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Hi all

one of my friends just bought her 1 Blackberry and wants to know she needs a data plan to use the BBM service?




Daimart wrote:

does need a data plan to use the BBM service?

Altogether. The BBMessenger service moves on the RIM network only and without any link with the RIM network, not a BBM.

It is a fairly common question in the Forum here, to what services a does NOT have a BlackBerry data Plan.

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    I need help with a problem, that I've had since the end of the week - I was fired on a group of 18 members BBM Sunday evening after re-, I've invited a friend who had also driven. I contacted one of the admins yesterday to invite me again, and he said that I was still on its list of active members and therefore re-can not invite me, and his attempts to retire have failed (apparently, this happens all the time). So now I'm a member of a group that I can't see, read or participate in and cannot get back in. Anyone has any advice on what we should? I already tried to uninstall BBM and it did not work. Thank you.

    He, the Admin, can't remove you (so that it can re - invite you) If you get stuck for the moment. Give him one day and see if you do not fall the group so it can invite you.

    Or then, maybe he remove you as a trial BBM THEN contact, by clicking on your name in the list of the members of the group so that it will re-establish the connection with you. There is a message "you are not connected with the Member' or 'invitations to the group.

  • BlackBerry Smartphones BBM & Blackberry internet service

    Ive had my curve of blackberry for about 2 months now, and yesterday and now my BBM and Internet left for no reason at all.
    IM on contract with virgin and have BBM & unlimited Internet.
    How can I fix it?

    Hi abeddow,

    Welcome to the community,

    Please refresh your Service book how clear and refresh the service book database if the BlackBerry smartphone cannot send or...

    Exercise also a battery pull on restart and then see if the problem resolves.


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    If problem resolves mark message (s) as a 'Solution', so that others can use.

  • Smartphones BBM blackBerry contacts

    My husband recently changed between Blackberry and IPhone and is no longer using the service Blackberry/BBM. It will disappear from the list of BBM contacts on the devices Blackberry who had listed him as a BBM contact?

    Hi KateT

    Welcome to the Forums of the BlackBerry Support

    This device open BBM and remove all the contacts, then your husband will disappear from the list of contacts here.

  • Smartphones BBM blackBerry problem

    I used to be on a former rate (Tesco) and I had not all services of blackberry, but for some reason, I went on bbm and entered a random name and what not, even if I knew that I would not work (stupid, I know) I have blackberry services on my new tariff, I can't really the bbm to work?

    This statement can to solve your problem,;jsessionid=97381B84CAE4236B4384C6C76A2C5029?...

  • Smartphones BBM blackBerry problem please help me.

    I am updating my bbm to 7 then when I click on "combining bbm with your blackberry id" appears it stuck there., I waited for hours but nothing happens, before when I use it, but when I updated it stuck there. What should I do so that I can use my bbm again? I can't uninstall it because it is a basic app.

    I also had the same problem. First of all, you should check if you have 6 OS or the OS 7.0 / 7.1 on your device. If more, BBM 7.0 does not work.

    2. uninstall / remove the BBM existing and without work on our device.

    3. save the device, and then restart.

    4. install a clean version of BBM 7 using the key code.

    5. do not start / launch BBM 7.0.

    6. restart the devide again.

    7 launch BBM 7.0 and enable wireless. Now the problem I would make is that BlackBerry ID was not be launched. However, after 4-5 hours, got ID connected and the 7.0 BBM started working.

    If the problem persists, then I suggest to install the backup on the device and wait the good version available as and when in your country.

    See you soon.

  • Smartphones BBM blackBerry backup

    BBM backup option does not appear.

    When I go to the main BBM screen, click the option, the backup option does not even show the option to restore.

    How can I move the option backup of BBM.

    PS: I use BES.

    You use BBM 7.0?

    With the new version of BBM, now you need not backup/restore your groups of contacts/manually! They are automatically saved and stored in your BlackBerry ID.

  • Problem of Smartphones BBM blackBerry after upgrade 'do not associate.

