Sketch of the movement doesn't seem to work under AE CS6 v & MacOs 10.9 (Maverick)


After the update of the Mavericks for CS6 (æ on Mac OS, I have trouble using the tool to sketch of movement. After clicking on "start recording", the cursor of the mouse is supposed to turn into a cross allowing you to record the movement of an object selected on the canvas. Instead, after the update, the crosshair cursor disappears leaving the button. Information window always tells you to click to start recording, but by clicking and dragging on the canvas results in normal behavior that is move one already selected object (or a drawing, a bounding box if not challenged is selected)...

Has anyone of another fencountered the same problem again and found a solution? Is this a bug? Adobe will fix it?


We have verified that the operating system Mac OS X v10.9 beat Motion Sketch for After Effects CS6.

It works very well in after effects CC (12.1).

If you need to use this function with After Effects CS6, for now don't upgrade to Mac OS X v10.9.

We seek the possibility to include a fix for this in an update After Effects CS6, but no promises there. The best way to influence this decision must submit a bug report:


... because it lets us know how many people are affected.

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