Smartphones blackBerry browser only works in landscape

BB 9530 Storm, v4.7.0.75 with VerizonWireless.  I've loaded and activated the theme AppleBerry8 (found on Crackberry with good reviews), but then I went back to the default precision Zen theme. Now - whenever I go to my internet browser, the screen ONLY works in the landscape. No matter how hard I try (vertical rotation, shaking), it will not go to the portrait.  Also, when I'm in the Applications screen, the icons have more square around them.  And I have an arrow cursor when I select an icon.


He stares at me - shot battery and handed in when it restarts everything worked great!

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    I have a generic wired headset connected to my Blackberry 8310, which works very well to listen to music and watch films through the media player, but when I try to make a call the sound is not patched with the headset (the speaker on the device is active instead).

    I bought a different helmet, thinking it was a hardware problem, but I get the same result. It's like I have to activate the headset so that it works when making calls. I tried to find some kind of configuration for it - no luck. What Miss me?

    I finally found the problem - the operating system. I had installed 4.2 on my 8310 and when I upgraded to 4.5 helmet began to work. Now, I just need to find a way to have the ring road sound automatically to the headset when connected (receiving or making calls).

  • BlackBerry Smartphones Blackberry browser update

    Info on the device

    AT & T

    Phone smart BlackBerry 8900 (EDGE, Wi - Fi)

    v4.6.1.319 (Platform

    The kernel v3.8.5.50a encryption

    Brand version:

    The micro Edition configuration: CLDC-1. 1

    Micro Edition profile: MIDP-2. 0

    etc. (tell me if you need more information)

    Free space

    Signal:-85 dBm

    Battery: 100%

    Free file: 111110876 bytes

    Question... ish

    Since I've updated my Blackberry last night to the latest version (plugged into my computer for the first time since mid-January) I had a problem with my Blackberry browser. He seems to have changed and only use the MediaNET browser now. All I know is that I hated the MediaNET browser in the past, and I loved the Blackberry browser before I updated my phone. I can't put more as my home page.

    How can I fix this and restore my browser to the way she was before the update?

    Hello vinitoblue,

    Welcome to the community of BlackBerry Support Forums.

    To specify the browser you use on your BlackBerry smartphone go to Options > Advanced Options > browser. Under the default browser configuration, select Internet browser.

    Thank you

  • Smartphones blackBerry browser does not load


    When I try to load a web page on my 9700 bb "BOLD" device, the browser does not load the page and what I see is a white screen. battery pull solves the problem, but the problem occurs again and again and I don't want to reset my phone every day.

    can anyone help, pls? Thank you

    Open your BlackBerry browser > press the Menu key > Options > Cache and clear your browser's cache (you can even clear the cookies as well, same place).

    Now do another reboot (turned on, battery pull, etc.)

    Does that help?

  • BlackBerry Smartphones Blackberry Browser - data "Internet browser" go through BES?

    I would like to know if the data passes through the BES when you use the "browser" from the "blackberry browser" setting

    Browsers other than "BlackBerry browser" do not see the BES.

  • BlackBerry Smartphones Bluetooth Headset - only works for calls

    I have a Blackberry Pearl 8100 Smartphone. I was quickly able to get a bluetooth headset to work with her. Unfortunately, when playing music headset does not work (the sound only comes out the phone via the handset or the speaker). If a request comes in while music is playing, the bluetooth headset picks it up.

    I'm doing something wrong? Why not the music on the game Pearl via bluetooth if I want?
    Thanks for any help there...


    Resolved when I upgraded the operating system.

  • BlackBerry smartphones some application only works with WiFi

    Hello everyone

    recently, I bought the torch 9800. There are some applications work only when I connect to the internet wireless such as facebook, app world, which is app. I tried a lot of different ways to solve this problem, but I couldn't.

    Can someone help me with this question. Appreciate your kind revert.

    Aloui, in the 'My business' section in your profile, you wrote "torch 9800". Who is your BlackBerry model, not your operator, your mobile operator.

    Do you have a data Plan BlackBerry enabled on your account with your carrier or mobile provider?

