Similar audio files in FCPX

I have two different video clips, one is 6 hours long and the other is 2 minutes.  Both video files have the same song.  I was wondering if I can use FCPX to use the two-minute clip and do match the clip is 6 hours long.  This way, that I don't have to go through 6 hours of video.  Is there a quick way to do it?  Thank you.


To clarify, I would use the clip of two minutes using FCP for know where this song is in the video for 6 hours, without having to go through all the video from 6 hours to his research.  Thank you

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  • MainStage retains "Copy Audio files" during save


    MainStage guard do "Copy Audio files" then to save it. It copies the audio files temporarily in the concert file and removes them. I don't know why he started to do so. I tried to do a "save under" and set the options in different ways for the project to avoid this but these concerts have done the same thing: whenever I click Save starts copying files and can I have a coffee break.

    Any ideas how to get rid of this behavior?

    I saw a similar topic about the "save under"-it's "Save":

    MainStage 3.2.3 is copy audio when recording as files

    See you soon,.

    When I perform a "Save as", I get a bunch of boxes of digital resources to include or exclude from the backup. See the checkboxes in the gray box at the bottom of the screenshot below.  Leaving the "copy EX instruments in concert" box unchecked prevents MainStage to copy audio files (at least for me.)

    Good luck.

  • Audio files and movies in my iMac, how to find them?

    It seems that my iMac HD have Audio files and movies.

    I do not remember that I downloaded from these files.

    How can I find / manage them please?

    Maybe my iOS devices?  (synchronization via iTunes)?

    Thank you.

    Disk utility class files by type. They can be found anywhere, as in e-mail messages and attachments, Photos, downloads, your library, iTunes etc. Look in these places. If you are unsure where to start there are some utilities that you can use as WhatSize. It is available in the App Store. This is just one example; There are other similar products.

  • Repair of audio flaws in FCPX

    I'm moving from FCP-7 to FCPX, and I admit it can be quite frustrating at times. X has many improvements on the 7 that I like a lot (the markers that move with clips, yay!), but there are still things I like better than in X to 7. Or maybe I don't know how to do things in X again. In this case, ignorance is NOT happiness!

    For example, in FCP - 7 I like being able to see the entire waveform in the audio track. In this kind of a track, I see every word in an interview, often as a separate lump or bump in the stream of waveform, and I can cut or deal specifically with keyframes, if I have to, I can't do very well with few of these mountains or wave conjuncts which grow upward from the bottom of a FCPX audio track. (Or I will love the little better mountains when I get used to them?) Hey Apple - perhaps we could have a choice of how we want the waveforms to appear in FCPX?)

    If I have a sound like a click I want to eliminate in an audio track of the FCP 7, I can make a round trip above Soundtrack Pro as an Audio file project, where I can see the need very precisely, in extremely detailed audio waveforms, and there I have all kinds of tools to eliminate it with.

    Here is a concrete example, I'm dealing with right now in FCPX: I have an interview of a person whose first language is not English, and there a lot of clicks and pop in the speech which undoubtedly improve the words spoken in his native language, but English is simply distracting. The microphone unfortunately picked up all this racket very distinctly. If I could just send this audio track on to Soundtrack Pro it would be easy to deal with, but as it is, every click is a vague (and sometimes difficult to isolate) hint in one of the FCPX mountains in the audio track.

    So I Zoom in to the maximum in the audio track of FCPX and try to tamp pointing each click down with images keys, in the hope of eliminating it, but a lot of all time, with that I get is a click a little quieter, but still noticeable. If I push all the long silence, and then the empty spot in the audio track is almost as distracting, as was the trigger.

    Are there ways of audio repair defective in FCPX that I just haven't met yet? Or are people who want more control over the audio repairs send their audio tracks of any substitute Soundtrack (may make sense?)

    Tom B.

    I have a selection of range the area usually clip and take it out and attach a small piece of your room below. I don't know enough about the logic of whether she can make a cut and fill how you could of Soundtrack Pro.

  • Clicking or stutter during playback of the audio file on Sansa Clip

    I'm having a problem similar to that described in the following thread:

    Only I have the problem on a 4 GB Sansa Clip.

