Sir, I have windows 7, after the creation of PDF files the icon was in solid color red and grey, but now the icon changed to adobe acrobat 7 professional, logo, how can I get the icon or the old logo for my PDF files as the previous icon is very easy to i

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I have windows 7, after creation of the solid color red & gray icon PDF files, but now the icon has changed to adobe acrobat 7 Professional logo, how do I re obtain the icon or the old logo for my PDF files as the previous icon is very easy to identify, also I used acrobat adobe 7 Professional but this problem was not there.


Hi manojp35249311,

Acrobat 7 is not compatible with Windows 7, so it's difficult to judge how the application on an incompatible environment will behave.

Please attach a screenshot so that we can diagnose the problem correctly.

Kind regards


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