Sierra Wireless 5720 T500

I finally managed to install the Sierra Wireless 5720, but Device Manager gives an error of 10 until I do


I solved the fn + f5 works and Access Manager work sthe leds are correct PM for info if you have a

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  • VPN with Sierre Wireless Module connection does not work in a constellation

    Hi, I use my laptop several times outside the office. If I have the ability to connect via WLAN or LAN, everything works fine.

    I use the Cisco VPN Client Version, the built in Sierra Wireless Mobile Broadband Network Adapter Version 14.11.1050.69 driver.

    I'm liviing in Austria and I use the network 3 G/LTE auf "drei". I've been in contact with the customer of the "drei", they checked whether there are Port restrictions. If I put the SIM card in my smartphone and use my laptop via WIFI and a WLAN access point provided by my smartphone everything works fine. If I put the SIM card in my laptop Toshiba internet works very well, but I'am could not join my business network. The Cisco VPN Client is able to authenticate with the user name and password. The VPN connection is safe, but if I use ping to check if I can reach the server, I have 100% packet loss.

    Any ideas I can try to fix this?

    THX Daniel

    If I put the SIM card in my laptop Toshiba internet works fine, but not able to reach my company network I'am

    According to your statement, the laptop could be connected to the internet via 3 G networks.
    However, the VPN on the 3G network depends on the State of real network (coverage, signal strength, etc.).

    Here you will find a FAQ on this topic:

  • Portege Z30 - A - Ubuntu 14.04 - Sierra Wireless


    Toshiba Portege Z30 - A

    Windows 7 - there are interface "Sierra Wireless Mobile Broadband Network Adapter".

    Ubuntu 14.04 - there is nothing of :-(
    Only -.
    Bus 002 Device 003: ID 1199:9063 Sierra Wireless, Inc. sudo modprobe usbserial vendor = 0 x 1199 product = 0 x 9063

    What can I do?



    There seems to be a bug in Ubuntu.
    See this bug report:


    Tom BR

  • Windows 10 and Sierra Wireless MC8355

    I've updated a Lenovo X131e of Windows 7 pro for Windows 10 pro in July. I recently made a trip and use a wireless connection. Everything was OK. On 20 August, I noticed that a driver updated for the Sierra Wireless MC8355 has been detected when I ran the lenovo thinkvantage software update. I installed it and since then my Sierra Wireless MC8355 no longer works. During research, I noticed that a pro 64-bit of Windows 10 driver is no longer offered by Lenovo. The 8.1 Win and Win 7 drivers say that they no longer work with Windows 10.

    Lenovo has just published a driverfor Windows 10 Sierra Wireless MC8355.

  • Sierra Wireless EM7345 can not download

    Hey crew,

    Try to download the drivers for Sierra Wireless EM7345 LTE 4 G driver for win7 64-bit:

    and get the page not found

    Can you please direct me to the new link?

    See you soon,.


    Hello, servicedesk1

    I guess that question is casued by replacing the old drivers and links to the new.

    Get them here: - drivers and firmware, 2.16.10870.4434, 29/01/2016 - readme

  • Sierra wireless EM7345 - GPS


    In the Lenovo Web site, he said that Sierra Wireless EM7345 FRU 04 X 6014 GPS as well.

    Then, I installed it on my x 1 carbon gen2, the network works perfectly, but when I got tired of its GPS is not.

    When I open the Microsoft Maps or install other applications it's not it didn't work either. So where could be the problem... It is the app/program or the modem

    I use Windows 10 Pro

    Thank you


    Hi, kushtrim

    Is it location sensor em7345 associated, in Device Manager?

    To force the built-in receiver location em7345 to work, Sierra Wireless drivers need to be installed and composition of virtual ports modem edited. Understand the other to read this thread and post:

  • X carbon 1 - pilot Sierra Wireless EM7345?

    I get a whole new X 1 carbon, but unfortunately there is NO driver for the WAN card Sierra Wireless EM7345 on lenovo page!

    How can I install this map on my X 1 carbon?

    Therei s only a driver for EM7355 and this driver is not compatible with the EM7345 in my X 1 carbon!

    Thanks for your help!

    Best regards


    I get the driver of a Lenovo guy...

    I downloaded...

    Unfortunately, the page is in German - you must click on 'download'.

    hope that help... the guy from Lenovo told me that this is a known issue and they will provide the driver on the lenovo Web site... but he doesn't know when...

  • Sierra Wireless driver problem

    I recently reinstalled Windows XP on my T60.

    I downloaded and installed every recommended driver for Windows and Thinkpad, and I keep getting a warning "found nerw material."

    I can't no matter which driver to work, and uninstall the device does not work... it keeps coming back.

    What can I do to get this problem go away?

