Signal (PAL 60) record with the Qosmio G40 Line In (Capture) Option

I'm in Australia - and I have a lot of NTSC video tapes I want to MPEG...

These bands play very well on all the TVs/LCD TV in the House.

Qosmio G40 seems to have problems with PAL 60 signal that sends my VHS player...

My VHS/DVD from Toshiba drive is to convert NTSC to PAL 60 signal - as this VHS player bought in Australia - this seems to be the Australian standard bought a VHS/DVD player.

There is no option on the VHS player to the NTSC signal... I tried another VHS player - and it gives me the same output PAL 60, this player also could leave the NTSC signal...

So I wonder if the Qosmio G40 is able to record the signal PAL 60 - maybe I'm missing a setting somewhere...

I use Ulead movie maker software, which is supplied with the machine... but I don't see any options on the support PAL 60...
Maybe the TV card installed in the machine does not support PAL 60 - I can't find any info about this...

Maybe I need to use a software of different capture which will support PAL 60 options...
Or maybe I just buy a VHS of America drive, and qosmio q40 will capture the NTSC image very well... (I already have a few products from 110V at home)

Any thoughts?



I'm not sure if this is possible, but you can check the BIOS settings, if there is an option that would allows you to change settings of NTCS/PAL.

Check it out

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    You are right. Some drivers are not available. I noticed the same thing for my Satellite A300.
    For missing drivers, you can install the Vista drivers.

    I did the same thing and everything works fine.

  • No RAID on the Qosmio G40

    I received the new Qosmio G40 to test, but there is no RAID more?

    But I also found the RAID on C:, Toshiba, drivers, Raid drivers - what can I do with this... I don't really know how :(

    To my knowledge only Qosmio G20 and the G30 supports the RAID. Units of the RAID on the third page of the BIOS can be found on it.

    The G40 has two hard disks, but the RAID is not supported and is not available!

    Please don't be confused! That is a simple made!

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    Before that you would expect from a search option check response. You can find several discussions on WXP on G40. For example this one:

    Bye and good luck!

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    To be honest, your ad is a little difficult to understand, but I don't know if you can use the keyboard of a laptop but a laptop technician can answer this question. In addition, they tell you the number you need for your new Qosmio keyboard.

    By the way: Here you can find an authorized service provider: > support & downloads > find an authorized service provider

  • multitrack recording with the living presonus studio

    I have a mixer 16.4.2ai people and prefer to use logic pro as my DAW.  With the presonus capture, I can automatically record/capture all channels of entry without having to assign each channel whenever I record.  Is it possible to do it with logic? Currently, I go into each track and assigning the input channel every time.


    Not sure I understand what you mean every time "save you". You only need the configuration entries once. They will remain in tact for each record. If you want you can save it as a template so it will be all together upwards for each new project. You can also record each input channel or stereo mix output via FireWire - Setup is required in presonus app to do this.  You can also configure all channels with a single click entry by highlighting all of them in the mixer and hold down the option key when you select the entry in the Mona channel - this will fill strips sequentiall channels.

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    Thank you



    Or if the modification of the code below would be easier I can go that route.

    Update oef_itv_ndn

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    closed_date =: MMR_CLOSED_DATE.

    admin_remarks =: MMR_ADMIN_REMARKS

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    : SEARCH_INPUT is the text box that users can paste values in this format:




    so, when it comes to the clause "where" I need to maintain all records that are in the text box.

    Post edited by: StevenD609

    The "WHERE" clause is in the wrong position.

    It should be part of the "USING" clause)

    (the nickname table 'data' is defined in the scope of this subquery)

    In addition, it seems to me good.

    If you're still having problems, you can go to the forum 'SQL and PL/SQL '.


  • Can the records with the same pictures are in the Organizer add? I have to start? I tried to organize photos in folders in a time better. I have to start all over again?

    I made new files so I could have a better time line, but the Organizer will not let me load them. The new files contain the same images, but they are better organized.  To add pictures in the folders I have to delete those in the organizer and start again?  I feel like I got this backward little and should have organized their first. Help.

    virginiae56248392 wrote:

    I made new files so I could have a better time line, but the Organizer will not let me load them. The new files contain the same images, but they are better organized.  To add pictures in the folders I have to delete those in the organizer and start again?  I feel like I got this backward little and should have organized their first. Help.

    The key to understanding the difference between the Organization of your files and folders directly in your disk folders tree and by organizing with a catalogue, is that the catalogue:

    -contains no image files, that links to the actual location on the disk

    -stores the links in a database with organizers strict rules, which is to avoid duplicates.

    One of the highlights of the databases such as those in the elements or Lightroom is that they store duplicate data. Which avoids not only of space useless, but also ensures that you're updating a file and forget its duplicates. As a result, the Organizer will prevent you from 'import', which is to 'index' your files several times. It recognizes the files into two criteria: the size of the file in kilobytes and the "date" of the shooting.

