Siri is not displayed in the menu bar - an idea, why not?

To , I noticed that Siri is supposed to be in the menu bar. And in settings > Siri "display in the menu bar" is selected by default. But he does not appear in my menu bar. Yet it is in my dock.

No idea why it doesn't appear in the menu bar?

In addition, Siri has a few display bugs (see screenshot).

Turn off your computer and restart.

 > System Preferences > Siri > Siri display in the menu bar

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    This may be a problem with the places.sqlite file that stores the bookmarks and history.

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    Thank you.

    Under the PLAN form, do a right click on the page you want to exclude from your list of menu, go to the Options Menu and select exclude Page of Menus.

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    It is enough to exclude the page from the menu, as shown in this screenshot:

    See you soon!


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    Right-click on an empty space on a toolbar, and you will get the Customize option. You will get a pane with icons that can be dragged the toolbar. The tabs list icon is the one I think you have dragged. You can also use the reset option [restore default set]

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    Much better integration with the OSX mavericks on the latest version. Without a doubt ahead of Parallels in terms of dual display/full screen. The menu bar has been resolved, but there is a ghost menu bar that appears when you move one space (fullscreen vm) from one monitor to the other. It resembles a translucent bar on top and without words. But clicking on it shows menus as if it is supposed to be links there.

    Yes, it is a known problem with the Mavericks Developer Preview; We work closely with Apple to find a solution. So far, we have seen only with the restoration of the window or when you move the window between monitors - if you leave full screen and enter again, it should work fine. If you notice any others, please let us know.

  • Icon not appearing SIRI is not in the menu bar

    Just installed Sierra - Siri icon appears in the dock but no menu bar. How do I configure that?

    Go to the system preferences window click the siri, then in the window to disable the Siri display in the menu bar and then on again.

  • Menu button is missing when the menu bar is not selected

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    rdkill said

    ... I have disabled Menu bar button should be there. The menu bar works very well when I have the option checked, it's just the Firefox button is missing when I do not have the active menu bar.

    Showing a Firefox button when the menu bar is not selected, it was a feature in the four Firefox via Firefox 28 versions. With 29 Firefox and later versions, there is no Firefox button - there is nothing displayed when the menu bar is hidden.

  • Disable the menu bar, the option apears in my Firefox 3.6 X using Windows XP SP3, but not in the same version with Ubuntu 10.04

    With the help of dual boot OS, Windows XP SP3 / Ubuntu 10.04. Even Firefox v3.16.13. In windows, using the button display in the menu bar, I can't turn off the menu bar. You use Ubuntu, the same option is available in "display".
    I used "subject: Config" before, but I'm very careful and document all changes. Any time I need to access the menu items, using windows, I just use alt = _.

    In versions of Firefox 3.6 you can hide the bar of menus under Windows and not Linux. In Firefox 4 beta current versions you can hide the Menu bar and have the greyish Firefox button instead and use F10 to temporarily show the Menu bar, so you need to wait or try the beta version .

  • How can I remove the menu bar in Windows Explorer?

    I have Windows 7 (x 64). In windows Explorer, the menu bar will not go if I press ALT. Also, I went into the menu "Organize" and went to "provision". Display of the menu bar has been disabled. I even checked "View" tab in the folder options and the display of the menu bar option is disabled here also. I tried to restart, but which did not help either. So, what should I do? The menu bar that bothers me a lot. So, ill reinstall windows if I can't find a way to remove it.

    So I guess the menu bar also refused to go when you were in safe mode.  If so, it narrows at least it down to a Windows problem.  If the system is free of any software malicious then the fault lies with Windows being corrupt.

    If SFC has reported no problems then only clean boot procedures could narrow things down to the component of Windows 7 that is the cause of the problem.

    You may find that the boot is too tedious & skip to what is called an in Place Upgrade or repair installation using your installation DVD. It's better than a reinstall full as it leaves your applications & intact user files.

  • Preferences from the menu bar

    How can I get the tab stops and icons of justification of the text to display in the menu bar of the FM10 user interface?

    Select view > leaders.


  • The Extension installed, went to customize, the post is not there to put it on the menu bar.

