SMART of the Intel Matrix Storage Console event message

It's quite strange.

I installed Windows 7 Home Premium x 64 bit on my Y530 initially have Vista Home Premium x 64 bit.

Installation a breeze and we found all the necessary drivers automatically and runs smoothly.

But suddenly I'm a notifaction from the event of the Intel Matrix Storage Console that my HARD disk fails quickly and get it repaired / replaced soon. So, I downloaded the Western Digital diagnostic tool and it reported "Re-Allocated sector Count" with a value of 30.

Windows 7 is popping up a window to save and advising me to shut down the computer.

Someone please advice me what to do. My warranty is still active, I ask for a replacement of the HARD disk or send the laptop for service?

I bought this laptop in the United States, but I will be in India for about 6 months before returning to the United States.

Thank you.

Finally after climbing, the case was taken forward and solved.

Defective HARD drive has been replaced. It took very little time for them to analyze and get the parts ordered.

Even the local authorized service center was quick in their lodging and settled the question in my interest.


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  • Intel Matrix Storage Console - Satellite A300-1BZ


    I have an A300-1BZ and I noticed that the Intel Matrix Storage Console is informing me that I have 3 (0,1 and 2) SATA ports.

    He informs me that ports 0 & 1 are in use (I have 2 hard drives mounted) and port 2 is not used.

    What I want to know is - it possible that this small A300 that can accommodate a 3rd hard drive?

    The comments appreciated!

    As far as I know, none of the Toshiba laptops can operate with three hard disks.
    Two only. even more great multimedia models as Qosmio have two hard drives only.

  • Intel Matrix Storage Console (no action available)

    A hard drive is dead in my Dell XPS 9000 and wouldn't start afterwards.  I replaced both drives SATA II 750 GB Seagate Barracuda 7200 with two drives BFVS VelociRaptor 150 GB SATA II Western Digital 1500.  I went on the site of Dell and downloaded the disks necessary to reinstall the Intel Matrix Storage Console V  The BIOS has always been the AHCI value.  My computer is a central IO ICH10R controller and the driver is listed as iaStor.sys which I believe is the driver AHCI.

    Before the computer crashed disks were configured as RAID 1 and I could see the volumes/table etc. in the matrix storage Console.  Now when I enter the matrix storage Console trying to recreate a similar put in place advanced luxury fashion magazine shows my hard drives, but there is no options to configure anything.  The only Action is ' Rescan for plug & play devices.   What Miss me?   Thanks for any help you can provide.

    Update-> I ended up changing my BIOS from AHCI RAID and created a new RAID to RAID 1 volume.  I then reinstalled Windows 7.  After installation, I reinstalled the Intel Matrix Storage Console, and it seems like it should (as he did before the accident).  Now it shows my RAID volume and I have options to create new volumes under the Actions menu.

    I swear to you that all of this was done under the AHCI previously (how I got the computer from Dell).  When I got the computer from Dell device manage listed:

    Hard drives-> ARRAY0

    Controllers IDE ATA / ATAPI-> Intel ICH10R SATA AHCI Controller

    Storage controllers-> JMicron JMB36X controller

    After that I changed the RAID BIOS and reinstalled (now):

    Hard drives-> Volume0

    IDE ATA/ATAPI Controllers - > ATA Channel 0 & ATA Channel 1, Standard double channel PCI IDE Controller

    Controllers storage-> Intel ICH8/ICH9R/ICH10R / / PCH SATA RAID Controller

    Maybe it will work better.  After all, my computer is totally dead when a drive has failed which mirroring should have prevented.

  • Re: What is a driver name for Intel Matrix Storage Manager on the Qosmio G50


    Does anyone remember the name of the driver that contains the Intel Matrix Storage Manager


    Intel Storage Manager is a package that contains the SATA drivers.

    Intel Storage Manager can be downloaded from the page of European driver of Toshiba.

    Research of _Robson paquet_ on the page of the Toshiba driver!

    See you soon

  • rebuild the RAID1 with Intel Matrix Storage Manager Dimension 9150 problems

    I installed the RAID 1 a week ago. Today, it has been degraded. I tried to rebuild after deleting a RAID volume, create a RAID... of the RAID configuration utility... There was no Windows utility to work of the... Now, all the data disappeared and I have a white RAID configuration. Is there a way to restore it or I have to reload all along? The Intel Matrix Storage Manager, I had downloaded from the Dell support page. R130118.exe. I loaded the wrong program. I am running XP Pro SP3.