    The other strength of the catalogue, it's that you can select the sort order of your files displayed: by date, name of the file, import annealing in Bell or same "custom" order in albums. This means you don't ever need to have your physical files and folders sorted by dates on your drive. Try to get a similar organisation to the date on your car in your catalog can be an unnecessary pain. Good if you choose a folder structure to date in office at the time of importation; There must be little order at this time anyway. Once your photos are cataloged, the rule is that if you want to change the structure of your file, you must do it from the Organizer itself (left panel of record). This means that you are working with already imported files (you can not import duplicates). You can organize in this folder on the same panel as if you were in Solution Explorer / finder. You can either use the 'move' menu or drag and drop of folders with their subfolders, you can move the files of images to other subfolders. Beware, there are traps in doing this, for example by trying to move a subfolder in master already a folder with the same name of subfolder...

    So, ask yourself if all this work is really worth. And be patient and prudent to do this task from the file Organizer Panel.

  • one-to-many selfjoin, delete records with the same rank or a substitution

    Sorry for my poor choice of the title of the discussion, feel free to suggest me a more relevant

    I rewrote for clarity and as a result of the FAQ post.

    Version of DB

    I use Oracle10g Enterprise 64-bit

    Tables involved

    CREATE TABLE wrhwr (
    eq_id VARCHAR2(50) NULL,
    date_completed DATE NULL,
    status VARCHAR2(20) NOT NULL,
    pmp_id VARCHAR2(20) NOT NULL,
    description VARCHAR2(20) NULL);

    Examples of data

    INSERT into wrhwr  VALUES (1,'MI-EXT-0001',date'2013-07-16','Com','VER-EXC','Revisione')
    INSERT into wrhwr VALUES  (2,'MI-EXT-0001',date'2013-07-01','Com','VER-EXC','Verifica')
    INSERT into wrhwr  VALUES (3,'MI-EXT-0001',date'2013-06-15','Com','VER-EXC','Revisione')
    INSERT into wrhwr  VALUES (4,'MI-EXT-0001',date'2013-06-25','Com','VER-EXC','Verifica')
    INSERT into wrhwr  VALUES (5,'MI-EXT-0001',date'2013-04-14','Com','VER-EXC','Revisione')
    INSERT into wrhwr  VALUES (6,'MI-EXT-0001',date'2013-04-30','Com','VER-EXC','Verifica')
    INSERT into wrhwr  VALUES (7,'MI-EXT-0001',date'2013-03-14','Com','VER-EXC','Collaudo')

    Query used

    SELECT *
      FROM (SELECT eq_id,
                   RANK ()
                   OVER (PARTITION BY eq_id
                         ORDER BY date_completed DESC NULLS LAST)
              FROM wrhwr
             WHERE     status != 'S'
                   AND pmp_id LIKE 'VER-EX%'
                   AND description LIKE '%Verifica%') table1,
           (SELECT eq_id,
                   RANK ()
                   OVER (PARTITION BY eq_id
                         ORDER BY date_completed DESC NULLS LAST)
              FROM wrhwr
             WHERE     status != 'S'
                   AND pmp_id LIKE 'VER-EX%'
                   AND description LIKE '%Revisione%') table2,
           (SELECT eq_id,
                   RANK ()
                   OVER (PARTITION BY eq_id
                         ORDER BY date_completed DESC NULLS LAST)
              FROM wrhwr
             WHERE     status != 'S'
                   AND pmp_id LIKE 'VER-EX%'
                   AND description LIKE '%Collaudo%') table3
     WHERE     table1.eq_id = table3.eq_id
           AND table2.eq_id = table3.eq_id
           AND table1.eq_id = table2.eq_id

    The above query is intended to selfjoin wrhwr table 3 times in order to have for each line:

    • eq_id;
    • date of the completion of a verification type work request for this eq_id (aka table1);
    • date completion of a line (aka table2) type wr for this eq_id;
    • date of completion of a type wr Collaudo (aka table3) for this eq_id;

    A separate eq_id:

    • can have different completion of many requests for work (wrhwr records) with dates or date of completion (date_completed NULL column).
    • in a date range can have all types of wrhwr ('verification', 'Line', 'Problem'), or some of them (e.g. audit, line but not Collaudo, Collaudo but not verification and line, etc.);
    • must not repeat the substrings in the description;
    • (eq_id, date_completed) are not unique but (eq_id, date_completed, description, pmp_id) must be unique;

    Expected results

    Using data from the example above, I expect this output:

    eq_id, table1.date_completed, table2.date_completed, table3.date_completed

    MI-ext-001,2013-07-01,2013-07-16,2013-03-14 <- to this eq_id table3 doesn't have 3 lines but only 1. I would like to repeat the value most in the rankings in table 3 for each line of output