    The audio file is a DRM WMA to NetLibrary, 165MB, 32 Kbps and 11:48:01 in length.

    I am currently at 05:21 mark in the file and the stuttering arrived at a point where it is difficult to listen to the file.

    I had filled the files of devices (especially the music, a few podcasts) and then deleted, filled again, etc., so there may be some fragmentation that is either the problem.

    I'm reformatting of the clip using the internal format of the device function and allows you to copy only the audio book on the device at the beginning to see if the problem goes away (this * should * minimise, if not eliminate the fragmentation).  Then I resync the rest of the music files to the player using Windows Media Player, and then see if the problem comes back.

    I'll post my results here.

    Reformat the device worked very well.  The audio file sounds fine and the file is read immediately when you rewind or fast forward through the file (before it should pause a few seconds once you wanted to before play).

  • Difficulty playing the big audio files/streams.

    Hi all

    I have an app that plays media (audio/x-wav).  The application is configured to listen to and read the audio data from a web service.  After that audio plays for the first time, the sound will be saved on the device.  Whenever the audio selected is played later, he can read the stored file.

    Everything works fine, except when it comes to playing audio files.  When the Player tries to read the audio data from a big-InputStream, the application will take a few minutes to retrieve the stream and then the player will hit a State of 'ERROR', due to:

    "Media cannot start while another media is active"

    .  At this point, I did not open another medium, however.  Then when I try to play the audio again (this time this time locally from a stored FAT deposited (~ 5 MB), the application appears to hang - but it not to plant, it becomes just does more for about ten minutes.)  After ten minutes, the player will reach the State of "ERROR" an error of:

    "Unload failed: Timed out waiting for UD|LD"

    Has anyone else had similar symptoms when you try to play larger audio files?  What could be going on here?  Here is my code:

    Reading an input stream:

    try {
        Player player = Manager.createPlayer(responseData,"audio/x-wav");
        player.addPlayerListener(new PlayerManager());
    } catch (IOException e) {
        System.out.println("ERROR: " + e.getClass() + ":  "+ e.getMessage());
    } catch (MediaException e) {
        System.out.println("ERROR: " + e.getClass() + ":  "+ e.getMessage());

    Reading a file:

    try {
        Player player = Manager.createPlayer("file:///SDCard/Blackberry/music/" + file);
    } catch (IOException e) {
        System.out.println("ERROR: " + e.getClass() + ":  "+ e.getMessage());
    } catch (MediaException e) {
        System.out.println("ERROR: " + e.getClass() + ":  "+ e.getMessage());


    public class PlayerManager implements PlayerListener {
        public void playerUpdate(Player player, String event, Object eventData) {
            System.out.println("PLAYER EVENT: " + event);
            if (event == PlayerListener.ERROR) {
            } else if (event == PlayerListener.END_OF_MEDIA) {
                try {
                    player = null;
                } catch (MediaException e) {
                    System.out.println("ERROR: " + e.getClass() + ":  "
                            + e.getMessage());

    Yet once again, I'd appreciate any help!

    I solved this problem for my application. Check it out at:

    It will be useful.


  • bad audio file

    I don't really know what's happening or what's causing this problem.

    When I read my calendar, all of a sudden my audio file reproduces the wrong file. If I "reveal in finder" he links to the correct file. Even if I "reveal in the project." If I double click on the file and view it in the Viewer window, the clip is titled "using this script", which is the bad title of the clip. I don't know even where this title comes from.

    This problem occurs randomly. I erased the media cache. Don't know what else to do.

    This file is likely to contain audio compressed, which will be similar to the import. Once again, how exactly are clearing the cache of media? You need to clean the files from the cache manually by finding the CFA files (located in the folder of media Cache files, situation which is defined in the preferences of media) and delete in the Explorer OS files, not through the 'Clean' function in the media browser.

  • The table widget. Inserting text, audio files, and pdf files.

    Hello world

    I have a client [Organization of the Church], that they want to put all their audio Sermon in their Web site. Similar to this:

    They have many audio files and I think I need to sort by year or book but going back to my question, nobody knows how to do or what kind of widget I use?

