SiS Accelerated Graphics

SiS Accelerated Graphics need help with this


Make sure you have the latest vista drivers for your computer which you can get your computer manufacturers Web site

go to their website and look for a driver and software download section

Enter your model number for the last look drivers vista then download and install

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  • disabled hardware acceleration graphics ALT driver problem

    The woman to buy an ASPIRE X 3400 to a friend with a HARD vacuum disc and no drivers CD.  Graphics card is a GeForce 315, 1024MB. We installed a new operating system ultimate WIN7, downloaded and installed all the X 3400 drivers Acer download site and everything seems to work well. However, if trying to play a simple card game, the following message shows up: hardware acceleration is disabled eaither or video card driver is not installed, then the movemnets game will be very slow (well, they are slow inendurably). Please activate hardware acceleration or install the graphics driver. Given that we have installed all the drivers in the driver from Acer site, am I right to assume that the problem is with the acceleration? If it is really off, how can afford him?

    Nope, but is not a problem.

    can you check under "graphics" Device Manager if your nvidia is listed?

  • accelerator graphics driver issue


    first of all, I was facing problem with display driver,

    "Graphics Accelerator intel driver for intel is not responding and has successfully recovered"

    I have google to solve, then I got a solution to solve the problem to a certain extent.

    However, I can not play multimedia file, high resolution or browser.

    I try to update driver using utility to update driver intel.

    We found updated drivers after that it started to download/update the said drivers.

    After restarting my PC. After the round of journal to my account, I found a previous version of my display drivers / noting the change happened.

    help me solve the problem.


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    Please contact Microsoft Community.

    If you are still facing problems with the display drivers, I suggest you to download and manually install the latest drivers to view the manufacturer's Web site. See link below

    Intel® Download Center;

    Important: to download the drivers manually, look for drivers by category. See screenshot below.

    Response from us, then we can help you further.

  • HP Pavilion 15-n007AX: laptop HP Pavilion 15-n007AX computer graphics switching adapter

    I have the HP Pavilion 15 laptop-n007AX, with a double 'AMD Radeon HD 7620 G' and 'AMD Mobility Radeon HD 8670 M' display adapter. Adobe has released his new Lightroom 6 software with support for hardware acceleration for all the graphics OPenGL version > 3.3. The software crashes every time, I try to use the function "Graphics Acceleration" graphics. It works very well, if I turn off the function "Graphics Acceleration.

    I know, the graphics card Radeon HD 8670 M has a version of OpenGL > 3.3, but the laptop still shows the Radeon HD 7620 G as the main map, under VRAM and a version of OpenGL support.

    Support HP anyone let me know how would turn the graphics card and adapter 8670M are the Radeon HD as the primary?

    The AMD Catalyst Control Center to set up the AMD Mobility Radeon HD 8670 M as the graphics card by default.

    Right-click on the icon in the systray to access the Catalyst Control Center.

    Using and switchable graphics configuration on HP laptops

  • GPU acceleration does not


    LIghtroomCC, accel GPU not working, is "acceleration graphics processor has been disabled due to errors.

    My Info system is therefore

    Graphic processor News:

    Check the supported OpenGL: failed

    Vendor: ATI Technologies Inc.

    Version: 3.3.13283 context 14.501.1003.0 the base profile

    Renderer: AMD Radeon HD 5800 series

    LanguageVersion: 4.40

    Driver version

    Catalyst 14.12

    Version of Open GL

    OpenGL tested using comparative analysis tools and it works very well, accel GPU works well in PhotoshopCC


    Hi Jsyder,

    We were informed that AMD is aware of this.

    In the meantime, you can try the suggestions mentioned in the Post #54 and check if it makes a difference.

    ~ David

  • Mac Pro keeps stopping, lightweight CPU a / b overtemp on

    I bought a used Apple Mac Pro 2.1 in December.  I use it mainly for editing my photos on Adobe PS, using filter of camera RAW.  The unit never gave me any problems, until early last week.  Here are the specs:

    | 8-CORE 3.0Ghz (2 x Quad-Core)

    | 32 GB OF RAM

    | 250 GB SSD

    | V RAM OF 4 GB GTX-680

    | Double BONE - El Capitan (primary) and Yosemite on two separate boot disks.

    All started early last week, with an error screen when I open an CR2 on Adobe PS file.  I got this message...

