"Siri, go sleep in 30 minutes"

There should be a timer so that you can define your Apple TV to turn off in a predetermined period, regardless of what's playing.


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  • Satellite P10 automatically goes to sleep after 15 minutes

    My Satellite P10 automatically goes to sleep after 15 minutes. This is a setting that is controlled by Toshiba or the Console of Toshiba power management settings.

    When I change the settings it the system will always standby after 15 minutes. When I go into Control Panel control/Performance and Maintenance/Power Options, it tells me to go to the Toshiba power management to change the settings, but I still see the parameters in grey indicating the standby time of 15 minutes.

    But in the Toshiba power management, I can't seem to be able to adjust the sleep settings, so that they work effectively. There must be something for her...

    Can someone help me understand?
    Thank you very much


    The fact is that if Toshiba energy saving is installed on the laptop Toshiba, the Microsoft OS power management doesn't work. You must use the Toshiba power saver to change settings.
    In power save you will find different modes.
    If the power supply is on if you need to change the power mode in the power section. Here, you simply mark the mode full power and click for details.
    You can now find mode properties. Select the Power Saver tab.
    You will find various controls that are responsible for different functions. Change the settings on the standby system controller.

  • How can I make the computer sleep after 5 minutes of inactivity on the logon screen?

    Original title: How to sleep in the login screen?

    How can I make the computer sleep after 5 minutes of inactivity on the logon screen? Currently, on the login screen, white screen, but the computer is still running. Sleeping would save a lot of energy because the computer is used most of the time.

    Hi Phil.Ganchev,
    Using a laptop or a desktop computer?
    The reason for this question is, if you have a plugged AC adapter you must set power accordingly as opposed to laptop settings battery operated.
    I suggest you head over to the power settings and create your own power management.
    a. power by clicking on the Start button, open the Options click on the Control Panel, clicking system and security, and then clicking Power Options.

    (b) according to the plan you want to change, click on change plan settings.

    c. on the parameters of change in the plan page, choose "Put the computer to sleep" that you want to use when your computer is running on battery (if applicable) and when it is plugged.
    (Change in 5 minutes for the batteries and sector)
    Power plans: frequently asked questions

    Aziz Nadeem - Microsoft Support

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  • Monitor sleep after 5 minutes


    My monitor has all of a sudden going to sleep after 5 minutes, even if I set it to "never" in my power management. I can't find anywhere where it says go to sleep in 5 minutes. If anyone can help?

    Kind regards


    In addition to power management, check the settings of the screen saver.  Right click on the desktop and choose personalize, then click screensaver at the bottom right.  Make sure it is set to "none" instead of something like 'black screen '.

    In addition, even if you have the timeout set to never monitor in power management, also check the setting "change when the computer sleeps" on the left side.

  • Drive Toshiba external DRIVE goes to sleep after five minutes

    Well the title says; It all he's been asleep right after that five minutes even when I play music files films just he just sleeps and I need to cicle it and other things its so annoying.
    Is any way to "fix" that I called the number on the guid of the user, they told me that they can help me what the number on the guide is for laptops only.

    And what model of HARD drive you have exactly.

    I never heard that external HARD drive may goes to sleep.

  • My STR-DN1050 goes to sleep every 19 minutes

    I now have my STR-DN1050 configuration in a 7.1 configuration and I am currently feeding inside my computer via a HDMI cable and output to a TV screen via the output CD/SACD.

    Every 19 minutes, regular as clock work, the receiver goes into sleep mode. This does not happen when you watch a BlurRay (at least as far as I remember).

    Anyone got any ideas?

    Hi are Paddy, we meet again!

    In fact you almost see right, that's 20 minutes to be precise!

    Your STR-DN1050 has a power save feature called [Auto Standby].

    In addition to this, there is also a sleep timer, but your problem is related to the expectation of the car which you can turn off if it is a problem. I don't know why this turns on when you use a PC connected, but most likely the receiver does not detect the source of the signal in the same way as a BD or DVD.

    You can read more about it and how to disable the manual online here:

    The receiver turns off automatically.

    If you want to download the full manual for your computer, see this link: Manual STR-DN1050

    Feel free to give congratulations and to mark this message as "Accepted Solution" if she answers your question, thank you!

  • Monitor goes to sleep after five Minutes

    My Dell desktop computer running Windows 7 32-bit and worked great for a long time.  Now, my monitor falls every five minutes no matter what the power of sleep plan I select or what setting the time, I chose in the power management plan.  I put it to "never" in the three plans, 'Balanced', 'High Performance' or 'Power Saving' I even made a custom power plan and named monitor never sleeps.  I made no changes to my computer.  Just, it started doing this thing last week and no matter what I I can not avoid it, which is aggravating when you watch videos or play games that require no movement of the mouse or keyboard inputs.

    My graphics card is a NVIDIA Quadro FX3450.  Large map.  I even tried to disable the NView Desktop Manager.  Nothing changes on or off.  I even went into the bios and checked everything in power options.  I even tried to disconnect one of the Dell monitors I use dual monitor mode.  Doesn't change anything.

    Eventually, it could be the Microsoft update in option I downloaded and installed as an optional update a couple of weeks?

    I'm stumped on this one and could use other ideas.


    Please contact the Microsoft community

    I would suggest some troubleshooting steps check if works or not

    1 = update the latest version of the BIOS of your official supplier Web site system
    2 - Uninstiall and reinstall all the graphics driver and check
    3 = try Exchange another monitor (if you have)
    4 = reset All to default power plan
    5 = try system restore or recovery, if it is preloaded OS
    6 = chipset Driver Update and newer power management

  • display sleep after 1 minute, how can I increase it?

    view sleeps after only 1 minute.  How can I increase it?