    Thank you


    You use the table here widget:

    In addition to adding audio files;

    Thank you


  • How to split an audio file for playback gapless?

    I have remastered just a music file (and it sounds beautiful incidentally!) using Audition CS6 on my iMac with OS X Lion mountains (my two BONES and hearing are fully updated). The file is 192 kHz 64-bit IEEE Floating Point (32-bit float) WAV. I know exactly where I want to cut the file, unfortunately every time I try to cut the file, the point to which the file is cut results in brief distortion for a tenth of a second, or so on each file resulting. What should I do to make homogeneous SOUND Cup at the very least?

    P.S. There is no version of the original source (i.e. smoothly the way it should be) since the alleged files FLAC are no longer available: that's why I got the best I could find and remastered them.

    Also, I'm curious to know if anyone knows: if I wanted the resulting playback MP3 files, should I make the cut, then export each piece like MP3 or cutting, export to WAV, then convert those into MP3?

    Steve.KR wrote:

    I don't see an option to select the CD image limits when I search, click right chronology, etc.

    Right-click on the timeline and set the display time on Compact Disc 75 FPS. Then go to the serpentine and give this nod to executives.

    In addition, how these limits would allow me to export 2 separate files that play in a transparent manner?

    This only works for the CD, and the reason is that all CDs are encoded in whole frames on the disc. If you cut your audio files and the Cup is not on a frame boundary, the rest of this frame will be filled with silence. Your next track may have a similar problem - if the audio time reference does not fall on a departure from the border, there will be a gap there, too, I suspect that (although I've never run into this personally). In any case, this gap, even on the slopes following directly on the CD with no break inter track, is what makes your non-transparent join.

    Then, with two folders the completely separate, you must ensure that the total length of the track of each of them contains a whole number of images. And even with a single file being marked with CD tracks on the correct boundaries, the total length has yet to be an integer, or it gets filled with a digital silence at the end.

    You get 75 frames per second, with regard to the absolute chronology of the events, so this is almost never a problem. The potential clicks, however, are...

  • Captivate accidents import or edit an audio file


    I created demos of software simulation with text-to-speech voices in Captivate 5.5 on Windows 7.  Recently, on the one hand projects, I replaced the text-to-speech by importing audio files to MP3 successfully. Whie repeating the same effort in another project, Captivate crashed.  This behavior is true in all new and existing projects to import everything or modification of audio data. Captivate freezes in the following circumstances:


    Open a new/existing project.

    Import audio to the slide - mp3. The file is imported successfully.

    The Captivate is suspended shortly after importation.


    Open a new/existing project.

    Import audio to the slide - mp3. The file is imported successfully.

    Save the file and continue working with the application.

    Click Edit Audio option in the properties. The grip of Captivate.

    Note: By clicking on the option Delete Audio in properties is running without any problems.


    Open an existing project.

    Select audio for a slide, and then click Edit Audio

    The grip of Captivate.

    Has anyone ran into similar problems? Help, please.

    Kind regards


    Rodward thanks for your reply. I found the solution to search the forum Archives. [I just renamed my preferences directory in C:\Users\[user name] record Captivate 5.5 \AppData\Local\Adobe\Adobe. That fixed the problem.

    Refer to the discussion

  • Can't understand why audio files always take a lot of space on my macbook

    Hi everyone, I apologize if this has been asked before, I'm going cross-eyed trying to find an answer.

    Stupidly, I didn't use iCloud DOES NOT mean that all my music and photos would be stored on the cloud and take MUCH space on my macbook. I discovered the hard way. So I'm moving all my pictures and music on an external drive. All well and dandy. Except that since I moved my iTunes library and all my music files, when I look at my storage, it shows still 154 GB allocated to audio. (Meanwhile there are now 140 GB Audio on my seagate SOMETHING that was supposed to happen happened.) I've looked everywhere, I can't understand why there are still some 154 GB of audio files on my laptop. Any suggestions or tips are greatly appreciated. Please be lenient, I was on a pc for a few decades and finally crossed the step last year, but I'm still confused by all this cloud stuff and find my way in on a mac. (I'm on OS X Yosemite). I guess it's one thing to iTunes, but I could be far away.

    Thank you in advance.