    "Camera Raw has temporarily disabled acceleration graphics processor because of the error." Update your graphics card driver may solve the problem. "Choose the option 'Use the graphics processor' in the dialog box Camera Raw prefer to re - enable GPU support.

    In 5 minutes, I when preferences and choose 'use the graphics processor', then continued my work.  Subsequently, the Mac suddenly stops without any warning whatsoever! No message, no noise from the tower itself, the power light remained.  I then turned off the power.  I waited for a minute and he went back on.  The password screen, it would be closed again.

    I then let the rest of the machine for 30-45 minutes, removed any buildup of dust inside using compressed air and turned on the unit return to perform minor troubleshooting. as well as other "light work" to avoid an overload of the system... He will stop in 35 minutes to turn on the machine.

    Still, I unplugged everything (including the power cord) to reinstall the two riser cards. I powered the Mac with the access panel open, to keep an eye on something unusual.  All fans are smooth running, no sign of problems.  Until I updated the driver (Nvidia Cuda) GPU, the machine will stop again in 10 minutes!  Frustrated, I opened the side panel to only discover, both red lights (CPU A / B) on the section of the overheating of the logic board.  After the recharge time, I restarted the MAC and ran a tempature monitor I have installed.  I noticed the radiator of the Northbridge turned very quickly when I was running Adobe PS, please refer to the picture I have attached.

    I have no idea what to do next.  I'm not sure if I need a replacement PSU, or something else entirely.  Pointers, help and/or advice.  I greatly appreciate it!


    Run Apple Hardware test

    Using Apple Hardware Test - Apple Support

    If you do not have the original installation disc with AHT you can download it here and make a bootable USB or optical disc

    Note that you need to download the specific to your model of Mac AHT.

  • Why 6 Lightroom runs so slow MAC Book Pro (2013)


    I am a photographer and using my MacBook Pro retina 13 "mainly for image editing. For years, I use Adobe Lightroom and the CC/6 version now. I was looking for solutions, and I am also in contact with Adobe. But unfortunately I couldn't solve the problem yet. I wonder if I got a problem with my Mac.

    LR it turns very slowly - especially in the mode to develop. Once I use the local adjustments and more then 3 I can't forget all the work. Takes like 10-30 s just to move the brush for example. The catalog is fairly stable. I always get 1:1 previews loaded - CPU is almost 0% before I start working. Sometimes get up to 350% and all fans are running at max after 5 Min.

    Here is my setup:

    «Retina of MacBook Pro 13 «»

    3 GHz Intel Core i7

    8 GB 1600 MHz DDR3

    Intel HD Graphics 4000 1536 MB (unfortunately not supported by Adobe)

    That's what I already disabled. LR and El Capitan are updated to the latest version.

    -> Face detection

    -> Address search

    -> Writing automated metadata

    -> Acceleration graphics processor

    --> The map open when import window is detected

    Any help much appreciated. Most of the other software just works very well. Final Cut Pro X - for example, works smoothly and nicely. Photoshop both CC, Pages, Safari etc... No problem - just Lightroom...

    Greetings from the Brazil

    Where is your library? I had speed issues until I move the entire library on an external drive that is used for anything else.

  • Firefox 15.0.1 gives an error message when you try to connect to my account

    I am a student at Boise State. When I try to access my broncomail account, or when I try to access broncomail mailed to Firefox, I get the following message is displayed.

    The page is not redirecting properly

             Firefox has detected that the server is redirecting the request for this address in a way that will never complete.
     This problem can sometimes be caused by disabling or refusing to accept

    Cookies are not disabled, and I have not had this problem with earlier versions of Firefox.

    The other thing I notice is that the little green circle on the tabs for Blackboard BroncoWeb often seem to never ceases to turn.

    Firefox reload usually does not help that much because most of the problems are caused by settings and customizations. Before you try this, you might want to try Firefox reset. More info in this article: Firefox Refresh - reset the settings and Add-ons.

    I should have checked that before... when I click on connect to Broncomail, I find myself at Google. Is Broncomail actually a customized version of Gmail? I think one or two people say this problem on Gmail every week.

    The typical cause is probably crossed to cookies, so if you a not already clear your cookies from , please try this.