    Thanks for any help.

    When you use the option ROM Intel to set up a RAID, the drives are initialized before established the RAID volume.  Your data may still be present, but as an earlier poster said, you will need to go to a data recovery provider to get.  For later use, you must use the Intel Matrix Storage Manager, or his later incarnation, the technology Intel Rapid Storage Technology, application to build a RAID from a working drive.  Normally, a RAID 1 will rebuild automatically if you have removed a faulty drive and install a new, white, this hard drive place of the failed disk.

    The Intel product requires Windows to be installed and running before it can be used.  There is also a download for the driver only, but which is used during the installation of Windows if the SATA driver is missing from your Windows installation CD-ROM.

  • Installing XP on Tecra S5 - Intel Matrix Storage Manager

    Im trying to install XP on a Tecra S5.
    As described in the manual, I have created a disk with Intel Matrix Storage Manager.
    With a floppydrive USB I tried to install XP with the F6 method.
    I could choose the suitable from the disk driver and was able to create partitions and format them.
    Some time later in the installation process, XP asks for the "Intel Matrix Storage Manager.
    in the A: drive.
    Although disk is still in the drive, there is no reaction.
    Even when I change the disc, nothing happens.

    Any ideas?


    Start the installation of Windows XP Home edition again, and when necessary to load the driver from the disk using the F6 option. This will make the disk HARD visible for the installation of Windows XP Home edition. When the HARD drive is recognized properly installing WXP. Later when WXP is installed correctly you can change the structure of the partitions.

    I do not understand why is floppy disk suddenly not accessible anymore. Check the data recorded thereon.

  • HP update: Intel Matrix Storage Manager Driver Update runs continuously

    I have an elite m9340F.

    Has started to run the HP update today. He said she intends to eight 8 updates to apply.

    The first two seemed to go OK (HP Update - update of safety and RealTek HD Audio Driver.

    Problem: The update of the Intel Matrix Storage Manager driver worked for more than an hour. It is running and CPU utilization... the HP Update UI is unresponsive and does not have a Cancel option.

    I'd normally kill the process using Task Manager - but I'm worried because it's my hard drives.

    Any advice?

    Thank you, Mister-Do...

    I was worried for the update that was going to kill (I killed him after two hours) because I could see that the update of the Storage Manager was still running.

    Finally, I killed the HP update process using the Task Manager.

    I think that the problem was related... permissions when I tried to install the update even initially your URL, it has not yet - but - when I recorded the same .exe on the desktop and then it ran using 'run as administrator' - it worked!

    So, thank you very much.

    I continue to run in troublesome behaviors with Vista UAC/permissions / file permissions that are NOT compatible.

  • Satellite L40-18 X Intel Matrix Storage Manager driver to install Win XP

    I can always see the message after I formatted the hard drive:

    Insert the disk labeled:
    Driver Intel Matrix Storage Manager
    in drive A:

    Is anyone know to help in this step of the installation.

    I've got the floppy with the SATA drivers (which were necessary at the beginning) in drive at the moment.

    What should I do in this step of the installation?



    The message appears because the HARD drive cannot be recognized until the correct SATA drivers will be installed.
    The SATA driver is part of the Intel Matrix Storage Manager, which can be downloaded from the Toshiba driver or directly from the Intel page page:

    Intel Matrix Storage Manager

    Here, you have to choose the operating system, then the right version of Storage Manager for the Chipset that was equipped with right in the L40.
    The 32-bit disk, Intel Matrix Storage Manager package Configuration utility contains the only SATA driver files
    During the installation of Windows, you will need to include the SATA driver by pressing the F6 of the disk external USB FDD.

    However, you can also use the nLite software, which include the SATA driver in the CD of Win XP.


  • Help: "Intel Matrix Storage Manager for Windows XP" Installation failed

    First of all, has anyone successfully lowered their vista to xp in a machine SL400/SL500?

