Smartphone blackBerry OS 6 - cannot send photo to BBM contact

After upgrading to OS 6, if I si je selectionne selects send - Messenger Contact photo is delivered in the compartment of bits, but not for the contact selected BBM. Conversely if I select send a picture in a BBM conversation he will send successfully. Recipients are on a Curve 8900 with OS 5.

A side note, is that sending an item, the recipient to accept the file as with OS 5.

Is there an association that must be introduced to allow sending a BBM contact to display a picture or picture folder? OS 5 asks you what type of contact, that is what messenger app.

This is the expected behavior for OS 6?

Solved my problem... removed and reinstalled BBM... closed issue

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    So far I have checked all the settings and seem to be OK

    I have to change photo size small to large, rebooted several times, removed the media card, but still cannot send pictures.

    Can anyone help

    Thank you for pointing me in the right direction. It was a problem with my service provider. The problem is now resolved.

  • In app send photo to BBM contact

    Hello world

    I have a simple application containing a BitmapField in the main screen.

    I also have a ButtonField on-screen.

    public final class MyScreen extends MainScreen
            public BitmapField _image;
        public ButtonField _share;
        public MyScreen()
            //sets the image
            // ...
            _share = new ButtonField("Share", ButtonField.CONSUME_CLICK | FIELD_HCENTER);
            _share.setChangeListener(new FieldChangeListener() {
            public void fieldChanged(Field field, int context) {
                //HERE GOES THE SHARE CODE

    When the user presses the button, I want to be able to select a friend from his list of BBM contacts and be able to send the image. The referred friend must receive the image directly on the BBM, as if the user would send without the app.

    How can I do?

    Thank you.

    I figured it out and got, it works.

    Still have a problem:

    When a 1 Simulator adds simulator 2 via their PIN 2100000b (by default), Simulator 2 get the of EOFException and did not receive the request to add. It is still pending in the Simulator 1.

    Thanks anyway.

  • Smartphone blackBerry Bold 9000 Question send photo by email

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    You can reach a number of images to an email... the limit is 2.9 mb total, I think.

    Thus, you can't attach a 'folder', but several individual photos, Yes.

  • We cannot send photos downloaded from our camera because we do not use Outlook Express

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    If you right-click | Send to what she will want to go to your default e-mail program. You have two options with Yahoo. Start a new message, and then attach the photos or make Yahoo default.

    How can I make Yahoo! Mail my default email application?

  • Smartphones from blackBerry Bold 9900 7.1.0 update - a few glitches for sending photos to BBM

    After the upgrade this week, I noticed that there are a few problems. I can send is no longer a photo to a BBM contact directly - sending to the BBM group is an option, not a BBM contact. I can attach a photo of the BBM, but with small thumbnails, it can be difficult.

    Some of my apps like Popup, no longer work. Maybe... just slower to try them.

    Turtle salvation 10

    Please try this in a sequence and see if this helps solve your problem:

    1 - Save your pocket computer.

    • KB00510 How to save a smart phone BlackBerry with wireless network 
    • You expect a registration messages in your Inbox messages.

    2 remove and return your Service book

    • KB05000 Remove the maintenance book for the BlackBerry Internet Service email account in the BlackBerry smartphone
    • KB02830 Send the directories for the BlackBerry Internet Service 
    • expect an enrollment message arrives in your Inbox)

    3 - make a battery like that pull reboot while the unit is powered on remove your battery wait for a min. then reinsert back. see if that option available.

    Please try it and let us know.



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    If problem resolves mark message (s) as a 'Solution', so that others can use.

  • Cannot send photos as attachments. How to install MAPI in windows mail?

    Attempts to send photos as attachments in the emails.  Set up pictures for mail in PMB launcher then click ok.  Can't get no e-mail form.  The photos go to "never never land".  I talked to support PMB launcher.  They said activate/install MAPI (messaging API) in windows mail.  Is it?  Where can I find the MAPI, how can I install it, etc.  I looked everywhere in windows mail, and can't find any hint of MAPI. Any help would be appreciated.

    Attempts to send photos as attachments in the emails.  Set up pictures for mail in PMB launcher then click ok.  Can't get no e-mail form.  The photos go to "never never land".  I talked to support PMB launcher.  They said activate/install MAPI (messaging API) in windows mail.  Is it?  Where can I find the MAPI, how can I install it, etc.  I looked everywhere in windows mail, and can't find any hint of MAPI. Any help would be appreciated.

