Smart View - delete no data / Missing columns option

In the Options of SmartView, removing NoData / missing / zero columns does not work. You refresh the worksheet and columns remain.

I think that it was an old bug, but I'm now on version (Build 082)

Is it still a defect known and unresolved?


What data source?

If it's Essbase, the columns option is not supported - see the data Options (table 23)

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  • Smart view default colors are missing

    A few days ago, I made a connection in Smart mode and prepared data that have smart view default colors in cells, I saved the file and used it well with the colours in it until today morning when I opened the file default colors are not present. I tried options like, refreshing, disconnect, then reconnect but nothing helped me with the problem. Please suggest me what could bring back my colors mode smart back.

    Thank you.

    In Smart discovers HYPERION > Options > display have you checked on "RETAIN EXCEL formatting.

    If so, remove this tick

  • Smart View - delete no access

    Hi all

    We use an Essbase Cube of ASO. We want to remove any access when you use the Ad-Hoc analysis. However, the option is dimmed in the dialog box options.

    Does anyone know why this is? How do we get around that?

    Thank you in advance.


    Could you use the setting SUPNA Essbase.cfg?

    By Ref Tech, SUPNA ON does the following:

    The option lines #Missing in the spreadsheet interface suppresses the display of the data lines that only contain missing values. SUPNA Specifies if Essbase also suppresses the display of the cells for which a user has no access. The spreadsheet interface does not provide an equivalent.

    Unfortunately, it seems like it does for all the apps/dbs, but maybe that's not a big deal.

    Kind regards

    Cameron Lackpour

  • Smart View Hyperion option settings

    I was responsible for getting a configuration of automatic installation for Hyperion for a good part of our billing service. I'm looking for a way to change the options (in Excel) we need within the Hyperion. I checked the registry, the directory program files and appdata folders and I can't for the life of find me where these settings are stored. If anyone of you thin people know where that might be? Thanks for your time!

    An example

    Close Excel

    Update CAOptionsXML



    Open Excel

    See you soon


  • There used to be a drop-down list next to the arrows to go fwd and back through the pages. He showed the last several pages viewed. I also miss the option to the fence that allowed you to reopen all the tabs you closed with. Can recover us these feature

    What do you most need?

    You can get the menu drop-down by clicking on the previous/next buttons or now the left key pressed until the list is displayed.

    If you want the drop-down arrow, you can add it with the add-on of dropmarker rear -

  • Empty columns do not appear in Smart View

    If I open a form of Hyperion planning data in Smart View, columns that contain all the data doesn't appear. Other column having that no data do not appear. So I have to manually enter some dummy figures so that the columns do not appear when I go to Smart View. Is there a way to solve the problem?


    You have activated the option "Remove columns" in Smart View?

    Smart View Ribbon, click Options > data Options.

    You will find what kind of lines/columns you removed for your worksheet.

    Kind regards

    Manan Shah

  • Submit the data Smart View


    We cube essbase with Smart View, users put in place their card smart view presentation technique that extract data from their financial model, my question is that

    When users are ready to send data and connect to essbase, forecast data in the spreadsheet disappear, replace data into Essbase (is there nothing in essbase yet obvious), is any way to avoid this?

    I can add leaf with connection to essbase, then copy the value and submit, it works. But of course, it is not very effective.

    I don't miss something in the smart display setting?

    Thank you

    Dan is correct.  It is expected when connecting to Essbase of Smartview behavior.  The work around what he suggests is also one I have my team to use.  It has additional benefits.  You can do your work on a single sheet and then copy - paste special values only to the Essbase submission page.  In this way, you can use the formula to create your presentation, but not the formula on your shipment page.  Then, you can create a page of validation to make sure that the data matches between the two.

  • Cannot submit data using Smart View 11.1.2

    Hi all

    I have a 11.1.2 job planning environment windows 2008 (x 64) and I installed just the Smart View through the workspace. I am able to connect to planning and ad hoc analysis Essbase DataForms. But I am not able to present data. Every time I come into some number and say present, it gives off that cells with #MISSING. It's as if we're doing an update. This is the case in the Planning and Essbase.

    Suggestions, if there is something I have missed? It cannot be a bug because it's one of the most basic things that Smart View must do.

    See you soon,.

    No, can't submit sample-based either. Looks like a compatibility issue with Office 2002. In the Support Matrix, 2003 and 2007 only one is mentioned.

    See you soon,.

  • Smart View - Essbase: connection clear the data grid

    Hi all

    I use Oracle Hyperion Smart View and Essbase in Excel 2010.

    My spreadsheet contains data that I need to load into Essbase, but when I try to connect, the data grid is disabled...

    I have a workaround: duplicate the sheet, connection, and then copy - paste the data in the sheet of "new".

    It's very frustrating, is someone can help me please?

    See you soon,.

