Since March 5, Firefox will not load pages except the home page.

Firefox just says 'connection' tab and after thirty minutes the page does not load. I have tried rebooting my computer several times and have uninstalled then reinstalled Firefox. It is not a problem with the connection, and does not seem to be a problem with my safety. I use Firefox for more than a year on this computer, then suddenly that. What should I do?

Type of topic: preferences #advanced< enter > in the address bar.

Under Advanced, select network.
Search for configure how Firefox connects and then press the settings button.
Check the settings.

Some problems occurs when your Internet security program has been implemented.
trust the previous version of Firefox, but not more acknowledges your
update as being approved. Now how do I solve the problem: to allow
Firefox to connect to the Internet

  • Make sure your Internet security software is up-to-date (for example, you are using the latest version).
  • Delete Firefox to list your program of programs approved or recognized. For detailed instructions, see

Configure the firewall so that Firefox can access the Internet. {web link}

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  • Firefox will not load https pages. gives the security warning and will not accept an exception.

    I had problems with Firefox and some sites for about a year, and it is located in my laptop. I have no problems when using my desktop at work or my dad's cell phone in his house. Some sites simply returns a page of text style; no html. Other sites give me a security certificate warning and FF will not accept an exception for this site, either by clicking the button or manually enter the site as an exception. Tonight, GOOGLE will not load again! Why, it's trying to load on an https server, I don't know, however. Several other sites have also begun does not not and are also trying to load it on a secure server.

    Use Kaspersky, AVAST 2015, ESET, BitDefender or Microsoft family safety? These are among the most popular security programs which have a function to intercept your Internet connections and filter your traffic. When it's a secure site, in order to be able to decrypt and inspect your communications, the software must present a false certificate for Firefox. Sometimes, the software is not able to configure Firefox for this, or if you use the function of Reset of Firefox, the trust is broken and needs to be put in place again.

    Unfortunately, the same symptoms can appear with some malicious software.

    If you look at the second half of the post of Philipp, you see where you can check the section 'From' the certificate. This usually allows to identify the culprit. Can you take a look and report what you find?

  • From 50.0, Firefox will not load the tabs. How can I treat?

    Recently (very probably coinciding with the 50.0 update), Firefox suddenly stopped loading tabs. All the pages get stuck on 'connection '.... "as well as system as topic tabs: support and about: config. and other Web sites and locations internal intranet do not load.

    The first tab that opens at the start of Firefox will sit on a white page indefinitely, not to load the page speed dial 'shortcut '. Not even the tabs system such as topic: support load. If a second tab is open, and the first tab is closed, then the tabs system become available, but websites will always be blocked to 'connection '.... »

    This troubling behavior began to appear in dozens of jobs in our Organization. On each of them, except one (so far), we were able to resolve by obtaining: support to load using the method described above and refreshing of Firefox, which leads me to believe there is some sort of problem with the profile.

    On a desktop, Firefox seems to work after a refresh, but after an instance of Firefox is closed and a new opening, the new question asserts itself. When you open Firefox under a new user profile, it works once before breaking. On this particular station, I tried uninstall Firefox and reinsert several times without success, as well as facility nightly, which presents the same exact issues as the regular version. I'm stumped on how to solve this problem for the end user. I even tried to run CCleaner.

    Any ideas?

    Hi HaggenIT, can you please try the following and see if it works: enter Subject: config in the address bar of firefox (confirmed the message information where it appears) & search for the preference named browser.tabs.remote.autostart.2. Double-click it and change its value to false.

  • Firefox does not load pages and said "Stopped" in the lower left corner of the screen.

    Latest FF and XP Pro. 2.4 Ghz Celeron processor, 1 GB of RAM. FF will work for awhile then it will stop loading pages and say 'Stop' in the lower left corner of the screen. Sometimes I can refresh and the page loads, but 95 out of 100 times I can keep refreshing and it will say "stopped". Alternatively, the page will be partially load and then quit and say 'stop. ' I disabled IPv6 and DNS Prefetching and he always does. IE does the same. VERY frustrated. My last PC started doing this and I've finally upgraded to a newer version and it was fine for a few months, but began to do the same thing recently. Arghhh... Thank you!