    I had just followed the "Windows XP clean installation/Downgrade Guide" here:

    and got stuck in step "Install Intel Matrix Storage Manager for Windows XP"

    The 'Intel Matrix Storage Manager for Windows XP"for SL400/SL500 (Note: this driver is different from T/R61) I downloaded the support of lenovo cannot be installed. Every time when I followed the instructions of the official support page to run 2ksetup.exe, he gave me a saying invite "installation failed." I have also tried to run "2ksetup.exe" and "2ksetup.ini", according to the official support for unattended Setup page and nothing was (apparently it doesn't have too).

    PS: this installation is done after that the chipset intel is installed as indicated on page 'guide' from notebookreview.

    I also tried to use the driver for T/R 61, since in the official support page, it seems compatible. The installation can be performed successfully, but when I switch the 'compatibility' to 'AHCI' SATA drive in the bios, I can't start windows (every time it showed a blue screen and restarts automatically). When I went back, everything became normal.

    Someone has any idea how to handle this?

    Clean XP install on my SL400 worked like a breeze. Actually a little felt uncomfortable having a complete set of official XP drivers available, because my previous installation was on a HP with almost no XP support beyond what users were mosaicked together in forums.

    I don't like the idea of changing the setting in the BIOS SATA back and back, then I slipstreamed driver ICH9M AHCI (with SP3) by using the MSFN guide. After that, XP installs without complaining, and it was just a matter of download and to install the drivers using the wire of as a checklist on what to install and in what order.

    Some information on the Guide from notebookreview:

    • I installed the Intel Matrix Storage Manager normally; didn't need to follow the instructions in the guide. Probably does not need to install at all, but you get the utility so you can check NCQ etc. works.
    • ACPI power management is named ThinkPad Power Management driver in the list of drivers for SL.
    • If integrate you the SP3, you will have already sound driver UAA, so you can skip that.
    • Skip Atmel TPM (Trusted Platform Module). There is no driver for the SL series.
  • Failed to install "Intel Matrix Storage Manager for Windows XP"


    I got my SL300 to xp and I want to go back to AHCI mode instead of compatibility mode. But Intel Matrix Storage Manager for Windows XP could not and I really want to avoid a reinstallation with a custom (with driver included) cd using nLite.

    Can someone help me?


    Please take a look here. Scroll down to: install the Intel Matrix Storage driver, he yoúll get an alternative.

  • Satellite X 200-how to find the configuration of the BIOS for Intel Matrix Storage?

    Hello world

    I'm ready to activate the feature Matrix Storage on my Satellite X 200 - 24 X. The problem is that I can't find any relevant option in the BIOS setup...
    Thank you!


    Intel Storage Manager is a pilot and not an option in the BIOS. The only option you have in the BIOS is the mode of access to the HARD drive. There you can change between AHCI and Compatible.

    For AHCI mode which is faster, you need Intel Storage Manager driver. For the Compatible mode, you n t need additional drivers.

    Want to know how to install Storage Manager? Just use the forum search, you will find hundreds of results. ;)

  • Need help with XP installed. stuck at: Intel Matrix Storage Manager Driver

    I bought a new laptop 2.0 ghz with blah blah vista but I want to change to XP.

    I have
    bought a new copy of XP and I'm ready to go, then first question was in
    installation the screen says cannot find the installed hard drive.

    I have
    then found some wire somewhere I've lost that said to buy a
    external floppy drive and downloaded this floppy driver thingy that I
    need to go beyond this stage from the toshiba Web site...

    FYI driver name: SA200 ACHI F6-1017-XP

    well work... when he said press F8 if you agree to install XP I almost
    wet me anyway after it formatted the drive it asked me this:

    Insert the diskette labeled:

    * Intel Matrix Storage Manager Driver *.

    in drive A:

    * Press ENTER when ready

    WTF tell you laptop? can someone help me please you after this point?

    :-(:-(, I want only XP is installed.

    So far its been like 3 weeks since I tried to install it

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    You just need to install a driver, Intel Matrix Storage Manager.
    As the name said it s an Intel driver and can be found on the Intel page or you can download it from the European driver Toshiba page too.
    Check your area driver books and search for storage manager or package of robson.

    I recommend also to search in this forum for similar discussions on Intel Matrix Storage Manager Driver.

    Good bye

  • Can satellite A200-1N7 - I remove Intel Matrix Storage Manager?


