenticated MultiLink bundle-name Panel
    CTS verbose logging
    Crypto pki trustpoint TP-self-signed-1027156387
    enrollment selfsigned
    name of the object cn = IOS - Self - signed - certificate - 1027156387
    revocation checking no
    rsakeypair TP-self-signed-1027156387
    voice-card 0
    voip phone service
    list of approved IP addresses
    h323 connections allow h323
    allow connections h323 to SIP
    allow connections sip h323
    allow sip to sip connections
    Fax protocol t38 ls-redundancy version 0 0 hs-redundancy 0 help none
    binding control source-interface GigabitEthernet0/0.20
    bind media source-interface GigabitEthernet0/0.20
    Registration Server expires max 600 min 60
    voice class codec 1
    preferably 1 codec g729r8
    g711ulaw codec preference 2
    iLBC codec preference 3
    Global voice registry
    FMC of fashion
    source-address port 5060
    Max - dn 25
    Max-pool 25
    Zone 8
    Flash TFTP-path:
    create the profile synchronization 0042525408078253
    interface GigabitEthernet0/0.20
    encapsulation dot1Q 20
    interface ISM0/0
    IP unnumbered GigabitEthernet0/0.20
    IP virtual-reassembly in
    rescue service module
    service-module ip address
    Service-module ip default gateway
    interface GigabitEthernet0/1
    no ip address
    automatic duplex
    automatic speed
    interface ISM0/1
    no ip address
    interface Vlan1
    no ip address
    IP forward-Protocol ND
    IP http server
    23 class IP http access
    local IP http authentication
    IP http secure server
    IP http timeout policy slowed down 60 life 86400 request 10000
    IP route ISM0/0
    flash TFTP server: kern2.78xx.11 - 0-1 - 11.sbn
    Server TFTP flash: kern78xx.11 - 0-1 - 11.sbn
    flash TFTP server: rootfs2.78xx.11 - 0-1 - 11.sbn
    Server TFTP flash: rootfs78xx.11 - 0-1 - 11.sbn
    flash TFTP server: sboot2.78xx.11 - 0-1 - 11.sbn
    Server TFTP flash: sboot78xx.11 - 0-1 - 11.sbn
    Server TFTP flash: sip78xx.11 - 0-1 - 11.loads
    Flash TFTP server: its
    Flash: TFTP server
    Flash: load36213.txt TFTP server
    Flash: load621.txt TFTP server
    Flash: load622.txt TFTP server
    Flash: load623.txt TFTP server
    access-list 23 allow
    control plan
    Voice-port 1/0/0
    Voice-port 1/0/1
    voice-port 1/0/2
    Voice-port 1/0/3
    MGCP behavior considered range tgcp only
    MGCP comedia-role behavior no
    disable the behavior MGCP comedia-check-media-src
    disable the behavior of MGCP comedia-sdp-force
    profile MGCP default

    go to respective voice register pool and configure ' no figure collect kpml

    example of

    vocal range pool 1

    No kpml transferred to numbers

    Codec to g711u


    Then go to global registry of telephone communications and perform without creating a profile and create profile


    Nadeem Ahmed

    Please note all the useful post.

  • Siri can not make phone calls

    After the passage of an iPhone 7 from an iPhone 6 via iTunes backup everything (well almost) works very well.

    However, Siri refuses to launch phone calls: 'sorry, I can't make your phone call. Each component seems to work separately: Contacts can be consulted and have found with the help of Siri, contacts can be called, and the phone is very good as well. I do not use any Bluetooth device, just the phone.

    I tried to restart, a soft reset, re - insert the SIM card, restart Siri and through all relevant parameters in iOS10.0.1, Siri in the lock screen as well as after having unlocked the phone with several of the contacts and the types of numbers.

    Don't forget: I can put any call I want, but not with Siri.

    As I have yet to find advice through Google I hope that here, experts can provide further advice!

    Thanks in advance!

    Best regards, Kay Hidde

    Talked to the hotline from Apple Support today. They convinced me to try reset the network settings. However, this does not have the problem.

    So I decided to reinstall from backup again (their second and final suggestion): I stored the new pictures that I shot with the phone before restore the device with exactly one that I used when the new machine was delivered two days ago:

    If it was the same data as iTunes sent to the same device, it worked!

    Interestingly other small issues were fixed as well (for example some photos were missing in camera rolling despite the fact that they were on the phone) and the whole process was not too long, since iTunes stores now sync settings for the lists of reading, books, movies, and photos on this unit (except for the initial setup of the new device two days ago).

    In my opinion the iOS in the update interval can be the reason of this problem-free second run: 7A iPhone shipped with iOS 10.0.0 but I updated to 10.0.1 after initial installation.

    Thanks for listening and I hope, the description may help someone else in a similar situation.

    Best regards!

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