Slim HDD 2.5 500 GB Canvio "-Pogoplug PC Toshiba 10 GB Cloud"

I recently bought Canvio external Slim outside hard drive 500 GB, which includes free 10 GB storage Cloud, via "Pogoplug PC Toshiba."

However, I can't get the Cloud storage to work, IE: impossible to download files to store in the cloud.

I've apparently correctly registered, with e. / mail and information password, but whenever I am asked to connect, a message comes up saying the

information are not valid...

I looked on the site Web of Pogoplug and found that from June 15, 2015, they withdrew this free service, so presumably Toshiba should not always be advertising this as a cloud free 10 GB offers with the Canvio Slim drives.

Or, Toshiba made alternative arrangements to replace the "Pogoplug PC Toshiba" offer?

Someone at - it any information on this please?


Did you create the account before or after June 15?

It seems that this offer is no longer available, but all users of Toshiba who registered using the Pogoplug for Toshiba CANVIO CONNECT, CONNECT II or SLIM II PC, can use their free cloud for free as well as now after June 15.

I found this information in this TSB from Toshiba:
Not possible to implement the free cloud of Pogoplug PC 10 GB space

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    Is it possible to install another OS on slim select bay HARD drive (apart from the one which lies on native HARD disk).

    I intend to add a Bay slim HARD drive to my Tecra M5.

    Although I can't guarantee the procedure myself, I don't see why not. If you install two or more operating systems on a single drive on separate partitions, it should work on an extra HDD as well, in my opinion.

    Another question is what OS and what happens to manage the boot sequence. For example, installing Microsoft XP destroys GRUB, installing Linux after XP. Two OSes MS coexist together very well usually, but to be on the safe side, it does not hurt if the OS later (by release date) is installed second.

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    Let's start at the beginning... Do you hear rattling noises when you connect your HD on your computer? If you have more likely your hard drive is physically damage and usually there is not an easy way to fix this. Some people have reported that changing the controller, that fixed it for them. Others have reported that, by opening the envelope and connect directly without cable who fix it for them (to actually buy a USB to IDE kit. Amazon has a lot for about $6). I don't think that the problem are the ports on your computer because you have tried on different computers. The next suspect is the cable.  Make sure the cable you connect your device to the computer working. Try it with a cable that you know works. Once you have check that and still Win can not detect your hard disk, check to see if the BIOS can detect. I don't know how you can access your BIOS on your computer, but is usually by hitting F2 or ESC or F1. Check the screen when your computer starts and yous should see a message on a button to change the BIOS or settings. Once more, when you're in the BIOS, there no way course right to know all your hard drives connected. Just look around and see if you can find it (do not change any settings here. You could make your computer unusable). If the BIOS can detect your hard drive, then it is time to do some work on the victory.
    -Click Start.
    -Type diskmgmt.mscand press ENTER.
    -See if you can find it there. Typically, your internal hard drive is described as disk 0. Your external should be disk 1.
    -Right click on it and find an option that says Create partition or Format.
  • Computer stopped see external drive 500 MB Canvio USB3


    Had a minor accident with my external device while using a backup program, hurry not clone backup of C: partition on the external drive. I realized after I did it, so canceled the operation after about 1%. Noah the player (E will not appear on this computer or another.) Can I get or what I need to reformat the external hard drive and if so how I reformat? Thank you.


    Check to see if there is the external USB HDD in disk management.

    1. go to Control Panel → computer management
    2. in the left pane, under storage, click Disk Management.
    3. here you will see the different hard disks / partitions.
    4. Select the HDD external USB
    5. right click on the volume that you want to format and then click on format.
    6. to format the volume with the default settings, in the dialog box format, click OK, and then click OK again.
    7. click on finish.

    More information on knowledge of MS site

  • HDTB305EK3AA 500 GB Canvio Basics - connection Interupts / disk WARNING ID 51


    I'm hoping to get a product support for my new hard drive that seems to disconnect and reconnect every so often.

