Smart card reader does not correctly connect once the virtual machine is restored from sleep using the vmrum controls

Smart card reader does not correctly connect once the virtual machine is restored from sleep using the vmrum controls

Scenario is,

1. smart card reader is connected to the VM with card inserted in

2 initiate a prompt suspension of the VM toolbar

3. now to resume the virtual machine by using vmrun command into the host machine

WS t vmrun start xxx.vmx

Now, the recovery of VM but the smart card reader that was previously connected does not work properly in VM that is to say, sometimes after CV chip card reader driver is uninstalling and a few other times, chip connected to the drive is not available on a virtual computer

My requirement is after power, smart card reader can stay connected to the virtual computer with the already installed driver and the smart card.

Kindly help with this problem.

Host operating system: Victoire 2012 R2

The VM OS: win 10 x 64

Thank you!!


Dear all,

I had a work around for this problem. By adding "usb.autoConnect.device0 ="0xVID:0xPID"" this statement to the VMX file, solves this problem, that is, whenever the VM is wake-up by clicking on the link CV or using vmrun commands, it connects the unit in question automatically and it is charging correctly with his driver. Obtaining smart card detected after sleep\hibernate with no problems.

VID & PID is respective ID of the device that can be seen in the properties of the Device Manager "Device Instance path".

For more information about this, visit VMware KB: automatic connection of USB devices to the virtual machine power on

~ Surendra

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    If a card is inserted or no, running "certutil.exe - scinfo" at a prompt gives:
    - - - - - -
    The Microsoft Smart Card Resource Manager is running.
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    CertUtil:-SCInfo command completed successfully.
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    I tried a variety of different card chipped and none of them even register as present in the drive.
    Does anyone have an idea what is happening here? Is there any sort of software adapted to this situation?

    Ah... never mind, the old trick of powercycle fixed the problem...

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    Usually you should not activate anything. Check the status of card reader in Device Manager please. There is everything OK?

    Make sure that you use a compatible card and it is inserted correctly.

  • Windows XP does not correctly load after installing Virtual Machine

    Original title: System Restore

    I recently tried to install a Machine Microsoft VM on myWindows XPcomputer. By getting a message "Please reboot", I clicked on "restart now." The computer turned off and running back. When he steps back, the loading screen appears, and then the blueHP Inventscreen appeared (which is normal). But then something odd happened. A small window appears in the left corner of the screen. It read: "loading your personal settings: System Restore, Control Panel, etc...", or something of the sort. The default software supplied with the computer window appeared. The blue HP Invent screen continued to remain in the shadows.

    When I eventually clicked the 'x' in the antivirus window, the taskbar, start button, etc. appeared, but most of my desktop icons were missing. Then I noticed that the blue screen of theHP Ivent became my wallpaper. Puzzled, I navigated to the 'System Restore' window. Then, several windows titled 'Welcome in Windows XP' and "Turn Windows XP" appeared. I have navigated to System Restore window and chose a system restore point (which was the day before) and continued the process of system restore. The system was supposed to be restored. At startup, the same window in the left corner appeared; the antivirus window is appeared. The system restore window is appeared then, confirming that the system restore was successful (which it wasn't). Everything was the same way before I had done the system restore.

    In a panic, I went to Internet Explorer. The browser then showed up and greeted me with messages as if I had never used, and [if not all] most of my favorites had been withdrawn. Then, I assumed that my computer has been restored to factory settings. But of course, in opposition to my thesis, my Antivirus AVG software  that I had installed before all these problems occurred, was still on my computer. My iTunes was also still on my computer, but my entire library has been destroyed, and when I double click the icon, it asked me to install the iTunes software (as if I had just downloaded on my computer).

    I procceeded to try to restore my computer to different restore points, but all attempts were in vain, because no settings have been changed... And that's my story. Also, I would appreciate some answers detailed as soon as possible, because this computer is not me anyway... Thanks for reading guys!

