Simple question. Difficult to find an answer. Adjustment of the threshold on WVC2300


I have a WVC2300

What is the parameter most sensitived, a more or a less -?

Come on Cisco, update your documentation!

Hi Clifford,.

Thank you for posting. It has been long since I played with these settings, but if I remember correctly the side - means more sensitivity. Also, I found the following in the Administrator's Guide WVC210 which seems to confirm:

Set the sensitivity of each window by using the threshold slider (less threshold

Means more sensitivity)

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    Name              Type          Nullable Default Comments 
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    Ok. I am having a brain freeze and cannot find the answer in the help of the OPA. Simple question.

    Is there a simple way to alias an attribute for use in Word?

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    annual percentage rate = 6
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    Is there a configuration option or something to alias APR as the rate of annual percentage for use in Word? I want to use in the same Word document. Something in my head tells me that I have seen that once before, but all of a sudden, I've got a brain freeze.

    Sorry for such a simple question, but sometimes I get too deep into the weeds.

    Hi Paul,.

    You may think the style of the legend of OPA. In the 2007 OPM Office Ribbon it's called legend of the table, but I think that it works with the rules of non-table in Word as well - it is certainly used to.

    It's a style of OPA rule which can be used when you want to refer to an abridged version of an attribute, for example "APR" rather than "the annual percentage rate. According to me, that it applies only to the immediately lower rule where it has been defined in the doc and the doc not complete.

    I did a quick search in the help of the OPM and found references to the style of legend, but I have not found a description of the functionality (search is not too good if).

    Essentially how it works...

    Above the rule to write the version abridged, then the word "is", then the text of the full attribute, for example

    APR is the annual percentage rate

    Side note: I have always "BOLD" the "is" in the callout line. It is not necessary, but I want to do it because it makes it more clear at a glance what part is the shorthand and which part is the text of the full attribute.

    Then apply the style of the legend of the table to the line, then put your Word table or the ordinary rule underneath, for example

    [legend]APR is the annual percentage rate
    the result = APR * 10 

    I use this feature occasionally. Usually it is when I have calculations in Word tables and I'm trying to make the more readable left column, for example using something "APR" in the formula so that it does not take much space.

    See you soon,.

  • Can Captivate 6 reset a simple question slide?

    Captivate 6 has the ability to reset a simple question slide?  I know I could use the widgets for custom (via this discussion questions, but I wanted to see if it's built-in to COP6.

    Structure of CBT (simplified example)

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    1-10 of slides: demonstration, section a.

    11-20 of slides: demonstration, section B

    21-30 of slides: Demonstraction, section C

    Slide 31: Question for the section slide has

    Slide 32: Section B Question slide

    : Slide 33 Question for section C

    If a user forgets the question in section A, they are sent to revise section A again.  At the end of section A, the learner is sent to slide 31, question slide A section (using variables to know that they already do not have the issue once).

    Problem: When they are referred to the section a question, he does not answer them.

    Goal: Restore the question during the second attempt slide is still a Virgin.  Once the slide 31 pass, they will be addressed to the slide 32: 33 drag, etc..

    Thanks for all your help so far.  This CBT is one of the most advanced I did for this organization.  They have certain requirements really well.


    Hey Micky,

    I tried to reproduce your script and it worked fine for me, it would be useful that you can share your project ([email protected]).

    Kind regards


  • Simple question Slide to Web site

    Simple question for you guys.

    What is the best way to create a slider as these websites header->

    What is the way of doing?

    Dreamweaver has so many options, and I have very little time so I was wondering if someone could give me the easy answer here so I can go further.

    Thanks in advance guys.

    Log-in to the Widget Adobe Exchange and enter Spry content slideshow

    WOW slider

    NIVO slider

    just to name a few...

    Nancy O.

    ALT-Web Design & Publishing

    Web | Graphics | Print | Media specialists

  • I asked a question earlier this afternoon; Where can I find an answer?

    As I said. I asked a question earlier this afternoon; Where can I find an answer?
    I'm pretty new to this and I can't seem to find on my own.
    Thank you

    Hi crudoyle, you can access your questions in one of the following ways:

    • At the top of the site support, mouse over your username and the menu, choose View profile
    • On the page of the main issues, find my Contributions in the filter list
    • A response e-mail notification, follow the link to see the answer online

    Most of the support forums are busy and have new posts incessantly, then the search page after page is frustrating. In the future, it might be a good practice to bookmark your new thread if you can go to it directly.

  • The simple question is "where can I find the installer for the HP Quick start?

    The simple question is "where can I find the installer for the HP Quick start?

    BESR regards


    And here's one for W8...

  • Is it possible to create a form with text boxes of "adjustment" to the participants to answer the questions?

    Is it possible to create a form with text boxes of "adjustment" to the participants to answer the questions? Questions are open to everyone, so asking narrative responses.

    Hi landon39843319,

    You can have fields flowing / more dynamic in a PDF of LiveCycle Designer form, but not in an AcroForm (only created in Acrobat).  LiveCycle Designer is a program completely separated used for are delivered with each purchase Acrobat Acrobat XI has been release.  Now you must buy separately.  But LiveCycle Designer PDF forms are wrapped in a shell of PDF so that they will be displayed and can be filled in the free Acrobat Reader DC and earlier versions.