    MI-ext-001,2013-07-01,2013-06-15,2013-03-14 <-I don't want this line of table1 and table2 with both 3 lines match must be in terms of grade (1st, 1st) (2nd, 2nd) (3rd, 3rd)

    MI-ext-001,2013-06-25,2013-06-15,2013-03-14 <-2nd table1 joined the 2nd row from table2

    MI-ext-001,2013-04-30,2013-04-14, 2013-03-14 <-1 table1, table2 rank rank 1, 1st rank table3

    In the syntax of vector style, tuple expected output should be:

    IX = ranking of the i - th of tableX

    (i1, i2, i3) IF EXISTS a rank i - th line in each table


    (i1, b, b)

    where b is the first available lower ranking of the table2, or NULL if there isn't any line of lower rank.


    With the query, I am unable to delete the lines "spurius.

    I think a solution based on analytical functions such as LAG() and LEAD(), using ROLLUP() or CUBE(), using nested queries, but I would find a solution elegant, simple, fast, and easy to maintain.

    Thank you


    Sorry, it's still not quite clear what you are asking.

    This becomes the desired resutls of the sample data you posted:

    WITH got_r_type AS


    SELECT eq_id, date_completed


    Description WHEN LIKE '% Collaudo %' THEN 'C '.

    Description WHEN AS 'Line %' THEN 'R '.

    Description WHEN AS 'Verification %' THEN 'V '.

    END AS r_type

    OF wrhwr

    Situation WHERE! = s "

    AND pmp_id LIKE '% WORM - EX'


    got_r_num AS


    SELECT eq_id, date_completed, r_type

    , ROW_NUMBER () OVER (PARTITION BY eq_id, r_type)

    ORDER BY date_completed DESC NULLS LAST

    ) AS r_num

    OF got_r_type

    WHERE r_type IS NOT NULL


    SELECT eq_id

    LAST_VALUE (MIN (CASE WHEN r_type THEN date_completed END = ' V')


    ) OVER (PARTITION BY eq_id

    ORDER BY r_num

    ) AS audit

    LAST_VALUE (MIN (CASE WHEN r_type = 'R' THEN date_completed END)


    ) OVER (PARTITION BY eq_id

    ORDER BY r_num

    ) AS line

    LAST_VALUE (MIN (CASE WHEN r_type = 'C' THEN date_completed END)


    ) OVER (PARTITION BY eq_id

    ORDER BY r_num

    ) AS collauda

    OF got_r_num

    GROUP BY eq_id


    ORDER BY eq_id



    I guess the description can have (at most) only substrings target, in other words, you can't have a line like this:

    INSERT into (1,'MI-EXT-0001',date'2013-07-16','Com','VER-EXC','Revisione VALUES wrhwr and audit");

    In addition, you said the combination (eq_id, date_comepleted) is not unique, that it is y no example of this in your sample data.  What results would you if, in addition to this line (who did the validation):

    INSERT into wrhwr VALUES (7,'MI-EXT-0001',date'2013-03-14','Com','VER-EXC','Collaudo');

    the following line is also?

    INSERT into wrhwr VALUES (97,'MI-EXT-0001',date'2013-03-14','Com','VER-EXCFUBAR','Collaudo');


    You could do a self-join instead of GROUP BY, but I suspect it will be much less effective.  You can use FULL OUTER JOIN, since you do not know what r_types was that r_nums.

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    Can you provide a little more information on what you want to do?

    If you want to create an object in, for example, a database based on the results of the OPA assessment or investigation, then that lies outside of the OPA and is usually performed by the client that calls the rules.

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    If the user will not modify one of the field elements of the 45 I will not create a new record in the database

    How can we achieve this feature


    Hi Mary,

    Please try this method to copy a line in the new line...

    public void copy()
    Pervert SuppliersVOImpl = getSuppliersVO1();
    Rank rank [] = pervo.getFilteredRows ("SelectFlag", "Y");
    for (int i = 0; i)<>
    Rowi rank (SuppliersVORowImpl)= SuppliersVORowImpl;
    OADBTransaction trx (OADBTransaction) = getTransaction ();
    Number b = trx.getSequenceValue ("FWK_TBX_SUPPLIERS_S");
    AttributeList a rowi = (AttributeList);
    R = (SuppliersVORowImpl) pervo.createAndInitRow SuppliersVORowImpl (a);
    Define your unique attribute values here, I'll put here Ref supplier as with each new line, it must be different.
    r.setSupplierId (b);
    pervo.insertRow (r);

    Kind regards
    Out Sharma

  • Insert the record with the decimal string?

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    What is your question.

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    Problem started when I noticed that he does that in safe mode now it does not work in any mode.
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    When I turn on laptop all you get is blue and black vertical lines on the screen with the windows logo in the Center.

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