Since the upgrade to Windows 8, my graphics card will not work. When will the upgrade come?

I upgraded my VAIO (VPCZ2190X) to Windows 8. I lost the HDMI connection and a few opportunities for expansion pad mouse because of the graphics card with drivers not appropriate. Anyone know how to get these drivers?

I have the same problem - no HDMI on the output adapter since the upgrade to Windows 8. Sony upgrade information said that we had to restart when the connection to the docking station after the upgrade, but he indicated that it would cooperate.

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  • My nvidia graphics card does not work when I install microsoft visual stedio

    as say the title my nvidia graphics card does not work when I install microsoft visual studio 2013
    How can I stop this from happening

    We know what to do?

    Yes and Yes, but it's good for now
    I restore the Windows STILL and installation of visual studio without emulator windows 8.1 phone

    and it worked

    Thanks for the reply.

  • Graphics card does not work on the Satellite L850 PSKFWA


    I have a Satellite XC 250895 Q. Windows 8 keeps giving me a message that my graphics card does not work correctly.
    I go to the Radeon website and click on the appropriate boxes and let Radeon check my system to see if the drivers are up to date. He tells me that I have to download something (?) New driver) but when I do it tells me there is a problem with the compatibility with my system.

    I haven't noticed any problem with the graphics.
    It may be a Radeon problem, but what I have on my system, which was installed at the factory.

    Thanks for everything back

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    Can you please tell us once more what model of laptop you have exactly?
    Are you using the original Win8 preinstalled?

  • My graphics card is not working properly when I export the media (Nvidia GeForce GTX 980)

    (Sorry for my little English)

    I bought a new PC. You can see the configuration in this snapshot

    My PC Settings.png

    My GPU-

    MY GPU.png

    My graphics card is not working properly when I export the media (Nvidia GeForce GTX 980).

    I activated Mercury Playback Engine acceleration GPU (CUDA) - no results, you can see in this snapshot-

    Project Settings.png

    -When I try to export in different formats my GPU does not work, you can see in this snapshot.

    Exporting in different formats.png

    -Its just working in this format (MPEG2-DVD), you can see in this snapshot - here is the same

    Exporting in MPEG2-DVD.png

    -J' tried to use Adobe Media Encoder, but is the same situation.

    Can you help me please?

    Thank you very much.

    To understand the role of the video card, see Tweakers Page - what video card to use.

  • Satellite P850-133 - extended graphics card does not work


    I got my 2 new p850-133 and they have reinstalled with a new copy of Windows 7, and then the extended graphics card does not work, he said: "code 10" failed to start, what to do, the hd4000 intel integrated works really well.


    The laptop is equipped with a GPU NVIDIA® GeForce® GT630M.
    The European driver Toshiba page provides 3 different display drivers.

    2 drivers for nVidia GPU (v296.0 for the 3D and v296.01) and one for Intel (v
    You must install the Intel driver and one of the nVidia drivers.

  • HP pavilian hpe h8-1205: my gforce 740 graphics card does not work in my HP Pavilion HPE h8-1205

    My 740 gforce graphics card does not work in my HP Pavilion HPE h8-1205, please help

    Supaman4040, welcome to the forum.

    I think that your problem is related to the BIOS.  The 700 series video cards require UEFI in the motherboard instead of a standard BIOS.  HP didn't start using UEFI in its motherboards up to mid-October 2012.  Your computer was released January 25, 2012.  You must contact the card manufacturer to see if they have a VBIOS update which will allow the card to work with your computer.

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  • Why the visiontek radeon 7970 3 GB graphics card does not work with my xps 8300?

    I bought a Radeon 7970 visintek 3 GB graphic card thinking that it works with my xps 8300. It fits everything is plugged in correctly, but when I turn on my computer does not recognize the graphics card? The graphics card is not broken I build it in another computer and it works perfectly. I am very disappointed at this because I thoughtI would save money, do not buy a new computer and just buy the food and the radeon. It turns out that the Radeon does not work. If someone could tell me what the problem is, that would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you, Jon

    Hi Jongerber,

    A 500W (or more) power with a 150W power connector 8 pin PCI Express and a connector power 75W 6-pin PCI Express is recommended for the graphics card AMD Radeon 7970. Your XPS 8300 has a diet of 460W. This maybe one of the reasons for the question from the video card works on another computer.