    I guess that after you copied the folder iTunes external hard disk, you checked if everything is there, then deleted the folder iTunes on your Mac drive.

    If NOT, then you know what to do.

    If so, force Spotlight to reindex the reader.

    Rebuild the index on your Mac - Apple Support Spotlight


    iTunes: link again or external HD library:

    * Open iTunes while holding down Option (Mac) or shift (Windows).

    * In the dialog box, click Choose library.

    * Select the iTunes folder that you moved to the external hard drive.

    * Click on choose (Mac OS X) or open (Windows), and then choose the library inside iTunes file.

  • audio files do not play sound after the restoration of the links

    I recently moved to a project from one disk to another.

    When I opened it the project folder I had to recreate a link to all the media which seemed to have a lot of success. However the audio files do not seem to play any sound. When I tell one of the audio files in the finder window, it take me for an alias file. When I try to open this file, it indicates that the original file cannot be found.

    I tried to remove the entire library of files sound and re-import them back in. But still, it does not solve this ridiculous issue.

    Any suggestions?

    Thank you


    Are music protected audio files?


  • Audio file storage size HD Mac

    When I go to 'about this Mac' my iMac HD list 157 GB of audio files, but I can only find 69GB of music files when I search the HD by genre. My Music folder is about 65 GB, which is consistent with the file iTunes etc, and I know that when the other 4 GB. The question is where are the almost 100 GB of music files that I can't find, and how to remove them?

    Rebuild the index on your Mac - Apple Support Spotlight

  • Download audio files from email

    When I attach an audio file (mp3, AIFF, etc.) to an e-mail, it appears as a miniature black reading Control Panel. I tried to send such an email to myself to see how it will appear to a recipient, and it appears the same.

    It seems so we can play music directly from the email, but there seems to be no way to download the attachment; control-click does not open a menu that allows you to display an attachment in the form of regular icon or download it.

    If I first put the audio file in a folder and then attach the file to the e-mail address, which gets the problem, but in a rather cumbersome way. There must surely be a way to send an audio file to make it appear like a normal, downloadable attachment?

    I would appreciate the help.

    PS: I realize that you can use the ' save' button in the upper right of the email, but most recipients of e-mails could expect to be able to save the attachment directly from its icon.

  • How to export MusicXML... or Audio files as

    Hi all

    How to export MusicXML... or as Audio files. They are not gray. What should I do to make tham to be visible?

    Thank you!

    Master - Mac Mini 2.3 Ghz Intel Core i5, 8 GB, HD on Toshiba 500 GB, Mac OS X 10.10.5 system.

    Logic PRO X (10.2), RME FIREFACE UFX,.


    Slave - MacBook Pro 2.2 GHz Intel Core i7, 16 GB, Systen on Intel SSD 180 GB, Mac OS X 10.10.5.

    Sound library on 1 TB SSD, Pro 2, FIVE 5 Pro, VS, MIR PRO VI,

    For music XML - the partition must have the focus and be selected, then it is not gray.

    For others, the first word gives a clue (regions - you select the audio regions - you can select the audio tracks, etc...)

Maybe you are looking for

  • I want to add my laptop to my list of devices to find my Iphone

    I want to add my windows laptop to my list of devices so I can find my IPhone and or IPad, but the instructions do not cover a windows based pc.

  • change the 'new tab' to 'Mozilla Firefox '.

    I really don't like how in the latest firefox, opening a space new tab header and bar shows now 'New tab' instead of the classic "Mozilla Firefox" of tasks. Is there a way to set firefox to use the title of "Mozilla Firefox" instead of "New tab" by d

  • Cannot connect to Hotmail

    I can't connect to my Hotmail account.  When I go to Hotmail I get redirected to a page scan Hotmail and has no way for me to connect.  Somehow I try to connect I get redirected to the page of Hotmail Sweep.

  • iPhone and importing photos

    My computer does not recognize my ipone to import images.  Can you help me?

  • CS6 - create a button using the photoshop image file

    I'm new to still the so bear with me here:I'm working on creating DVDs work which includes 1 main menu with 25 deadlines to the option choices. It's basically a list of tracks and I would use a Photoshop layer menu work was created from be highlighte