    I recently tried to install a Machine Microsoft VM on myWindows XPcomputer. By getting a message "Please reboot", I clicked on "restart now." .....

    the small window that you mentioned is probably the virtual machine window.  and if you it configured during installation, as attributed too much ram memory and disk space, and then the windows in normal mode went out of these valuable resources.

    In addition, if the system disks and files was not optimal performance via tune ups, then they could have been less than optimal before installing the vpc and the systems simply becoming worse by installing more data.

    regarding the failed system restore points, we don't know why they did not work.  but the system restore function is stable, except somethings interferes with her bad anti anti-virus programs or system files have been corrupted with infections beyond you're a.v design..  the bottom line is that "who knows?"

    You can probably try is to start in safe mode and try to uninstall virtual pc via Add/Remove programs in the control panel.

    then see if the normal mode is normal once again.

    Another method, you can try again in safe mode is the restoration of the system again.

    then see if the normal mode is normal once again.

    Another method, you can try in safe mode, you can try to perform a clean boot to normal mode.

    DB·´¯'·.. ¸ >-))) º > ·´¯'·.. ¸ >-))) º > share nirvana mann

  • See 5.1.2 problem with smart cards - reader to not see Office.

    Hi all

    We try to roll an office linked Clone pool that is used by our service accounts and as such, they need to be able to use for banking smart cards. We have installed all the necessary software on the machine of model (GemSafe Gemalto) and also one of our Thin Clients (Wyse V10L or C10LE) connected to the model directly via RDP with the card reader chip attached to ensure that different drivers installed correctly and all is well, the virtual machine is able to see the smart card reader.

    The problem comes when spread us these machines up to the pool, the smart card reader is not detected at all. We tried to connect from the Client light view or via RDP directly to one of the linked Clone desktops and both meet the same problem, that is, the drive is not seen at all. If we plug/unplug the drive of the Wyse terminal we see it be detected in the log of the events on the Client itself.

    Can what tools or newspapers we use side view or VMware to solve this problem?

    To confirm, in the settings to connect to the server by smart card authentication is set to optional. In Global political USB access is set to allowed.

    If need more information please ask and I will be happy to provide it.

    Thanks in advance.

    Right, we got to the bottom of it... and I am kicking myself!

    There is a GPO side configuration of the active computer. Administrative Templates/Windows components/Remote Desktop Services / Remote Desktop Session Host / Device and resource Redirection - do not allow redirection of card device chip.


  • TS15g067cl laptop: memory card reader does not recognize the card

    The card reader does not recognize the cards.  It does not have a drive location (example: f drive).   This makes it impossible to veiw the files or photos on any (I tried six different) of my SanDisk SD cards.  I can't find anywhere to downlod corrected card rhe read updates update drivers or BIOS for my system.   I just bought this computer 1 week ago and do not understand why I read in the forums about driver issues of card reader for the last year.  Windows 8.1 has been out for some time.  Why HP would sell these computers without updating the software to make them work as they should?

    Thanks for the info.  Disk management does not show the drive.  The problem was resolved after reloading BIOS, as suggested in another post.

  • Satellite C850-B635 and Win7 - card reader does not work

    My laptop came with windows 8 and the card reader was not working
    but I installed windows 7 64-bit, downloaded all the drivers on my laptop, but the card reader does not work now.

    I downloaded a driver called card reader controller, but it did not work as well
    I don't know if there is a problem or there is a driver should I install and I don't know.
    Please help me solve this problem.

    In my windows Device Manager, these devices is not recognized:
    * PCI simple communication controller
    * SM Bus controller
    * Unknown Device

    I tried searching in my page to download drivers on the Toshiba Web site but could not find these
    Please help me make my card reader works again.

    Post edited by: domaking

    For me, the matter is simple, and the reason why the SD card reader is not working, it's just a driver compatible isn't installed.
    My theory seems to be correct, given that the SM bus controller and PCI simple communication controller appear in Device Manager and I suppose that one of these devices belongs to the player/controller of the SD card.