    This has happened

    Each time Firefox opened

    is with my last computer a few months ago

    You, me and many others (from discussions throughout the net) have this same problem. I had a few glances at Mozilla, take a look, they couldn't find a problem or a solution.

    Here's what I found works - the problem arises on me when I upgraded to Firefox 3.63. 3.63 FF of uninstall and install 3.59. You can always download until the end of June or July I think.

    My problems went away with 3.59. Seems to only affect users of Windows as Mac Firefox 3.63 works very well.

    Found a few discussions pointing to ZoneAlarm Firewall time-out managers and some download tools. I have ZoneAlarm, so I don't think that was the cause, just another victim.

    I wish Mozilla would pull the plug on 3.63, repackage as 3.64 3.59 and go back to the drawing board until they find out what is wrong.

  • Firefox will not load a Web site if the assets are missing from the page

    Some sites Web page can try to include a CSS or JS asset that is missing. In this case, Firefox 30 seems to hang and the page never loads. This happens even in Safe Mode. Other browsers have no problem loading these pages.

    I can give you two example URL, as well as the missing assets which causes the problem, but I don't know if I'm supposed to post links or not.

    Please do not take into account. After returning from safe mode, it offers to reset everything and import my data. Once the browser has been reset, well not loaded loading pages.

  • July 24, 2010, firefox will not load a Web page. I uninstalled 3.6.8 and you want to re - install 3.6.2. How can I do this?

    My firefox updated version will not work. I uninstalled and want to return to my previous version that still worked. I have Microsoft Vista. Please help as soon as possible.

    This has happened

    Each time Firefox opened

    July 24, 2010

    User Agent

    Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 6.0; Chrome/5.0.375.99 en-US) AppleWebKit/533.4 (KHTML, like Gecko) Safari/533.4

    This can be caused by a firewall blocking internet access to Firefox. See that configure the firewall so that Firefox can access the Internet. This link has a list of popular firewall and how to configure it to work with Firefox.

    See also Firefox cannot load websites but other browsers may

    If you need to install an earlier version, see install an older version of Firefox.

  • Using a Vista laptop, connects to the internet, but will not load page. DNS problem.


    I use a Toshiba laptop with Windows Vista Home Premium 64-bit.

    I just have a modem and use a router. I have a network cable (cat 5) connected to my laptop and the modem. I have log-on internet and it connects. But when I open Google Chrome, IE9 or Firefox I can not load a web page. Google mentions something about the DNS cannot be found and DNS_Probe_Finished_No Internet.Frefox says server not found.

    I click on the Menu start - Connect To - I am logged in. I already typed my password in the command prompt and appropriate the pppoe connection/address (I use ADSL).

    I talked to my ISP and we tried to do certain things. But nothing works. On their end, it shows that I am connected. But I can't browse the internet. We tried to have the DNS and IP address for ipv4 set to obtain automatically and I put 2 numbers of DNS in manually once the settings have been changed to the favorite servers and DNS auxiliary, or worked.

    Using command prompt, the DNS has been emptied. It did not help. The modem has been reset the ISP location. I also recreated and set up a new network connection.

    My office is using the same pppoe information. I can freely browse the internet and I use Windows Vista Home Premium 32-bit. I was also shown to be connected simultaneously with both machines, but that the Office can go.

    I do not have Windows Update the laptop since on April 2016. It has not been used and the battery was empty. I tried to turn off the laptop several times, but nothing works.

    Y at - it suggestions to solve this problem? At that time perhaps a re - install will work.

    System Restore worked. I will run the updates and see what happens.

    I think it was a program that I uninstalled in programs and features.

    It's also useful information for this post:



    • You must open a command with elevated privileges prompt to complete the following steps. For more information, see command prompt: frequently asked questions

    1. Click the Start button.

    2. In the search box, type command prompt.

    3. In the list of results, right-click Guest, and then click Run as administrator.  If you are prompted for an administrator password or a confirmation, type the password or provide confirmation.

    4. At the command prompt, type ipconfig/flushdns.


    Start - Search programs and files
    Type "Command Prompt".

    Right-click in the program file that appears above the run as administrator.




    ipconfig / renew

  • Firefox does not load pages unless moves the mouse or keyboard is pressed


    I saw this problem listed several times before this post, but none of the solutions have helped me.