    If you do this in Acrobat with an AcroForm, you have as much information typed into a field that the user wants, but he's going to show everything on the screen.  Displays only the text that fits into the field, then a + sign will appear in the field to indicate that there is more text in this field, you can scroll down to read.  You can also set the automatic font size so that as more text is entered in the police becoming smaller and smaller to adjust the text, but that is usually not desirable for many forms.

    Hope this helps,


    WindJack Solutions

  • Very simple question...

    This question is so basic and simple, that I can't believe how much it is difficult to find the answer, or the fact that nobody seems to have bothered to ask.

    When moving files from a HDD on another drive hard, i.e. cut and paste the player has to drive B... Drive A retains a copy or proof of the files somewhere in its sectors or clusters?... Or all the evidence known to the file (s) 100% moved to drive B?

    Thank you.

    To address the question that you asked - Yes - a drive keeps a copy complete and unchanged for the entire file.  (It's functionally identical to what happens when you delete a file, if it first moving or not).   The master file table is simply marked as occupied disk space is now available for reuse.  Until disk space is used, the data remains unchanged on disk.

  • Starting with a Cintiq in Adobe Flash - a series of simple questions desperately not found!

    I am completely new to the Flash IDE, but I used my 13HD Cintiq with Photoshop in the past. Despite the Tablet works well and correctly drawing, so far Flash feels very weird and almost unusable. I spent hours searching online for answers to these simple questions, and I found nothing. Help please respond if you can!

    1. Eraser brush size: I have the wacom pen, brush and Eraser gum (pretty standard) value. Can I adjust the size of the brush of the pen in the toolbar, but the gum is stuck to the smaller size! I put the tool eraser for the max brush size, and when the stylus is set on the Eraser tool directly, it is larger. How to set the other side of the pen wacom for a larger size of the brush? And aren't there keyboard shortcuts to increase or decrease the size of brush in Flash? (similar [and] in Photoshop)

    2 zoom brush: changes the brush size when you zoom in. People online say the size of the brush is constant, but it is simply not true. When you zoom to 200%, the brush must be twice as big is in 100% zoom. Is it possible to Flash this (normal) behavior?

    3 timeline packaging: can visit the 'step before an image' and "not back an image" (comma and period) key wrap the entire timeline, so walking to the front on the last image will frame 1 and walking backward on frame 1 goes to the last image? It's important for me to animate well loops, and I can't find anything online or in the preferences. Shift + comma and shift + period is acceptable workaround solutions, but they are not ideal, because I have the comma and period mapped to buttons on the Cintiq. I need them to wrap!

    4 digital brush thickness: is there a way to specify a thickness of brush with a number? I have to use the pen to get the STROKE thickness properties? At the very least, can I use a keyboard shortcut to specify the size, rather than click on toolbars?

    Honestly, I'm at the end of my rope here. I'm almost ready to completely abandon the Flash this in Illustrator, and then animate in Flash, so I've drawn everything correctly. Why everything is so different, and why I can't find one of these simple questions online?

    Him long and short of it is no you can't do most of the things you want to do as much as the brush is concerned. Flash has ALWAYS increased the size of the brush as you approach and it decreases when zooming. Why? No idea, but it has always been so.  You CAN increase the size of the brush in numbers but using the properties box. The Eraser is weird in Flash. so I use the Lasso tool and select what I don't want and delete it. Given that you're used to Illustrator you might not realize that selection of a brush stroke areas will NOT select the entire race as in Illustrator. You can only select parts. You can also sort of allow for what you call enveloping chronology by installing a command and by mapping to a custom key command. Make sure that there is a keyframe at the end of the cycle.

    Dropbox -

    Also, this could sort through what you want too:

    Finally, Flash is no different that there has never been and it must be considered that, while the Illustrator has been developed by Adobe, Flash was developed by Macromedia and was then bought by Adobe years later then you "cannot really be expected to operate the same. Personally, I HATE the interface of Illustrator and hate the way it works if I hate it if Flash worked as an Illustrator!

    In any case, I hope this helps.

  • Assessment JavaFX: a few simple questions

    Hi all.

    I am to evaluate the possibility of migration of Swing to JavaFX development. I have a few simple questions, and simple answers will suffice.

    1 is mature enough to support all Project Professional JavaFX?

    2. JavaFX is a functional superset of Swing? I mean. Is capable enough to do any other thing that Swing can make JavaFX?

    3. is also well documented that the Swing JavaFX is? I mean especially the Swing tutorial and the Javadocs.

    4A JavaFX equivalent to "treeWillExpand" event? Also important in my case.

    5 a JavaFX frames internal for the development of MDI?

    6a JavaFX equivalent of JFormattedTextField? I use this component intensively for the validation of the data and formatting.

    7A the JavaFX AutoComplete text field component? Or is it difficult to develop a custom for this component?

    8. is it is possible to mix different styles of text (i.e. text color) in a text field component?

