Since I installed El Capitan I can't 'wipe free space' on my MacIntosh HD by 'Utility Disc': 'Erase' it is blocked

Hi Support Team,


Since I installed El Capitan I can't 'wipe free space' on my MacIntosh HD by 'Utility Disc': 'Erase' it is blocked.


How do I unlock (enable) the function "Clear space" in "disk utility"?

Jona li


It has been removed from disk utility. You can explore using the commands in Terminal. However, there is no real need to do if you have an encrypted drive. You have a reason to erase free space?

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    Make sure that your time zone is set correctly.

    If, after the back... There is one wackiest thing that can cause this.

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    It is quite possible because LP9 is considered to be EOL ("End of Line would be) aka"unsupported"by Apple more... and very well may not be compatible with modern versions of OS X... on some systems.


    Return to a previous work of OS X and LP9 configuration using your backups... or buy LPX.

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    You will need a third-party partitioning such as Acronis Disk Director or Gparted program. Back up your data first because things happens. Otherwise just copy your data to D:\ files and then delete them to C:\. It works for files such as photos, music, documents, etc. If you want to install on D:\ real programs, you must uninstall them and then reinstall them using the desired partition. MS - MVP - Elephant Boy computers - don't panic!

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    These applications come free with a new Mac. they are not included as part of the operating system.

    So if you had previously, they relied on the App Store with your AppleID.

    If yes then you can download them again from the shopping page in the Mac App Store.

    Or you have them on a backup that you made before the re-setup.

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    What I really need, is step by step help to find what is the problem itself, then the solution, if you could just tell me what you need to know on my system (and how I can actually find this information in my computer)

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    -For some reason any I can play leagues of legends for about 1 to 3 hours before getting a crash (all other games is an instant crash ex: Diablo 2, world of warcraft, counter strike, Shaiya and combat arms, battle of the Immortals)

    -I can watch all the movies or shows HD television or no HD on the internet, and I've never had a crash of it, except with the youtube player and a few other players that look like this one... don't ask why, but when I fullscreen these video players after 5-10 minutes, I get the crash... a little weird

    If you think you know what my problem and have the patience to help me understand it would be much apreciated :)

    Thank you

    Very well thank you very much, I could have searched for a while lol bad try to see why my 1 g stick does not appear on the list of devices, maybe it's just not cut out for good in my computer or something bad idk have my bro check this. IM curious tho, BOSD is the blue screen of death right? I read a little about it because it looked like my problem but I never really had a BOSD, nor my computer never fails in your system setup? The fact that I've never seen these Disconnections could mean that it is not a hardware problem, so I'm following what your sayingright, right? lol I searched a bit and found a job with someone who had this kind of problem and he explained how when you got low ram his forcing them to go back and statements of way too to carry information or something like that and this is where the question is...

    Anyway im already confused enough for now :) ill get more RAM and see after that if my problem persists. I'll let you know how my comps feeling whne I install

    Thanks again for your time :)

  • Message received from "Disk full" so he was trying to install 2011.exe SRIM. I can see 933 GB of free space when I display the properties of the operating system (c :)) help, please!

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    New computer - Dell Inc. 05DN3X (CPU 1), MS Windows 7 64-bit SP1, processor Intel Core i7 930 at 2.80 GHz, 6.00 GB Triple - Channel DDR3 @ 666 MHz, 977 GB Western Digital WDC WD10EALX - 759BA1 (SATA).

    Downloaded a program (32 MB) (SRIM 2011.exe) commonly used to work and tried to extract it to a new folder on the OS (C :) - received message 'disk full'.) I can see 933GB free space when I discover the properties of the operating system (c) - Quota is turned off.

    Have used the program mentioned above (SRIM.exe) several times before using different operating systems XP to work without problem...
    Help, please!

    Given that this was written in 2011, I'm sure you understood something at this stage. However, the post also has much a views, so I think it might be a persistent problem, so I'll post my solution:

    When I copied the file SRIM - 20xx.e in a folder of SRIM-20xx under Program Files, I had a "Disk full" error when trying to extract the files, even though I had a lot of space on my hard drive and without limits. After a bit of messing around, I like the solution is to move the SRIM-20xx folder on the desktop, and then unpack it. After extraction, which leaves you with a lot of seemingly useless files, double-click CONFIGURATION and the installation will begin appropriate. Installation will create a file under Program Files, there will be no need to make things happen later, simply remove the meantime extract the folder to your desktop computer.

  • I ran out of free space on the hard drive how can I free up space

    My pc is freezing or locking up when I run a desktop wallpaper animated, so I defragment a saw that I was up to 20% freespace

    You can create more free space in C in carrying one of the measures suggested below.