    When you refresh this worksheet for the first time, connecting to Essbase, going to go ahead and automatically retrieve the data of the cube - it is a normal behavior.

    Your solution - make a copy of the grid, refreshment and copy in the back, is the best workaround.

    Thank you!

  • View the data in process management in file based on a Smart View formula


    Is it possible to view the status of the process management of an entity (document, approved, etc.) in a formula-based Smart View file?

    I know that I can change it in Smart Display Options, but as far as I know it is only for Ad - Hoc.

    Please notify.

    Thank you

    The available functions are only:

    HSSetText, HSGetText, HSCurrency, HSDescription and HS Label; to return the State you need a function that provides information based on the settings of the formulas and is currently not available, so you will need to write an ad-hoc report or VBA to fill in the runtime of a button.

  • What data dictionary view can tell me what columns in the index are compressed?

    So I can create an index compressed on a table like this:

    create index t23_idx on t23 (col3, col5, col1) compress 2;

    This creates an index with a degree of compression of 2. So far so good.

    But how do I know what columns are in fact, compressed at a later date? View USER_INDEX tells me that if COMPRESSION is enabled, but there is nothing on the view USER_IND_COLUMNS to say which columns are compressed.

    Of course, I can retrieve information through DBMS_METADATA. GET_DDL but I'm really after receiving a request, because it is more convenient.

    I had hopes for SYS. ICOL$. SPARE1, but that doesn't seem to be compatible with what I expect. However, if someone can confirm that this column is indeed the Badger so I gladly adjust my expectations.

    Cheers, APC

    OK, I may not read your question.
    DBA_INDEXES. PREFIX LENGTH is "the number of columns in the prefix of the compression key."


  • Ask Timedout error when sending data from planning thorugh Smart view


    We receive Request Timed out error when trying to send data to the planning application by using Smart view.

    "Unable to connect to the provider because: the request has timed out." Contact your administrator to increase netRetryCount and netRetryInterval. "Is someone can you please tell me where I can increase the time-out settings? Can someone give me the link to the document that detailed the steps to do this.

    Go to the knowledge base and search for document ID 744559.1

    By design, Internet Explorer imposes a time-out for the server limit return data. Internet Explorer does not indefinitely wait for the server to come back with data when the server has a problem.

    Smart View communicates via HTTP to which Internet Explorer DLLs are used. Smart Display users who run large queries or have a slow network connection might encounter the error, "the request has timed out. Contact the administrator to increase NetRetryCount and NetRetryInterval. »

    This error message may be misleading because this error also occurs if Internet timeout settings Explorer does not respond to large farms. By default, Internet Explorer has a value of KeepAliveTimeout to a minute and another factor limiting (ServerInfoTimeout) of two minutes.

    Please see the following two Microsoft articles for more information:

    The following steps must be made with the help of your systems management group. It is recommended that a backup of the registry is performed before making any changes.

    On the client computer, add/update the following registry keys:

    1. open the registry, Start-> Run-> Regedit.

    2. Locate the following section:

    [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Internet Settings].

    3. create the new DWORD key with decimal values:

    ReceiveTimeout = 480000

    KeepAliveTimeout = 180000

    ServerInfoTimeout = 180000

    In this example, the ReceiveTimeout setting is 8 minutes. KeepAliveTimeout and ServerInfoTimeout settings are 3 minutes. These values are set to demand longer running more.

    4 restart the machine for the new settings to take effect.

  • Smart View shows no value, but a snippet of data not

    I loaded data and calc would be

    When I go to smart View-> Refresh

    I have no data

    I think the my additional complication is my server essbase is also on my laptop

    Please notify

    Published by: level following December 19, 2011 10:55

    Are you sure you have not navigate without data on?

  • Replace Option - deletion of data in other versions by loading data


    While loading data using FDM, we use the option "replace". As expected, the existing data in the period in question, and all accounts are deleted before the new data file is loaded.

    We also observed that the data in another version is deleted due to this option. What is a standard behavior? If not, kindly tell me a way to prevent the deletion of data in other versions.

    Kind regards


    What is "replaced" in Essbase is determined by the cleardata control in the action of the LOAD of the Essbase adapter. Fixed default cleardata control on the scenario and the entities that are part of the load and will erase data for the period/periods being loaded, if you want a more targeted replace, update the cleardata statement in the script to load.

  • Smart View-> Options-> Member Options-> RadioButton 'Top' or 'Bottom '.


    I installed Essbase 11.1.2 and uses Smart View with Excel 2007.
    I'd like to see total first and then on down the details below my total (instead of the top my total, which is the default behavior).
    Under Options-> Options-> member select Enterprise-> we can set the 'Low' on 'Top' radio button Has anyone tried this already? It works for you?

    Thomas, I discovered really only a way to display the totals of all. If you set up a SmartSlice you can choose your options where you want your ancestor will appear. You can choose to have it appear at the bottom of your retail or above. I hope this helps.

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