SIM lock

I want to check my lock status. Help, please.


Contact AppleCare.

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  • SIM locked

    How can I unlock iPhone SIM locked 6s? How to get the PUK code with no owner available account? What are my options?  I can do anything except call and text... Thank you


    Follow the instructions here, including contacting your carrier:

    Use a SIM PIN code for your iPhone or iPad - Apple Support

  • Are Belgian iPhones THAT SIM locked?

    Are iPhones in Belgium SIM-locked, or can I use them with different Belgian suppliers?



    If you bought the apple iphone shouldn't be sim locked, if you bought from a network provider

    It can be locked just go into a mobile phone shop and ask to try a different sim card.

    See you soon


  • Persistence of SIM lock

    The Atrix 2 stores the information of how SIM lock
    a stolen device can be used on a new SIM card after doing a reset?

    SIM Lock is related to the card SIM card not the phone. The idea is to prevent someone from running towards the top of your Bill. If someone stole your phone, they could put your SIM in another device and call the psychic telemarketing for hours. A SIM Lock prevents this, but does not prevent a reset of the phone and put it in their own card.

    There is nothing to prevent a master reset and using a different SIM card until the carriers put in place an IMEI blacklist as they did in Europe.

  • BlackBerry Smartphones are Sprint towers SIM locked?

    I was on a cell phone and store parts site a few moments ago and I noticed that they offered unlock for towers of BlackBerry, which seemed odd that they would suggest such a thing. And then, I intend to go somewhere soon, and I want to know can I switch SIM cards without problems. Can someone confirm or not the towers have a SIM lock on them? (FYI, for those who are familiar with a different term, when I say SIM lock I am referring to the carrier blocking the no carrier use of SIM cards in the phone without a special password to disable locking)

    Thank you!

    Well, its depending on where you're traveling, but for use in the United States, Yes, all the BlackBerrys are delivered locked, including the tower.

    If you need your unlocked, just call your operator request a free release. Most requre just one account in good standing, some require an account for 90 days.

  • SIM card disabled... Need to unlock Code - or do I need a new SIM card?

    Hi - I was a fool to check my phone late into the night Friday and checked settings-> location & security and went down all the way to lock SIM card. My phone is running the last updated Android for this model of Motorola MB300 BackFlip MotoBlur, I guess it's Android 2.1?

    I went to the where it says set up SIM card lock.

    I went to the where it says card SIM Lock (require PIN using the phone) and he asked for a PIN and I entered my own PIN and then I thought asked that my re - enter to confirm the new PIN code and then it was locked. I couldn't turn the lock, and I got on the screen when he timed out where he said I had the possibility of a PUK code. I don't know what it was, but I entered my code I thought that I did, and then he asked for me to create a new code, which I did, and then he asked me to re - enter the code to confirm. I did, and every time it says INVALID CODE ENTRY or something. So I tried other things. I tried to guess what the PUK code. I sent my parents at this stage because he said I could get the PUK code in caller Service customer. But I do not have to restart my phone and dial a number. I tried to keep guessing. Finally, he said that SIM card has been DISABLED. And now I can only make emergency calls.

    I found somewhere on the Internet that will give the unlock codes for a SIM card if you have the IMEI number of the phone that I have, and the model. I entered the model and IMEI number to see if they had paid him to the record, which they said to do it before the "order"... which I was suspicious. They found my unlock the number, they said, for what I entered. Simply, they want my name, address, etc. and will allow me to pay using credit or debit via Paypal. It costs $ 7.99 for the code.

    I'm not really happy to spend $8 that I can get for free if I go to a local store of AT & T with the technicians and technical help, that will do it for Hello, FREE?, because I pay 5 $par month on phone, insurance which now on this P.O.S. phone, had to be said for her many times... but I secretly want to take in the closest CENTRE of DEVICE OF SUPPORT , I have a recommendation to go form (but that one is a 2.5 hours a one-way ticket on public transport, unfortunately, compared to only an hour or two in a store of tech to give me a new SIM card) and see if I can get this BackFlip swapped for a SideFlip while I'm.