    I am using Firefox for ages and the latest 3 updates or so were expose this problem. When I try to load a website, Firefox will start to takes me to the page and then hang. The circle in the tab will stop moving and it will stay there until I move the mouse or press a key on the keyboard. As long as the mouse moves permanently or the keyboard keys are pressed, the page will load very well. The same thing happens with YouTube. The video starts and then freeze unless the keyboard/mouse is moved. Firefox also has this problem when I try to download a file from a Web site. The download starts and then hang on until I move the mouse or press a button, then it will continue for a few seconds and hang on again until I repeat the movement of the mouse or press the keyboard button.

    So far, I tried to update Firefox, Java and Flash; Starting Firefox in Safe Mode; uninstalling and reinstalling Firefox: do a complete uninstall and reinstall of Firefox with removing profile and creation. I ran ad next and malware detection with no infection found tools: Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware, SuperAntispyware, and AdwCleaner scan Microsoft security, Windows Defender, Spybot Search & Destroy, utility Kasperky free Security Scan and Anti-rootkit TDSSKiller.

    The only thing I tried that 'seemed' to work was from Windows Mode safe mode with networking and run Firefox there. I was able to watch YouTube videos without freezing and websites seem to load properly. Of course, I can't run in Mode safe all the time.

    I've attached a screenshot of what it looks like when Firefox crashes on Google News. Note that the images in part loading, but a good number of them is waiting or not loaded.

    I hope someone can help me, because I like Firefox and I wouldn't switch to Chrome or (shudder) IE.

    Thank you in advance for your help!

  • Firefox will not load after an automatic update

    I am running Windows 8.1, the 64-bit operating system. I think that FireFox automatically updated today and now I can't start FireFox. I get a box of modules are being checked for compatibility. The designation of 32 bits is indicated and just it runs and runs and will not go beyond this screen. I have tried everything I can think of to start FireFox, but nothing seems to work. Help I'm having to use IE and I hate it.

    It is possible that there is a problem with the files that store the registry extensions.

    Delete the files (extensions.sqlite, extensions.ini, extensions.cache) extensions.* and compatibility.ini in the profile folder of Firefox to reset the extensions registry.

    New files will be created if necessary.

    See "extension corrupted files:

  • Firefox does not load pages; GUI is messed up.

    Since this morning, Firefox is really messed up. There seems to be some general interface problem. My toolbars have been rearranged and change for them, I can't open the pages when a dialog box opens the text is missing from the computer, etc..

    I've just updated the BIOS of my computer last night, so that could be a factor. I have also two add-here-above update last time I ran Firefox. I want to disable them to see if they have the problem, but I can't really do anything in Firefox, so I can't disable anything. Is there a way to disable add-ins manually from outside the program? If I reinstall, is there a way to protect my favorites? My story seems to have disappeared already ("but I don't know if it's actually GONE or just don't show up").

  • Firefox will not load farmville website.

    The website of farmville does not load. I can access the login page and when I login it takes me a few seconds in and out of the site. I can't play in the Web site and I can't click anything. It bascially newspapers regulate me.

    URL of affected sites

    same problem (3.6.3)

  • Firefox will not remember to use the reader for PDF downloads

    When you use Gmail, I have an email with attachments in PDF. For each PDF attachment, there are 3 possibilities: use the player integrated, download or copy of Google Drive. When I selected download, the popup says "you have chosen to open:...» "and then offers you two selections: 'Open with' and 'Save File '. Previously, the option 'Open with' remember that I wanted to use the drive with the PDF file. It no longer does this. I have to go and find the drive every time, even if I clicked "do this automatically". Whenever I have go to the player, he will use it. It won't be just remembering to use drive next time. Under Application Options, it does not for the PDF files, it must 'Use Adobe Reader'. I reinstalled Firefox, as well as ensuring that records in my application profile data have been deleted, so there is a clean version.

    Test with a single message, it seems that Google sends good content-type header (' application/pdf'). The present attached screenshot the "response headers" in the web console.