    I think that you should simply install this Realtek card reader controller that I found on the page of the Toshiba UE driver

    In addition, you must install all the other drivers Win 7 as well as Toshiba tools available by Satellite C850 series.

    Very important is the chipset driver, USB 3.0 driver (Win 7 has this port driver to control the USB 3.0), display driver. etc.

    Not very essential tools are Bulletin Board, product information online Reeltime, etc. This tools additional don t improved the performance of the laptop so its up to you if you want to use these software components

  • Envy 15 t-j100 card reader does not

    I have a HP ENVY 15 t-j100 Quad Edition running Windows 7. His card reader does not work. When I insert an SD card, I get a message that the device is not installed correctly. Windows prompts you to update me the driver, so I let him, but he can't find the driver. In devices with SD card inserted, Manager it shows a symbol in the "Other devices" section "hard drive"with a yellow "!"  The State of the device reads:

    "The drivers for this device are not installed. (Code 28)

    To find a driver for this device, click Update driver. »

    I tried to update the driver from there, but still no driver is reported to be found.

    Furthermore, Device Manager indicates that the Realtek PCIE card reader works properly. I updated the driver using sp66065.exe, but there is no difference. The card reader is still not read, nor is it a drive letter appear to the inserted card.

    If I disable the Realtek PCIE card reader, then the "other devices" "Hard drive" in the Device Manager goes. But the card reader does not work as long. If I activate the card reader, the same error comes back with a yellow '! ' under 'other devices' "Hard drive" in the Device Manager.

    Could you please tell me how to resolve this situation? Thank you in advance!


    You are the very welcome!

    Oh... It's big, happy that the problem was solved after recovery

    It would very probably be updates of Windows.

    Try to create a system restore manually each time before performing any installation of update or something important. You can restore to a previous restore points you have created, if a problem occurs after an update.

    You can also create a shortcut to a button in your office so that you can easily create manual restore - Option 1 point in the following tutorial:

    System Restore:

    I would also change the Windows Manual Automatic Update settings.
    This must be done in the HP support assistant program too - its control panel.

    I hope this helps.

    Have a good weekend
    God bless you.



  • Product name: HP 15 Notebook: my card reader does not work - Mute red light does not

    My card reader does not work

    It happened several times after the upgrade to Windows 10

    It may work once or twice after the upgrade, but when there is an update from HP

    My antiverious is Kaspersky internet security and it is compatebale with windows 10

    Also, the Red mute botton does not work but the function works.

    your opinion and your support is appreciated

    Product number: L9N79EA #A2N

    Product name: HP 15 laptop

    Windows 10 House only 64-bit language

    Hello @KhaledMorcy,

    I understand that you are having a problem with your card reader and wanted to help you!

    Have you tried to use Windows Updateto search for the drivers that are compatible with Windows 10?  You can consult this site too: products HP - where can I find drivers Windows 10 and software for my model?

    If you have problems to install the drivers, you can use the tool on the following site:

    Open the Windows Update troubleshooting tool

    It is possible that the drivers are not available for your product.  If this is the case, or the drivers you found do not work, try to use the solutions on this site to work around the problem and let me know how it goes: how: install and update drivers in Windows 10

    Also, check out the following document, as it can help to solve the problem for you:

    HP laptops - use and troubleshooting (Windows 8) memory card readers

    Please let me know if this information has been helpful by clicking the thumbs up below.

    Have a great day!

  • driver Ricoh SD card reader does not work after recovery/vista


    I have toshiba laptop with vista professional.

    I did the recovery on computer

    Once the recovery sd card reader does not work.

    Yes, I did:

    Downloaded latest driver ricoh xd card disk image



    .. .but still does not work

    does anyone have a solution for this?

    Thank you, klemen

    You update your copy of Windows as directed by my last answer?

