slow data cRio record


I use a cRio 9074 in scan mode and I have a pretty simple timed loop which must run at periods of 5-10mSec for pwm control. I also need to do some data recording and record two (at approx. 1kS/sec) input signals. However, when I use scripture to the worksheet, the loop speed drops and my period of timed loop dates from 50mSec. How can I speed it up, and what is the effective way to save data in scan mode.

Thank you.

Hi Soheil,

You can see the example of community, I found regarding loops producer/consumer.

They could be quite useful.

Any problems let me know.

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    I recently bought a laptop with windows 8.1 and successfully connected to 1320n times via LAN and wireless networks. Problem is when I try to print .pdf files, data transfer from my computer to the printer seems very slow and that's why it takes several minutes to print 10 pages. On the print window of my system, it tells me the data to transfer a file from pdf page 14 are about 75 MB.

    My questions are:

    1-is-normal this size of data?

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    Thank you in advance.


    Thank you very much for the reply.

    I hae has solved the problem by installing the drivers that are on the product page (I was using the Windows drivers when I had the problem). Everything works as it should now.

  • Sudden slow data transfer


    I am happily using my 3 GB Time Capsule for the last 18 months with no problems. I use it almost exclusively as data storage for my Plex server. I use it wirelessly to my Macbook Pro 2014, in the same room.

    Yesterday, without change to explain it, it has become very slow to transfer files to it.

    I am at a loss, as most of the solutions I looked for people who have had problems of speed from the beginning, mine was a sudden appearance.

    Speeds do not seem to affect my streaming quality that I can still watch a 1080 p 5 gb + video file without stuttering or offset. The problem is isolated to the data transfer it seems.

    Any suggestions where to start?

    I use it almost exclusively as data storage for my Plex server. I use it wirelessly to my Macbook Pro 2014, in the same room.

    The plex server is connected by ethernet?

    Speeds do not seem to affect my streaming quality that I can still watch a 1080 p 5 gb + video file without stuttering or offset.

    It would be difficult to know if streaming is more... and more through your Macbook wireless...

    So I just need to know what is connected by ethernet and what is connected by wireless.

    Wireless is seriously affected by a number of things. So I guess that the first test is to connect the laptop to the TC by ethernet and make sure that it works very well. If your ethernet Mac buy a crush on ethernet card... a necessity, in my humble OPINION... as trying to fix wireless more wireless resembles sawing off the branch that which you are sitting.

    If you can determine the network of the question... Then we can do the simple things...

    Run the diagnostics wireless...

    Just restart the entire network, which I am assuming that you tried but did not mention.

    Simultaneous copy of a file on the hard drive while also streaming can also be stressing the TC... If the tests should be carried out without any other use of disk passes.

  • Slow data rate

    For analog and digital i/o I used a grid of AutomationDirect DL205 with EBC (ethernet) module to communicate with Labview via datasockets to connect to KepDirect OPC server. This technique worked well in the past, but on my 2 projects lately, I noticed that I am only receiving data at 100 m, I have my collection of data in a loop of 10 ms but I get 10 of the same sets of data, allowing a rough graph.

    I know the data are updated much more quickly in the OPC server but apparently the datasocket is it slows down. I contacted NOR but never received an answer clear of how fast the datasocket updates. Add the DSC module and associated items is not an option, very cost prohibitive when adding an executable to a machine.

    I used this combo of material for some time, back to LabView 2010, but he seems to have become a problem in the 2013 and 2014 version now. We love using this method, because there is no plug in boards or USB, just a running ethernet cable the control PC or laptop.

    Anyone has any experience with datasockets? Is there something I can change to increase the speed of reading?

    I use LV 2014 Professional, KepDirect OPC 5.5, private LAN within the machine (not connected to the corporate network).

    Thank you.

    Thanks, I did that before but for the devil to him I tried again. I used the same concept as you had but he left in a loop to find the minimum time difference when running my program on the other. The smallest value that I saw was 0,0700 sec.

    Because I don't really want to send a machine with an earlier version of Labview, I won't bother trying with previous versions. I just bought a different analog i/o module with ethernet connection that has VI void instead of use datasocket. I'll see how it works for the collection of data.

    Thanks for your help, I guess I am done investigation at the moment.

  • Based on existing data when recording new data

    I am currently working on a programme who collect samples in cycles before a while loop. The problem is that the data collected within a cycle is erased before a new cycle starts, but only if more than one cycle must occur in the same trial. I joined a handful of files below to better display the problem. I tried to solve this problem by dividing the table of waveforms, the addition of each component, and their group back together. The only reason why it does not work is because the program cannot sample fast enough. How can I rectify this?

    Your data registration code will not be run until the loop stops.  You must have your function of logging inside the While loop.

    Take a look at the example of log data in the Finder of the example, or search the DAQmx with data record.

    A little more advanced topic that you might want to look for is circular Buffer.