    About performance issues, try disabling use Firefox of accelerated graphics hardware. You need to restart Firefox for it to take effect, so save any work first (e.g. you compose mail, documents online that you are editing, etc.).

    Orange Firefox button or classic menu Tools > Options > advanced

    In the mini ' General' tab, uncheck the box for "use hardware acceleration when available.

  • Why Firefox seems to zoom the web pages by default?

    Whenever I open firefox, the browser seems to be enlarged two normal steps.

    It causes blurred images and web pages to the different aspect of how I see them in my other browsers.

    Why does this happen? Thank you.

    If you press command + 0 or use view > Zoom > reset, restores the zoom level to the expected size?

    To set your zoom level by default than that specified by the stylesheet to the site, you usually have an add-on. For example, there is a named Default FullZoom Level and one other named NoSquint with this feature. You have either of those installed?

    Tools > Modules > category: Extensions

    If you have not already tried disabling use Firefox hardware accelerated graphics, go ahead and try that as well.

    You need to restart Firefox for it to take effect, so save any work first (e.g. you compose mail, documents online that you are editing, etc.).

    Firefox > Preferences > advanced > general

    Uncheck the "use hardware acceleration when available.

    If you restart Firefox, is improved clarity?

    Under Windows, you can set compatibility modes dimension screen in your Firefox shortcut, and that everything will appear larger. I don't know if this same concept applies to the Mac.

  • Satellite U200 - questions on the screen refresh rate

    Satellite U200-148 WINXPHOMESP2
    Card video Mobile Intel (R) Express Chipset Family 945GM
    Amount of video memory 128
    Accelerated Graphics Port - it's inaccessible
    The screen 60 hertz frequency
    (1) accelerated Graphics Port - it is enabled if so that it is necessary to make it became accessible.
    (2) the question whether with 60 hertz frequency can be increased up to 75.


    I noticed that on some computers laptops Toshiba, the screen refresh rate is fixed on 60 Hz.
    The screen refresh rate is not important on laptop screens.
    Matrix TFT is not such a thing as the refresh rate. It is not blinking.
    TFT as all other LCD screens do not refresh rate setting, only the reaction time.
    Your eyes are sure ;)

    PS: as much as I know AGP port is not available.

  • Satellite L300 - can't play Call of Duty 2 - DirectX error


    I'm having a problem with my L300.
    This is under windows XP with all the drivers and there is no problem with some games, but when I try to play Call of Duty 2, I get an error that I can't fix.

    I would ask for your help cause this computer is new and the game takes place on my old pc with no problem.
    But why I can't run it on my new pc.

    There is a screen of the error below.
    I tried the DirectX attached to the game and DirectX 10, but nothing.
    I don't know what to do please help me.

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    Start the DirectX using the command * dxdiag *.
    There, you should check if all acceleration graphics card options have been enabled.

    If that does not help, then you should try to update the graphics driver.
    In most cases, the old graphics driver causes these questions because it s not completely compatible with the game.

    Check it out!

  • Satellite Pro M70-220: how to enable the AGP?

    Hi all!
    I recently bought a toshiba M70-220, I discovered that the GPA or accelerated graphics port is not available, I don't know if it is preinstalled, so I would ask anyone there for please help me with what I have to do to enable the AGP, I appreciate all the efforts of everyone. Help, please. Thank you very much.



    If you have an Intel graphics card, then I recommend to check OpenGL settings in the properties of the graphics card.
    In addition, you can try to start the dxdiag and you will find detailed information. There you should find the AGP texture acceleration option.

  • Satellite A300-145 back still not update the display drivers for Vista 32

    (1) Intel published the new driver for internal and accelerator graphic GM965 Express X 3100 integrated in Toshiba Satellite A300-145 9 & lang = fra

    new version is 15.11.2 for Vista 32, but this Milkeficent I can not install - program say that ' it's driver is not check for you unit - call to make the device "-what is a problem?

    but on [to Vista drivers Toshiba support page: action = search & SelCategorie = 2 & selFamily = 2 & selSeries = 153 & selProduct = 781 & selShortMod = 694 & selOS = 26 & selTyp e = 11 & country = 30 & language = 34 & search =]
    still OLDER version (without OpenGL 2.0 support)
    -When can I update my display driver for version 15.11.2?

    (3) as the 3Dmark Vantage you say "back to video card not supported DirectX 10" - what is a problem?