    ScanDisk etc in respect of normal operations shows no descendants. The event viewer displays this message at the time of disconnection

    An error was detected on device \Device\Harddisk during a paging operation.

    The device is not used as a page file system drive, but this is the error that occurs when the player disconnects and then reconnects immediately.

    I looked at the driver for the USB controller, released by Microsoft for Intel USB3.0 eXtensible Host Controller 04/09/2015

    I looked at the driver for the drive, also Microsoft published on 21/06/2006. I could not find the additional drivers or updates firmware on Toshiba support.

    I have no idea and I'm computer and Internet expert for more than 20 years, take a look at my Web Site. I'm going to run another full scan surface, but the first tests show no errors.

    • No specific drivers or firmware for this device?
    • No where to get help outside this public forum?

    I thank you for reading and hope someone can help me

    Sincere greetings

    Hi all!

    I now run a full scan of the drive using the following under a high cmd prompt command for admin

    CHKDSK H:/f/x/r

    This command locks the drive and runs a full scan as follows

    Step 1: Examine the structure of the base file system...

    Step 2: Review of linkage of file name...

    Step 3: Review of security descriptors...

    Step 4: Looking bad clusters in the data from the user file...

    Step 5: Looking for clusters of bad, free...

    I think that the results to show no physical problem with the drive itself. Toshiba, or someone, are there drivers for this device, or updates Firmware for this device?

    This causes me problems I have never seen a car without any problem physical, typical seems problematic etc and only to random disconnect and reconnect it.

    My full analysis follows showing no bad clusters on the disk, I thank you for reading - always hoping that someone can help you.

    Microsoft Windows [Version 6.3.9600]
    (c) Microsoft Corporation, 2013. All rights reserved.

    C:\Windows\System32>chkdsk h, f, x, r
    The type of the file system is NTFS.

    Step 1: Examine the structure of the base file system...
    1175296 file records processed.
    Finished files checking.
    1 big file files.
    0 incorrect file records processed.

    Step 2: Review of linkage of file name...
    1374508 index entries processed.
    Index verification completed.
    0 unindexed files analyzed.
    0 unindexed files recovered.

    Step 3: Review of security descriptors...
    Verification of completed security descriptor.
    99607 processed data files.
    CHKDSK checks Usn Journal...
    9033560 USN bytes processed.
    Audit of the USN Journal is complete.

    Step 4: Looking bad clusters in the data from the user file...
    1175280 processed files.
    File data verification completed.

    Step 5: Looking for clusters of bad, free...
    4541121 free clusters dealt with.
    Free space verification is complete.

    Windows has analyzed the file system and found no problem.
    No action is required.

    488383487 KB total disk space.
    468708736 KB in 952874 files.
    245068 KB in 99608 index.
    0 KB in bad sectors.
    1265195 KB in use by the system.

    65536 KB occupied by the log file.
    18164488 KB available on disk.

    4 096 bytes in each allocation unit.
    122095871 total allocation on the drive units.
    4541122 allocation units available on disk.

  • STOR. The SLIM E 2.5 500 GB USB 3.0 SILVER - no access

    Dear Toshiba forums,

    I have an external mass storage device Toshiba (S3600) password protected and has always worked and been a good product.

    However, my Toshiba laptop recently had a crash of the operating system. It was then fixed and re - establish.

    Since the repair, I was not able to access the device S3600. My laptop can be seen in the devices list, I can't see it as a drive on my computer.

    I also tried the device on another computer and I don't know if its a coincidence, but I encounter the same problem.

    Can anyone help as I have very important content on the device I need to access?
    I thank all those who can help or give advice.

    Thank you very much

    Toshiba storage device external mass (S3600) isn t I known
    How it s connected to the laptop?

    You said that this device is password protected.
    This is probably the reason why the device is not available.

    Did you use special software to set this password?
    Have you tried to remove it, and then reconnect to the laptop?

