Smart View for Essbase unavailable in rapid deployment planning

I managed to deploy EMP by following the steps in the deployment planning guide ( However, when I do the Smart View by using a URL of shared connections to http://< servername >: 9000/area of work/SmartViewProviders, I only get the connections for the planning and of the declaration and framework. How an I get a connection for Essbase?


It turns out that rapid deployment planning wizard does not install Essbase service provider, just planning service provider and Reporting and analysis of service provider. Until that I installed Essbase service provider, I wasn't yet able to create a private to Essbase connection. I had to run InstallTool.cmd and select "Provider of Services Web Application" in the Essbase selection screen section. I also had to run the configuration utility and select "Deploy to the application server" under "Service provider" in the Essbase selection screen section.

After that, I was able to create a connection in Essbase with this URL: http://: 9000/aps/APS

Even though the private connection was working now, the Essbase connection was still does not like a shared connection in Excel, when I put the Excel Smart View option for shared connections URL http://: 9000/area of work/SmartViewProviders. I could get this job to rerun the configuration utility and selecting "Configure the Web server" in the section "Hyperion Foundation" of the selection screen.

I was also able to create an XML file as Celvin suggested using http://: 9000/aps/APS for connecting to Essbase. Thanks for the suggestion!


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  • Smart View for MS Word

    In MS Word I pull data from smart view (using the values get functions) data was appeared correctly but it does not display in thousands here I attached the file and marked in the red circle... How can I set the thousands...Untitled.png

    You change the formatting:

    right click on the value, and then selecting Toggle field codes

    It should be in a format something like that {= HsGetvalue ("", "#POV SIZE") |} SmartView12343242342 | {General |}

    in this code, "Général" is the applied formatting, change it to your desired format by the thousands formatting {= HsGetvalue ("", "#POV SIZE") |} SmartView12343242342 | 0, 0. {00 |} for example will give you thousands, commas, with 2 decimal places.

    hope this helps, let me know if you get stuck.


    Once you modify the code, right click again, disable the field code and update smart display to view the results.


    If you don't want the separation by commas or decimal places 0, just use

    If you want the comma and no use decimal 0.0,

    If you don't want any comma decimal use 0,.00

    It's the same syntax of formatting that Excel uses.

  • Install the Smart View for 32 and 64 bit machines

    We have Smart View installed in different folders based on 32- bit (C: \Program Files\SmartView) vs 64-bit C: \Program Files (x 86)-SmartView, by the standards of our society.  We have a part of the road, and users to share workbooks.  Inside of the worksheets are functions.  The problem is that if a person saves the workbook on 32-bit for the 64-bit person, it does not, and vice versa, different paths for the.  Has anyone met her before and if so, how you have solved the problem?

    You help is appreciated!

    We solved this by creating a work around.  We have developed an installer in silent mode SV which is C:\Program Files (x 86) \SmartView hard coded in the path.  If the C:\Program Files (x 86) does not exist, the program creates it, and then runs the installation.

    Enjoy all the Amarnath help!


  • Smart View for office


    I downloaded the SmartView for office delivery of the oracle installation program.

    In the folder, I see:

    1. set up for SmartView

    2. place for SmartViewHVE

    Can someone let me know where I have to run to smartview?

    Also what exactly is the purpose of 2 different put in place?

    Thank you!


    You must run the Smartview.exe.

    SmartviewHVE's Smartview Hyperion Visual Explorer.

    For more information on HVE, check a recent thread
    About Hyperion Essbase Visual Explorer

    See you soon

  • Issue of Smart View?


    Our users report recently that Excel freezes when trying to copy and paste the value of the cell with enable Smart View, the steps they do are the following:

    Open the model smart display of Excel and then click on Control Panel, sharing connection, and then connect to essbase base, ad-hoc analysis.

    then control - C any cell in this model, Excel becomes frozen, they close Excel and restart.

    If Smart view does not activate, then Ctrl C and P control works well.

    Have someone in the Group has a similar question, I hate to blame Smart view for this. We have the Smart view, Essbase version is

    Thank you

    Is the issue with this model/file?  What happens if the user is using a white sheet excel and did the same steps?

    If its this sheet only, check the display options smart for anything that seems unusual. You can also clear the metadata in the workbook, it could clear up what ever is causing the problem.  to do this, open the template, click Smart View-> Info-> Delete Sheet-> remove all metadata

    given that your username is reconnecting the plug anyway, it does not cause other problems.

  • Smart View Excel Add - In Error Message

    A client was trying to perform Smart View and it crashed. The display then shows the message/question Excel:

    «Excel has experienced a serious problem with the snap "oracle hyperion smart view for office, edition of fusion".» If you have seen this message more than once, you must disable this add-in, and check to see if an update is available. Do you want to disable this add-in? "(Yes/no)

    The customer has NOT disabled, but rather disconnected Smart View and then reconnected. When they did that, they were hunted Smart View after a few minutes and was then again reconnect.

    Is there a solution for this problem? They really need disable the add-in, and then add the Smart View? Please indicate the exact steps to solve this problem.

    Thank you.


    Whenever I encounter this problem, I simply close excel, put an end to all the processes related to excel and excel reopens.

    However, said that the problem is known and we have a new bug to the same EXCEL CRASHES when YOU OPEN OR SAVE a FILE [Bug ID 12957863] (September 8, 2011).

    Also, you can view the rest of GlennS blog for more information: -.

    I hope this helps.