    • What is the chances of that? Just whine enough about the BackFlip even get a SideFlip? The SideFlip is done? To compensate for the BackFlip? (^_*)?
    • Anyone know how to unlock the SIM card once it has been disabled? Or people with reduced mobility means NEVER usable for the rest of its useful life? That's all I need to know now. Mainly.
    • And on the other hand, in passing, if someone got lucky by swapping this out for a SideFlip mofone and what their thoughts were the Motorola SideFlip vs the BackFlip with respect to memory and the Android operating system and version MotoBlue... etc. The usual. Comparisons?

    The tech store I use mainly is closed on Sundays (to get a new SIM card), so I can't go today after all. To remedy this, I hope to get a response on this forum. Please post anything you know that might help me for FREE get this MOFONE FIXED and SIM re-activated or reactivated. And it's too late in the day to get to the CENTER of SUPPORT of DEVICE. So boo hoo. I'm screwed. I would like to have a car and not a nice bike respectful of the environment.

    PS - I've READ online THAT THE PUK FOR THIS PHONE IS ALWAYS 1111, but I think they were referring to the device of MiFi who came, not the BackFlip MB300... so I don't know if the PUK Code is universally 1111 or what, but it does NOT work. What could be? Is - this own to my phone and the IMEI number? Thank you!!!


    If the SIM card is deactivated so your best bet is to get a new one. AT & T gives them for free, but there is not many other v e can do. Blocking of SIM cards is a security feature to protect your account as a sim card is linked to a phone number.

    Other unlocks forsale are online for carrier unlocks - unlocking a phone to use with another carrier. The unlock code requiring an IMEI unlock for another carrier - it won't help with SIM disabled.

    If you could easily unblock a SIM card, anyone could steal your phone and break the SIM lock. As far as I know, once the SIM card is disabled, you must a new.

    But the good news is that AT & T gives free new.

  • Inability to enter the sim pin after update 5.1 on z3

    After receiving the lollipop update 5.1 my z3 (protection of sim on) is no longer gives me the opportunity to go my PIN to power up and go to the Security section menu sim lock does not work either because the sim card is locked and an overlay covers the menu.
    So rather than network data not phone. Help!

    Problem solved!
    I had to use another phone to unlock the sim card then put it back in the Xperia!

  • Unlocked new Xperia Z3 - it snaps to the 1st sim/network?

    Hello.  Sorry if this has been asked / answered in the past but my unlocked new Xperia Z3 now will lock in the 1st sim/network I used with the phone, Tesco Mobile / O2 in my case, or will any new sim from another network card work well?  Thanks in advance for any response / response (s).


    If the phone is SIM free, it won't lock, if the phone is network locked/SIM locked, then you need to unlock and then you can change as many SIM cards of different networks as you want.

  • Pin code of blackBerry Z10 Sim Card required daily

    My required daily BBZ10 my sim card pin code, what should I do to prevent this?

    I'm not reachable when I'm on call to work during the night because of this.

    Thanks a lot for some feedback


    Hi Ginodesoomer,

    Welcome to the support community!

    Looks like you have security enabled on your SIM card. You can disable this option to avoid to be invited for the PIN. Please see this article for more information. "" Enter PIN"is displayed when the BlackBerry smartphone is locked" KB18647

    You can disable this on your BlackBerry Z10 smartphone in settings > privacy and security > SIM card > SIM Lock card PIN.

    Please let me know if that helps.

  • Locked Smartphone blackBerry data plan


    I recently received as a gift a blackberry phone that was bought from another country (Vodafone Spain). The phone is not sim locked and my Orange prepay sim worked flawlessly until I activated the data of Blackberry for the pre-payment plan.

    The problem is that I paid for the service of bb does not work (edge lowercase + receive not hosting routing tables)-I tried the battery pull, whipe, reinstall the os, etc. and eventually I wrote an e-mail to Vodafone Spain on this issue but have not yet received a response.

    After talking to my Orange dealer I was informed that the dealer of Vodafone Spain has remove my blackberry to their service of bb. If they refuse to help is there another solution to this problem, I ran through?