    Some here have the same complaint - usually is that the screen saver is set to one minute and none are selected.     Right click on desktop, choose personalize, and bottom right of the window that opens is the screen saver settings.

    Or it could be that your Sleep function is defined on a minute... which these parameters are Power Options in Control Panel.    But you said "show" and did not say that his sleep and the lights will Flash.

  • HP Pavilion DV6: HP Pavilion DV6 Sleep transmit Mode after upgrade to Windows 10 (go to sleep after two minutes of inactivity)

    I recently updated my laptop from Windows 7 to Windows 10. The upgrade went smooth and everything seems to work fine except for one annoying problem. After approx. 2 min of inactivity my post laptop goes into sleep mode and disconnects me. I checked all my power settings settings settings/sleep/screen saver... etc and I finished all updates to windows. I do not see all timers anywhere that requires an adjustment. Any help would be appreciated.

    Note: The laptop wakes up fine with no problems.

    For those who are interested. I found the solution by activating the 'system unattended Sleep Timeout' and then by changing this day here. The timer seems to have a pre-selection of 2 min for some reason any that was causing the problem together.

  • Why my computer will sleep after 3 minute

    my screen goes black after 3 minute... why?

    Hi oceansUK,

    ·         Did you do changes on the computer before the show?

    Follow the steps in the article.

    How to solve the problems of hibernation and standby in Windows XP


    Configure Windows XP power management


  • My laptop goes to sleep after 1 minute despite the change of power to 'never' sleep or stop my plan. How do I rectify this?

    I just installed Windows 8 Pro and this problem continues to if no mater what I chose the power settings.



    I put no screensaver, sleepless & still have C:\Hiberfile

    To 'Off' Hibernate & Hiberfile - which takes place

    Run the order entry (as administrator) command prompt
    powercfg-h off

  • computer goes into sleep mode every 5 minutes

    My computer goes to sleep every 5 minutes in standby mode and needs to get back to where I left my password. I tried to change the power options, but he keeps doing. If I'm watching a video, the screen turns off and ask for my password, but you can still video game.


    Open windows control panel, open personalization, click on the link to screensaver at the bottom right and in the next window, set the time in the area of 'Wait' for once you want before the screen saver appears, and click on apply. Or if you never get the logon screen, remove the check mark next to of "on resume, display the login page»  Click on apply to save the changes.

    Then open windows control panel again and click on Power Options, click Change plan settings next to your current power plan selected in the next window, set the time using the drop-down list next to "Turn wide Display" to a more acceptable level and then click on save changes.

    Note:  Set in the Options menu of food to be slightly longer than the time set in the Menu of the screen saver or you will never see your screen saver start.

    Kind regards

    DP - K

  • Control/sleep of PL/SQL loop works only for expected less than 90 minutes

    Hi all

    I was wondering could someone help me. I've written a procedure that checks to see if a condition is true, and if it ends successfully. If the condition is not true he sleeps for a minute and then try again. If a time-out value is filled the procedure raises an error. This timeout is passed into the procedure in a few minutes.

    My problem is that the procedure only works if the smaller numbers are passed. I tested with success in 1,2,5,10,20 and 30 minutes, but if I spend 90 minutes it is regularly indefinitely (I let it run for more than 2 hours before killing him).

    CREATE OR REPLACE PROCEDURE proc_wait_test (p_minutes_wait, INTEGER)


    var_start_date DATE: = SYSDATE;

    var_check_result NUMBER: = 0;




    -fake check which returns always false just to test the concept

    SELECT count (*) INTO var_check_result FROM DUAL

    WHERE 1 = 0;

    IF (var_check_result > 0)




    IF (SYSDATE > = (var_start_date + (p_minutes_wait/1440))) THEN

    RAISE_APPLICATION_ERROR (-20000,' procedure has expired, waiting specified limit of ' | p_minutes_wait |) "minutes exceeded.");

    END IF;

    END IF;

    DBMS_LOCK. SLEEP (60);






    The procedure is designed to integrate into an existing solution, so I can't change the basic features. Database version

    Thank you very much in advance for any help.


    Hello Steve,.

    We have this kind of question here: Firewall silently kills idle connections more N minutes (and when there is a high load on the firewall, the "N" decreases aggressivly).

    In the "Workaround", we used "DCD" (dead connection detection) as clients of the server pings on the side of all the N minutes (we use 10), the original purpose of the CR is to interrupt the session side server if the client is gone. but we are interested in a "side effect": This causes a part of the network traffic it is enough to "cheat" the watchdog of firewall.

    Very easy to implement: the server side, in sqlnet.ora:


    (active next time the other is started)

    Best regards


  • Computer sleep mode

    Lately, when I leave the computer idle for 30 minutes, or I put it manually to sleep, instead of go to sleep it stops completely. I put the energy saver to make the computer go to sleep after 30 minutes idling. This used to work perfectly. I have the Mac Pro Tower mid 2012 ch.

    Thank you!

    Try the steps here

    If your Mac does not sleep or wake up when expected - Apple supports

  • HP F4400, prints the last print issue when put to sleep

    Just had a weird problem start.   My wife was going to print something and haven't noticed any paper in the printer, so it wouldn't print.  When the paper loaded and only handed over running it printed fine.  But now, whenever I put my iMac to sleep, in a minute or two, it will print another copy of the final printed piece.  It happens every time he is put to sleep.   Strange... that is clear... any idea?

    Thank you

    Looks that work would fit in the heart of the printing system called CUPS then try a reset of the print system. Open Printers and scanners, mouse over the list of printers and right-click (or hold down the Ctrl key, and then if the right click disabled). A context menu will appear. Select Reset and authenticate when prompted. Note that this deletes all printers printers & Scanners, but not pilots supported, so you will just need to add printers again.

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