    The default allocation for the restoration of the system is 12% on your C partition is more generous. I have them would be reduced by 700 MB. Make my computer right click on your icon, and select System Restore. Place the cursor on your C drive select settings but this time find the slider and drag it to the left until it shows 700 MB and output. When you get to the settings screen, click on apply and OK and leave.

    A flaw that might be useless which is for temporary internet files, especially if you keep no copies on the disk offline. Setting the default value is 3% of the walk. Depending on your attitude to copies offline, you could bring it to 1% or 2%. In Internet Explorer, select Tools, Internet Options, general, temporary Internet files, settings to make the change. At the same time, look at the number of days, the story stands.

    The default allocation for the basket is 10% of the disk. Change to 5%, which should be enough. In Windows Explorer hover over your Recycle Bin, right click and select Properties, Global and move the slider from 10% to 5%. However, try to let you become so complete that if it is complete and you delete a file by mistake it will bypass the Recycle Bin and have gone forever.

    If your drive is formatted as NTFS another potential gain arises with your operating system on your C drive. In the Windows directory of your C partition you will some uninstall files in your Windows folder in general: $NtServicePackUninstall$ and $NtUninstallKB282010$ etc. These files can be compressed or not compressed. If compressed text the name of the folder appears in blue. If these files are not compressed you can compress. Right-click on each folder and select Properties, general, advanced, and check the box before you compress contents to save disk space. On the general tab, you can see the winning amount by deducting the size on disk size. File compression is only an option on an NTFS formatted disk partition / partition.

    Select Start, all programs, accessories, System Tools, cleaning disk to emptying your trash, delete temporary Internet files and other selected options. I recommend also you click Other Options, System Restore and delete all but the last system restore point. Run Disk Defragmenter.

    Using the system restore option is most appropriate when your system is slow and you need to increase the free disk space on your C partition. If you have errors that could be solved by using the system restore to your system settings back to before the error occurred initially do not use this option.

    If more than one person uses the computer and they have their own user log you need to run Disk Cleanup in each user profile that you want to delete all the unwanted files.

    A better program of disk cleanup is cCleaner. Delete System Restore points may be important if you have little free disk space. The ability to delete them is one of the tools options. You can selectively remove those created in less important moments.

    cCleaner comes with a registry tool. Do not use this tool as any registry cleaner could lead to the creation of very difficult to resolve system errors.

    What email program are you using?

  • Click on the Photo icon and it does not open. I recently downloaded and installed El Capitan and it seems to have slowed things. How can I solve this problem?

    I click on the Photo icon, but it does not open. I recently downloaded and installed El Capitan 10.11.5, and I wonder if it is slow things down.  My iMac has 2 GB of memory and 124,75 GB of free space. Picture worked fine, then I wonder what is happening. Can anyone help?

    Yes, it's probably slow things down a GB of s2 on memory is the absolute minimum - you need to update your memory which is cheap and easy - a reasonable and a reliable source is Other World Computing- there are others including Apple


  • Since I downloaded El Capitan I get a notice of entry of device of 'Santa Barbara School District' saying that they can automatically configure my Mac!... I don't want that at all

    Since I downloaded El Capitan I get a notice of entry of device of 'Santa Barbara School District' saying that they can automatically configure my Mac!... I don't want that at all!... It appears every 30 minutes or so... El Capitan is safe?

    The computer has a serial number which is included in a registration of devices belonging to an organization. If you do not belong to this organization and that you didn't acquire the device with him, then there was an error or the device (or the logic board) is stolen. If the unit was purchased used, for example on Ebay, or if the card has been replaced by an unauthorized service provider, then it is almost certainly stolen goods. Otherwise, you must take the device to an Apple Store or to an other authorized service provider to have serial number has changed. May asked you proof of ownership.

  • I want to install El Capitan, but as I am in Italy I get only offered it in Italian. How can I get in English? Thank you.

    I want to install El Capitan, but as I am in Italy I only get offered in Italian. How can I get in English? Thank you.

    You do not set the language of what you download. Once the operating system is installed, the language is set in the system preferences.

    By the end of 2012 mini Mac, OS X El Capitan 10.11.4. Apple Watch, 38 mm silver AL, Watch OS 2.2; iPad 2 Air & iPhone 6 + iOS 9.3

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    Once I close Mail he invites me to send a report to Apple, what I'm doing. I would have thought that this would have been fixed by now through updates but no luck.

    I have the mail Version 9.2 version (3112)

    Help, please.

    If you run a third-party such as Trusteer applications that claim to offer anti virus, protection, cleaning, management, etc. your computer, uninstall these apps. They are not necessary and can be responsible for your problem. Trusteer is known to cause the symptoms you are experiencing.

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