  • Sort multiple photo-type to the Date the records

    I'm thirsty come back from a LONG trip. I created a folder (Trip) for all of my photos and it 57 (!) other subfolders to contain pictures of every place I visited.

    What is the procedure to define the details of all THE subfolders to be name, size and Date ALL sorted them by Date taken? Surely I don't have to do this for each folder individually.

    Windows Explorer - apply the current view setting other records

    By browsing folders in the computer folder, you can apply the current view to all folders on your computer that are optimized for the content of the file that you have opened. For example, the folder my pictures is optimized for image files. If you open this folder and change the view to large icons, you can apply the large icons view in every folder that is optimized for photos. (This setting does not apply when you view files and folders using libraries).

    1. open a folder, click the arrow next to the button views photo of the button on the toolbar and choose a display setting.
    2. on the toolbar, click on organize, and then click folder and search options.
    3. in the Folder Options dialog box, click the display tab, click on apply to the files, click Yes, and then click OK.
    Note: To change the type of file optimized for a folder, right-click the folder, click Properties, click the Customize tab, click a type of file in the option optimize this folder for list, and then click OK.

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  • How to add the voice data on recorded voice file?


    I'm working on control of voice (RecordControl interface) recorder in BlackBerry.
    I would like to add the voice on file already saved data.

    Is it possible to add new data on the already saved file? or any other solution to add the data of voices on the already saved the file?

    Thank you


    No worries mate.

  • Help! How to upgrade a contact in a folder of data card record in the E10?

    Our upgrade was yesterday. I missed a critical use case in our planning of pre-upgrade. I need help, please.

    Here's the use case:

    1. a system of third party feeds campaign pot directly through response data to an object custom data Eloqua (this always works)

    2 al ' E9, the CDO - via the data stages of transformation of the map Services - has been captures the data, save and update the Contact table (no longer)

    3. then, he drew the call of SFDC integration to associate the record as a campaign response (it's so more work based on #2 no longer works)

    In E10, the rule to update in the stages of processing of data card Services does not allow data to be updated to the Contact table via a rule update - action is no longer an option. (I totally missed the impact of upgrading to update rules - sigh).

    This is where I need help. How can I build this works in E10? I'm testing it even as I write this, and I see some results by setting the option "Domain mapping" in the ORDER of the Contact table. Oddly, I can't map the field Email Address - it is not giving me an option to do so. In addition, this option does not large text fields and I have one of those in this data set. I feel I'm missing something, but I'm so far in the weeds now, I'm not sure what it is - any help is very appreciated.



    Hi Kristin,

    Updated Eloqua10 and Eloqua9 rules have a different set of options for the update action. It seems that in this scenario, we need to fix the second case where the data card Service was runs a update rule to map the CDO data for the contact table. In the custom data object module, we have an option called mapping fields. You can use this to get the same results as the update rule by mapping the CDO data directly to the contact table on the entries of new & updated data up-to-date card the. Once this change is made, the workflow remains in what concerns the integration association and campaign SFDC will continue to work normally.

    I hope this helps!

    Kind regards


  • Problem with the registration date and time: only one date is recorded

    Hello community,

    I have the following problem:

    I automatically stores the datetime values in a date column "changed_on", whenever a user saves a form.

    Unfortunately, when I show this value in a form or report, only the correct date is shown. Still, the time is 00:00. There is no time in the database value, too.

    Whenever a user clicks the save button in my form, the value of "changed_on" is generated by a calculation that returns "sysdate" (see image below).

    I think I tried everything now, but I can't understand how to record the date and time correctly. I already tried the format for the changed_on field mask to my preferred format, but it does nothing (jj. MM YYYY HH24).

    How can I automatically record the date and time?

    You need two things.

    1. put the mask of the P3_CHANGED_ON element to JJ. MM YYYY HH24

    2. change your source of calculation to

    TO_CHAR (sysdate, ' DD.) MM YYYY HH24 ')

    In this way, what holds the element and implicit conversion happens when recording records will match.

    Thank you


  • Tabular - submit custom and insert/updated data in records

    I have a tabular layout with 2 columns representing the data in the table and custom 5 columns.

    The task ID Name of the task 07/10/2013-10 13, 2013 14/10/2013 to 20/10/2013 21/10/2013-10 27, 2013 28/10/2013-03/11/2013 11 04, 2013 at 10/11/2013

    I use a sql that returns null for columns 3 to 7 values. Can I use the html form of the apex option and jquery to add change the headers for weeks and add checkboxes.

    My sql: select task_id, TaskName, null, null, semaine2, null, null semaine4 semaine3 week1, week5 < table name > null

    My table has columns task id, task name, start_date and end_date.

