Smartphone Lenovo A1000 drivers ADB

Hello everyone

I have the Lenovo A1000 smartphone. I am facing a problem when I connect my phone to the pc, after enabling debug mode, the pc does not recognize my phone Bad drivers. There is a mark excalamtion on ADB interface in the Device Manager.

I need the adb drivers for my smartphone.

Please your help


Hi leprince2007,

When you enable the debug mode, there should be drivers that you can install through Lenovo Suite. You can try and see if it works?

Thank you.

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    Hello world

    How long are allowed to try out the code by scanning on smartphone Lenovo A1000 before it crashes all the time?

    Yes, I forgot my code to hit.

    Thank you very much


    I still don't know how many tests are allowed before the phone 'locks '... BUT... I tried more than 50 or 60 times and he has not yet locked.

    If Lenovo had allowed allows you to see the shot as it happens, (change from blue to red when the model is incorrect, as do many other phones), we would have had it open now.

  • Upgradation of smartphone Lenovo S868t

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    S868t is a device sold only in China. We have no such information on the devices to China in this forum.

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    I have a question when upgrades all drivers lenovo z500 for windows 8.1?

    I want windows 8.1, but I don't update to 8.1 because not all drivers has been updated to 8.1.

    You should be ok if you install via windows update...

  • Lenovo y410 drivers for Windows 7 32 bit required...!


    I need drivers for windows 7 32 bit (when it will be available? because he isn't there on the support site).

    I tried to install vista on win7 drivers, but some don't work well

    Easybutton only is not supported, Audio driver (audio have a major problem with win7 - os sometimes hangs), touch pad scrolling also does not work...

    pls help.

    My laptop config:

    Lenovo 3000 Y410 45Q

    Windows 7 32 bit

    Thank you


    I solved this problem by myself...

    Drivers are available from the lenovo site... but I try and bingo... get it.

    Audio, Alps Touch pad and video drivers are not installed correctly for Windows 7 - given by Lenovo.

    I tried an audio driver from realtek website and latest driver work correctly with windows 7.

    I found toshiba alps touch pad and it works fine. Scrolling now works well with touch pad.

    For Nvidia, the latest drivers are working well but that is not signed but works very well.

    Hope this helps anyone with the same number,


  • Lenovo A1000 does not appear in my computer after connecting by USB in win XP

    When I connect my smartphone A1000 to my windows XP computer, the phone does not show in windows Explorer.

    I can access the phone via Mobile Assistant, but not directly as a wheel of the workstation directory structure. So I can't access my sd card in the PC.

    Help, please

    Modern smartphones does not support older versions of Windows, like Winows XP. You need to upgrade your system to Windows 7 or newer.

  • Lenovo a1000 FYI

    On the side of the page on the product details it says "camera back: 0.3MP. There is no rear camera

    Edit: I made an account just to warn you of this. I'll be on my way now...

    Hi William,.

    Welcome to Lenovo Community!

    Thank you for your great help to inform us about this error! Spotted Serene_Lenovo your message and we have escalated internally for someone to take care of her.

    Don't tell me that you registered as Member just inform us about this? I am impressed! Thank you very much!!

    We hope to see you more often

    See you soon,.

  • Lenovo A1000-camera error after the last update

    Yesterday, I received an update notification. My mistake I didn't take more notes on what was this update, but I have the idea that it was on the build. After that, the camera back fails to start and give an error constant. Someone had a problem simiral or any idea of solution?

    1 million thanks in advance

    Today, after the update, finally the camera work. Thanks, LENOVO.

  • BlackBerry Smartphones Blackberry USB Drivers for Windows 7

    I have trouble to get the drivers installed for my Blackberry on Windows 7. Windows recognizes it as a blackberry and I can access it for storage, but not via the Desktop Manager. When I try to reinstall or update the drivers, I get the following message:

    What should I do to get the drivers installed?