    Sometimes the settings file that stores your preferences for handling download becomes corrupt with duplicated or contradictory information. Its format internal being impenetrable, it is generally easier to remove the file and have Firefox rebuild. You must update your PDF preferences once again, but I hope that it will work again.

    Here's how:

    Open the settings folder (AKA Firefox profile) current Firefox help

    • button "3-bar" menu > "?" button > troubleshooting information
    • Menu help > troubleshooting information

    In the first table of the page, click on the view file"" button.

    Leave this window open, switch back to Firefox and output, either:

    • "3-bar" menu button > button "power".
    • File menu > exit

    Pause while Firefox finishing his cleaning, then rename the mimeTypes.rdf to something like mimeTypes.old

    Restart Firefox upward, review the Options/Applications and select PDF preferences, then retest Gmail. Any improvement?

  • Firefox will not import all of the favorite Internet explore

    All my favorites Internet Explore will not transfer on Firefox. I already tried all of the suggestions:

    • import from internet explore
    • Export Favorites to internet explore then import into firefox

    Only half of my favorites are passed to firefox. Very frustrating.

    If there are problems with importing IE bookmarks in Firefox, then export favorites in Internet Explorer to a HTML file and import this file in the Firefox Bookmarks Manager.

    If you don't have the menu bar in Internet Explorer, and then right-click on the toolbar above to activate the menu bar.

    • Export Favorites in Internet Explorer to a file (bookmarks.html) HTML:
      File > import and export
    • Import HTML file in Firefox:
      Bookmarks > show all bookmarks > import and backup > import bookmarks HTML

    See "Import from another browser" and "import from file":

  • Firefox will not load some sites Web but IE

    After the upgrade to 29 FF, I can't access the addons and several other pages.

    Going to or clicking the addons button gives me a bulleted links list.

    Try to download an add-on just says "download error".

    I can go to in Internet Explorer and download and install manually without any problems.

    I deleted the cache and cookies several times and reset the proxy votes to zero.

    I watched: config and there was no line xpinstall.enabled so I added it as a boolean type.

    I ran malwarebytes and it found nothing.

    Any help would be appreciated.


    The site modules use these stylesheet:

    Can load you those directly (if it just look like a bunch of text all run together), or you get an error?

    If those loading and you and then refresh the page modules, it get a style correctly?

  • Firefox will not load Java on Linux - even after following all the instructions on the net I can find - what am I doing wrong?

    The problem I have is that I am running Puppy Linux on my laptop.

    Now, I have tried everything I can to get Java works under Firefox, chrome, or Seamonkey (I have all three browsers on my computer).

    For firefox and seamonkey, I tried the following-

    Downloaded the tar.gz for java file
    he unzipped in/opt/java
    went to/user/lib/mozilla/plugins and run the command
    to create the symbolic link to the plugin
    check that the plugin is executable (in fact even tried to give all full read/write permission and run it)

    For chrome does the same thing but put the symbolic link in the/usr/lib/chromium-linux/plugins folder instead.

    Restart the web browser, even tried to restart the X server where the browser runs somewhere in the background.

    All three browsers can pick up all other .so plugins in this folder except Java.

    When I click on check plugins on firefox I access the page on 'Missing Java? -For your safety, Firefox has disabled your outdated version of Java. Please install the latest version.

    However, the version I downloaded is Version 7 9 update that is exactly the same as that which is available under the latest version of Java is (it was only downloaded from this link a few minutes before, I even tried to re - download just in case there was an update in 5 minutes).

    If I go to the Java folder and run the control panel of the Java Control Panel appears, and he knows where Java is installed and everything.

    So what's happening? I have installed the plugin in the right directory? I guess then that is where all the other plugins are stored and Firefox, Chrome and Seamonkey are picking all others upward fine, or would there be an old version of Java lurking around somewhere on my system, Firefox, Seamonkey, and Chrome are trying all to use it?

    I also tried to download the RPM and posing in the folder/usr/java and replacing the symlink/opt/java than in the folder/usr/java and still nothing.

    I don't really understand it ' cos it's picking up all the other plugins like Gecko and even installed Flash in the same way and that works very well. is the classic Java plugin.

    You need the of next generation plugin (for examplejava/lib/i386/ for current browsers.

Maybe you are looking for