    To my limited knowledge...
    Windows Mail is a Mapi Simple client.
    MS Outlook is a full Mapi client.
    In short, WM cannot do the job. You need Outlook. That's the extent of my 'know-how '.
    Talk to your "so-called" PMB support people. Ask a higher level tech to talk to you.

    PS just a question: I don't know anything about PMB. What is in PMB Launcher that Vista cannot match?


  • I have windows live mail 2011 and cannot send photos without everything skydrive business or registration to windows live

    sending pictures without live skydrive or windows

    I have windows 7 and now I have windows live mail 2011 and cannot send pictures without this whole enterprise of skydrive or sign into windows live.  I want to just be able to send and resize my photos that I have with outlook or mail in the previous windows and entertain my friends with the same ease. I need to return to the previous version of mail but do not know how and what I lose my contacts and emails from the Inbox?

    1: what version of previous mail? Win7 has no default program.

    2: is it a POP3 account? Open a new message window and then attach the photos. No need for supplements.

    Help for your e-mail program can be found here.

    Windows Live Mail Forum

  • Smartphones blackBerry eception exception: cannot add contacts

    untrapped exception net_rim_bb_addressbook_app (303) does not. the process is completed.

    Always get this error message, cannot add contacts on my phone. Bold 9700 OS6.

    kindly help

    freestyle2580 wrote:

    still can't add contacts on my phone

    This has been a recurring problem for the phones Blackberry OS5 and below. Please click the link below:

    Cannot change or create new contacts to the address book of BlackBerry


  • BlackBerry Smartphones BlackBerry 7230 - can't send text messages - help, please!

    Hello world! I'm new here and really hope that someone can help me. I'm new to BB and received my 7230 yesterday; I bought on ebay Spain (I'm in Spain) and you can use it with Vodafone (I am their customer). I'm not find it as hard to use as some people told me that it was going to be, but I have some problems with it. Before I go, I'm NOT interested to use it for my emails - just like a standard mobile phone to make and receive calls and text messages.


    (a) while my SIM card works, I find anywhere the numbers that are stored on the card (I double checked by using it in my husband's phone). I guess I'd find them under "address book", right?

    (b) I can receive text messages but cannot send. I get texts in "mail". I'm also confused on where to send sms messages from - is it in the folder "Message new message? (I apparently do not have alternatives) In the message new message file it tells me 'an email of time' - is that sms too? But even when I compose something there, it tells me that the message service is not configured and I can only save in drafts.

    What I am doing wrong? I Googled it and found some info on the deletion policy and the like, but it's all Chinese to me. Another place I found I should I register my netwok under the host router Table but I can't do anything in this folder.

    I would appreciate any input.

    1. open the address book > click the dial > SIM directory.

    2. open your Messages folder > click the wheel > compose SMS

  • BBM7 smartphones blackBerry is unable to send voice notes, and voice chat cannot hear or speak

    BlackBerry Torch 9810

    OS version:

    BBM v

    had a voice note issues since I upgraded my bold 9810 9700 for the torch

    I can receive voice notes but must close bbm to listen to them, and when I goto record a voice note, I can't stop him from recording, and it will not send...

    and I think that it may also be causeing problems with my voice chat on bbm...

    my friend has the same exact phone, but it works for her, I mean, the voice note works, we tried the voice chat today, and we can connect, but I do not hear each other

    What can I do to fix this

    Hey I ended up doing a full cleaning and reinstall... it seems to have helped with the voice chat... It works now... not sure about sending voice messages yet... but works at least it now... thx for the help

  • BlackBerry smartphone BlackBerry Curve 8520 cannot connect to PC

    Hi, I recently bought a BlackBerry Curve 8520 Smartphone. I want to transfer music from my computer to the BlackBerry files. I have already installed the BlackBerry Desktop Manager. But even after I connect the BlackBerry to the USB port of my PC, when I click on "Media Manager" in the Desktop Manager, a message appears saying: "Media Manager is only supported using a USB connection, to run the Media Manager, please connect your device to your computer via a USB cable.

    When I check my BlackBerry, there are the popup on the screen:

    "The source of load connected to your Blackberry device cannot charge your battery. Some USB hubs may not supply enough power. Plug the hub into a socket (if available), then reconnect your BlackBerry device. Connection to another (different computer, USB hub or USB power) USB port check that the USB cable is properly connected to your BlackBerry device and a USB port, check that your computer is not in sleep mode, standby mode or hibernation. Check that BlackBerry USB drivers installed on your computer. »

    I can check all of the above, except for the drivers USB BlackBerry. Can someone tell me where I can download it? Moreover, I did not have a SIM card, I do not know if that plays a role in the present.