  • How to recover the Qosmio x 500 step-by-step whith Toshibas Productrecovery CD

    I was very excited to by Toshibas Qosmio x 500 - 10z/windows 7 x 64 PC but it crushed 2times because as incompatibilities, some of my previous Windows Xp device.
    Retrieve my own DVD disk 2 whith made recovery day 1, dosnt works. A partitition C/D/E.Recover dubble again, a lot of my old inkompatibilite of programs don't work in use to be.
    Now I bought Toshibas own Produktrecovery discs (5 peaces)

    How to recover step by step (formatting to clean my HARD drive upp) and reinstall the PC to factory State, whith capacity systemrecovery then?

    Thanks for any help. IM rooky.

    Géza Wolf Sweden


    Installation of recovery is very simply.
    # Turn on your laptop, press F12 repeatedly
    # When the boot menu appears drive facilities put 1 into the optical disc drive
    # In the start menu choose CD/DVD and press ENTER
    # When the Toshiba Recovery window is shown simply click Next
    # On the next step should be summarized > subsequently confirm

    Recovery facility should begin. Just follow the on-screen menu and put the following installation disk when needed. Please try this and I hope that everything will be OK.

  • Qosmio X 500 - 10W - how to uninstall Toshiba Flash Cards?

    Toshiba Flash Cards use 17536 Ko as resources and is not essential
    How can I uninstall Toshiba Flash Cards?
    Thanks for the reply

    Hi valrick,

    OK, let's talk about this difficult issue

    According to the specifications the Qosmio X 500 - 10W is equipped with 4 GB memory DDR3. I think that s a lot and that s, only necessary if you play games or do a lot of video editing for example. In the contrary case, 2 GB would be enough for Windows 7.

    So far so good. First of all can I ask you if you know why Toshiba Flash Cards are installed and which work they do?
    Akuma has already written, they control the FN keys. If you install, your FN keys will not longer work. So I would not recommend this because the FN keys are important in my opinion.

    Last but not least: do you really think 17.5 MB requires too many resources on the Qosmio X 500? ;)
    I can t believe this because there are better optimizations that you can do like this important tool uninstall

  • Canvio 500 GB 593500 failed

    Hello world

    Suddenly my external 500 GB Canvio failed. After plug the computer emits two times and displays * ' you must format the disk hard e: until you can use it. " If I try to open it reports Windows * "location is not available. E:\ is not accessible. The file or directory is corrupted and unreadable. "* I checked in three different computers.

    It's my first Canvio external hard drive so I don't have enough experience to determine whether he is dead or not. But by experience earlier with a lot of hard drives, I guess that it is dead for good, but I want to be sure.

    Advice please?

    Post edited by: luisesuarez

    I think that the HARD disk is dead. Maybe a head crash HARD disk or another similar term.
    In most cases these means of symptoms that your disk needs to be replaced.

  • HARD Canvio 2 TB external drive - I have to subscribe to the cloud


    can someone help me?
    Generally, I use my new Canvio seems very complicated EG what I subscribe in the cloud?



    What HDD Canvio exactly do you have and what cloud do you subscribe?

    Perhaps mean you 'Pogoplug for Toshiba PC'... Could you confirm this?

  • How to use the adapter USB Y with disk HARD 500 GB V63700-A


    My V63700-A500GB external HARD drive is hard to work into my USB2.0 4 port adapter.

    I thought that maybe he needs more power goes into it.
    So I bought a USB - Y, but I can't find out how to use it.

    It has 2 male son of USB connector and a very narrow little that's not in taking wide slim HDD above.

    Anyone who uses these things to advise me how to?

    ... Thank you
    .. .Nick

    Of course you bought the wrong cable.
    I guess you need a USB 3.0 cable similar to [this |] a

  • Computer laptop need to change the HDD in the SDS?