    You have to, to get the push RIM email functions you are looking for, as well as services of BlackBerry data such as the Web browser, Facebook for BlackBerry, BlackBerry Messenger and much more.

    Then call your carrier and you learn about to have added to your account BlackBerry data Plan.

    Good luck.

  • Smartphones blackBerry browser does not work with the 3g network

    I just bought new torch evry thing work fin bbm, facbook, msn, but emil the only browser with wifi work when I turned on and I start to use the 3g or the network edge, the browser does not open any websait.

    IAM in the Kuwait my carier is zain my torch os version is

    You must transfer the service manually from another blackberry books

    Here, how I did it follow these steps:

    First, I put my data plan on my BB Torch and registed sim card in a network in my case Etisalat. Then I took the torch and put it in a different BB that I used my BB "BOLD" where can I use my data sim card. I waited for 6 minutes and waited until I was able to use the browser on my BB bold, then I went to Options, device, system settings, advanced and host Routing Table, then you press the key menu, the one with the sign of hurry bb registry now. After that I got the message saying that I was enrolled in a wireless network, I went to Options, books Service, and inside this folder, I pressed on and held ALT while I typed these letters sbeb Yes here, you should see legacy SB restore active just press ok and then connect to Desktop Manager and back up only the service books , you can choose what you want to return to the top in the custom settings just select the Service books and write browser configs for flashlight to let you know that one to use.

    Then I took the sim card from my BB "BOLD" and put it in my flashlight, once the lit torch, I went to Options, device, Service books and in the folder I typed again while pressing ALT sbeb like I did before and press ok. Then connected the torch to the Desktop Manager and restored the file that you create with the configs of browser name for my flashlight, then I turned off the torch and when I turned now, here, I could use my browser.

  • 9320 Smartphones blackBerry browser does not

    the broswer on my 9320 does nothing.

    I used to be able to use it very well, but the unit froze during the and since I restarted when I use the al of empty browser page comes and by typing an address in the address poster bar another page empty even when the loading bar is full.

    the email app also does not work properly, I don't know if these two problems are linked:

    What I've tried so far:

    -Turning device and turn it on again

    -removal and setting up my email account once again

    -wear the device to where I bought it. they offered to download blackberrydesktop on my PC Manager and backup then restore my phone. I did it without a change in behavior from my blackberry

    I think that your problems are related. Please see suggestions from the other thread before more drastic attempts.

  • BlackBerry Smartphones Blackberry browser vs. Internet browser

    My 8330 has two browsers installed: browser Blackberry (now on) and browser (available as an option).  There are the functional differences between these two browsers?  It is a company BB connected to Blackberry Enterprise Server.  The only thing I can see now is that the BB browser allows me to watch our company intranet sites (although not very well as they are formatted for a full browser).

    Thank you.


    That is right. With the browser BlackBerry, all traffic goes through the servers of your company first, then it goes to the internet. So you can have access to your intranet and internet sites. Even if your business can allow/deny you from visiting sites if they choose to.

    The Internet browser through the services of your provider (AT & T, Verizon, etc) to connect to the internet.

    Some people prefer Opera Mini as another browser. Have you tried to use to access the internet sites?

  • Smartphones blackBerry browser configurations

    Recently, I received my phone, when you download applications like the music store and others that I have to chose to do not to allow java scripts. now that I'm trying to listen to streaming or music store, I get only "java script not activated '.» I searched and found that he told me that I could solve this problem by changing my brower options, but it won't let me change what it is.

    Someone knows what I could not do it properly?

    For BlackBerry Curve 8300 series. I go in the options of the browser changes and everything there is the browser default browser Configuration - Internet, but doesn't give any options to change that. I want to enable Java Scripts so I can listen to my heart to blackberry. Every time I connect it it says that my java scripts are not enabled.

  • Smartphones blackBerry browser issues?

    My browser has developed the questions, when opening it just said - untrapped exceptiondynamique31 webkit instance unavailable: null.

    Please help, its driving me crazy.