    Thank you in advance.

    Hello and welcome to the Forums of Support

    Have a SIM won't matter for what you are wanting to do.

    1. make sure that you are connected to a main REAR usb port, not a USB port on the front or a usb hub.

    2. one. Go to Options > Media Card
    (some themes or BlackBerrys can call this ' settings > Media Card ")

    b. check the following parameters (if they are that way, then changes according to the following:)

    • Media card support: on
    • Mass storage Mode support: on
    • Auto enable mass storage: Yes

    c. save the settings and exit

  • BlackBerry Smartphones blackBerry 9380 no option "send via bluetooth".

    am I missing something? It drives me crazy. I can very well receive files, just cat find a simple way to send files via bluetooth. Even when I goto the send option I get only send by e-mail, etc.

    I'm on 7.0 Bundle 2220 (v7.0.0.513, platform

    To do a firmware update or install something? I think its stupid how he does not come with this option as standard, I have also checked my sisters bb torch, which doesn't have the option

    Hello and welcome to the community!

    See this KB:

    • KB05409 Transfer a file using Bluetooth technology between two BlackBerry smartphones

    If your device is non - BB, then substitute in the KB, the instructions appropriate for your device. Unless you're on BB OS 6 or 7, do not skip the step of "Receive using BlueTooth" on the receiver BB... nothing will transfer if you do. I can tell you that on my BB, if I navigate to a file (for example, image, etc, using Homescreen > media > > explores), and then when I press on the key, I have available ' Send', with 'BlueTooth' as one of the submenu selections... so I'm not sure why yours does not. Maybe if you detail the steps that you try, we might be able to spot something.

    Good luck and let us know!

  • Cannot send photos "there are no associated program to perform the requested operation."

    original title: Windows live mail

    I configured my gmail account in my windows live mail client. yesterday, I tried to send e-mail from the same gmail account to a friend, mail is sent successfully. but they were not able to open the images. I tried to view the slide show on my computer, then I got the error message "requested action cannot be performed, there is no associated program to perform the requested operation" then I tried to download the same images again, I got the same message. I tried to change the extension of all formats of image (for example, .jpg and .jpeg) but still, I had the same problem of association. I tried to change the registry because I had the article on the microsoft Web site, also I did system restore and reinstalled WLM also. HELP PLZ

    1 have. what article you tried?

    2 is the issue limited to Windows Live Mail?

    3 is the issue limited only with a specific file extension?

    Check out the following and check:

    Method 1:

    Step 1:

    Try opening the file in the Windows Photo Viewer and check if you are facing the issue.

    Step 2:
    A default program is the program used by Windows when you open a particular type of file, such as a music file, an image, or a Web page. For example, if you have more than one web browser installed on your computer, you can choose one of them to be the default browser.

    This option allows to choose which programs you want Windows to use, by default.

    If a program does not appear in the list, you can make the default program using set Associations.

    1. open default programs by clicking the Start button, then programs by default .

    2. click associate a file type or Protocol with a program.
    3. click on the file type or protocol that you want the program to act as the default value.
    4. click on the program of change.
    5. click on the program that you want to use by default for the selected file type, or click the arrow next to other programs to show other programs. (If you don't see other programs or your program is not listed, click Browse to find the program that you want to use and then click Open
    6. click on OK.

    For more details follow the link below:

    Method 2:
    Try to create a new user account and check if you have the same problem.
    To create a user account
    1. to open user accounts, click the Start button, click Control Panel, click user accounts and family safety, and then click user accounts .
    2. click on Manage another account. If you are prompted for an administrator password or a confirmation, type the password or provide confirmation.
    3. click on to create a new account.
    4. type the name you want to assign to the user account, click an account type, and then click on an account.

    For more information follow the link below:

    If it works in the new user account, the user account may be corrupted.

    To fix the damaged user profile, you can check the link below:

    If you are facing problems with Windows Mail, I suggest you according to the query in the following forum.

    Hope this information is useful.

  • cannot send photos in Picasa by Hotmail

    Just installed Picasa so that I can download pictures from my camera to my PC GE, photos are now uploaded and it seems that I can't send them via Hotmail... It's just for gmail? When I try with hotmail, it is said to change my default email...? How do I do that?

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    Ask in the forum of Picasa:

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