    Extension installed for Evernote Web Clipper (EWC). Go to customize the menu bar. The extension is not displayed to put on the menu bar. Other extensions are displayed. Remove the extension from the DRC and reinstall it. Still can not display it. 8.1 Windows running in a 64-bit environment.

    Now, it's a problem with two buttons extension disappeared? Probably an extension 3rd screwing things cause an incompatibility. I call it "don't play well in a group" - taken from some of my report cards in elementary school in the 1950s.

    See problems using Firefox Safe Mode.

    Or you can start disabling extensions until you find which one is causing these two "buttons" to disappear. Or maybe one of us could recognize the culprit to provide a list of your installed extensions.
    Help > troubleshooting information and use "Copy to clipboard" and then paste this info to Pastebin.
    Give us the URL of the ID after having done 'stick '.

  • Menu editing of Mozilla is not available. Customize provides no way to activate the menu bars, still don't have a view or change

    My bar tools change is not available. No suggestions from Google Help labour. Customize is NOT a tab to activate the menu bars - I have reset Mozilla and I'm not in full screen. Thanks for any help

    The classic menu bar is not displayed by default, so after reboot, it will not appear immediately. To activate the Menu bar, try one of these:

    • Right click on an empty area of the tab bar
    • Click the "+" button on the tab bar
    • Press the Alt key to display the menus temporarily classic bar and then view > toolbars
    • in customize, try the button show/hide toolbars

    A little luck?

  • Bookmarks icon is not in the menu bar

    Hello, I realize people have asked questions similar to this, so apologies, but after reading the responses, I'm still having a problem. I have the little Menu installed to create more space on my screen, and so I adapted my toolbars to fit everything that I need in my bar Tools menu. (I did this by going to view, toolbars, customize and drag the icons, I tried the toolbar customization and the navigation toolbar on my toolbar on the Menu. Once completed, I could uncheck navigation and bookmarks toolbars to only show).

    One of the icons that I dragged out of the toolbar customization was the bookmarks icon (not one that clicking you get the sidebar; this one, that clicking you get your bookmarks is displayed as a drop-down list). This icon has now disappeared, or rather, he disappeared from sight, because when I click on view, toolbars, customize, it is visible again, next to all my other icons. It's only when I close the toolbar to customize the icon disappears. It is not true that I can't move it to the Menu bar by going into customize; Is that, once I'm out of customization, the icon is no longer visible. It is the icon that I usually click on most, and it is very frustrating having now either click Menu, click Favorites to see my favorites, or use Favorites Sidebar icon instead. Can anyone help? I tried to re - install, where there was a small problem.

    Thank you very much.

    The Tiny Menu extension is no longer supported by the developer, so IMO, it would be preferable not to use this extension.
    Are you aware that the Menu bar can be temporarily revealed quite easily by pressing the Alt key? Hide the Menu bar, not the toolbar Navigation.

    And if you want to use the cropped Compact Menu 2 , the usual extension would be replaced by a vertical 'menu' when you press the ALT - see the screenshot - which has the same menu as the Menu bar, but vertical. All you need to do is to move the Compact Menu 2 "button" in the Palette to customize 'hide '.

    As far the bookmarks for bookmarks menu drop-down button, this button has "a mind of its own" "depending on where you place it. his ' normal location is located on the toolbar bookmarks, but if you do not display the bookmarks toolbar and try to move this button, it sometimes goes into hiding. I don't remember especially, but this changed in Firefox 19, 20 or 21 (IIRC)and will "hide" much easier than with previous versions. Part of 'concealment' has to do with not showing the Navigation and toolbars of bookmarks with the items on the bar of Navigation up to the Menu bar and not the mobile reverse.

  • The apple tv icon does not appear in the menu bar

    The apple tv icon does not appear in the menu bar. I can't put my screen on my TV mirror.

    Required to use AirPlay

    If you go to the Apple menu > System Preferences, click on monitors and do not see the option to "See the mirroring of the options in the menu bar when it is available," your Mac does not meet these requirements.

    Minimum requirements if your Mac and Apple TV are on the same network:

    Minimum requirements for peer-to-peer AirPlay, which allows visitors to quickly and easily connect their Mac or an iOS device to your Apple TV without getting the passwords and connection to the network Wi - Fi:

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