    Sorry for my bad engRish.

    They must remove the PIN/IMEI of their user database, there is no other solution.

    The device thinks it is still in use on the previous user account.

  • FirefoxOS crash overlays added through almost everything

    A month before while I was taking a call, firefoxOS crashed into a whole.

    It restarted without having to reboot the phone (not sim lock).

    a mozilla crash reporter has opened and I sent the mozilla crash report.

    After that most of the installed applications appear white.

    but all the content is there. I can scroll, I can type, I can drag, I can call. but I have to do it blind.

    I added a few screenshots that will show the problem.

    Question: How to read the crash with BAD report?
    Question: How can I return to a normal diet? (best wouldt be true ADB/recovery)

    Phone: Alcatel One Touch light E (X 6015) system: FirefoxOS 2.0 (obtained through update FOTA to Christmas as described here: )

    Unfortunately I can't systemsettings to see the build number exactly...

    I made a solution myself - >

    cause: send the phone to any outcome of partner service within 3 to 5 weeks of wait times just to get a reset of the software (in min.) is really annoying for me.

    I deleted the cache and done a factory reset in recovery mode, which i have reached now the volume to top + power button together on the tour off the phone.

    That did the trick.

    PS. : I'll start now I have other questions

  • IPhone US 6 s in Germany?


    I come from Germany and I think to buy an iPhone 6s in Seattle when I am there in August. My question is, it will work in Germany when I buy sim lock free? I heard that the United States use different frequencies of the mobile service that in Germany, is that correct? I also heard that it is a quad-band phone, so it should work...? I hope you can help me.

    Free SSIM is not enough to factory unlocked, and the guarantee will become invalid in Germany, so if you have problems, you have to fly with her

  • How to unlock manually

    iPhone does not support sim card last she used in the United Kingdom now I am in China and he can also go to advanced options

    If the phone is locked carrier (SIM-locked), you can not use it with other carriers. You will need to contact the carrier to ensure that it is locked and ask them to unlock it. You can also activate without SIM card by the carrier, so that it is locked.

  • Buy an iPhone 6s in US as a tourist


    I visit the United States next month and I was wondering if I could buy a 6s an Apple iPhone there and bring her to the Tunisia.

    Will it work here? I have problems about the sim card? I have to make a contract? Can I give money and get the package?

    If it is sim locked to a U.S. carrier it will work only with their sim cards

    If you are having problems and you want to use the warranty, you must travel back to the us for repair

  • Purchase unlocked IphoneSE UK long term use US

    I'll buy a SE IPhone in the United Kingdom while here for an extended stay. Then, I'll need to use it permanently to the United States. I shared between the two places. It's better to buy an IPhone unlocked to the Apple store or it be difficulties using it if purchased elsewhere?  I read GiffGaff unblocked really good prices and reliability. This is the plug on GffGaff

    I know I can get a SIM in the USA, I read any sim card works in an unlocked IPhone. But I'm not clear on what this means in terms of this list on Apple's site. I understand that this means if I want to have a monthly to the United States with a sim card that I need to think in terms of network use with what model number? Why some sites say a sim card work in an unlocked IPhone, but then this Apple lists some suppliers to work with certain numbers of series etc?

    I also read that the first time an iPhone is he used locks on any network you use the first time. Is this true with an unlocked IPhone and that is something that can be switched to the Genius bar in both countries when a local sim card is exchanged. I would be grateful for the latest information on how to smooth the transition between the two countries, and how it would be easy to swap Sim cards when necessary.

    Thank you very much.

    Here's what I know

    Do not buy from Carphone Warehouse as the lock of phones to the first carrier, they are enabled on

    Apple buying at full price always gets you an unlocked phone

    The list on Apple's site lists the suppliers that provide the functionality associated with the phone as iMessage etc. - we have incidents of some posters here being charged for calls for activation as their provider was not an official Apple partner or that they might not use LTE etc.

    The Genius bar will not help with SIM locked (locked carrier) phones - you will have to work with the carrier on that one.

    Maybe some of our colleagues based in the United Kingdom can sound

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