    9 is it difficult to create custom components and extend/decorate existing ones?

    10. is the beta for Linux mature enough to start trying? Can I use Netbeans with the current beta on Linux?

    Thank you!

    I'll take a shot at answering them, some of them are probably better answered by one of the developers if:

    1. it seems stable and has a feature set large enough should allow you to create the lack of parts yourself

    2 JavaFX and Swing are unrelated to each other. JavaFX has its focus more on the provision of outstanding visual effects without trying to look the same as other applications on your platform. For example, control of JavaFX table doesn't have a built-in filter support and sort - it's something you can do yourself with appropriate templates.

    3. There are some examples out there already but no where near as many Swing. However, the Javadocs seem good enough, I could usually find what I wanted there.

    4 are not specifically, I think, but I'm sure that you should be able to veto over enlargement, by changing the State where you receive when a node is open or by consuming the appropriate event. Better write a small test for this program to see if you can do what you want - and if not, a feature to apply.

    5 I don't know well.

    6 No.

    7 there not. It is not too difficult to develop custom components.

    8. not directly I think, but a combination of FlowLayout + text objects must be able to do what you want.

    9. I developed some custom components, mainly by combining other components and that seems pretty easy. I don't know how you can change the functionality of a component exist (such as change the text field component in a text formatted field or who can use several colors; you will probably have to create your own skin for more delicate changes. Skin isn't very well documented.

    10. I do not know this.

  • Simple question... How do to add pictures on the body of my MAILS found 1000 results for how can I add photos to my Thunderbird emails

    How can simple question - I add photos to my mail body. But instead of the answer - found 1000 results for how can I add photos to my Thunderbird emails. There are answers that don't apply at all to the question anyway. Why must it be so difficult to get a simple answer to a simple question?

    Thunderbird is a bit like Microsoft, all the reasons as I dumped MS Live Mail.

    First, a lot of help for Thunderbird refers to the menus that may not be visible. It would be useful to you and us if you have your menus and toolbars visible.

    Then, open a window of writing. Activate the menu and operate.

    Now that you see an option "Insert"?

    If this isn't the case, you can assign composing in plain text, which does not support embedded images.

    Tools | Account settings| {Select account} | Composition & addressing and ensure "Compose messages in HTML format" are checked. If it is not already checked, go back to writing a message. No better now?

    Once you have the mode of composition HTML goes, you can use Insert | Image or various permutations of copy - paste and drag - move to the body of your message.

    A manual of sorts:

  • simple question to function test of value chain

    Hey guys,.

    I m just started using teststand.

    My simple question is related to the function "test string value '. What is the difference between the "type of comparison' CASE SENSITIVE and IGNORE CASE? From my point of view are not really meaningful names.

    To avoid simple and stupid questions like that, I tried to use the internal helper function. I'm wrong when I say that the help features are not as good as in labView? I couldn t find any answer to my question... hmmm... How other people handle this situation? (outside of just trying?)

    Thanks for your help


    Case SENSITIVE: it will fail if you compare "HELLO" with 'Hello' or 'A' with 'a '.

    IGNORE CASE: this will pass if you compare "HELLO" with 'Hello' or 'A' with 'a '.

    Hope that explains


  • Simple question R61i Ultrabay...

    It's really a simple question, but I can't find the answer in any of the documents online.  I have a laptop Lenovo R61i 15.1 "widescreen, and I just need to know if it comes with a slot for Ultrabay Slim drive, a drive advance Ultrabay location or an other versions Ultrabay.  I would like to buy a long battery life to adapt to the Ultrabay box, but I see that the different Ultrabay models are not compatible, I want to know what one I need to buy for my computer.  Any help appreciated.

    widescreen 15.4 inch R61i like any other laptop R6x use housing Ultrabay Enhanced readers with EIDE interface and not the new laptop Rxxx SATA interface.

  • BlackBerry Smartphones has simple question on volume of phone ringing.

    I am grateful for this forum because even simple questions like the following are difficult to obtain responded by Blackberry.  Seizing the issue in the 'Help' section on my handheld gives always nothing.  It seems that a large company like RIM would understand more in their user manuals.  Anyway, enough ranting... Here's the question:

    Quite simply, how can I increase the volume of the ringer on the phone?  By pushing the volume button for a call that increase the volume of calls.  Pushing not courts of appeal does nothing.  I'm sure that there is a way to do it, but I'm coming emptyhanded.

    Thank once again the community here as a whole for the excellent work which is made to help other Blackberry users.

    Profiles > advanced > highlight the profile you want to edit > press the menu key and go to 'Edit' > scroll down the list and find what you want to change the volume of the ring tone for example, standard messages

Maybe you are looking for

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    When I start my computer, a message will come on indicating ' preparation set up windows do not.Turn off your computer. This process continues and does not set up, so I start in safe mode. How can I correct this situation?

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  • What is the win 2 k SP4 and how to install the di?

    I'm trying to upload videos to a CD, but the equipment that I use wonder upgrade for WIN 2 - K SERVICE PACK 4. What is this and how do I install it?