Skype audio + speaker problem

If I play a game that sound ingame will come on my laptop speakers, I fixed but now my problem is that I can't turn down the volume of a call. so I can't do if the volume mixer because I have disabled to solve the other problem. I also tried to go to options, options volume and it decreases my volume but that did not work. other options are welcome to: [email removed for privacy and security]

Thank you


Hi, what OS is your race?

I recently had the sound being too strong issue with Skype on my desktop Windows 10 and the fix was to go to controller in Device Manager / sound, select the controller that was VIA HD Audio in my case and select "update driver". That fixed the problem for me and I can control the volume of Skype calls once more.

I think that there was a generic Windows driver sound update recently that messed up some controllers sound, but now my VIA HD Audio has the correct drivers Win 10.

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  • HP ENVY E1P05AV: IDT Audio Driver problems in Windows 7

    For the past few weeks, I dealt with the same audio swings and speaker problems that a lot of people here have complained.  I am aware of the updated driver for those who have Windows 8 computers, but I have a Windows 7.  This computer was purchased in June, after my previous HP laptop (which therefore had no problem) had to be replaced.  Restarting the computer solved for a few minutes, but there always questions until it inevitably makes it so I can't hear anything or play videos.  I uninstalled, deleted and reinstalled the driver IDT several times including downloadling directly on the site of HP. I sat and looked at the settings Audio Beats swing back and looked like Windows Explorer crashes because I tried to change the volume on my keyboard settings.  Most of the time, I can not even restart or shut down my computer more, it just stays on a black screen with the power light until I turn OFF manually or the battery dies.

    I am so frustrated with this and even more so by the fact that a fix has been pushed through for the users of Windows 8, but you leave those of us with Windows 7 stuck with unusable laptop computers.  Please tell me how I can fix this or direct me to someone who can help me to replace my laptop.  Thank you.

    P.S. I'm not angry with you, just at the situation, I'm sorry to sound like a jerk.

    I solved the problem, but thank you very much for your help.

    Audio swings and the total lack of audio was caused by a loose speaker inside the computer wire.  I was able to tie it and everything works fine now.

  • HP Pavilion HauppaugeWinTV HVR 1290 and Windows 7 - Audio stuttering problem

    Hi all

    I have the WinTV HVR 1290 card installed in a new building.  Window7 Media Center does a great job, support the DVR functions.

    I searched for the latest drivers that HP has on Windows7/64 Bit support.  The current problem is that the recovery of a sleep almost always ends with an Audio stuttering problem.  A reboot clears the stuttering.

    HP probably has some drivers of Windows7 pre-release for sold third party hardware integrated into the Media Center PC.

    Any help would be appreciated.

    Thank you


    Open Device Manager and look under sound, video and game controllers to see what sound card you have.

    If you have X-Fi Xtreme Audio choose your template from here.

    Scroll down.

    If you have Realtek use this driver.

    check accept and next. install the updated Vista driver. & PNid = 14 & PFid = 24 & Level = 4 & Conn = 3 & DownTypeID = 3 & getdown = false

  • Sony XBR-55X850D audio sync problem with Xbox One S

    Recently bought a new Sony X850D 55 '' TV, it's my 3rd Sony TV the past 10 years, and the first I had a problem with.

    I use the TV mostly for games on my Xbox One S, but have found that there is some dramatic audio synchronization problems. The sound coming out behind what is displayed on the screen (IE. Close door, sound audible is later). Xbox is connected to the TV via HDMI to input 1. I also have a bar of his (CT380) connected via HDMI output HDMI-4 ARC.

    I tried with and without the Soundbar without result. 3 different cords HDMI do nothing. Using my old Xbox One compared to the new One S has no difference. Question was not present on my old Sony TV. Tried with ClearAudio on and out, no change. I can't find all the parameters of sound synchronization in both of the TV, bar, or Xbox.

    Running Version 5.1.1

    Thank you


    I could solve my problem using HDMI from the Xbox to the sound bar HDMI then another sound to the TV bar.

    Thanks for the good help!

  • Satellite L300 17L - audio driver problems

    Audio driver problems, I use Windows XP SP2, I installed the MS patches, but still there is no sound.

    And in the control panel in the sound section says that there is no audio driver installed.

    I need help please!


    It s a known issue and when you search a bit in the forum you will find a large number of publications on this subject.

    Remove the sound card from the Device Manager and the high definition Audio Controller from Device Manager.
    And then update Windows with KB835221 & KB888111 patch, reboot several times, and then you can install the driver from Realtek but download and install Realtek driver directly.

    Good bye

  • When I try to use the Skype window having problem

    When I try to use the Skype window having problem


    you don't say what problem?

    and if the problem only occurs when using Skype, ask the Support of Skype

  • Center Media E1705 crackline speaker problem

    My E1705 running media center I have a speaker problem. That's what I did.

    I used the headset and you still get the same sounds.

    In this case no matter what I play.

    I have re-installed the driver and it still happens.

    It's 2 years old, but the speakers can be blown? Are they able to be replaced by me, because it's out of warranty? My children can't watch their videos on it when we travel is no longer for them.

    Thank you!!!

  • x 201 (fixed speaker problems! There is no problem with the hardware at least mine)


    Well, got my x 201 for a few days and the sound was yet to come on the side LEFT. At the beginning I wasn't planning to install personal programs into it because I know he has speaker problem and Im will replace or repair.

    Now today, I can't wait for the new pilot to be released and I begin to use what I want. I just started with the operating system. The original system was Windows 7 Home premium 32-bit. But since I uninstalled and replace it with a Windows 7 ultimate 32 bit and something happens. The TWO speakers are working. So I guess that there is a problem with the hardware.