    I tried to download driver Toshiba but it seems that there are no downloads for Windows vista for your specific model.

    Check the Device Manager for the entries in the card reader under "ATA/ATAPI IDE controllers" and "SD adapters.

    Double-click on the devices to see their properties. On the general tab, note their descriptions and 'device status'.  In the Details under "Ownership" tab select "hardware ID" note the entries under "value".

    You can try to install the drivers built into Windows Vista

    1. in the Device Manager, click on your PC
    2. click on the menu "Action" "Add legacy hardware. Click next in the Add Hardware Wizard.
    3. check the box before "install the hardware that I manually select from a list (Advanced)". Click Next.
    4. under "Types of common hardware", select "IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers '. Click Next.
    5. under "Manufacturer", select "Ricoh company.
    6. in the title of 'Model' select your description of the appliance as shown in Device Manager.
    7. the full wizard.

    There are several Ricoh xD-Picture Card controller, you can try them all and see one that works.

  • Satellite X 200 and Windows7 (32 bit) - card reader does not work

    Hi all
    I hope someone can help.
    My X 200-219 has been recently upgraded to Windows7 and although it works well (better), the card reader does not work.

    Do I need a driver installed?
    Various looked but can't find anything obvious?

    Bravo and thank you


    Try to install THIS driverplease.

    It is Vista 32 bit driver for digital multimedia card reader. I hope that it will work.

    Send comments.

  • Tecra 9000: SD card reader does not work with XP

    I've made some progress on this issue, it seems that Cardbus devices cannot share IRQS, although the main problem is that FFDFB200-FFDFB3FF memory address is shared by the SD card controller and device memory SD card. Unless we find a way to edit the registry to resolve this conflict of memory, the simple answer is that the SD card reader does not work under XP.

    I think that it would take a major surgery of the register or re-writing of drivers to move the address of memory used by the SD card device, I always work on this for now.

    Can someone support Toshiba or Toshiba Marketing explain to me why my Tecra T9100 has a "Designed for Windows XP and Windows 2000" sticker on it, when Toshiba does fully support XP on the 9000 series?


    [Edited by: admin]

    Hi David

    Unfortunately, I n t think that you will find here a Toshiba marketing person or other departments. It is ONLY a user to user forum.

    What you say, it is simply NOT true.

    The Tecra 9000 was delivered with 3 different OS.
    It was delivered with Windows XP Pro, W2k and Win98. You can order all the images of this Toshiba home Toshiba service partner. That's why Tecra 9000 does support Windows XP!
    Tecra 9100 has been bundled with Windows XP and Windows 2000 and also supports Windows XP!

    Of course, there are different models with a different hardware configuration, but all supports Windows XP.

    I put t know why you get this error message or why you cannot use the SD card, but I guess you don t use the image of Toshiba. That's why you installed your operating system isn't properly. Because you are a newbie you don t know the Toshiba all the driver installation must be done in the right order and all Microsoft QFEs must be installed also.

    As you can see you must pay attention to many important things if you want to manually install the operating system.

    Good day

  • SD card reader does not work

    1 hp Pavilion Dv7-7002el

    2. Windows 7 64 bit

    SD card reader does not work

    Thank you

    Welcome to Brunn.

    Try to run this driver. & CC = US & DLC = in & LC = on & os = 4063 & Product = 5254140 & sw_lang=.

    Let us know how things will go.


  • my card reader does not

    my card reader does not work on my desktop can someone help


    Go to the Device Manager, check the component of SD host adapters to see what. You may be able to download the driver from this site:

    Kind regards.

  • Satellite M40X: Internal card reader does not work

    My internal card reader does not work. I think that I have not yet installed the driver, or may have other reasons, I don't know. Please show me how to find and install this driver.

    Thank you!

    Can you please check the Device Manager and tell us if any unknown device is listed there?

Maybe you are looking for