    Thank you


    I installed all the files recommended by the Thinkvantage system. I found the problem. This driver does not automatically install as all the Thinkvantage software. This requires that track down you the installation folder and run a file that is stored there. After loading it works fine. I'm not clear that this Sierra Wireless driver means anyway. My wireless was working fine without it. Thanks for your help. John

  • Sierra Wireless for windows 7

    Sierra wireless connection


    Download the latest drivers here:

    André "a programmer is just a tool that converts the caffeine in code" Deputy CLIP -

  • I try to install an air 320u sierra wireless card and I get an error message "could not access vb run time for custom action script. Cannot install the Manager of mobile broadband services.

    could not access vb run time for custom action script

    I try to install an air 320u sierra wireless card and I get an error message "could not access vb run time for custom action script.  Cannot install the Manager of mobile broadband services.  Any ideas?


    I suggest you run the fixit and see if it helps:

    Also check out this link:

    It will be useful.

  • Error 1721 when you try to install the Sprint SmartView software to use the Sierra Wireless 598U device.

    Error 1721 when you try to install the Sprint SmartView software to use the Sierra Wireless 598U device.

    It comes with Vista, upgrade install and activate Forum.

    "Connect to a network, mail and the Internet."

    They will help you with your question in the Vista Networking Forum above.

    See you soon

    Mick Murphy - Microsoft partner

  • Connect a Sierra Wireless Overdrive Pro on a PC with no built-in WI - FI hardware.

    Original title: connect Sierra Wireless Overdrive Pro

    I need to connect a Sierra Wireless Overdrive Pro to my PC, so I can connect to wireless internet.   My PC is not integrated WI - FI hardware.

    Hi, Virgil,.

    What is the brand and model of the computer?

    Most computers have a built-in wireless networking. If your computer does not have a wireless network card, you can install a. The type of card that you install depends on your computer.

    You can get in touch with support from Sierra Wireless to check for the same thing.

    You can also get in contact with the computer manufacturer for assistance.

    Hope the helps of information. Let us know if you need help with Windows related issues. We will be happy to help you.

  • T420 Clean install Woes (Sierra Wireless wwan 8355 problems) and logon print

    After a clean install of win 7 ult x 64 a T420 and install all the drivers, I have the following questions:

    Sierra wireless driver install gives me a connection that is hard-coded to "Verizon wireless" in the configuration list automatic wwan. in network connections, can't seem to delete this. I'm using at & t and another supplier in europe. WWAN autoconfig do not at all see these sims.

    Fingerprint reader works almost well. T420 starts from sleep while sliding my finger but does not connect me past the interface msgina.

    Please advice


    ready to provide a solution to my problem:

    After you install the dial-up connection to 5.83, everthing has been resolved about wwan.

    had to choose logon of domain with the fingerprint data in biometric Control Panel

  • Vista SP2 has failed and corrupted Sprint Compass 597 for Sierra Wireless Broadband

    Hello, there when Vista SP2 came out, several months of my downloads I tried to install SP2. He COULDN'T as well as corrupting my Sprint to wide broadband Compass 597. I had to 'rollback' to a previous version of Vista Ultimate (32 bit) and had a technician Sprint "Reinstall" an older version of my wireless broadband to make it work again.  I am constantly on the download request to install SP2.  Microsoft has solved the problem for my without wire will not get corrupted again and I never knew why the Service Pack would not move.   My hardware is: Dell XPS M1530 Laptop, Vista ultimate 32-bit, 4 GB of ram. Any ideas/suggestions will be greatly appreciated.  Also if I should try to re - install and that there no what is the phone number of Support technique Microsoft.

    Thanks in advance.

    See KB948187 or open another free support incident:

    Free unlimited installation and compatibility support is available for Windows Vista, but only for Service Pack 2 (SP2). This support, initially planned to end on November 26, 2009, has been extended until February 26, 2010. Availability of support chat or messaging differs depending on your location. Some questions may require that more support for which he is advanced a charge.  Go to & select appropriate category (i.e., download problem;) Installation problem; Problems after you install a service pack<=choose this="" option="" this="" time).="" ~robear="" dyer="" (pa="" bear)="" ~="" ms="" mvp="" (ie,="" mail,="" security,="" windows="" &="" update="" services)="" since="" 2002="" ~="" disclaimer:="" ms="" mvps="" neither="" represent="" nor="" work="" for="">

  • EliteBook 8460p: WWAN Sierra Wireless Module


    Can anyone give me the link for update my drivers of WWAN Module HP un2430 for 64-bit Windows 10 platform or the update isn't out yet... If Yes, then pretty close when it comes out? The reason why I asked this question is because my module drivers Windows 8.1 is not compatible with Windows 10 so the wireless with no signal, so does not work.

    I've used Windows 8.1 64-bit but am now on Windows 10 64-bit for my EliteBook 8460p. The module hp un2430 worked perfectly when I used Windows 8.1.

    Finally, on the other hand if there is a patch that is useful to let the thing working please let know me.

    Thank you, in advance for your help.


    Oh, I solved the problem myself... I can now connect intracellular... Detective Conan.

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