    Did someone here Gets the x 201?  I was wondering if there are problems of speaker. I heard a few x 201 speakers has only one sound coming from the left. It should be soon on both sides.

  • Audio sync problems

    I am a wedding videographer who has a few months ago, from FCP to the PrPro CS5. I am currently working on a wedding ceremony where I have some audio synchronization problems. I filmed the wedding with 3 cameras high definition. The video was filmed all HDV 29.97, with 32-bit audio 48000khz. In addition, I used microphones tie for the spouse and the officer, each record to a device in the WMA format. I used "free mp3 wma converter" (which may be part of the problem!) to convert the WMA in 480000khz 32-bit WAV files. After using HDV Split to ensure that there are no breaks, I have imported/captured everything in first CS5. Once I dropped everything in the timeline panel, I find the part in every audio layer where the officate said thank you, "you can be sitting." I created markers not numbered to the exact frame that starts and all the video layers 3 and 5 audio layers becomes synchronized. However, when I scroll further down the timeline, something badly screwed up and I don't know if it's the video w / audio layers, or if this is WMA files that I have converted to WAV. Any help would be great!

    There are several discussions on the use of a separate Audio recorder and the OOS issues. Much discussion was provided by a few of us "old-timers," who bemoaned how things were to be, when the movie camera was attached to the Nagra, and could be configured to provide synchronization of Crystal, but that does not seem possible today with our great digital equipment. Should be easy, but it is a difference in "clocks".

    Hope just to get this straight, as I blew it away last wire - one single user with Zoom Audio recorder has found that the Audio derived from 100.3%, used if just the Stretch tool w / maintain Pitch to address that. It took experimentation, but when he found the % correct, it fixed everything.

    For questions of a general nature OOS, this ARTICLE could offer some advice, but in the end, I think finding the % of drift, will fix everything for you and with this same equipment, will still work. Test now will be dividend in the future.

    For some additional information, I search on this forum for 'sync' and maybe filter the_wine_snob (me), or Jim Simon and read. Jim is the user who found the exact % that was disabled, as well as sound equipment made of marriages.

    Good luck


    PS - just ignore the elders moaning in our drool cups.

  • Samsung Galaxy S4 Skype audio problem

    Hello. I use Samsung Galaxy S4 I9505 running Android KitKat v4.4. 2 since yesterday, I am facing a problem with the video call in which the recipient of my call is able to hear my voice distorted. I restarted the phone & reinstalled the latest version of Skype on Store. But the problem persists. Help, please.


    Believe that I thought about it - I had activated 'OK Google' of any screen - turn off back solved the problem.

  • Speaker/headphone/audio jack problem

    I recently had a problem with my headphones. The computer recognizes that I plugged but continues to use the external speakers and there is no noise coming through the headphones. I tried more than a pair of headphones and it still does not work. Computer restart worked once, but not anymore.

    Dear customer

    Welcome to lenovo forums

    You just need to reinstall the audio driver and install it once more, so please provide us with your machine model and the type of windows

    Please let me know

    Thank you


  • Skype usage error: problem with playback device

    Original title: Skype.

    I'm calling by Skype and it is written that I have a problem with "currency of reading".

    What should I do?


    ·         Audio devices work otherwise?

    Problem with playback device means that Skype cannot find a speaker or a headset that is properly configured on your machine in order to make a call.

    Step 1: Launch the audio troubleshooter. It search common problems with your volume settings, your sound card or driver and your speakers or a headset.

    Also refer to the support of Skype.


    Microsoft Answers Support Engineer

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  • Tecra W50 - A Replicator III, Audio USB problem


    I use a port replicator (Toshiba HI SPEED PORT REPLICATOR III PA5117E-1PRP) with a Toshiba Tecra W50 - A with Windows 7 (64-bit).

    I need to use the audio input to speaker and microphone on the Replicator, but no sound is coming or in.

    When I anchor my port replicator (Toshiba HI SPEED PORT REPLICATOR III PA5117E-1PRP), then an unknown device appears in the Device Manager with then the Advanced USB Audio Driver name.

    I was unable to find a driver on the support pages.

    Can someone direct me to the appropriate download area please?

    Help is very appreciated.



    It is very interesting how Toshiba cares about the problems of their users.
    I think this is the last time I bought some stuff from them.
    Maybe I'll go back to DELL. They care more.
    My post will be probably deleted now...


  • HP m7160n the front audio jack problem

    I am running Vista Home on my PC Media Center m7160n.  I used to be able to plug my headphones into the front audio jack and it would reduce the rear speaker output.  Now it doesn't!  I entered the sound properties and is set to turn off the rear socket, when the system detects a card into the front socket.  The helmet still works, but I need the speakers off when using the headset.  I hope this is enough information.

    Hi MrBassMan26,

    It's weird and looks like the jack-detect is not working properly. This problem just started happening? It happened after installing anything, even a Windows Update?

    If it just started happening, you can try to perform a restore of windows to an earlier point when it was operating normally. Or you could try to re - install the driver audio or even install a updated audio driver. Who should take care of it, and if not you may need to make some configuration changes in one of the sound properties (Windows or Realtek).

    I see that you have Vista, you accidentally upgraded to Vista XP?

    Try to install audio driver for Vista from Realtek: & PNid = 24 & PFid = 24 & Level = 4 & Conn = 3 & DownTypeID = 3 & GetDown = false

    Let us know how it goes.

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