SM bus and USB drivers for HP Pavilion DV6 6024TX controller

I just had to do a clean install of Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit on my HP Pavilion DV6 6024TX laptop.

I installed all the recommended and optional Windows updates and everything works * except * the SM Bus controller and USB controller - which are both showing yellow exclamation in Device Manager.

I looked at the forums and it is clear that I have to install new drivers, but I'm not 100% sure * that * drivers to install.

I know that this template contains * time * an accelerator of 6770 M graphics AMD Radeon * and * Embedded Intel HD graphics - and this is supposed to be switchable between the two, according to the profile of power it uses.

I looked for the latest drivers on the AMD website and they * don't * switchable graphics support - see: 7-64

This support AMD article returns me on the HP site for the best drivers:

I looked at the download page of the HP driver for this model, so there are a few options:

Did someone please advise I need the drivers and the best place to find them?

Thank you.


You are the very welcome.

Here is the link for the driver for the usb controller 3, you need.

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