    Please see the link below for the requirements for the graphics card of Radeo 7970:

    The following video cards are compatible with the Dell XPS 8300.

    Discreet (PCI Express x 16 card) - NVIDIA GTX460, NVIDIA GT420 (M207)
    ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5670/HD 5770 / HD 5870/HD 5450

    When you click the compatibility Option in the link below, you will see that the XPS 8300 is not listed under supported for the video card Visiontek AMD Radeon 7970 systems.

    Hope that the information provided above is useful. Answer please if you have other queries.

    Thank you and best regards,
    Babita S

    For easy access to the drivers, manuals and updates, please visit our Support Site .

  • A Satellite Pro 6100 graphics card does not work correctly


    I have a Satellite Pro 6100 (PS610E - 02c 60-GR) 1.7 Ghz, 256 MB, 40 GB, 15XT and a Geforce4 420 Go (32 MB) graphic card. Until yesterday it was working properly. Now, there are colors on the screen and there was a blue screen a few times, which says something about my graphics card (it disappeared from fast read).
    I uninstalled the old driver and reinstalled twice. Nothing has changed. Also I tried with an external monitor, but there wasn't any change, too.

    Now my questions:
    1. is it possible to change the graphics card (in particular, can I do it alone without a technician)?
    2. How can I do this, is there some tutorials, especially for my laptop?
    3. an another Geforce4, but for example a Geforce4 440 Go with 64 MB of RAM would fit in my notebook?

    I thank very you much in advance!

    Hi Lukas

    The led flashes as it provides a microcode error!
    This is especially if the malfunction of hardware has been detected.
    I presume that the replacement of the graphics card is the reason!

    As in previous discussions suggested the replacement of the graphics card is NOT possible. You don't believe!
    Looks like that the BIOS cannot handle this new graphics chip.

  • HP Pavilion 15-n057sr: AMD graphics card does not work on windows 10


    I have an AMD graphics card in my laptop, but there is no drivers for windows 10 forher.

    Installation driver Windows 8.1, latest drivers from amd or windows has always led to a screen of death, and after him, he appears each time you start. To solve it, I fix it using restore points. So, why hp doesn't have a driver for his own material? I'm looking for a working one?

    Thank you in advance.

    OK... so what this means is that, while HP provides two models of this laptop, with pre-installed Win8x and the other with Win10, they have different hardware.  The Win10 version apparently does NOT use the AMD chipset, so HP provides no driver for it.

    This means that you're stuck with having upgraded a laptop computer for which there aren't the necessary drivers for HP Win10, and given that HP no longer produces Win10 drivers for older laptops, this situation will not improve over time.

    If you want to have all the features on your laptop, you should consider to return to Win8xs - and that the upgrade of Win10 is known to corrupt recovery information HP OEM, the ONLY way to do that is using recovery media HP to restore laptop factory.

  • My ati mobility radeon HD 5000 series graphics card is not detected when I upgraded to windows8


    I have a hp pavilion dv6t-3100 entertainment notebook pc.

    recently, I bought windows8 and updated.

    System couldn't mobily detect ati radeon HD 5000 series (microsoft corporation - WDDM v 1.20)

    I'm getting the device as a status

    This device cannot start. (Code 10)

    {Operation failed}
    The requested operation failed.

    in the Device Manager.

    HP did not provide the bearable drivers for windows 8.

    I installed the driver that has been given for windows 7

    Please help me find the drivers

    This model is not designed and qualified for windows 8, there was no windows 8 at the time this PC has been designed. This PC has not seen pilots of dual graphics for windows 8 that is why you may not be able to use discrete graphics card (AMD). your PC is running on Intel Graohic card only.