    When the user clicks on the button submit, I need to send the box to my stored procedure and insert records into the table. I can't find out how to send a mapping of the task_id, date in each column headers and data box at the apex back end and treat them. For example, if the first check box in the first row is checked, I have to insert a row with the values "1, TASK1, 07/10/2013, 13/10/2013. I have also read data from the table and display it in the same format. Please let me know how to proceed in the apex.

    instead of using the null value, you can use apex_item api to create checkboxes


    You can set the value of checkboxes using apex_item api, then the value may be captured in your process of

    Check this: Martin Giffy D'Souza on Oracle APEX: APEX (Advanced) with checkboxes report.

    Let me know if that answers your query in the active thread

    Kind regards


    Oracle APEX 4.2 reports | Packt Publishing

    Vishal blog

  • Wrong date when recording to jpg

    Create a project and save it in PSD Format.

    Save as in. JPG.

    Both files have stamps different date/time.

    Apparently, the timestamp for the JPG is based on the model, not the actual time that the file was created.

    It is a bug.

    All my other programs (in Windows) depend on the date of creation to find the latest versions of the files. It would be impossible for all systems on the network to add the changed Date.

    Photoshop must provide a way to choose the value of date/time stamp.

    It is one thing to thing-NO-a photoshop windows - if you use an image previously saved in 'windows' in the display of records (details) it will show the date (even if you're doing a "save under"-If you right click on the image and select 'Properties', it will show the correct information.)

    If I create a NEW psd and save - and then save the same image in jpeg format the dates coincide - but with an image existing Windows OS shows the original date.

  • TIFF slow gross camera record

    Camera Raw takes almost 2 seconds to record a 103MB tiff file. (I use Photoshop CS6)

    When I save a bunch of files tiff, camera raw uses only half of my CPU and half of my RAM. In addition, I use the SSD which wrote 530 MB/s out of Photoshop. According to these specifications, it should save 5 images in the second. But it doesn't work. I think there must be something wrong with the settings? Help, please...

    What you see is probably normal - Camera Raw takes a few seconds to process a raw, even on a powerful system file.  It can grow to be longer if you select a lot of features in Camera Raw, such as noise reduction, sharpness, etc.

    And he is slower in general as Camera Raw becomes richer in features.

    This reminds me, with version 8.1, I need to make a few points of reference more and add them to this topic:


  • Date of record entry - with a date system that by default does not


    I have a form that allows users to enter information. I want to have a field to record the date where they have updated the registration...

    in order to accomplish the above, here's what I did:
    (1) I created an article on the form (put the source as table_column that I use to record the date on the table)...
    (2) in the field by default, I put "sysdate" to enter the date of the day...
    (3) I made the point 'View' only so that no one should be able to change...

    well... when my users open the form they see the current date in the form...

    My challenge is when the user saves the form, all records that they are entering with the exception of the "record modified date"... Not sure if it's due date format or something else the cause, the date in my form format is LUN-JJ-AA and looks like on my table format is DD/MM/YYYY... If the date formatting issue then please advice how to fix...

    I saved a sample on APEX. ORACLE.COM for review and comment... Here is the log in details

    Workspace: tparvaiz
    Username: [email protected]
    Password: tparvaiz

    Application: 28899 default Date and white space
    Application Page no.: 24

    Thank you

    You must use the text instead of the display element element. I changed to the text element and readonly by adding the following in the attributes of HTML form elements:


    You can change the border style, so if you want to show it without borders.

    See you soon,.


  • Od data base records so

    I have this code:

    < cfoutput query = "mod" >
    #mod.ID #. #.
    #mod.surname # < br / >
    < img src = "" #mod.image # "/ > < br / >"

    < / cfoutput >

    for this, employment, all data in the query are displayed but one point under the other, I wish them to be displayed on the same vintage 3 before having another thought with other 3 records in the query.

    How do I do that?


    #data #.

  • measured LabVIEW frm data to record in a database

    Hello again... I hope I am in the right forum to ask this... Im working on another project which requires me to use LabView software (apart from the other project on the welding process)...

    This project is a solar cell of combat that will give me some current and voltage values according to some irradiation... So far, the measured data are presented and saved as excel file...

    However, I need to do another concept of backup, to ensure that the measured data are saved in another way to ensure it is not lost... (I hope my explanation makes sense...:-s)...

    My question is, is it possible to save the data measured in a LabView database?

    Thank you...

    Is there a way? Yes, but it requires you to create the database, set the tables in the database, and then download the data. There is no way of auto-la magic to convert Excel workbooks in a database. The database connectivity Toolkit (or LabSQL) is used to load the data into the database, but the database must be defined and created by you. If you don't know how to do this, you can either learn how do, or you can hire someone to do the work fo you.

    Can do you it yourself? Perhaps. You really need to sit down with some primers on the databases first in order to understand the concept, purpose and uses of their. You must also decide what system of database to use. Using Microsoft Access, or something like SQL Server (or MySQL)? Anyway, that you would need to sit down with some tutorials.

Maybe you are looking for