    My son has been promtpted to do an upgrade on its 9320 Tuesday after doing so now its BBM is non fucntioning. It is permenantly trying to 'associate the Blackberry ID with the phone' and never connects.

    There remove the update App and reloading. We checked his Blackberry ID and he is OK with the password. He tried to remove the 7.0 upgrade and an earlier version, but when he tried to find I have to load it, it loaded automatically the version 7.0.

    Nothing seems to work, and after three days, it is extremely frustrating.

    Solutions please?

    How it can remove it and find a version that works? If he goes to Appworld to try to load a previous version, it loads just the version 7.0. How do you find a previous version? Is there one online you can download?

    Try to install this from your phone's browser:
    Is BBM 6.2
    You can see other versions here as well:
    I hope this helps!

  • Smartphones Dumb blackBerry question?

    On my main page on top it says AT & T House, then under that it shows, but next to which is a little black clock. What is this clock for? Can I get rid of him?  Silly question, I know, but I'm having a blast to find this great phone!

    Thank you!

    Hi and welcome to the forums!

    I have attached user's guide, start at 13 and I think that you will see

    represented in the indicators of the home screen.

    Let us know!

    Thank you


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  • Smartphones Ringtone blackBerry question, delayed

    I just got my Blackberry Curve - my first Smartphone - and for love or money, I don't know how to change the ringtone.  Profiles, or the phone icon seem to allow me to do anything except make it stronger, softer or vibrate.  Yet, I found the ringtones in the part 'media' of the phone.  How can I choose one of these cooler to be general ringtones?

    On your device, press menu, profiles, scrool up to advanced, normal or one who is active and yo can change the sounds for each application.

  • Smartphones BBM blackBerry Torch 9810 owners group

    I feel good today and would like to invite you to my Torch 9810 BBM group.

    We can discuss anything on the 9810 Torch that you want but do not have a chain of support and I do not work for RIM.

    Please send me a PM Personal Message from this forum with your of BlackBerry PIN number and I will add you.

    Do not Post you PIN here in this thread because it will remove mods.

    anyone anywhere is invited to join as long as the group is complete

    Don't be shy

  • Smartphones BBM blackBerry service

    I was wondering if the BB Messenger service is free in Sweden? Telenor is my ISP.

    I can BBM with my friends in other countries for free?

    Yes, it's "free" insofar as once you pay for your Internet Service package door basis, there is no payment, no message payload.

    Thus, you must first have the BlackBerry data Plan on your mobile service provider account.

  • Voice note Smartphones BBM blackBerry can't save and send

    Help! I upgraded my torch 9810 OS by I'm not rember the previous operating system previous bundle but it was 7.1. Now, after some time when I try to send a voice note using bbm surveys, it starts recording but fails to stop when I press the stop button unless I press return and it just disappeared. What can I do to fix this?

    Hello kelvindc,

    Trying to transfer (backup) media of your media card to a PC and to reformat the card.


    Let us know if it works.

  • Smartphones BBM blackBerry icon missing on my home page after upgrade of bbm :-(

    Hello Guru,

    I improved my BB 9900 with the new bbm version on 12/11/2012 with 18modules and made the sysn for bb Desktop Manager. to my surprise, I see more bbm icon. I watched andsearched than everywhere from instant messages folder to the search icon, but it's no where found :-(What escapes me?

    Thank you so much,

    Guys, I'm back bbm icon, I had to remove the bbm to my options--> management applications and reinstall it from the world app... even if the mystery is still open as to why it disappears first :-)

    Thank you


  • Help of Smartphones BBM blackBerry

    I bought a blackberry December 1, 2012, the model no-9220, same day, my mobile phone whenever I received a call or dial any number
    so I ask you, please replace my mobile immdtly set

    Hello and welcome to the community!

    It is a community of support to users... not a channel for any official communication or support of any kind. You can ask help from your place of origin of the purchase, an authorized service center or your mobile service provider - warranty coverage depends on region, you need to consult your documentation to find out your specific provisions.

    Good luck!

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