    I have the Satellite A200 - 1N7 PSAE3E with the installation of Windows Vista 32 factory. I bought the laptop with * Intel Matrix Storage Manager * already installed. Recently, I noticed that Matrix Storage Manager requires little significant memory. I do not use any, either, I have several disks to use. I want to remove only keep the Intel AHCI drivers.

    Matrix Storage Manager there some features in Windows Vista somehow while I don't use it at all? Is it safe to delete?

    Thank you & best regards


    I totally agree with the above user. The Storage Manager provides AHCI drivers and shouldn't t be deleted. It of necessary on never cell phone that works on the AHCI mode.
    You can try to stop the service, as Al - eX has suggested, but I think that this will cause a BSOD.

    I think it would be a better option if you remove other programs you n t need (software test e. g.). Also used CCleaner to clean the registry and defragment the HARD disk in order to speed up.

  • I need driver intel matrix storage mgr on a diskette.

    I am rebuilding an old compaq nx7400 with windows xp.  I found the sata, creator of the disk driver, but now the installation program asks to load a disc with an Intel Matrix Storage Mgr driver.   Searched the net and really did not find what I needed.

    Any help would be appreciated.

    You are the very welcome, night.

    OK... Here's what you need to do...

    1. first download and install the chipset driver and restart.

    2. then download, extract and save these drivers to a folder name you what you want. First download is what you need.

    These are the same as those I posted yesterday, so if you always just place them in a folder on your hard drive.

    You will need to remember where you saved because you will be reviewed for them.

    3. right click on the icon my computer, click on manage, select Device Manager

    4. click on the + sign next to IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers, it would show the devices under this category.

    5. you will find the Intel native Serial ATA listed storage controller.

    6. right click on the Serial ATA storage controller (if there is more than one, click on that with most of the ports) and click on update driver.

    7. in the Welcome to the Hardware Update Wizard, select No, not this time. Click Next.

    8. Select install from a list or specific location (Advanced). Click next

    9. Select don't search, I will choose the driver to install. Click next

    10. click on Have Disk

    11. click on browse

    12. Select the location: c:\folder you saved the AHCI drivers to.

    13. choose iaAHCI.inf

    14. click on open

    15 lists several SATA AHCI controllers. In this list, select the Intel(r) ICH7M/MDH SATA AHCI Controller. Click Next.

    16. the update driver warning will be displayed. Click Yes

    17. the driver will be installed, and as soon as the update Hardware Wizard appears. Click Finish.

    18. you can find the update controller in Device Manager.

    19 while the reboot, press the F10 key and start the BIOS configuration utility. Go to your device configurations under menu and change it back to "Enabled" SATA Native Mode, save the settings there (F10) and their output, save the changes and reboot.

    Now, the SATA driver is correctly installed and the Bureau will start in Windows with native SATA AHCI Mode.


  • Intel Matrix Storage Manager Intel Rapid Storage Technology Update

    I have a Dell XPS430 with a Raid 1 configuration managed by Intel Matrix Storage Manager.  Recently, I replaced one of the 1 TB drives that had failed and rebuilt the Raid on the new drive.  At this time that Windows Search has stopped working and I looked online for some reason.  I think maybe it's to do with the fact that the drive hard original has a physical 512 byte sector size and size of logical sector, while the new has a physical sector of 3072 bytes size and size of logical sector of 512 bytes.  The suggestion was that download the latest drivers would cure it, but on checking the Intel Web site, he recommends the upgrade to Intel Matrix Storage Manager to Intel Rapid Storage Manager.  I downloaded this package, but their advice is to check with the manufacturer of my hardware before loading.

    Question: Anyone know if the Rapid Storage software just replaces Matrix Storage Manager and took over responsibility for managing the RAID drives or it could break the raid completely?  Am I at risk of data loss?  Are there problems or snags, that I need to know?

    Any advice would be welcome, thanks

    If you back up all your data and make sure that you have your installation media on site then try different versions of the driver are low-risk.  9.6 10.1 and then by the time you get to 11.x I'm confident enough that its does not work because of the age of your system 2008.  They ride in versions the ICH 5 6 7 8 9 file as being supported.  SATA operation should be AHCI using IMSM or RST this is why there are drivers F6.

Maybe you are looking for

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    I have a laptop HP with Windows 7.  Now a year more a few months after the purchase, I get a message windows 7 is not genuine, build 7600 - does not display that enabled. What I do - I have the key of product only.