    Toshiba Satellite A300-145 (PSAJ0E)


    Thank you all!


    Is this your first laptop?

  • Satellite Pro A60: ATI Driver update?

    Had some problems, first was the display went mode without failure and the second my daughter said it came with a fatel error message. However, I rebooted and it came with the usual send message from microsoft error report, which is essentially an update to the ATI Graghics driver, but the link on the microsoft page does not work.

    Then I went on the Web site of ATI Technologies Inc. and the drivers download page, but I'm not sure of that that I should go to.

    The A60 runs Windows Home Edition and looking at control panel > maintenance > system > drivers seems to have ATI RS200/RS200M/RS250M Accelerated Graphics Port.
    ATI 01/06/2004
    Version 5.1.2196.1009

    When selecting the site of ATI, that is what I want? Radeon?

    The recovery disc, seeing if I could update the driver from there, comes to tell version differs currently installed, which is what you expect.

    Any guidance would be appreciated.

    By the way, I have also just installed an another Crutial 512 MB of memory in the expansion slot, but has nothing to do with the ATI issue that took place before that I installed RAM (now takes 1 minute and 20 seconds to restart ~ Yes)


    Sorry, but I didn t understand what kind of problem you have, but if you have problems with the display driver, enter the properties of the graphic adapter and remove the other preinstalled. After having done that reboot the computer and install the driver you can download on the download page of Toshiba under

    You will find some version of ATI display driver.

  • Video problems and a green screen


    I read the questions and answers on this topic, but some things work and others do not.  For example, I was able to solve one of my problems with some other fixes I found through online forums General for the 'green' screen that plays with the audio only.  It seems to work for me on you tube but not on Facebook more videos alhtough Facebook worked the first time when I rebooted.

    What I did get into my internet options and under accelerated graphics that I checked use software rendering instead of...

    and on the Security tab, I checked activate 64-bit processes in increased protected...  It Enhanced protected mode should as well then?  Should I check this option.

    I also treid to do what the responses recommended... as a right click on the video on Facebook when he plays and then I get a pop up I get the settings options or global settings and adobe flash player info... by clicking on settings gives me options but none for "screen", only for my microphone, camera and storage.  If I click on global settings, need me to flash player help.  And the last option, I get my version of Adobe info, which is version 13.00.214.  So no option to uncheck the box disable accelerated graphics cause I think I already did this in Control Panel.

    But why is working with youtube and videos from Facebook that I also tried to play videos as wmv and other video files files in my windows media player flash and then I get a screen black but still audio not play now.

    My computer is a HP Pavilion Notebook PC and it came with Windows already installed 8.1.  My graphics card is a Radeon R5 AMD graphics card.

    So what the devil now.  Should I install more recent Adode Player?  Even by unchecking the option graphis accelerated, this isn't really a solution for the deeper problem and the question, because then it slows down your graphics card?

    My computer is not even a week and I hate having to always download the patches and constant updates and spend hours searching for and trying to solve a problem that really should not appear in a first time.  Why are there so many problems with Windows?  Is this a problem with windows updates as well.  Active X controls?  Isuses of compatibility with 64-bit processes.  Can I use Firefox.  I did with my old HP, which finally launched the bucket and that's why I had to buy a new one.  I had to replace my battery before a year and my warranty battery lasted that long either and then the thing finally overheated and died.  But I had a lot of similar things happen before with the last HP laptop if it's Windows or is it HP or is it browsers, readers?

    I'm sorry if I'm unloading on you... I want too much, but it's so frustrating as a consumer of always having to go through such things.  I use my laptop to work on his own account so please help!

    Thanks for letting me vent...  I'd appreciate your help, thank you.

    A frustrated customer

    Thank you for visiting the Forums HP's Support and welcome. I'm sorry you're having problems.  I looked into your problem with video problems.

    You have uninstalled Internet Explorer?

    Have you tried Google Chrome?

    It already includes Adobe® Flash® Player built-in. Google Chrome automatically updates when new versions of Flash Player are available. Adobe are on version 15. Here'sa place to update. It has a link to Google Chrome as well.

    Here is a link to common problems of Flashplayer.

    I would try a system restore because this could undo any change that could happen with an update from Microsoft. Sometimes they have not completed or installed on the laptop.

    Hope this helps you.

    Thank you.

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