    What I was doing to completely wipe my BB. I wrote this before and it printed.

    If your device does not work, perform a backup now if you have not already done save the file to a place and a name that you can easily locate it on computer.

    I then uninstalled DTM and then deleted all the other references to BB/Rim in Windows Explorer, thus eliminating the operating system for the BB to the computer in order to ensure that the version I want to reinstall a new version uploaded.

    Get the latest Desk Top software DTS)

    and install it on the computer.

    Get the latest version of the operating system

    and save it on computer.

    If the PC does not recognize the BB, you connect via the USB cable. Then remove the battery from the BB.
    With the battery pulled, connect the BlackBerry to the USB connector, and as SOON as you see USB - PIN: UNKNOWN, click Next. You must be quick. From there, you can put the battery in (make sure that you install the battery or else when completed the update of the OS and the device disconnects from the computer to restart, it will lose the power supplied by the USB connection and you will get an error and have to start all over again!).

    If you don't get it right the first time, try again (debrancher unplug the USB, remove battery, connect and click next while USB - PIN: unknown shows). You must be quick and the timing is key, so it may take you three or four attempts.

    To erase all data on your BlackBerry device, follow these steps.

    (1) download JL_Cmder

    (2) install JL_Cmder to the computer.

    (3) double check you have already saved the BB. If you DO NOT, you will lose all data.

    (4) make sure that DTS is closed and plug in the BB to the computer via USB

    (5) to reach the JL_Cmder on your computer and double-click it to start. Now, it may take a few tries to connect, so persevering until he does.

    (6) on the first screen, press a key to continue.

    (7) now, if your device uses a password, enter it now. If not, press "N".

    8) press 4 to start CLEANING

    (9) press on 'Y' to continue

    (10) now type "blackberry" to continue

    (11) on the BB, you see a white screen with an error "507". Don't worry, that's what you want! You are now ready to install the operating system.

    Launch the new Desk Top software on the computer

    (1) on the homescreen of the BlackBerry® Desktop Software, click Device > update my device.

    (2) click on view the other Versions. Click the version of the new OS you previously downloaded.

    (3) click on install. The DTM will install the OS and then provide you with a list of applications to install. If you have had problems with an application, do not install it.

    Do not disconnect the device until the whole process is finished and restarted the device.

    After 10 minutes, restart again by removing the battery slot while tension and leave for a few minutes.

    Leave it again for 10 minutes. You should now have a fully functional BB!

  • Smartphones blackBerry browser Configuration service

    Please I need help for my unlocked Blackberry Storm I got from the United States of America. I leave to the United Kingdom and my provider network here in the United Kingdom is three 3 network.

    My blackberry storm says:


    Will be happy to obtain assistance by because this is my last resort after trying with my depertment of support network for 2 days without success.


    Thanks a lot J Sanders.

    Pls frm responses I av just to read the link you send it to me, it seems that some fones configured for some networks like Verizon wireless do not meet requests after all especially the BB browser downloads and sturf PIN.

    Pls advice more.

  • BlackBerry Smartphones Blackberry Browser Trouble - no button "go to..."

    When I go into my browser, all that appears is the homepage of blackberry. Then when I click on the blackberry button, there is no option "go to." How am I supposed to surf the web if I can't type in web addresses

    I had this problem last night.   I was able to access regularly "homepage no BB ' sailing ' recent page, then on the button" go to "appeared as if by magic.

    After that you have to be super boring, Idid a battery pull.  So far so good.


  • Blackberry Smartphones blackBerry browser does not

    can someone tell me please how to fix my browser curves its keep from freezing and to say I a Java exception and goes no further

    If you can get in the browser, you can try to clean the cache, etc., among the options of the browser.

    If you can't, try to get the browser in safe mode options.

    do a battery pull.  When the red light goes on the front of the phone, hold down the back button all the time while the phone is in boot.  When initialization is complete, the phone goes into safe mode.

    now, try to clean the browser and do an another battery pull.

    How long it has past?  have you installed an app recently noticed this?

    If this isn't the case, you can reload your software to see if that will get rid of the error.

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