    I am running:

    Desktop Manager

    BlackBerry Curve 8330

    Windows 7 Enterprise (licensed, not beta or beta version)

    A reboot fixed it.

  • BlackBerry Smartphones Bluetooth 9530 drivers and Vista Ultimate?

    When I try to associate my Storm with my win Vista machine, I get an error message asking the Bluetooth driver for the phone.

    I tried the installation disk supplied with the phone, but it was not found there.  I have not found on site RIM ether

    Any suggestions out there?


    Hey, Dunc, I get this error message too, but simply chose to ignore it and choose not to let Vista try to install the driver.  Once I closed all the messages, I have no problem connecting via Bluetooth.  Note that you can not install applications and the phone via Bluetooth, but you can synchronize and backup and restore via Bluetooth.  I would not recommend transfer large files via Bluetooth because it's slow.

    Let me know if this does not work for some reason any.

  • bug a1000 Lenovo

    I have a problem with my lenovo a1000 smartphone: the brightness slider does not change the brightness of the screen. Does anyone else have this problem?

    I had this problem before. You can install the battery doctor. This application installs a toolbar in the notification area. You can press the button that is called the brightness of the screen that flips drom automatic to manual, and then you can change it manually. This can solve the problem temporarily.

    For me, I used this app until the problem does not yet appear. I hope this helps you.

  • Problem Lenovo A7000 update

    Hi all

    I just bought a smartphone A7000. Lenovo has released an update for it. I want to update via PC, so I downloaded the Lenovo Smart Assistant and Lenovo USB drivers. I connected my phone to the computer and the smart assistant. He finds the update and downloaded. However, when he tries to update the phone, it displays the message "cannot update." Please help me with this.

    Well... I was able to update via update of the phone system. However, I wanted to update thanks to the SMart Wizard because my LAN speed is better than the speed of the phone. The phone is now being updated, but the question remains, why the update failed when using Smart Wizard. !!

  • Firefox crashing on startup - 40.0.2 on Lenovo T450s

    Crash ID: bp-eee4103b-b29d-45bc-958c-a6aa12150819

    Updated Firefox 39.0.3 to 40.0.2, and it crashes at startup (even in safe mode). Roll back to 39.0.3 works very well.

    The latest Intel 5500 were provided by Lenovo with drivers of the video card installed (

    The report of incidents reported these programs;

    sysfer.dll = Symantec CMC Firewall

    IPSEng32.dll = Symantec's Intrusion detection

    IPSLdr32.dll = Symantec's Intrusion detection
    It's for the Sumo
    Related bugs

    1181091 NEW - 40 Firefox crashes at startup [@ @0 x 0 |] [ScopedXPCOMStartup: ~ ScopedXPCOMStartup ()] with the endpoint of Websense

    Type of topic: addons< enter > in the address bar to open your add-ons Manager.
    Access key; < Control >(Mac: < command >)< shift > has)

    In the Manager of Add-ons, on the left, select Extensions.
    Turn off the Norton, toolbar and then restart.

    Is always the problem?

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    Can I update to the new version of NVidia GeForce GT745M or to stay with the driver that is on the official page of Lenovo Lenovo Z710 drivers?

    I'd go with the rule of thumb here - if it's not broken, don't fix it.

  • Lenovo driver y410p breaks down

    I have problems with the pilot on my y410p crashing after upgrade to the latest driver nvidia geforce experience... I can't find drivers for stocks came with my laptop because I changed the partition or something. I find the recovery partition but I don't want to restore and losing all my work of movies, games, etc.

    Can anyone tell me where I can get lenovo certified drivers for the 755 m?

    Diwashb wrote:

    I have problems with the pilot on my y410p crashing after upgrade to the latest driver nvidia geforce experience... I can't find drivers for stocks came with my laptop because I changed the partition or something. I find the recovery partition but I don't want to restore and losing all my work of movies, games, etc.

    Can anyone tell me where I can get lenovo certified drivers for the 755 m?

    Should be here.

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