    Kind regards

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  • Smart View Client: PROVIDER URL

    I have problem with Smart View for Office merger Edition
    I need to insert in the Panel of SmartView the URL for the server of the provider,
    The data source is Essbase and I must to connect the Applicantion/cube on the server.
    I am trying to create a private how connection is explained in the epm_admin.pdf guide.
    but the system always shows this problem: Unacle to connect to the provider.

    What is the correct URL for Essbase Application?

    Try this URL (mind the CAPS): http://application-tier server: port/area of work/SmartViewProviders

  • Smart View Add - In in Excel 2013 disappers


    Smart View add-in disappears whenever I run a special on a range of new or existing and close the Excel file. When I re - open this file Excel same or new, Smart View missing once again, so I go to Option > Add-Ins > and this is under the Application Inactive Add-Ins. To activate it, I'm going to manage the COM add-ins and check the Oracle Smart View for office option. It works, but I have to do it EVERY time that I re - open the excel file.

    Any suggestions or ideas?

    Thank you

    quick, followed to my previous note, with a slight variation on the solution of JM, I've been able to resolve these two issues of users on a system of users that the key was not in HKEY_Local_Machine but in HKEY_CURRENT_USER.

    so, to quote with slight modification...

    Open regedit and locate the entry


    and make sure that the LoadBehavior key is set to 3.

    My guess is that the difference was caused by the way in which it has been installed and the local user rights.

  • Smart View Timeout errors... again.


    I have a strange problem with users receiving the Smart View Timeout error.  In a connection planning, executing business rules, some users automatically receive a message "request timed" out with instructions to "extend the parameters of «ReceiveTimeout, KeepAliveTimeout and ServerInfoTimeout.»»

    I studied this problem online for a solution and has confirmed that the following Windows registry settings are at stake:


    KeepAliveTimeout 720000

    ReceiveTimeout 720000

    ServerInfoTimeout 720000

    Note that these settings are not present in:


    720000 = 12 minutes.  However, users get this message to approx. 30 seconds in the rule.

    I have the same registry settings on my computer, running the same business through the same connection of planning rules, and yet I don't receive time-out errors.

    Am I missing a setting somewhere?  Time-out settings must be in HKEY_CURRENT_USER instead of HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE?


    Hi ToX,

    Yes. These parameters must be created in the registry "HKEY_CURRENT_USER". That fixed the problem for me when I fell on the same subject.


    Thank you


  • error Smart view in Excel after installing

    I have Microsoft Office 2007 and install smart view Hyperion Workspace bit, but got an unidentified sells opened Excel.

    Kindly help.

    Please follow the steps below

    1. from Control Panel for any installed smatview, if so please uninstall the same

    2. take the backup of the Windows registry.

    3 remove the entries of HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Office\14.0\Excel\options

    4. download the latest version of smartview from the link below.

    Also just to update before asking a question in the forum, please do a search there are many requests even posted earlier.

    Thank you
    ~ KKT ~.

  • Connectin OBIEE Smart View 11.7

    Dear all,

    I am a beginner in Smart View.

    I have installed OBIEE 11.7 and I minimum Smartview 11.7 on homepage.

    Then I installed the same. Now, I need to connect to OBIEE since the MS Excel 2007 Smart View Tab.

    I'm clicking on Panel, Provate connection, create the new connection, and then I'm trying to enter the URL 'http://IP_ADRESS:PORT/Analytics/jbips'., its application to BOF user, password. When I tried to connect its says "error log".

    Please help me. I'm missing something.

    Kind regards


    Thank you Srini,

    Correct years was DOC ID:

    OBIEE 11 g how to integrate with Microsoft Office OBIEE using Oracle Hyperion Smart View for Office (Doc, ID 1576336.1)

    Kind regards


  • Remote Server Exception error Smart View


    A customer has access to a report EN in Smart View using Reporting and analysis framework (RAF), when they received the following error "Oracle Hyperion Smart View for office, Fusion edition":

    "Server remote exception has occurred." Please see the logs of the client and server for details

    If this exception can be resolved? If so, how?

    Thank you.

    Version EN?
    See the Smart version?

    extract log view smart file by activating smart view the journal through Smart view > options > message road to the log file.

  • Where can I download smart view

    Please let me know where can I download smart view
    No link or URL?

    Thanks in advance.

    I guess you mean:-
    It is available at "My Oracle Support" - ""Patch 7432840: Hyperion Smart View for Office Service Fix ""

    See you soon


  • Installation of Smart View

    Hi all

    Please let me can know be installed on the client machine smartview?

    If yes then what are the products that we have to install on the client Machine.

    We have installed (EAS, planning) on Win 2003 server and configured with shared services.

    Thank you


    Yes, you can install the smart client on a client computer that is what it is designed for.
    You should be able to download the client smart delivery notice, it's just a compressed file which extracted and the executable running on the client computer.

    The download, you need is "Oracle Hyperion Smart View for Office, Fusion for Microsoft Windows version"

    See you soon


  • Smart View - Essbase: connection clear the data grid

    Hi all

    I use Oracle Hyperion Smart View and Essbase in Excel 2010.

    My spreadsheet contains data that I need to load into Essbase, but when I try to connect, the data grid is disabled...

    I have a workaround: duplicate the sheet, connection, and then copy - paste the data in the sheet of "new".

    It's very frustrating, is someone can help me please?

    See you soon,.

    When you refresh this worksheet for the first time, connecting to Essbase, going to go ahead and automatically retrieve the data of the cube - it is a normal behavior.

    Your solution - make a copy of the grid, refreshment and copy in the back, is the best workaround.

    Thank you!

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