    Have 3 questions related to the Toshiba SSD!
    1. what laptop need to change the HDD in the SDS?
    ATA, so 1.8 and 2.5, I look at who is the same dimenssions and right?

    2. I have this model Toshiba R200-S2031, is it possible to change drive HARD 80-SSD 256 1.8 inches? I understand that my model has 1.8 IDE I can't take 2.5? But replace IDE ATA is possible that they are the same size?

    3. If I R500 with 64 SSD drive, can I replace it it with greater SDS and the same size of thumb? Let's say I have 2.5 64 GB SSD ich so I could replace it with 500 GB SSD?

    tnaks for answers.
    and Toshiba - thanks to make small laptops, really enjoy.
    you want to update faster, but I LIKE THEM!
    Thanks Toshiba!


    (1) as a general rule, all laptops can be upgraded to an SSD. If the connector on the SSD is the same as the original hard drive connector, it should work.

    (2) I believe there are 1.8 "PATA SSD available, google is your friend.

    (3) I think the R500 is using a connector ZIFF customized for the SSD drive, then you will not be able to install a standard SATA or PATA 2.5 "SSD Drive. I don't know if you can buy SSDS with the connector ZIFF, once again, google can help you.

  • Change HDD on Satellite Pro A40


    I have a hard drive dead in my Satellite Pro A40, and I would like to replace it.
    Please tell me which model suits me. The size of 40 to 80 GB hard drive.

    Thank you!

    This old model was offered with 30 GB, 40 GB or 60 GB HDD. In my opinion you shouldn't have any problem, upgrade with 80 GB or even with max 100GB / 120 GB HDD.

    For example check please model Toshiba MK1032GAX. It is the old model with IDE interface and must be perfect for your machine.

    Incidentally: of course this old piece of equipment can scale up to 2 GB of RAM. How do you currently use? What operating system do you use?
    Sorry for the question, but it really is fascinating that many people still use old machines WXP. :)

  • Satellite U300-11V: where to find Toshiba HDD Protection for Win7?

    My Toshiba U300-11V has been factory-installed with Windows Vista.
    When I recently upgraded to Windows 7, I had to uninstall the Toshiba HDD Protection program as it was incompatible.

    Y at - it a compatible version of Windows 7 from this program somewhere?
    If so, how can I download it to my computer?


    Have you tried the HDD Protection Utility released for new laptops from Toshiba as Satellite U500?

    Generally, it should be possible to install the app on your U300

    Check it!

  • "Re: Toshiba M10: replacement 7 k 200 with Advanced Format HARD drive" 7 K 750 HDD

    Can we see problems with the replacement of the original Hitachi TravelStar 7 K 200 (200 GB) HDD, that went into my two year old Toshiba Tecra M10 - 11 X, with a so-called 'Advanced Format' 7 K 750 (750 GB or maybe 640 GB) hard drive?

    Like the original, I want to dual-boot the new disk using three partitions:
    * Windows 7 32-bit
    * Data
    * Windows XP
    and would probably clone one disk to another (by increasing the size of the partition!) with the v5 of Macrium Reflect.

    I read up on top of the TravelStar 7 K 750 form, the alignment tool from Hitachi, Microsoft KnowledgeBase article 982018 "an update that improves the compatibility of Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2 with the Advanced Format drives is available" Bit-tech so forth, but wonder if anyone has actually replaced the HDD with all original Advanced Format drives and could therefore have a certain experience to share?

    Thank you!


    "I put t have experience using this advanced Format ' 7 K 750 HARD drive but in my opinion he should not a problem using this HARD drive.
    The laptop supports the SATA interface and if this HARD drive would also support the SATA controller, the HARD drive should be recognized too

    But of course, it is my personal opinion...

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  • WiFi slow after patch Win7

    Navigate to a web page or any other service that requires an internet connection (iTunes, upgrade the virus or other library) became a pain Royal deluxe since I upped my Satellite L500-12f from XP to Win7. It takes for example at least 5-10 seconds t

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