  • NVIDIA graphics card does not work on T430S with Windows 8

    My T430S laptop running Windows 8 and has a NVIDIA graphics card. Somehow, I could never get into the control panel NVIDIA and received the error message below. I checked the setting in the BIOS and it seems that NIVDIA Optimus mode is not available on Windows 8. I've updated the latest driver published in February 2013 for Lenovo, but it does not solve the problem. I was wondering how I could use the NVIDIA card on my compueter.

    Link to image

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    Hi, jumper1127

    Also there is a BIOS update available for your machine that came out at the same time as the pilot of the Optimus. Which can be found here and can help your problem.

    Good luck. Let me know how it goes


  • Satellite C55-A-16Z - graphics card does not work after BIOS update


    I have a portable Satellite C55-A-16Z with windows 8 and a Nvidia geforce 740M graphics card.

    Last week he asked me to update the version of the bios at 1.30.
    The bios update was successful.

    However when I restarted my laptop I started having a BSOD dgxkrnl.sys.
    Correction of the error and restarted for an another BSOD Windows, and after the second solution, I stopped making BSOD.
    But now, I noticed its games running, if not use the dedicated card, but use the 4000 Intel.

    In the settings Nvidia dedicated card is configured to be always on.
    It seems that my card is missing, but it appears in Device Manager.
    I tried to delete, update the drivers and the default factory reset, but nothing helped.

    Also, when I go into Options power the Intel card is listed and when I disable the card intel in the Device Manager it starts to use the graphic viewer for windows.

    How can I get my Nvidia card to work again?
    Any help is appreciated.

    Thanks in advance.


    After the BIOS update the BIOS should be set to default settings.
    You can do it in the BIOS.

    In addition, you mentioned that Windows 8 is still installed on your laptop.
    8.1 to win has already been published by Microsoft and I highly recommend that update you the system of 8 to 8.1 Win Win.

    Before you start the upgrade to 8.1 win, you should check and read the instructions step by step for Toshiba:

    I guess that after the Win 8.1, nVidia graphics card upgrade works well also.

    Your comments would be greatly appreciated.

  • HP xw8400 workstation: TI 750 gtx graphics card: does not work

    I plugged a gtx TI 750 frozr to my hp xw 8400 workstation, when I all that he didn't start under tension and there was a red light and 6 beeps in a row (graphics card not detected).  How is it possible that he can not detect my graphics card?

    You're welcome, @wout_symons.  I am sorry to say that the BIOS cannot be upgraded in the UEFI.  It must come from the factory with a BIOS ver. 8.

  • Laptop of HP ENVY TS m7: keys brightness & Graphics Card does not work

    I've refreshed recently my PC in the last month, and after a recent update, my Windows computer has stopped responding to orders of brightness and is stuck at full intensity. In addition, it seems that a common measure of troubleshooting is to install a new chipset and graphics card. However, the card graphic driver States during installation is not compatible with my PC (despite the Intel and HP recommend through various Web sites). In addition, the current I have says it's for Windows 8 only and so crashes quite often. No idea how correct the brightness or graphics card problems?
    ~ Lingh

    It seems that some research solved the problem.

    I finished updating the remaining graphics drivers using a third party service, and things stopped crashing.

    In addition, the question was actually with the driver for the monitor, which was something I did not installed (PnP-monitor). I swapped it to the generic PnP monitor, that solved the problem. I got the idea to do it from here:

    Thanks for the help!
    ~ Lingh

  • ATI graphics card does not work

    I have the Hp DV6-3085tx computer laptop with windows 7 64 bit.  Once while working the display on the screen disappeared suddenly and restarted, then leave ATI Mobility Graphics Card(512mb) does not work.  To troubleshoot it show Windows has stopped the operation of the graphics card (Code 43). I repeated it, still problem remains unresolved. What should I do?


    Code 43 - one of the motors controlling the unit notified the operating system that the device has failed somehow.

    Use your warranty and get in touch with HP to inform them of this problem. How all the information here (just choose your country).

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