Skype freeze my computer/Skype magnitude me the Computadora

Hi, I installed Skype in win 7 pro and when I install it m computer freezes and I can't do anything even to move the mouse I can stop my computer by taking power when I delet it my computer is back to normal is pls said it any solution for this.

Hola me Skype win 7 pro en de y cuando entro a self Skype magnitude me the computadora no puedo hacer nada mouse nisiquiera mover el no solo puedo apagar the tirando del cable por computadora y cuando me desinstale el mi computadora esta devuelva normal Skype.

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Is successfully updated your windows installation (SP1, IE11 and all patches from windows update installed)?

What version of Skype if you are to (rightclick the shortcut and the version appears after the target)?

If Skype is to start auto-start in safe mode to avoid this (F8 during startup). Alternatively, you can run msconfig (Windows key + r > msconfig > startup > uncheck Skype) to avoid having Skype autostart in normal startup.

If your computer is a little more, this can be caused by older drivers for audio and video, among other things, try to update.

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    More than this, my timezone is correct on the profile settings of my PC and Skype - except my contacts see also the wrong time zone displayed on my profile. (they see 01:00 instead of 04:00).

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    I hope that they fix on the next generation.

    Well... Good news... 10.8.1 whit... Skype works PERFECT!...

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    After no help from Skype, I have now managed to set the solution. Terrible load because I am a customer paying, get better assistance on free systems I use...

    In any case... I've deleted the Skype entry in the Mac Keychain, then started Skype and after connect you a new keychain entry was created. After the computer restart Skype connect now to OK. So it must have been a problem with the Skype Keychain/data wire.

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    During ANY installation of a program (e.g. Skype), I get the "year error occurred while attempting to create the directory C:\Program\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu. What happened with cd installs, but also downloads on the internet.  I already "took possession" of the computer, which is still delayed freaking, but am still unable to fight through all the questions of security, I guess that.  Any help would be greatly appreciated as I'm about to DOWNGRADE to something more user-friendly.  Thank you

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    I had this problem for a long time on Windows 7. Finally, by pure chance I came across this solution that solved the problem. -Take the shortcut of the property

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    Many people have trouble with this and therefore decided to post here.

    Gem of a solution. Thanks to GRIM and Brink on Windows 7 Forum!


  • Try to move the Skype icon on the app store to the desktop.

    Skype is installed on the app store and open it up, but I can't get the icon to switch to my office. How can I do this?

    Hi Dale,

    Windows operating system you are using on the computer?

    You won't be able to move the tile of Skype app on the desktop. However, you can install and use the desktop version of Skype. See the link for how to get:

    How can I get the desktop version of Skype (Windows 8 or higher)?

    It will be useful. If you have additional questions on the computer, please ask your question about Windows and we will be happy to help you.

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    Hi, SkyBerry, and welcome to the Skype community,

    Skype for BlackBerry OS 10.x is now available for download from the BlackBerry of the Amazon AppStore version.

    Kind regards


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    Can anyone help?

    JessieNomNom wrote:

    All about Skype is back, the contacts are on the right, etc.. How can I fix it? It is also in another language... I tried closing and did not work.

  • 4.3 Skype crashes with the old chat history

    After the upgrade to version 4.3, Skype crashes after the connection probably loading the message history.

    I tried to remove the. / record of Skype and it works like that. However, when I put the old user folder (just the , not all '. ') Skype file"), it crashes. I also tried to remove the file and then merge the history using and it hangs again.

    Any solution that would keep my history?

    Maybe I have found a solution after some web research, I Skype with * wholesale * historical log... Before these orders, I can't run Skype because it segfaults with the same track of gdb in your newspapers.

    I changed my main.db database, with:

    SQLite3 $ ~ /. Skype/[YOURUSER}/main.DB

    And then, I've updated the table of Messages as another post , but I have to translate the part of the message 'sent' in my language, so I have Skype in Italian with a simple:

    SQLite > body_xml SELECTION of Messages WHERE type = 68 AND body_xml LIKE '% file %' LIMIT 0,10;

    I found the translation for "Shift": "ha inviato ' and ' ha spedito" (which are two translation valid for posted... I don't know why there are two different versions...).

    Then in a:

    SQLite > UPDATE Messages SET body_xml = substr (body_xml, instr(body_xml,e)
    SQLite > UPDATE Messages SET body_xml = substr (body_xml, instr(body_xml,e)

    followed by

    SQLite > .quit

    Now I have my 4.3 Skype works fine with my entire chat log.


  • Skype crashing on the Mavericks.

    Problem: Skype is crasthing on the launch. Whenever I try to launch Skype disappears from the icon bounces two or three times and I get a crash report window.

    Tried the following suggestions... nothing has worked

    Skype: 7.2.412

    Mac OS X 10.9.5

    Processor: 2.3 GHz Intel Core i7

    16 GB 1600 MHz DDR3 memory

    Mini Mac end of 2012

    16 GB memory

    1 TB SATA drive

    Monitor Apple Thunderbolt Display

    Fixed Bug report.

    Appreciate your comments and suggestions.

    Thank you. Permanent.

    Experience is something you don't get until just after that you need.

    Problem solved. Updated to Yosemite. Skype is back.

    Experience is something you don't get until just after that you need.

  • Skype sign in the problem solved in phones screen touchscreen nokia s60v5 symbiam.

    Hi NOKIA users!, I solved the Skype sign in problem for nokia 5800 and all the symbian (s60 v5) of touch screens... Now, how to resolve this problem, follow these steps.
    Skype 1.Install in your phone's memory...
    2 hack your phone with these easy steps =
    3. install Norton symbian hack into your phone.
    4. after the installation, open it and open 'Options', then click on "Anti-virus" and then click Quartinine the list, then click on ' restore all.
    4. install Plus patch Rom and open it... you will see two options = Install serv for all, and 'open to all'.click on these and two options will be output rom patcher.
    5. now download the zip from this link = .

    Unzip it and you will have two files = Shared.xml and shared.lck... COPY files of teas on c: phone memory/private/20024 D 77 q
    ("- q" is the name of the folder, now both q and - q).
    7.attention! You must install the Netqin Mobile guard to copy these two files.
    8 install and open Netqin mobile to file manager, click memory c: from the phone... you will see a folder name is 'PRIVATE'... open draconian, open the file, the name is'D 20024, 77'... Here, you will see a folder whose name is "-q" If this folder is not here, create the folder = - q... Now copy these two files (shared.xml and shared.lck) in this folder. try to sign sign on the first try... Enjoy. For more information, contact

    File download link = ...

    Hi friends! I changed my facebook email.
    But I'm telling you that Skype will no more work to buy everything from phone.plz symbian, a mobile phone androia to continue using Skype! Buye.

  • How to remove "Skype available" from the top of the notification page?

    How to remove "Skype available" from the top of the notification page - useless promotion!


    Disable the Skype status under Notification settings in Skype.

    All best

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    Thank you!

    even if it was supported, it would not be faster to receive SMS to a mobile phone to receive SMS for Skype

    Kind regards

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    Hi JaphetMorales.

    (1) did you change on your computer before this problem?

    (2) what operating system is installed on your computer?

    What version of the operating system Windows am I running?

    You can uninstall and reinstall Silverlight and then check.

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    Why my computer freezes up playback of videos on the internet; as netfilx, ABC TV shows exp. Greys anatomy, supernatural.

    Smooth streaming online depends on high-speed Internet.

    Also make sure you have the latest version of Adobe Flash Player and no firewall or internet security thing tries to block.

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